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10 Best Organic Diaper Rash Creams For Baby’s Bottom In 2022

10 Best Organic Diaper Rash Creams For Baby’s Bottom In 2022

We all know how unpleasant it is to have a rash and if we struggle, you can only imagine how awful it must be for your little one.

That’s why many parents tend to rely on organic diaper rash cream.

Organic diaper rash cream is frequently chosen over the regular one because it contains products that are more natural.

They’re less likely to contain something your child might be allergic to and thus have a higher success rate at healing the irritation.

The usual culprits, in this case, are lanolin, talc, petrolatum, artificial fragrances, preservatives, parabens, and phthalates, as well as soap in some odd cases.

You’ll find these in older brands that haven’t yet adapted to the modern standards due to manufacturing costs.

However, these ingredients are completely excluded in organic diaper rash creams that rather use things like beeswax, aloe, calendula, and some others.

The most prevalent ingredient in every single one of these rash creams is nano zinc oxide, a crucial component that helps lock moisture into the skin and rehydrate it.

It’s also innately water-resistant which is why it’s so widely used.

If you’re thinking you can cross diaper rash creams off your list just because you’re going purely organic, remember that there are other factors that contribute to the appearance of a rash, especially if your little one has really sensitive skin.

One of the main reasons, in most cases, is waiting too long to do a diaper change so the soiled diaper starts irritating the child’s skin, causing a rash and even blistering in worst-case scenarios.

You might also be using diapers that aren’t a good fit for your infant’s skin, making it necessary to switch to a sensitive diaper brand.

But for immediate relief, it’s very important to know which diaper rash cream is best.

Lucky for you, I’ve searched far and wide through the plains of Amazon to give you the best (and most affordable) options that can be found there.

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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The 10 Best Organic Diaper Rash Creams

1. EmBeba Natural Diaper Rash Cream for Kids with Sensitive Skin

First up, we have the EmBeba diaper cream in balm form, ideal for all you mammas who want to keep your hands from potentially contaminating the cream and for those who want an easier way to apply it.

All you need to do is run it across the rash area gently after cleaning it and your precious child’s behind is good to go.

You can repeat the process after every diaper change and just before bed so any of that unwanted moisture is kept away from the baby’s skin so he can enjoy a comfortable day and/or a good night’s rest.

The EmBeba diaper balm is safe to use with both cloth and disposable diapers as it won’t smear into them and ruin their quality.

Ingredients include calendula, peppermint leaf, and chickweed herb but make sure to read the ingredients list fully before making a purchase.

As well as using it to soothe diaper rash, this balm can be applied all over the body whenever skin irritation occurs.

2. The Honest Company’s Diaper Rash Cream

Next up we have a well-known brand, the Honest Company, best known for their eco-friendly disposable diapers, baby wipes, and other baby gear. And now, they’re offering an organic diaper rash cream to boot.

This budget option is still as potent as all the others while only using natural ingredients.

Their ingredients list is NSF certified and free from any parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, lanolin, pegs, mineral oils, silicones, and petrolatum, eliminating a good chunk of irritants found in regular diaper rash ointments.

Instead, they’ve chosen to replace these with purely organic ingredients drawn from all kinds of plants and minerals (the most prominent ones being shea butter, tamanu, and coconut oil) blended with zinc oxide to provide one of the top tier rash creams currently on the market.

The cream is certified to be hypoallergenic making it a risk-free purchase if you’re worried about agitating your little one’s delicate skin.

A good competitor to the Honest brand is Hello Bello, and you might want to check their products out as well.

3. Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention Baby Ointment Jar

Here’s a more old-school option that went modern by going organic, and it’s one that doesn’t just work for alleviating diaper rashes, but also for soothing minor cuts, rehydrating dry skin, treating eczema, and more.

Not to mention that it doesn’t stain diapers like some of the regular options do.

Instead, it gets absorbed by the skin creating a layer that doesn’t budge and therefore doesn’t compromise the effectiveness of either the cream or the diaper itself.

Many parents who utilize cloth diapers praise it for that purpose alone, so, if you’re an avid user of cloth diapers for your kids, you might want to give this one a try.

