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Best Easter Decorations: 50 Most Amazing Home Decor Ideas

Best Easter Decorations: 50 Most Amazing Home Decor Ideas

Easter is almost upon us and you know what that means! It’s time to up your springtime home decor game and make your home look all sorts of magical! With the help of Easter eggs, an Easter bunny, and some gorgeous tulips, you can make a breathtakingly plush Easter basket that will say Happy Easter like no other!

Getting those Easter decorations is one of the best parts of Easter time! It should be fun, light, exciting, and filled with the people you love.

Setting the Easter table, baskets overflowing with Easter eggs, and party supplies in place is all you need for the best Easter party!

Not to mention that your home decor game will become the envy of the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for some truly top-notch Easter decorations, you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

I’m going to offer you some splendid ideas that range from Easter eggs, amazing centerpieces, appropriate tabletops, breathtaking Easter wreaths, to candle holders and fantastic Easter mantel decorations.

Easter is the perfect holiday where the family gets together, everything is so colorful, fun and decorative, and everyone seems to be really in the holiday spirit.

And to make things even better for you, I’ve collected some of the best decorating ideas for your home!

Some of these Easter decorations are the perfect DIY projects where you can include your entire family and some are a done deal.

Both your kids and the grown-ups will love these cute ideas, just like my family did too!

Are you ready for some DIY decorating ideas that will freshen up your home, get your wall decor game going, and make your Easter eggs the talk of the town?

Let’s delve into these refreshing Easter decoration ideas and have some fun along the way!

Easter Decorations: 50 Best Ideas For Your Home

These simple yet stunning decorating ideas will get your home Easter ready in no time.

Unique front door lighting, spring bunnies everywhere, Easter eggs on every mantel, string lights (aka the pom-pom galore magic), and bunny ears on the little ones.

What more could you ask for?

Help yourself to these Easter decoration ideas and have a happy Easter!

1. Easter Bunny Ornament Centerpiece

If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful centerpiece that is Easter-appropriate, this is your best choice!

This Easter bunny centerpiece will make your dining table stand out and create a whimsical atmosphere in your home.

Bunny decorations are always a good choice for Easter home decor, so this should be a no-brainer.

Table decorations are important, so make sure to be on point!

2. Easter Egg Doormat

If you want your outdoor Easter decorations to be in the same spirit, you simply have to look into these amazing outdoor rugs!

They are ideal springtime decorating ideas and they’ll make anyone approaching your home feel welcome and feel the spirit of Easter.

Take your Easter decorations to another level by not missing a beat when it comes to outside Easter home decor!

3. Easter Throw Pillow Covers

Who doesn’t enjoy soft, comfy, and cute throw pillows that you can just rest on and forget about everything?

With these Easter-themed pillow covers, you can’t go wrong!

They offer you a perfect place to rest your head, while also being really chic and great for your home decor!

They’ll go perfectly with the Easter eggs and add a splash of whimsy to your living room (or wherever you choose to put them.)

4. Easter Bunny Napkin Rings

Get your dining table into Easter spirit as well with these amazing Easter bunny napkin rings!

They are sophisticated while also making your tabletop look chic and appropriate.

And they won’t make a huge dent on your credit card as they’re truly affordable as well!

These napkin rings will make your Easter brunch that much more special, especially on table linens with the same beautiful springtime decorations.

5. Bunny Place Card Holder

This place card holder will elegantly display seating arrangements for your Easter brunch and while being practical, it can also serve as a really beautiful decorative idea for your dining table.

Its everlasting stylishness adds a splash of finesse to your household and your tabletops!

When it comes to table Easter decorations, this one’s a real hit.

6. Polka Dot Easter Bunnies Pillows

The design of this ideal springtime pillow, as well as its softness and Easter bunnies print, make it the perfect Easter decoration!

And the best thing?

Your new plush pillow will only become even softer over time! You can arrange it beautifully around your house so that every room has at least one of these!

7. Hanging Wooden Bunny

This springtime bunny will be perfect for your wall decor!

The pastel color of the bunny means it’ll fit seamlessly in your home decor, and the cheerful face and fancy attire will intrigue the youngest ones in the household.

