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55 Beautiful Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With K

55 Beautiful Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With K

Most people would agree that Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so it’s no surprise there are many parents who want to give their children equally wonderful Hawaiian names.

There’s an abundance of Hawaiian girl names that start with K, which are perfect for parents who are inspired by these beautiful islands and their amazing culture.

If you want your little one to stand out from the crowd with a name that reminds you of exotic beaches and beautiful sunsets, you’ll have a tough time choosing only one of these cute Hawaiian girl names that start with K.

However, I’m sure you’ll be able to make a final decision in no time and choose the best name for your little girl!

Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With K

Lovely girl on tropical beach

There are tons of beautiful Hawaiian girl names that have even more incredible meanings.

The Hawaiian language is fascinating and it always reminds me of blue skies and crystal clear waters.

The same goes for Hawaiian baby girl names, which sound just as delicate as your little girl is to you.

There are many interesting facts about Hawaiian names, including the fact that names can be carried from generation to generation, but can’t be the same as names from other families.

Names were also traditionally part of the social class categorization, meaning that only people who belonged to the upper classes could have names starting in “Keali’i” or ending in “-lani”.

People who belonged to the lower classes weren’t supposed to have any complex names and were only allowed to take names of simple objects.

However, such practices have been abandoned, therefore, people can choose a name for their children based on their personal preference rather than the class they belong to.

Unlike English or French names, Hawaiian names aren’t very common around the world, but they’re becoming more and more popular because of their beauty and uniqueness.

Also, it’s interesting how some of these names, even though they originate from Hawaii, do have additional name meanings and origins in other languages, such as:

• Greek

• Irish

• Spanish

• Welsh

• Arabic

• Scottish

• Polish

• Turkish

• Hebrew

• Celtic

• Swedish

• Gaelic

• Danish

• Hindu

For example, Kakalina is a Hawaiian form of the name Katherine, which is of Greek origin and translates to “pure” or “chaste”.

The name Kala is also a Turkish expression that means “remaining” that also has Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Hawaiian origins.

little girl wearing hat sitting on the beach

If you’re looking for Hawaiian girl names that start with K, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding one on this list:

1. Kiana (“heavenly”)

2. Kalena (“flower”)

3. Kehau (“dew”)

4. Kiele (“fragrant blossom”)

5. Kahale (“home”)

6. Keona (“Lord’s gracious gift”)

7. Kaleia (“flower wreath”)

8. Kalea (“beloved”)

9. Kaloni (“heaven” or “sky”)

10. Kaleighia (“happiness”)

11. Keilani (“glorious”)

12. Kina (“China”)

13. Kamalei (“beloved child”)

14. Kahealani (“heavenly mist”)

15. Kaia (“the sea”)

16. Kanani (“a beautiful one”)

17. Kamea (“the one”)

18. Kalama (“torch”)

19. Kekepania (“crown”)

20. Kalia (“flower wreath”)

21. Kai (“sea”)

22. Kaileah (“bright and clear”)

23. Kiely (“graceful”)

24. Kinipela (“wave”, alternative form of the name Jennifer)

25. Kani (“sound”)

26. Kielle (“gardenia”)

27. Kailani (“sea and heaven”)

28. Kamaya (“precious one”)

29. Kahlia (“beautiful”, “Godly”)

30. Keone (“homeland”)

31. Kalona (“Amish town”, alternative form of the name Sharon)

32. Keilana (“calmness”, “precious”)

33. Kala (“art”, alternative form of the name Sarah)

Hawaiian Unisex Names That Start With K

little baby girl with her brother on bed

Traditional Hawaiian baby names are very interesting because the majority of them are actually gender-neutral, although some of them have been divided into names for girls and boys.

Hawaiians consider the given name as a very important part of the personality – they see it as a property whose meaning may have power over its owner and act as a good or evil force (depending on the meaning).

