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Hello Bello VS Honest: Which Brand Is Better For Your Baby?

Hello Bello VS Honest: Which Brand Is Better For Your Baby?

Moms frequently find themselves in the dilemma of trying to choose which baby gear is best for their little ones, and such is the case with the Hello Bello VS Honest diapers and wipes debate.

When it comes to Hello Bello VS Honest Company, they’re less frequently compared than brands like Pampers or Huggies.

These brands are aimed at parents who are looking for an environmentally friendly option that’s affordable as well.

Honest Co. diapers are known to be quality biodegradable diapers that are easily accessible on Amazon and are good at what they do, aside from being good for the environment.

Hello Bello diapers, founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, on the other hand, are a somewhat new contender.

These famous actors wanted to ensure lower-income families had access to quality diapers.

But, are they better than the rest of the competition?

That’s what I’m here to find out today in my Hello Bello VS Honest product review where I’ll be comparing both their diapers and their baby wipes to see which one is the better option overall.

Hello Bello VS Honest: The Rundown

1. Hello Bello Diapers

First up are the Hello Bello diapers.

What makes them so unique is the fact that they’re a product made for babies with sensitive skin.

Sure you’ll find those all over the place, but they’re very rarely as affordable as these ones are.

This level of skincare for kids is ensured by not including any phthalates, parabens, latex, or artificial lotion.

They’re also chlorine-free so they won’t look as blindingly white as some of the store-bought diaper brands do, but to make up for that, they won’t irritate the skin as much.

The diaper itself is made from fluff pulp, a plant-based product that they’ve made sure is completely sustainable.

It also makes the overall product quite soft, ensuring maximum comfort for your little one.

The side panels are quite stretchy and help keep the diaper usable even when the child slightly outgrows the size.

This makes transitioning between sizes smooth without having to waste a whole pack of diapers.

The material also helps the diapers sag less when they get soiled as all of it gets absorbed back into the diaper, keeping it secure and helping reduce the chances of potential blowouts.

The absorbent core liner is also fully plant-based making it a biodegradable diaper.

Because of this, both their daytime and nighttime diapers are extremely absorbent making the nighttime variant an ideal overnight diaper.

They also feature a wetness indicator on all sizes from Newborn up to 2 so you don’t have to take it off to check if your little one needs a nappy change.

The designs on Hello Bello diapers are printed using non-toxic paints.

There are a variety of different designs that are quite colorful and adorable, depicting various fruits and letters.

The diapers are quite affordable and are available on Amazon.

They also offer a subscription plan so you can have them delivered to your doorstep without having to re-order.

2. The Honest Company Diapers

Next up is a very familiar entry on this blog and one that I previously labeled as “best diaper overall”: the Honest Company’s biodegradable diapers.

The first thing that’s worth noting is that the diapers are completely hypoallergenic, ensuring a safe purchase for even the most sensitive of children.

Speaking of which, thanks to their exclusion of any latex, phthalates, parabens, artificial lotions, and fragrances, you won’t need to worry about irritation on your baby’s sensitive skin or him suffering from frequent diaper rashes or anything of the sort.

The diapers are also chlorine-free and certified as cruelty-free because the people who make Honest baby products want to make our planet a better place for humans and animals.

Much like the competitor, the disposable diapers of Honest Co. come with super-stretchy sides to provide a better fit for your child and to make transitioning a bit more forgiving for your rapidly developing youngster, saving you a few bucks during the early growth spurts.

They also ensure that the diaper stays on tight and doesn’t loosen easily.

The sides aren’t the only thing that helps keep these diapers in place.

They also feature an elastic waistband to keep the diaper in check as well as sure-fit leg cuffs that help prevent any messes from leaking down your baby’s leg.

You’ll also find resealable tabs on them just in case you don’t trust the wetness indicator and want to check the diaper for messes yourself.

Speaking of messes, the people over at the Honest Company have made sure to line the diaper with some of the most absorbent organic material they could find which is sustainably sourced fluff pulp.

They weave it into a quilted bubble pattern that helps absorb the moisture and lock it in so that even pressing against the diaper won’t cause it to leak.

It has a rather astounding absorbency which allows it to hold nearly 17 times its own weight in fluids.

Amazing considering the price tag of the product!

All of the mess is detected by the aforementioned wetness indicator that helps you stay ahead of the poop, ensuring you’ll rarely ever have to deal with blowouts and allowing you to pre-empt the emergency before your kiddo gets cranky.

Finally, you’ll find that, despite not looking as white/clean as the other diaper products on the market who opt for chlorine use, the Honest Company diapers still look amazing thanks to the variety of cute prints found on each diaper.

Your child will definitely favor the ones with a bit of color on them over the bland white ones and you can be happier knowing it was printed using ecologically-safe processes.