You can hang it on any wall and make your visitors feel welcome upon entering.

8. Easter Serveware

Easter table decor at its finest.

This elegant, gorgeous, sophisticated serveware will be a perfect addition to your Easter table and your dining room!

It’s shaped like a bunny, so it’s perfect for Easter, while also being practical, durable and for multitude of purposes. If you want to go all out this Easter, this is how you’ll do it.

9. Handmade Easter Bunny Gnome

How adorable are these Easter gnomes! I guarantee your kids will want to play with them all day long, even though they’re technically a decoration.

They come in a pack of four in pastel colors.

10. Paper Mache Easter Eggs

These paper mache eggs are your perfect blank canvass to decorate as you please!

Gather your family, call on the little ones, and get your creative sides going.

Embellish them to your liking and place them on your Easter table once they’re good to go!

And let’s not forget about an Easter egg hunt! Organize the best one yet for your kids and neighbors and help your kids spend some quality time away from their screens.

11. Pastel Easter Eggs

When it comes to Easter eggs, there’s no way you can have enough of them.

These gorgeous pastel faux eggs will add so much elegance to your home and since they’re made of plastic, they’re perfect for kids!

You won’t have to worry about them breaking any of these elegant pastel eggs, as they’re completely safe to play with.

What are you waiting for? Get them while they’re still in stock!

12. Easter Cupcake Toppers

These adorable toppers will make for an amazing Easter brunch!

There are various Easter elements on them, and they’ll be perfect for both kids and the adults.

They will add some much-needed holiday atmosphere to your home, while immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

13. Easter Bunny Glassware

If you’re already set on having the best Easter decorations in town, why not add this neat set of Easter glassware as well?

These glasses will make your morning coffee that much sweeter, especially if you share it with another Easter enthusiast such as yourself!

14. Easter Bunny Wreath

This breathtaking bunny wreath will look perfect on your front door, as well as on your walls!

Wherever you choose to place it, it will be a perfect springtime addition to your home that will immediately get you in the holiday spirit.

15. Inflatable Easter Basket Bunny

This huge, colorful and inflatable bunny in a basket is just the thing your outdoor home decor needs!

It will be such a show-stopper and a huge hit with your neighbors, not to mention the kids won’t be able to leave its side.

Not only is it eye-catching, but it’s also very easy to set up, which makes it a great little DIY project for the family.

16. Easter Crafts For Kids

With these Easter crafts, the youngest members of the family will most definitely keep busy!

These Easter eggs come with water-based pens that your kids (or you) can use to paint whatever they want!

It’s made of plastic, non-toxic materials, so it’s safe for the kids and it will give them something to do while you’re busy getting party supplies and decorating the rest of your home.

17. Easter Bunny Table Runner

This gorgeous white table runner is perfect for Easter, which is evident by the intricately embroidered cute bunnies frolicking in the field. It’s stylish, elegant, and made of high-quality polyester.

It is also machine washable and will make your dining room look extra divine and ready for your Easter party.

18. Easter Egg Topiary Tree

This intricate and stunning topiary tree is the perfect Easter decor for both indoor or (covered) outdoor use.

The mixture of colorful eggs gives it a special eye-popping allure, so it will definitely get your neighbors talking.

19. DIY Easter Bunny Sacks

These Easter bunny sacks are perfect for an Easter egg hunt or for your kid’s art class activities at school!

The plain bag design is perfect for an engaging DIY project for the kids.

They can paint their own version of a bunny or come up with a completely new, creative idea.

20. Flower And Egg Easter Wreath

This Easter wreath is straight-up impressive!

The pastel eggs mixed with some gorgeous flowers make for an amazing springtime display on your front door.

Purchase this unique wreath for a different Easter vibe and enjoy this versatile decorative accessory (great for indoor and outdoor use.)

21. Bunny Trio Door Décor

This innovative, awesome idea is the perfect way to welcome your guests to your humble abode!

It gets everybody in the holiday spirit simply by looking at the colorful Easter bunnies.

22. Easter Kitchen Linens

Give your dining room table a splash of the Easter spirit with this gorgeous, colorful Easter bunny kitchen linen.

It will look amazing on any table and automatically add a pop of color and festive mood to any room.

