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400 Fun Questions To Ask Kids (To Get To Know Them Better)

400 Fun Questions To Ask Kids (To Get To Know Them Better)

An unfortunate fact is that the older our kids get, the less they want to share and talk to us. To help remedy this problem, is a collection of incredibly fun questions to ask kids to try and get them to talk more.

Good communication between a parent and a child makes the bond between them strong. One of the most powerful tools any parent can have is the ability to ask a good question to start an interesting talk between themselves and their children.

Most parents want their children to listen to them and their important lessons about life, but it’s equally important to ask your children about their perspectives and opinions.

The fact is, if you want to be heard and understood by your kids, you must first listen to what they have to say and try to understand them, too.

Experts say that young children ask more than 300 questions a day. Well, I’m the mother of a 6 -year-old kid and I think that number is actually much higher!

My little munchkin never stops talking and asking questions. It’s like he’s a huge empty book just waiting to be filled with interesting information.

So, if you also have a little “chatterbox” at home, it’s time to turn the tables. This time, you will be the one asking the questions and doing the talking.

Also, if you have a teenager at home whom you can’t get to talk and share with you, this list of fun questions to ask kids will help you get them talking.

Spending quality time with your children should always be your priority. Whether you choose to bond over some great board games with your teens, or simply through these fun question games, the most important thing is to spend time with them.

Interesting And Fun Questions To Ask Kids

young father talking with kids by the table

Here are some interesting and fun questions to ask kids and hopefully spark a little more lively conversation with your little ones.

Also, all of these questions can serve as great conversation starters if you’re unsure how to start a conversation with a child. These are all fun questions to ask kids I found on the Internet and, of course, you can also modify them or make up your own ones.

1. Who would win in a magical duel: Harry Potter or Mary Poppins?

2. If you could visit one planet in the universe, which one would it be?

3. Who had the best lunchbox item at lunch today? And what was it?

4. If you wanted to make everyone on the planet smile, how would you do it?

5. If you could ask an animal a question, what animal would it be and what would you ask them?

6. If your stuffed animals could talk, what would they say?

7. If you had a magical remote that could fast-forward through school, but you could never eat at McDonald’s again, would you use it?

8. What’s the worst name you’ve ever heard someone call their dog?

9. If you could ban one vegetable forever, what would it be?

10. How old do you think mommy/daddy is?

11. What is one thing you wish your friends knew about you?

12. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

13. If you had $20, what would you do with it?

14. If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

15. What is your secret talent?

16. Why do you go to sleep at night and not in the morning?

17. If you drew everything that came into your head, what would you be drawing right now?

18. What is one thing you would change about the world?

19. If you could eat as much dessert as you wanted every day, but also had to go to the dentist every day, would you do it?

20. If you could be king or queen of the playground for one day, what would you do?

21. How does mummy/daddy laugh?

22. If you could get rid of one chore, what would it be?

23. If you had to choose to swap places with mom or dad for a day, who would you pick?

24. If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower and your weakness?

25. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever broken?

young mother cuddling with her daughter

26. If you could have Disneyland all to yourself whenever you want, but you could only communicate by singing Disney songs, would you?

27. If you opened a store, what would you sell?

28. Pretend you’re a farmer and you only grow ONE type of food, and you have to eat that food every day for the rest of your life. What is it?

29. If you could eat anything you wanted, but you had to eat at least one worm a day, would you?

30. Which Pokémon would you be?

31. If you could eat anything every day, what would you eat?

32. If you were president for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?

33. If you could only celebrate one holiday for the next ten years, what would it be?

34. Who would win in a sword fight: Robin Hood or Peter Pan?

35. If you could ban one vegetable forever, what would it be?

36. Tell the truth… have you ever farted and blamed it on someone else?

37. Who would win in a dance battle: Snow White or Winnie the Pooh?

38. What’s the funniest sound you’ve ever heard?

39. If you were to give me a nickname, what would it be?

40. What is something that you don’t understand about grownups?

41. If you could only eat food that is the same color for the REST of your life, what color would you choose?

42. If you HAD to give up one of these for the whole week, which would you choose: the Internet and electronics or your toothbrush and your hairbrush?

