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Best Gifts For New Big Brothers in 2022: Top 10 Gift Ideas For Big Bro

Best Gifts For New Big Brothers in 2022: Top 10 Gift Ideas For Big Bro

Expecting a new baby in the family is one of the sweetest and most exciting things in the world!

But Lord knows that this sweet expectation requires a lot of preparation and time as well – from finding an adequate baby crib and baby bottles to the perfect stuffed animal that will be a faithful baby’s companion (especially during restless nights), not to mention preparing your hospital bag.

Moms even have to make sure there’s someone to look after the new big brothers and sisters left at home while in hospital.

Being focused on all these things leaves you not so much space and time to focus on older siblings.

The thing is, for older children, the arrival of their new sibling – be it a new baby girl or boy – might not be so exciting because it’s a huge change in their little lives (especially if they’re used to getting all of your attention for themselves so far).

As an older sibling myself, I can confirm that expecting my little brother was a bit of a stressful experience because my mom was always too busy preparing things for the upcoming new baby brother.

She didn’t really have time to prepare me for my new role of a big sibling, but I remember the moment she gave me a kid-friendly camera and said that this is a gift for me as big sister so that I can record all the upcoming special moments with my little sibling.

I cannot describe to you how truly excited I was about it because the idea of our new adventures and our special moments together seemed so appealing to me and I couldn’t wait for my little brother to finally come into the world!

I could vividly imagine how we were going to play together, watch each other’s back, and annoy our parents from time to time.

So, the bottom line is that preparing your older child for his role as new big brother to be doesn’t really require lots of time, but just a little imagination!

And, trust me, there’s nothing more exciting for any child than a perfect gift to gradually prepare your big kid in becoming a big brother to his new baby sister or brother and, most importantly, make him feel really special!

And no, you will not have to spend tons of your time looking for the best gift ideas for your big kiddo.

All you need to do is check the following list of great gifts for new big brothers to be where you’ll find a variety of big brother gifts, including clothes, books, gift sets, and other unique items! Hooray!

So, let’s see what we’ve got!


1. Fun Big Brother T-shirt

There’s nothing more awesome than funny, inspiring T-shirt inscriptions that can teach you a valuable lesson and at the same time make you laugh really hard.

And that’s why a fun big brother shirt is a great gift idea!

It will make your new brother feel important and proud to wear the label of big brother on his T-shirt. And if you add some cool T-shirt titles like: “THIS IS WHAT A COOL BIG BROTHER LOOKS LIKE” or “PROMOTED TO BIG BROTHER,” your kiddo will instantly connect with being a protector of his new baby sibling!

He will understand his role of being a cool, powerful, big brother – and who doesn’t like to feel cool, right?

So, giving your big kid such a T-shirt is definitely one of the easiest ways to make him feel special and at the same time explain to him the importance of his big brother role.

Plus, I’m sure you can also find cool custom printable T-shirts in your area, so you can choose your own, unique title like “THE SUPER INCREDIBLE BIG BROTHER” or similar!

2. The Multi-Functional Baby Doll

The role of being a big brother will be challenging to your son, especially if this is the first time that he’s going to be an active part of a newborn baby’s life.

To prepare him for that, you will need to teach him the basics of caregiving. So, another perfect gift for your son would be this Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll!

This nurturing doll is multi-functional, meaning that it comes with a removable diaper, a pacifier that you can attach to the doll’s mouth, and one-piece outfit – and it’s ultra soft!

Plus, Baby Stella Doll is machine-washable, so there’s no need to worry about the possible accumulation of germs.

This baby doll will be a perfect model for your son to practice and shape his nourishing skills so that he prepares himself for when his little sister or little brother arrives.

Additionally, this is also a great big sister gift as well!

3. An Adorable Big Brother Book

If you’re having difficulties finding a way to start a conversation with your son about his new sibling, then you should try the magic of the written word!

I Am a Big Brother by Caroline Jayne Church is a thoughtful and adorable book that tells a story of a young boy’s love for his new sibling.

The book is easy to understand because it’s narrated in a voice that’s suitable for kids and it also abounds in beautiful and inspiring illustrations that will make the whole story come to life.

You can either choose to read this great book to your son yourself or, if he can, ask him to read it to you.

Whatever you choose, I’m sure that this sweet big brother book will fill his little heart with warmth and understanding!

4. Activity Coloring Book

If your little boy loves to color, then this activity coloring book on Amazon is just the right thing for him!

This fun activity book revolves specifically around being the new big sibling.