It’s especially great for kids who are into Easter bunnies, as it might make their stay at the dinner table a bit longer (one can hope!)

23. Tulip Floral Arrangement

These divine, yellow tulip blooms are like a literal breath of springtime! Even on the gloomiest days, they will bring some sunshine into your home and heart.

The flowers are made of soft, rubbery PU material that makes them look real!

They would make an ideal centerpiece on your living room table, or whichever room needs a color and vibrancy boost!

24. Easter Bunny Wall Art

Nothing says Happy Easter like an Easter bunny, surrounded by colorful flowers!

This Easter decoration would make beautiful wall decor! The canvas is firmly stapled to a durable frame and done by professionals.

If you’re into amazing, holiday-appropriate art, you won’t be sorry for buying this stunning wall art.

25. Easter Egg Bonsai Tree

Not only will this definitely up your home decor game, but it’s also beyond functional!

You can place it in your living room or your dining room as a unique centerpiece, or you can use it as a jewelry holder!

The branches are bendable, which means you can set them to any shape or height you like and hang various light ornaments on them! It’s festive, multi-functional, and accommodates your needs.

26. Bunny Couple Rubbing Noses

This adorable bunny couple decoration will have all of your guests commenting on how cute it is!

It’s made using foam and features lovely spring details like carrots and pastel eggs.

27. Floral Napkins

To make sure your Easter brunch is in the right tone, you can purchase these gorgeous floral napkins that scream springtime!

They are soft yet strong and made of non-toxic, water-based ink.

Your guests will love it and your home will look elegant, spring-ready, and chic!

28. Bunny Candle Holder

Check out this bunny candle holder!

Apart from looking stunning all on its own, it’s also a strong, firm candle holder that can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing as a centerpiece in the Easter spirit.

Use it however you choose as it will surely add some springtime joy into your household.

29. Vintage Tea Tins

If you don’t already have these, you’re in luck because they’re super easy to find online!

Amazon sells these gorgeous, floral empty tins at really affordable prices. Wondering what to do with them?

Simple! They can be used for a few purposes but my favorite one is as a cool, antique vase!

Get a colorful, springtime flower arrangement and place it into one of these tins. You can make a whole eclectic assortment – the more, the merrier!

30. Easter Egg Garland

This festive garland is decorated with Easter eggs in beautiful pastel colors!

You can hang this gorgeous garland in your living room, dining room, or on your front door. Anywhere you put it, it’ll be a beautiful Easter-y accessory.

31. Velvet Carrot Garland

This Easter carrot garland is the perfect holiday decor idea for a unique look around the house.

It will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your springtime accessories and make it all look wholesome!

Feel free to display it anywhere inside your home for a little bit of springtime flare.

32. Easter Egg Picks

Personally, this is one of my favorite Easter decorations. Why, you may wonder?

Because of its clean aesthetic, elegance, and simple display of eggs, and elongated wired stem.

What’s not to love? It’s a perfect centerpiece on the living room table and the hues of yellow, pink, and blue pastel make it so pleasing to observe.

33. Egg Hanging Ornaments

This set of springtime, plastic Easter egg ornaments comes in various lively colors so as to remain in the festive holiday spirit!

You can hang these ornaments anywhere, but they would look especially good on your Easter tree.

Each of these eggs comes with a flexible ribbon, ready to be hung!

34. Forsythia Flower Wreath

This stunning yellow flower wreath is made from artificial winter jasmine flower on both front and back, emphasized with brown, very strong twigs vine that beautifully cover the base of the floral arrangement.

Purchasing this forsythia flower wreath will make for timeless seasonal home décor.

35. Easter Egg Hunt Supplies

You’ll definitely need some good Easter egg hunt supplies, right? You can’t leave the kiddos disappointed!

And this is all you’ll need for a successful day of egg hunting. The eggs are jumbo-sized, so they can fit all sorts of toys and candy!

It’s also non-toxic, so you can go ahead and purchase it to make your Easter even better. Happy kids equal a happy life.

36. Porcelain Easter Basket Figurine

This fine basket makes for a beautiful Easter accessory to your home, adds springtime flare to your home decor and it’s really sturdy and firm.