43. Who would win in a singing contest: Olaf or Elsa?

44. Give your day a rating between one and ten — why did you choose that number?

45. What is love?

46. If you were given a million dollars and had to spend it all in one week, what would you buy?

47. What sound does a garbage truck make?

48. If you found a genie, what would you wish for?

49. Oh no! Your backpack broke, and you can only carry TWO school supplies to school tomorrow! What do you choose to bring?

50. What is something you can do that no-one else can?

mother sitting with son and daughter on the couch and talking

51. If our whole family lived in a zoo, what kind of animal would each person be?

52. If you got into serious trouble, what would you do first?

53. If we had to leave our house immediately and forever, and you could only bring one thing, what would you bring?

54. What would you let your kids do that you’re not allowed to do?

55. If your toys were like Toy Story and could talk and play when you aren’t around, what do you think they would do?

56. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

57. You’re a photographer for a day, what would you take pictures of?

58. If you were stuck on a desert island, what 5 things would you bring with you?

59. Describe a great day. What are you doing that makes it special?

60. If you went on a treasure hunt, what treasure would you like to find?

61. What animal would make a great driver?

62. Do you believe in ghosts?

63. If you had a pet dragon, what would you name it?

64. If you joined the circus, what would your circus act be?

65. If you could change your hair color, what would you change it to?

66. If you had to spend the day as an animal, what animal would you be? What things would you do?

67. Come up with three silly new traditions for the world. Or for aliens on another planet!

68. If you were going to collect something, what would it be and Why?

69. What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?

70. If you could ask a wild animal any question, what would you ask?

71. How many times have you ever lied?

72. If you were the only person left on earth, what would be the first thing you’d do?

73. What one thing do you do now that you need an adult for, but would like to try to do all by yourself?

74. If you made a cave in the woods, what would be inside it?

75. Using only what you have around you right now, how many zombies would you be able to kill before they take you down?

sweet mother and daughter talking on the bed

76. What’s your biggest dream that you wish would come true?

77. If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?

78. What subjects should be taught in school but aren’t?

79. Imagine you were allowed to make the biggest mess EVER, how would you make it?

80. If you had to give everyone in the family new names, what would they be?

81. What would you name a hurricane?

82. If you could create a new planet what would you name it, and what would it be like?

83. What would happen if a vampire bites a zombie?

84. If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

85. If you drew everything that came to your head, what would you be drawing right now?

86. If you could invent a dance move, what would it be? Show me!

87. What does it mean to show love?

88. What does it feel like when I hug you?

89. What’s the funniest actual name you’ve heard of someone having?

90. Which sense is your favorite, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, or feeling? Why?

91. If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?

92. What’s the best/worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone, or that was played on you?

93. What sounds do you like?

94. What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

95. How many spaceships flew by your school today?

96. What will you do differently after today?

97. What is the best thing to build a fort out of?

98. If you were in a play, what would your character be like?

99. What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?

100. What riddles do you know?

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mother and son laughing on the floor with book in hands

101. If you could paint our house, what color would it be?

102. What is your most prized possession?

103. If you had a parrot, what would you teach him to say?

104. What are your favorite rules to follow at home?

105. How do you think your friends would describe you?

106. Tell me one big secret I don’t know?

107. What is the best thing about mommy?

108. How could I be a better (mom, dad, friend) to you?

109. What is the funniest thing about daddy?

110. If you could choose anyone to sit next to in class, who would it be?

111. What is mommy’s job?

112. Did you have any good snacks or food at your friends house that we don’t have at home?

113. Who gives the best hugs in our family?

114. If you were to swap everyone in the family, who would be what?

115. What does grandma/grandpa do for fun?

116. If you were to step inside a storybook, which one would it be?

117. What do you get in trouble for most often?

118. If you didn’t wear PJ’s at night what would you wear?

119. How do you know it is lunchtime?

120. What would you like to create when you grow up?

121. Which animal in the zoo could stay in your backyard?

122. If you had to name 3 dogs, what would you call them?

123. What is the one thing you don’t want to see in your dreams?

124. What is the best gift a kid could get on their birthday?

125. What would you like to pack in a picnic basket?

126. Would you cheat on a test if you knew you would not get caught?

127. If you were to fill your school bag with anything other than books, what would it be?

128. What is the hardest thing about being a kid?

129. If you went to the supermarket on your own, what would you buy?

130. If you were a teacher, and the kids in your class would not listen to you, what would you do?

131. If I let you pick a tattoo for me to get what would it be?

132. If you could give one gift to every single child in the world, what gift would you give?

133. If it was your birthday today what cake would you buy?

134. If you got the chance to re-do today what would you change?

135. If you wanted something to disappear what would it be and why?

Open-Ended Questions To Ask Kids To Get Them Talking

father and son lying on the floor and talking

1. What was your favorite part of today? Why?

2. What punishment have I given you that you thought was really unfair? Why?

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3. Do you enjoy sports? Why?

