10 Best Christian Easter Books for Babies, Toddlers, and Big Kids

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The Easter story is so complex, so powerful, and SO important. As moms, we can feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to teach it to our kids. There’s a lot that can be confusing to them. So where do we start? How do you teach the Easter story to your kids? Here’s the simple answer. Just start somewhere! 🙂
I love to use books as a teaching tool, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorites. They’re broken into two categories…one category for babies and toddlers, and another category for older kids.
To learn more about each book, click the photo or the link. For most of the books listed here, you’ll be able to click “look inside” to get a sneak peek of what the book is about and view several pages to see if it’s the right fit for your family.

Christian Easter Books for Babies and Toddlers

The Story of Easter by Patricia A. Pingry

This board book is a great introduction to Easter for babies and toddlers. It begins with talking about spring and quickly transitions into the real Easter story.


What is Easter? By Michelle Medlock Adams

This book is super-fun to read because it rhymes and babies and toddlers LOVE books that rhyme! This book is great for Christian parents who also celebrate Easter by dying eggs, eating chocolate, and giving Easter baskets. If your family doesn’t do any of these things, you’ll probably want to skip this book.

The First Easter by Jesslyn DeBoer

The First Easter is a small board book that tells the story of Easter from the perspective of an adorable little lamb.


The Easter Story by Patricia A Pingry

I love this book because it talks about Jesus and his earthly ministry before going into the Easter story. It comes in hardback, paperback, and board book style. So if you’re ordering for a baby or toddler, be sure to choose the “board book” style for durability. 🙂

Tell me about Easter

Not only is this book adorable, but it also rhymes and has a “touch and feel” component. It does, however, also talk about more “worldly” traditions as well, such as egg hunts.

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Christian Easter Books for Big Kids

Let’s keep our list going with some great books about Easter for preschoolers and big kids (around ages 5-10).

Easter Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist

Okay, you guys. This is a brand new book that we purchased this year, and it is UH-MAZING! I seriously love it. This book starts with Jesus’ Triumphal Entry and each chapter tells another story leading up to the resurrection. Every chapter also has a “lift the flap” love letter from God that is SO sweet and can be personalized to include your child’s name. My kids love it, and I love it too.

My First Read-Along Easter Story

Although technically this is a board book, I included it in the big kids section because I felt that this is more age-appropriate for preschoolers and big kids than babies or toddlers. I love this book because it comes with a CD that reads the story and also has some hymns and Christian songs. This CD is perfect for teaching the Easter story in the car/on the go.

God Gave us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren

This story is both beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. Although you don’t typically think of polar bears as a spring/Easter animal, these adorable characters are so sweet. The daddy polar bear goes on a walk with the daughter polar bear and explains the Easter story.

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

I grew up reading the Berenstain Bears and my kids love the series, too. This book tells the story of Easter through an Easter play that brother and sister bear watch during Sunday School.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

I know, I know. This isn’t an Easter-specific book, it’s a book of many Bible stories. But hear me out. In this book,, every single story points to Jesus. The story of the crucifixion and resurrection are written in an easy-to-understand way that’s perfect for kids.

What book would you add to this list?
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    Check out The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross. Fantastic book!

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