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121 Beautiful Middle Names For Amelia In 2022

121 Beautiful Middle Names For Amelia In 2022

Naming your child can be one of the most stressful parts of early parenthood.

The name Amelia is a beautiful name and a combination of Amalia and Emilia.

Thanks to its popularity, lots of parents are now looking for middle names for Amelia which go well with their family name.

The most important thing as a parent is to choose a name that you like.

However, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

You will determine your baby girl’s life and position in society by the name you give her.

It may sound silly, but the name is what actually gives people their first impression of you.

This doesn’t just apply to the first name, but the middle name as well.

Even though it’s not used in everyday life, the middle name plays an important role in your child’s life.

In case you have no middle name ideas for your little girl, check this list of cute middle names for Amelia, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one!

Origin Of The Name Amelia

Cute little girl on a family wedding with flowers

Amelia is of Hebrew origin and its meaning comes from the word “amal”, which translates to “work of God”.

The German word “amal” has a similar meaning, which is more connected to hard work, it translates to: “work, labor”.

In Latin, this name means “striving” and “industrious”.

As you can see, your Amelia might be a very hard-working young lady, but she might also make you work hard around her.

This name is considered to be a blend of Amalia and Emilia, two medieval names that are also quite popular nowadays.

One of the most well-known women with this name is Amelia Earhart, the brave aviation pioneer who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Best Middle Names For Amelia

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A lot of parents give special middle names to boys and girls, even though this is not common practice everywhere in the world.

However, it’s nice to have two names in a full name.

To me, giving a middle name is like giving your child an option to choose between two names, in case she doesn’t like her first name when she grows up.

You can also keep a family tradition of passing down a name from older to younger generations or honor a member of your family by adding their names to your baby boy or baby girl name.

Also, you’ll sound way more serious when you call your child by her full name, especially when she does something wrong!

Here are some of the most popular middle names for Amelia:

1. Amelia Alice

2. Amelia Audrey

3. Amelia Grace

4. Amelia Jo

5. Amelia Joy

6. Amelia Rose

The following names also sound good with Amelia:

1. Abigail

2. Arabelle

3. Avalon

4. Bethany

5. Blair

6. Bridget

7. Brooke

8. Caitlin

9. Candice

10. Caroline

11. Catherine

12. Charlotte

13. Chelsea

14. Chloe

15. Claudette

16. Courtney

17. Daisy

18. Danielle

19. Eden

20. Elaine

cute little girl dressed up as a princess with crown on head

21. Elise

22. Elizabeth

23. Elle

24. Eloise

25. Elyse

26. Eva

27. Faith

28. Gabrielle

29. Genevieve

30. Georgette

31. Harriet

32. Heidi

33. Helen

34. Holly

35. Hope

36. Ingrid

37. Irene

38. Isabelle

39. Isla

40. Ivy

blond little girl with pacifier lying in bed with toy covered with blanket

41. Jade

42. Jocelyn

43. Josephine

44. Juliet

45. Justine

46. Katherine

47. Kristen

48. Lauren

49. Louise

50. Lucille

51. Lucy

52. Madeleine

53. Mary

54. Melanie

55. Michelle

56. Naomi

57. Natalie

58. Nicole

59. Nora

60. Olivia

cute little girl in a red dress running in sunlight on the grass

61. Penelope

62. Phoebe

63. Priscilla

64. Poppy

65. Rachel

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66. Rebecca

67. Renee

68. Ruby

69. Sage

70 Samantha

71. Sabine

72. Sarah

73. Scarlett

74. Shea

75. Sloane

76. Sophia

77. Susan

78. Tamsin

79. Victoria

80. Violet

81. Willow

82. Xanthe

83. Yvette

84. Zahli

85. Zelda

86. Zoe

87. Zoey

Cute One-Syllable Middle Names For Amelia

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Even though this name doesn’t seem that long at first, it actually has three syllables, so if you’re not a fan of long names you might want to be more careful about the length of the middle name.

I usually don’t mind longer names, but if the middle name is too long it might overpower the first name whenever your child has to use both.

To cut down your search time, here’s a list of popular one-syllable middle names for Amelia:

1. Amelia Anne

2. Amelia Claire

3. Amelia Jane

4. Amelia Eve

5. Amelia Kate

6. Amelia May

7. Amelia Rose

Here are some more great options:

1. Beth

2. Blue

3. Bree

4. Dean

5. Faye

6. Finn

7. Jade

8. June

9. Lee

10. Liz

11. Lynn

12. Mae

13. Meg

14. Mia

15. Noelle

16. Paige

17. Pearl

18. Rae

19. Ruth

20. Skye

21. Sue

Name Alternatives For Amelia

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Almost every name has different spellings and pronunciations all over the world.

The reason for this is that every country has its own culture and way of pronouncing certain names, even though they originate from the same source.

This beautiful baby name is not an exception as there are lots of variants, such as:

• Amalia

• Amilia

• Amelina

• Ameline

• Ameliya

• Amelya

• Amelyna

• Amelyta

• Amy

• Emelia

• Emeline

• Emilia

• Emma

Spanish Middle Name Ideas For The Name Amelia

 Little girl in flamenco style dress smiling

Some parents might prefer more “exotic” long or short middle names for little girls to make them stand out from other girls who have the same first name.