4. What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

5. If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be?

6. What makes a nice friend?

7. What is your favorite food? Why?

8. What made you laugh today?

9. Tell me about something I never knew you did when you were little.

10. What magic power do you wish you had? Why?

11. What is your favorite subject in school? Tell me more.

12. What is the funniest true story you’ve heard?

13. If you could decorate our whole house, what would it look like?

14. What’s the funniest thing you have ever seen?

15. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Why?

16. Do you know anyone at your school who’s being treated badly? How do you think they are feeling right now?

17. What do you think are the characteristics that make for a good parent?

18. If you could choose any activity to do in your free time, which activity would you choose and why?

19. What do you think this book I’m reading right now is about?

20. Which 3 words describe me best?

21. Do you like being a big/little brother/sister? Why?

22. Which flavor of ice cream do you like the best?

23. What is the most enjoyable thing our family has done together this year?

24. What are you grateful for today? Why?

25. Would you like to have a pet? If so, what would it be?

smiling mother looking and listening to her cute daughter

26. Which 3 words describe you best?

27. What do you like about school? Why?

28. What is one thing you would change about our home?

29. What makes you mad?

30. If you could change one of my parenting rules, what would it be?

31. What are you most excited about with (the party/the school performance/going to the restaurant, etc)?

32. What do you think is beyond the stars?

33. Will you tell me about a time someone was kind to you today?

34. What is one thing you hope to change in the world when you grow up?

35. What is the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?

36. Name two things we should do as a family on the weekend.

37. What did you like the most about the weekend? Why?

38. What’s the most embarrassing thing I do?

39. If you could go on an adventure anywhere, where would it be?

40. Who is the meanest kid you know? Why?

41. What has made you feel embarrassed lately?

42. Which of your friends do you think I like the most? Why?

43. What combinations of flavors do you like, and why do they taste so good?

44. If you were to have a weird, unusual pet, what would it be?

45. What is your favorite toy?

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46. Let’s pretend that the world could be any color we like – what color would you make the ocean, sky, grass, etc, and why?

47. Describe the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

48. What’s the most challenging thing about being a member of our family?

49. How are you planning to do that?

50. What would be the ideal allowance and how would you spend it?

mother getting milk in the glass and talking with daughter in the kitchen

51. How do you describe me to your friends?

52. If you could design a TV show or a cartoon, what would it be like?

53. If you were me for a day, what would you do?

54. Not counting our religion, which religions do you find interesting? Why?

55. Tell me about the best teacher you’ve ever had?

56. What do you like the most about your brother/sister?

57. Can you tell me the best thing about being a part of this family?

58. What is the grossest thing you can think of?

59. What does this remind you of? Why?

60. How old do you wish you were right now? Why?

61. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re outside?

62. What do you like the most about yourself?

63. Tell me about what happened in school today.

64. Is there anybody in history that you have read about that you would like to be?

65. What was your favorite part of today? Why?

66. What is the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

67. Which accomplishment are you most proud of?

68. Is it ever okay to lie?

69. Tell me three things you remember about kindergarten.

70. If you could fly anywhere, where would it be?

71. Can you compare these two — how are they different?

72. Which teacher are you learning the most from?

73. What kids are popular in your grade? What do you think makes a person popular?

74. What is something you wish you had, but don’t want to ask for?

75. What do you like about your class? (And ask the opposite too.)

little girl sitting on the desk and talking to her mother

76. If you knew a friend of yours had stolen something, what would you do about it?

77. Can you tell me about what you’re doing?

78. What is one thing that you learned today that you didn’t already know?

79. What could your school do better to help you enjoy your experience there?

80. If you could trade lives with somebody you know, who would it be?

81. What are you reading right now that you enjoy?

82. What are you most looking forward to this month?

83. How do you think you would feel if you thought you were going to be the first person to meet someone from outer space? What would you say or ask?