The quantity you get in one of their packs of diapers is pretty solid too considering the price which currently makes each diaper worth about 32 cents.

I know it might seem like a lot considering the standard average is around 25 cents and can go all the way down to 15, but honestly, the price is justified through their quality and environmental friendliness, not to mention the fact that you can apply coupons to lower the price further.

If you don’t believe me, the fact that they’re part of “Amazon’s Choice” should be proof enough as only the best products end up in that category.

3. Hello Bello Wipes

Baby wipes are an essential part of baby care and most parents go through whole packs of wipes in mere weeks.

Thankfully, Hello Bello has you covered with their massive pack of 600 baby wipes.

They’re as hypoallergenic as the diapers and free from any fragrances, alcohol, or parabens.

This helps remove any potential sources of irritation for even the most sensitive skins, which is one of the reasons so many parents love Hello Bello in the first place.

The wipes are eco-friendly too as they’re made with 99% water which might sound unbelievable but it’s true.

4. The Honest Company Baby Wipes

On the other hand, we have the Honest wipes.

They’re perfect for cleaning your child after going potty, after a diaper change, or to clean his little face up after eating or a breastfeeding session.

Much like the Hello Bello brand, these wipes are fully hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

You’ll find that these wipes are mostly made of water too, over 99%.

They don’t contain any alcohol, parabens, or artificial fragrances nor are they whitened with chlorine.

This is what makes them hypoallergenic and agreeable diapers for sensitive baby skin.

Despite being over 99% water, the remaining fabric is made from the same fluff pulp as their diapers meaning that they’re 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.

Hello Bello VS Honest Company: The Comparison

Now it’s time to see how these two brands compare.

The price: Hello Bello wins

baby lying on the bed with wipes and diapers

While not by much, the Hello Bello products are overall more affordable compared to the Honest Company, both in diapers and wipes alike.

The overall quality is similar enough that cutting corners by going for the cheaper option will not be detrimental to your child.

But, affordability isn’t enough to be the deciding factor.

Overnight diaper potential: Honest Co. wins

A pile of diapers and a cute baby bear on white table

Bello may praise itself as a solid and absorbent diaper for both day and night, but the customer claims seem to prove otherwise.

Several people have experienced frequent blowouts along the back which tends to leave a real mess behind.

Their seals overall seem to be weaker than that of a standard diaper too whereas the Honest Co. ones work overnight and can be ordered as such without any added cost.

Overall fit: Honest Co. wins

cute baby wearing diapers while lying on the bed

Linked to the above, the Hello Bello diaper is also a worse fit for the child due to the weaker seals.

For first-time moms, this means that you’re either going to have a saggy diaper or a diaper that doesn’t grow well with your little one.

Both cases are bad as the former leads to frequent leaking while the latter is simply uncomfortable for the child.

The diapers that Honest provides are also a bit thicker than Hello Bello’s.

Whether or not that means they’re more absorbent, I’m not quite sure, but I do know that it might make some babies feel more uncomfortable while some might prefer it being a bit fluffier.

That part comes down to personal preference.

The rest: A tie

mother changing cute baby diaper on the bed

The above categories are really the only things that seem to be different between the two outside of purchase options which don’t really play much of a part in the overall verdict but might help you make a better-informed decision, especially when it comes to price changes depending on your location.

You can find Hello Bello’s brand over at Walmart while Honest Co. can be found in Target.

For the overall make of both diapers and wipes as far as material is concerned, it’s all pretty much the same stuff, so it ultimately comes down to price and overnight protection.

The verdict: Honest Co. wins

mother cleaning baby mouth with wipe on the bed

Personally, I find that the baby products sold by the Honest Co. provide better quality for mama bears everywhere in comparison to that of Hello Bello.

​Don’t get me wrong, the difference isn’t that major, but I have a personal grudge against blowout streaks appearing on my sheets as those things are a nightmare to wash out.

However, keep in mind that Bello is always a good alternative in case you need a more budget-friendly option.

So, the true winner of the Hello Bello VS Honest Co. competition depends on the circumstances you find yourself in.

In Conclusion

Cute little baby with rattle on floor in bathroom

In the Hello Bello VS Honest Co. battle, it wasn’t easy to determine a winner!

But, to be honest, the diapers and wipes are meant to be pretty similar otherwise it wouldn’t really be a contest.

Always remember that this is my personal opinion and that your own experience with the brands might differ from mine.

Not only that, but every context is different and you need to determine what works best for you.

I have listed the qualities of these two brands here to help you get a better grasp of what you’re dealing with and to help you make a more informed decision.

The price is likely to change depending on the availability of the aforementioned stores that sell the two companies’ baby products as well as any extra delivery charges from Amazon.

I do hope that this article has at least helped you save some money or has allowed you to provide your child with extra comfort so that you no longer have to bust out the diaper cream for any rashes!

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