Your boy can color images of superhero kids, design his own superhero emblem, create a “welcome home” sign and many other things that will inspire his creativity and evoke love for his new sibling.

It can also make an ideal baby gift for his new baby sibling! He can add some fun stickers to make it more personal and loving.

No doubt, this sibling book will be a precious keepsake that will last forever!

5. Big Brother Hospital Scrubs

Hospital scrubs is definitely one of the best gifts when it comes to both big brother gifts and big sister gifts (just make sure to get the right embroidery).

We all know how much kids enjoy costumes, so why not make the delivery day extra special by letting your big boy wear this pair of hospital scrubs for boys with an embroidered “Big Brother”?

The opportunity to wear hospital scrubs and be a part of this special long-awaited event will make him feel extra special and privileged to show off his new title to other people.

Also, these scrubs will serve as a beautiful memento that your boy will cherish in the days to come! (And yes, the scrubs are machine washable!)

6. Big Brother Superhero Costume

We’re all familiar with the fact that kids adore superheroes in all shapes and sizes.

And how couldn’t they? In children’s eyes, superheroes have superpowers and they are all mighty and indestructible.

So, this assumption is a great opportunity to make your big brother feel utterly special! How?

By giving him this Super Big Bro Costume that will make him feel totally excited about becoming a big brother superhero!

Given that big brothers and sisters have this urge to be the protectors of their little siblings, this superhero costume will evoke his protective instinct and at the same time make him feel powerful!

This costume comes with a velcro neck closure and it’s also machine washable.

7. Remote-Controlled Cars

Boys and cars are two terms that are closely connected (if not inseparable). Trom a young age, boys are bombarded with fast cars, cool drivers, and so on.

And this need for being the fastest and the most powerful becomes an inevitable part of almost every boy’s life.

So, one of the greatest gifts for your young champ would be a car – and not just any car, but this remote-controlled car set for both your boy and the new baby.

These two cars have removable action figures and the ability to move backwards and forward.

As already said, the set comes with two cars and two controls, which makes it a perfect gift for your new big brother to be to show his new sibling.

It’s a perfect source of amusement for both of them because big brother can be in control of the car while baby crawls next to it and tries to chase it.

And as your little one grows older, he/she will join big bro and control their own car. Also, these action figures can be their alter-ego – they can even name them.

There are plenty of ideas for the ultimate fun when it comes to remote-controlled cars, and I’m sure your boy will recognize it, too!

8. A Kid Camera

Every parent knows that kids grow too fast and documenting their every move is the only way to preserve all those heartwarming, special moments.

So, while you’re taking pictures and recording your new baby with your cell phone, you can also engage your little boy to take pictures with a camera that’s suitable for kids!

This VTech Kidizoom Camera comes with a 2.0-megapixel lens and a four-times digital zoom. And yes, it also has a selfie mode with auto facial detection.

And there’s more! It sports a video recorder, voice recorder, and four built-in games.

So, this is no ordinary toy camera. Photographs taken with VTech Kidizoom Camera can be uploaded to your computer, so you can get these photos made and frame them on your boy’s bedroom walls.

As you can see, it’s definitely one of the greatest gifts for new big brothers to be!

9. An Adorable Big Brother Photo Album

If you’re going to get your boy the above kid camera, then you should definitely give him this adorable Big brother photo album too!

His very own personal album where he can add pictures of him and his sibling is the best way to record all those special moments and keep them in a safe place.

This album comes with the inscription “I’m the Big Brother” and it has two characters, a big brother and a baby. It’s colorful and appropriate for the occasion, making it all the more special.

As your boy grows up, he will always have this collection of the most beautiful moments spent with his little sibling and will want to keep it on him wherever he goes.

Also, he will be able to show it to his little sibling and laugh together while recalling their priceless moments spent together.

10. A Sentimental, Plush Teddy Bear

Is there anything more cute in the world than a sweet, plush teddy bear that’s begging for warm hugs (especially during winter nights)? I bet there isn’t!

So, if you’re looking for another perfect gift for new big brother, this plush teddy bear is the right choice for you! Why?

Because it’s an adorably cute teddy bear and it comes with a removable shirt that reads “I’m the Big Brother”!

This gift will be your son’s reminder that he’s about to become a big brother and it will prepare him for his role.

And, when your little bundle arrives, he will be able to share his teddy bear with his younger sibling and, most importantly, it will be a special memory in the years to come!

As a matter of fact, whichever gift you choose from the list above, it will be a special and priceless memory, and you’ll make your boy the happiest little man on earth.

Because Lord knows that children don’t need much for happiness!

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