84. What happened in the funniest YouTube video you’ve ever seen?

85. Who is making school hard for you?

86. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

87. How could your teacher do their job better?

88. What do you want to do in the future?

89. What makes you laugh the most, and why?

90. Do you think any of our neighbors are scary?

91. Can you please describe what you think the illustration on the front cover of this book is trying to tell us?

92. What’s coming up at school soon that you’re excited (or nervous, worried, etc.) about?

93. What’s the first thing you want to do when you’re at the beach?

94. Do you ever have a dream that comes back over and over? If so, what happens in it?

95. What is your favorite holiday and why?

96. What would be the perfect present for you?

97. When you feel sad, what cheers you up?

98. Why do you think the author gave this book that title?

99. What was one nice thing you did for someone today?

100. If a genie could give you one wish, which would you pick and why?

parents reading a book with their kids on the floor

101. What do you like daydreaming about?

102. If you could be the teacher tomorrow, how would you do things?

103. What is your favorite place to go on vacation?

104. What new fact did you learn today?

105. What is your favorite song?

106. What challenged you at school today?

107. What was the worst thing you have ever eaten? Why was it so bad?

108. What animal would you like to ride and why?

109. If you had a time machine when would you go? Why?

110. If you could get rid of anything in the world, what would it be? Why?

111. What do you enjoy doing with me?

112. What car are you going to drive when you grow older?

113. Your life is now a video game. What are some of the cheat codes you can use and what do they do?

114. If you had a secret base, where would it be and what would be inside it?

115. Can you describe the colors red, blue, and green without using the words red, blue, and green?

114. Where’s the best place to hide during a game of hide-and-seek? Can you explain why?

117. If you had to give all your toys away, who would you give them to? Why?

118. Who do you like more, your father or your mother? Why?

119. What did you learn from the worst thing that has happened to you?

120. What was the worst part of your day today?

121. If you had to do a school project about ONE influential person in your life, who would you choose and why?

122. If you could teach mom and dad one thing, what would it be?

123. What is your favorite place in the world and why?

124. What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?

125. What is your biggest fear? Why?

adorable little girl talking with mother on the bed

126. What do you do first thing in the morning, after you wake up?

127. If you could eat lunch with any person tomorrow, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

128. What is your least favorite thing to do at school? Why?

129. If you could build anything in the backyard, what would it be?

130. When you get home from school, what’s the first thing you do?

131. What is one thing that you wish you could do better?

132. Do you ever have dreams?

133. Who is the meanest Disney villain, and why?

134. What do you want to be like when you grow up?

135. What’s the most important part of being a happy family?

136. Tell me about what kind of music you like to listen to.

137. Pretend you’re a chef and tell me about your restaurant. What kind of food do you serve?

138. Tell me about what you do during lunch at school.

139. What are some of the best things about nature?

140. Tell me one thing that you’ve never told anyone about yourself.

141. If you could take any animal home from the zoo, what animal would it be and why?

142. Tell me something that you’ve been wanting to tell me.

143. What smell brings back a memory for you? What is memory?

144. Do you prefer science class or math class?

145. When was the last time you laughed really hard and what was it about?

146. What’s a subject you need extra help with right now and how can I help you?

147. If you could have your own party, who would you invite and why?

148. Do you like art or reading better? Why?

149. If you could give the service at Church next Sunday, how would you do it?

150. What is the best gift you have ever received and why?

151. At what age is a person an adult? Why do you think so?

152. At what age do you think kids should be given cell phones? Why?

153. If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make? Why?

154. What do you think would be the hardest thing about being blind?

155. What do you think the best part about being a kid is?

156. Do you think it’s more important to make a lot of money or to love your job?

157. What was the best day of your life? Why?

158. Would you prefer to stay in your hometown or move away in the future?

159. What would you do if there was no television?

160. Do you think you will need to go to college for your career?

Silly And Funny Questions To Ask Kids

mother and daughter sitting in a tent at home and having fun

If you really want to get your kids talking, you should spice up the conversation by using a little bit of humor.