Spanish names have become very popular in the US over the past few years.

Here is a list of a few Spanish middle names for Amelia for all the parents who want to experiment with some new combinations!

• Angelina

• Catalina

• Elena

• Esmeralda

• Gabriella

• Lola

• Lucia

• Maya

• Mariana

• Ximena

Girl Names That Go Well With Middle Name Amelia

Sweet little girl outdoors with curly hair in the wind

Amelia can be just as great a middle name as a first name!

Sometimes you choose a name very early or even before you get pregnant, and then you hear another name that sounds even better.

It’s difficult to make the choice between two names you really like, but instead of having to abandon one completely, you can just use them as the first or middle name instead.

​However, if you’re sure you want Amelia as your little one’s middle name, but you have no ideas for the first name, check out this list of first names that go well with Amelia as the middle name:

• Abigail

• Alice

• Carmen

• Charlotte

• Chloe

• Evelyn

• Faith

• Grace

• Jade

• Jane

• Jocelyn

• Jordyn

• Kelly

• Mary

• Natalie

• Rosemary

• Ruby

Cute Nicknames For Amelia

Surprised pretty young girl in tulle skirt with crown

Nicknames have been a part of our identities for as long as anyone can remember!

They’re a way of connecting with a person on a more friendly or intimate level.

Parents usually give cute nicknames to their baby as a way of expressing love and affection, just like with other family members.

However, there are times when nicknames are used in a less than desirable way, especially when it comes to those given by other children.

We all know what children can be like sometimes, especially at school or on the playground, which is why it’s important to give a name that has less probability of being turned into a not-so-nice nickname.

There are a lot of cute girl nicknames for the name Amelia, including:

• Allie

• Ame

• Amelie

• Amie

• Amma

• Amy

• Ella

• Lee

• Lia

• Lili

• Mealie

• Meale

• Mel

• Mella

• Melly

• Melia

• Mimi

• Millie

Sibling Names That Go Well With Amelia

cute little girl feeding brother with strawberry

Matching sibling names have been a thing for a long time, and it’s really cute when you introduce your kiddos with similar names.

If you are expecting your second child, or you’re having twins, here are some boy and girl names that go very well with Amelia.

​Baby brother names

• Charles

• Edmund

• Felix

• Grant

• George

• Harper

• Jude

• Julian

• Nathan

• Nathaniel

• Nolan

• Oliver

• Owen

• Rowan

• Sebastian

• Silas

• William

Baby sister names

adorable two sisters hugging outdoor

• Caroline

• Charlotte

• Claire

• Edith

• Emma

• Emmeline

• Felicity

• Genevieve

• Hazel

• Helen

• Isabella

• Katie

• Lilian

• Louise

• Lucy

• Lydia

• Victoria

• Violet

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Why Do We Give Middle Names?

sweet little girl with blue eyes looking up

Middle names are usually only used when you fill out documents or change your email address, but you rarely use them when you introduce yourself to someone for the first time.

They became a thing a long time ago, and some argue it all started when John Quincy Adams became president because he was the first American president with a middle name.

​Some say it dates back to the ancient Romans, who used them in a different way than they’re used nowadays.

Romans usually had three different names:

Praenomen (personal name)

Nomen (the family name)

Cognomen (a nickname)

Throughout history, the second name has been a part of the family tradition, be it the name of an ancestor or the mother’s maiden name.

However, over the past few decades, modern generations have strayed from this “unwritten rule” and got more creative with the middle moniker.

Now, you can choose whatever you like for your child’s middle name, or even completely omit it altogether if you want to.

What To Consider When Naming Your Baby

adorable baby girl sleeping swaddled in the pink cloth

Adding an additional name to your baby’s first name can be fun, but there are a few things you should take into consideration when you do so.

Try to find a name that goes well with your child’s first name and won’t spell any undesirable words when you write the initials.

The best way to find a perfect name for your baby girl is to write down all the combinations you think are acceptable for your child.

Read each of them out loud and remove all the names that sound too odd or hard to pronounce.

Then do it all again, but this time add your family name to every combination. If it doesn’t sound right, you have to let it go.

Write down the initials of the rest of the combinations.

Exclude all combinations that spell funny or unwanted words.

Choose the one you like the most, and you’re done!

I know it sounds much easier in theory than in practice, but this method might help you to at least narrow down your list to the top 3 or top 5 options.

You can also ask your family members to give you their opinions or even vote on each name combination.

You can actually turn this process into a fun activity for the whole family!

In Conclusion

cute baby covered with pink towel after bath

Most of us have no idea how difficult it is to find the perfect name for a baby.

I admire people who had a list of baby name ideas ready before they even met their partners (I actually thought this was silly before having my first child).

Being a parent is difficult, but it’s even harder to find a name that will represent your child in the right way for the rest of her life.

Adding a second name to your child’s first name can be fun, but there are still some rules to follow.

Even though people don’t use middle names in everyday life, they can play an important role in their lives.

It can become a nickname or even become the name your child prefers to go by.

I hope today’s list of 121 names helped you find the perfect one for your little Amelia or at least narrowed down your list of name combinations.

Just remember, you can’t make everyone happy and there will probably always be someone who’ll ask you why you gave your child the name you did.

Some prefer rustic names, others like names that are futuristic better – just choose something that will make your little one happy!

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