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral Hawaiian name that starts with K for your little one, you’re in the right place! Here are some of the sweetest Hawaiian unisex names for your little bundle of joy:

1. Keani (“cool breeze”)

2. Kapoho (“depression”)

3. Keiki (“child”)

4. Keala (“pathway”)

5. Keanu (“breeze”)

6. Kanoa (“the one that’s free”)

7. Kilohana (“great”)

8. Kawena (“glow”)

9. Kaili (“victorious”)

10. Kalani (“the royal one”)

11. Kelani (“heaven”)

12. Keahilani (“fire of heaven”)

13. Kaleo (“sound”)

14. Keikilani (“heaven’s child”)

15. Kona (“lady”)

16. Keomi (“pure beauty”)

17. Kelii (“chief”)

18. Keola (“life”)

19. Kapula (“prayers”)

20. Kealli (“fair and slender”)

21. Kapena (“captain”)

22. Kalei (“beloved one”)

Hawaiian Boy Names That Start With K

Little baby boy sitting on the sand

I know that among some of you there will be parents who are brave enough to give their little girl a baby boy name.

After all, names like Jordan and Wyatt originally started out as masculine names and became gender-neutral over time.

So, most of these unique names for boys could be used to describe a very brave girl, as well.

Baby names are generally getting more gender-neutral anyway, so it really wouldn’t be a surprise to meet an adorable girl named Kaleho.

Here’s a list of the sweetest boy names in the Hawaiian language:

1. Kaikane (“the sea”)

2. Kaleho (“the voice of caller”)

3. Keanui (“breeze”)

4. Kekipi (“rebellion”)

5. Kane (“little warrior”)

6. Keoki (“alive”)

7. Konala (“ruler of the world”)

8. Kaiemi (“Ebbing sea”)

9. Kaila (“the crown”)

10. Kahau (“to abate”)

11. Kuatini (“strong and healthy”)

12. Kahai (“the one who tells”)

13. Kapena (“captain”)

14. Konane (“bright”)

15. Konani (“bright”)

16. Kautinaki (“the one who lives in two elements”)

17. Kaiholo (“moving sea”)

18. Kohei (“flat and wide”)

19. Kana (“God has judged”)

20. Kari (“pure of heart”)

21. Kimo (“supplanter”)

22. Keha (“dignity”)

23. Kaimana (“sea power”)

24. Kainalu (“ocean wave”)

25. Kaimi (“seeker”)

26. Kahuna (“an expert”)

27. Kawai (“comes from the water”)

Other Hawaiian Girl Names To Consider

little cute girl with long curly hair

Although this article contains a baby name list of Hawaiian girl names that start with K, there are tons of amazing names that may not start with the letter K but are still worth considering.

If you’re searching for sweet Hawaiian baby girl names without preferences for the initial, here are a few beautiful names for your little princess that you’re definitely going to love:

• Leilani (“heavenly royal child”)

• Alanna (“precious”)

• Malia (“star of the sea”)

• Melia (“ash tree”)

• Lani (“heaven”)

• Oline (“joyous”)

• Anuhea (“cool fragrance”)

• Luwana (“enjoyment”)

• Alamea (“ripe”)

• Alleen (“light”)

• Lanai (“porch”)

• Luanna (“enjoyment”)

• Miliani (“gentle caress”)

• Malana (“light”)

• Maleah (“calm waters”)

• Malina (“soothing”)

• Halia (“remembering a loved one”)

• Nalani (“serenity of the skies”)

• Allina (“precious”)

• Luanda (“melody”)

Final Thoughts

smiling cute little girl on beach vacation

I hope you have found at least one or two Hawaiian girl names that start with K for your baby girl.

These names can be great options for parents who are searching for more unique monikers for their little girls. They can serve as great middle name ideas as well.

Actually, many of these names did become middle names for Hawaiians who were born after the Act to Regulate Names, signed by the fourth Hawaiian monarch, Kamehameha IV in 1860.

According to this law, all Hawaiians were to take Christian names as their first names and traditional Hawaiian names as middle ones, but the law was withdrawn in 1967.

There’s also a lot of western influence in Hawaiian names, mostly seen through the Hawaiian forms of English names, such as Lahela (Rachel) or Kimo (Jim).

Even though most Hawaiian names are gender-neutral, there are certain names that are divided into categories based on gender. However, feel free to pick whichever name speaks to you regardless of whether it’s considered masculine or feminine.

I hope you have found at least a few sweet Hawaiian girl names that start with K for your little princess to match her siblings’ names, your partner’s, or your own.

I’m more than sure you’ve made the right choice for your little one. Until next time, aloha mama!

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