You can start the conversation with a joke or you can simply ask them a silly question they probably won’t know the answer to, but will definitely have a good laugh at.

That’s exactly why I added this bunch of extremely silly and hilarious questions to this collection of fun questions to ask kids.

However, this section of our collection of fun questions to ask kids is suited toward older kids, because they could be a little bit complicated and confusing for young children.

1. What’s the silliest thing you can think of right now?

2. Why did the chicken cross the road?

3. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

4. What does the fox say?

5. How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant?

6. Where do dragons live?

7. How often do you fall asleep on the couch and then magically wake up in your bed?

8. Which would you prefer to have as your room-mate? A goat or a bird?

9. Why do puppies wag their tails?

10. Which Disney princess would make the best superhero?

11. What does the itsy bitsy spider do?

12. If you could replace all of the grass in the world with something else, what would it be and why?

13. Do you like to eat grass?

14. If you could merge two different animals to create the ultimate animal, what two animals would it be and what would be the result?
15. Why do bunnies bounce?

16. You’re now a superhero with an unlikely power. Is it the ability to shoot meatballs out of your nostrils, or the power to create force fields but only around ants?

17. Why don’t fish fly?

18. Is it possible to see someone’s tears underwater?

19. Why do dogs bark?

20. Do hummingbirds hum because they can’t remember any of the words?

father reading a book with his daughter in bedroom

21. Why do cats meow?

22. Do penguins have knees?

23. Why are turtles so slow?

24. What do you call a male ladybug?

25. Why does the wind blow?

26. Why do superheroes wear their underwear outside of their clothes?

27. Are cats girls?

28. What do your farts smell like?

29. Are dogs boys?

30. Why do you wake up in the morning?

31. Can a dog lay eggs?

32. How many aliens were in your class today?

33. Do animals wear clothes?

34. If you had a parrot, what would it say?

35. Do little boys live in zoos?

36. If you were a hot dog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

37. Can ants swim?

38. Do you ever think about renaming the colors of your crayons?

39. What’s your favorite way to help clean up after dinner?

40. Do you like to sleep on top of the covers or under the covers?

41. How did Daddy get so tall?

42. Would you prefer to have two mouths or two noses?

43. If you turned the smell of your farts into a perfume, what would it be called?

44. What should daddy be when he grows up?

45. Do you think old people fart dust when they sneeze?

Would You Rather Questions

happy family sitting on the couch and looking at tablet

I think we all like this game, but you probably didn’t know that you can also play it with your kids. Here are some interesting and fun would you rather questions to ask your kids, and enjoy with them through these fun question games.

You can write them on paper and let them choose from the pile,or you can simply ask them, which will be fun, too.

There are a few examples of these fun questions to ask kids below, but you can also make up your own questions. This is also a great game to play in the car when you’re on a road trip with your kids.

It will keep them busy, you’ll all be having fun and you’ll get to your destination a lot faster.

1. Would you rather have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot?

2. Would you rather go skiing or to a water park?

3. Would you rather be wildly popular on the social media platform of your choice or have an extremely popular podcast?

4. Would you rather be incredibly funny or incredibly smart?

5. Would you rather fly a kite or ride on a scooter?

6. Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?

7. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

8. Would you rather break something really expensive and make mom and dad angry, or break something worthless that you’d miss yourself?

9. Would you rather be able to control the weather or have the ability to talk to animals?

10. Would you rather be able to create a new holiday or create a new sport?

11. Would you rather be really good at math or really good at sports?

12. Would you rather be a master painter or an amazing dancer?

13. Would you rather speak every language or play every musical instrument?

14. Would you rather have your room redecorated however you want or get ten toys of your choice (can be any price)?

15. Would you rather live in a mansion in the city or on a farm with lots of animals?

16. Would you rather have a new silly hat appear in your closet every morning or a new pair of shoes appear in your closet once a week?

17. Would you rather have a new cool shirt in your closet every morning or a new pair of shoes once a week?

18. Would you rather never have any homework or be paid 10$ per hour for doing your homework?

19. Would you rather not be allowed to watch T.V. for a year or not be allowed to eat any sweets for a year?

20. Would you rather have an amazing outdoor playhouse with slides and three rooms or an amazing entertainment system with a huge TV and every game console?