It works as an elegant, porcelain and ceramic centerpiece and is timeless in its purpose. Have I mentioned it’s also really affordable?

37. Peter Rabbit with Basket

The amount of detail that went into this adorable bunny is just impressive! From the blue coat to the basket, this Easter decoration is perfect for all your festivities.

38. Happy Easter Banner

Do you want your guests to feel welcome as well as festive upon entering your home?

Then get this truly gorgeous, springtime banner that does the trick! It’s colorful, festive, filled with Easter-themed decorations, and it will fit beautifully with the rest of your home decor!

​39. Easter Bunny Wall Plaque

This plaque adds some festive atmosphere to your home.

It’s lightweight, you can put it anywhere, and it’s made of high quality wood!

The craftsmanship is top-notch and it will help you take your home decor to a whole new level.

40. Happy Easter Garden Flag

If this isn’t a truly unique Easter decoration idea, I don’t know what is!

It’s resistant to all outdoor elements, so you can feel free to keep it in your garden.

This flag will add a charming decorative statement to your yard, patio, or porch! Your guests will be in awe and your yard will look seasonal and elegant.

41. Easter Bunny Appetizer Plates

Eating has never been this sweet! Just look at these adorable plates.

Can you imagine how much your kids are going to love these?

If they’re picky eaters, you can be sure that these plates will help them stay put and eat all of their greens!

And at the same time, they are perfect and seasonal, so you can charm your guests with them during your Easter brunch.

42. Candle Holder with Rustic Wood Tray

This gorgeous candle tray is one of the most stunning centerpieces you could ever purchase, and while it’s preferred as an inside centerpiece, it can also be kept outside, as long as it’s covered.

43. Easter Rabbit Pillow Covers

Get these beautiful and springtime pillowcases for your pillows and make your entire home feel like Easter!

They are simple yet seasonal and made of soft, durable material that’s comfortable on your skin.

When it comes to Easter decorations, these are the simplest yet most noticeable solutions.

44. Happy Easter Backdrop For Photography

Living in the moment is surely the best way to go, but without photographs, we would never be able to reminisce so vividly about some of the most exquisite experiences in our lives!

This is why I’ve added this gorgeous Easter backdrop for your photos. Gather your family and take as many photos as you can using this phenomenal backdrop.

You’ll be very happy you did this in a few years time, I promise.

45. Happy Easter Letter Blocks

This is perfect seasonal holiday decor. Plus, you get to choose your own set of colors!

Purchase this for a happy, festive, and seasonal atmosphere in your household and let it help you get in the Easter spirit.

Colors to choose from are old cream, basil green, and mauve.

46. Easter Egg Nest

Obviously, there is no Easter without the Easter eggs, but where are you going to hold them?

In this beautiful rustic nest! It is decorated with natural twigs, cured hay, green leaves, and vintage flowers, and it comes with three pastel eggs in the set.

You can place it on your table, bookshelf, or shoe cabinet. It will add a pop of the holiday spirit wherever you feel it’s needed the most!

47. Easter Bunny Wine Label

This is for grownups only!

Get yourself these wine bottle sticker labels and make your Easter party that much more “extra.”

Your guests will be wowed when they see it, and they’ll be sorry for not thinking of this awesome idea themselves!

A great way to add some Easter spirit to your soiree!

48. Easter Basket With Fluffy Ears

I don’t know if there’s a kid out there who wouldn’t love this.

Your kids will feel really happy and proud carrying this personalized Easter basket around the neighborhood.

Plus, they can fill it with candy, eggs, or whatever they like! It’s a sure way to win your kids over in no time.

49. Bunny Wreath

This elegant bunny wreath is perfect for any room in your house.

To switch it up from those gorgeous floral wreaths, you can purchase this unique bunny wreath and stand out from the rest.

It’s great for indoor or covered outdoor use.

50. He Is Risen Wall Sign

This elegant, floral wood sign is your perfect Easter decoration as it states ”He Is Risen” over a white board surrounded by lavender flowers.

It’s really meaningful and not to mention phenomenal wall decor.

Along with the rest of your Easter decorations, this will add a wholesome flare to your home and a sense of peace and tranquility.


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