Interesting Trivia Questions For Kids With Answers

father and kids sitting on the floor and talking about questions from book

Playing this trivia questions game will be fun for the whole family. So, settle down on the couch or around the dinner table, grab some juice and popcorn and let the party begin!

1. Q: How many colors are there in the rainbow?

A: Seven

2. Q: What is something you hit with a hammer?

A: A nail

3. Q: How many legs does a spider have?

A: 8

4. Q: What’s the name of a place you go to see lots of animals?

A: The zoo

5. Q: What is the sweet food made by bees?

A: Honey

6. Q: What is the fastest land animal?

A: The Cheetah

7. Q: Whose nose grew longer every time he lied?

A: Pinocchio

8. Q: How many toes does a human have?

A: Ten

9. Q: What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?

A: Tinkerbell

10. Q: On a common ladybug, what color are its spots?

A: Black

11. Q: How many arms does an octopus have?

A: Eight

12. Q: If you freeze water, what do you get?

A: Ice

13. Q: What contains more sugar, strawberries or lemons?

A: Lemons

14. Q: How many arms does a starfish have?

A: Five

15. Q: In the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill, what do Jack and Jill go up the hill to fetch?

A: A pail of water

16. Q: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

A: SpongeBob SquarePants

17. Q: Who is Shrek’s wife?

A: Fiona

18. Q: Which bird can learn to mimic human speech?

A: Parrots

19. Q: What’s the response to “see you later, alligator?”

A: “In a while, crocodile.”

20. Q: On which hand did Captain Hook have his hook?

A: Left

Happy mom reading a book to her 2 daughters at home, enjoying

21. Q: What allows birds to fly?

A: Their wings

22. Q: Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?

A: Minnie Mouse

23. Q: What type of animal is Baloo in The Jungle Book?

A: A bear

24. Q: What is a female elephant called?

A: A cow

25. Q: Where does Santa Claus live?

A: The North Pole

26. Q: What sweet snack is typically left out for Santa?

A: Cookies

27. Q: True or false, hummingbirds can fly backward?

A: True

28. Q: According to the Dr. Seuss book, who stole Christmas?

A: The Grinch

29. Q: Which body parts continue to grow throughout your entire life?

A: Your ears and nose

30. Q: What do you use to write on a blackboard?

A: Chalk

31. Q: What’s the name of the building where people can borrow books, or hear stories?

A: The library

32. Q: True or false, Dalmatians are born with spots?

A: False, Dalmatian puppies are born white, and their spots come later in life

33. Q: On which holiday do you go trick-or-treating?

A: Halloween

34. Q: What’s the only land mammal that can’t jump?

A: The elephant, they’re just too big

35. Q: What do snakes smell with?

A: Their tongue

36. Q: When do leaves die?

A: In the fall

37. Q: A group of fish is called what?

A: A school

38. Q: Which princess lived with seven dwarfs?

A: Snow White

39. Q: What is a brontosaurus?

A: A dinosaur

40. Q: Who lives in Neverland?

A: Peter Pan

In Conclusion

We should all be aware of the importance of spending time with family. Unfortunately, because of our jobs and everyday obligations, that’s the part that gets neglected most often, even though it’s very important.

I know that sometimes it gets very difficult to talk with our kids, especially with young children who are very curious and want to know everything, and with older kids who are going through adolescence and think you’re only there to ruin their lives.

All you need is one good question to start a conversation and get your kids talking. That’s why I made this collection of interesting and fun questions to ask kids.

We all need to pay more attention to spending quality time with our little ones. Time flies and one day we may regret not spending more time with our kids.

I know that it can be tough sometimes, especially when we come home from an exhausting day at work and all we want is to get some rest and relax, but trust me, hanging out with your kids and talking with them will make you forget about everything else.

These simple questions can serve as great conversation starters while the whole family is gathered around the dinner table.

There are also some examples of good question games and trivia questions that will be fun for the whole family and will also get kids talking with you.

I really hope these fun questions to ask kids will help you bond with your kids more and get them talking.

I also have some other very interesting bonus fun questions to ask kids, so be sure to read on:

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Have fun, and remember to enjoy every single moment you get to spend with your kids, because life is unpredictable and way too short.

The moments you get to spend with your kids are the most priceless!

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