It’s certified hypoallergenic and recommended by pediatricians nation-wide because it helps treat even the strongest of rashes, helping your baby stay more content overall.

4. Organic Diaper Balm by Earth Mama

Next up is yet another universal, natural diaper balm that also carries the function of being a rash cream and that’s Earth Mama’s diaper balm.

Much like Grandma El’s wonder ointment, it doesn’t stain making it an ideal purchase for any parents who use cloth diapers.

This product is 100% USDA certified meaning that all of its ingredients are organic and ethically sourced, especially its core component, beeswax.

The other ingredients are included on their lengthy ingredients list.

Some of the more prominent ones are organic olive fruit oil, organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic jojoba seed oil, organic tea tree leaf oil, and organic calendula flower extract.

All of these are specifically chosen due to their innate soothing properties.

They work together to help with proper skin care by treating anything from irritated skin to minor scrapes.

This also means that the Earth Mama balm doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances and that it’s phthalate, lanolin, petroleum, and paraben-free.

It’s a non-toxic, organic diaper balm recommended by dermatologists across the country after rigorous testing and is the preferred option for many hospitals, not just for its quality but for its affordability too.

5. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

One of the very best diaper rash creams on the market is Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.

While the name is a little silly and the packaging may seem cute, it doesn’t detract from just how effective this product is in helping stave off baby bum rashes.

Containing 40% zinc oxide, this cream doesn’t mess around, offering maximum strength from the get-go and helping eliminate even the harshest of diaper rashes.

It does all this without the aid of any harmful chemicals like phthalates, parabens, talc, artificial coloring, and the like, justifying its label as all-organic and baby-safe.

It is a potent salve made by a pharmacist and recommended by pediatricians for general use, not just as a lotion to soothe areas irritated by diaper rash, but also to help deal with chafed skin in general and to keep outside moisture away from irritating it further.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste has been a trusted product for well over 40 years, further cementing its quality in the world of baby products.

It’s a product that I relied on myself due to its affordability and effectiveness so it definitely earns my seal of approval if that means anything to all you mammas out there.

6. Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream

The acclaimed #1 option for parents everywhere as well as pediatricians, Desitin’s organic diaper rash cream helps soothe chafed and irritated skin of all kinds.

Containing 40% zinc oxide, the salve proves its potent healing properties can effectively protect your baby’s bottom for almost half a day.

It’s hypoallergenic and contains no phthalates, parabens, and sulfates, or any other harmful chemicals making sure that it does exactly what a diaper rash cream should do.

There’s a bit of controversy around Desitin though due to it containing BHA which, while deemed safe to the FDA, has been called a carcinogenic substance by some and an anticarcinogenic one by others.

There’s a lot of contradictory evidence, but I felt that it was worth mentioning to help you come to a more informed decision.

There’s also the fact that this is one of the pricier options on this list, so it might not fit your budget despite being one of the best organic diaper rash creams on the market.

7. Triple Paste Medicated Ointment

This option is for those of you who want results fast.

Triple paste’s fast-acting ointment takes the best from most of the top contenders and improves upon it, making a cream that helps deal with even the worst cases of diaper rash almost instantly.

When it’s rubbed in, it creates a thick, protective layer that helps prevent direct contact with the diaper and any material that might soil it, keeping your baby’s rear end safe from irritation when applied after every diaper change.

Like many others on this list, the cream is fully hypoallergenic and free from any petrolatum, lanolin, phthalates, and the like.

It’s also completely fragrance-free which tends to be a major irritant in a lot of the regular creams on the market.

The one downside is that it can be a bit expensive to get at first, but the tub will last you quite a while so it’ll be money well spent.

8. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

Here’s a cream that’s been trusted by parents for over 100 years as a must-have product for good housekeepers/parents.

A clinically proven product that has undergone thorough testing to prove its effectiveness, it’s one of the most affordable ones on the market and it comes in a large enough tub that you won’t have to make many repeat purchases, if at all.

It’s great for dealing with diaper rash due to its soothing effects, but it also works on other areas of chaffed skin, like ones that manifest due to teething or drool.

As it’s a product aimed to be used on babies with more sensitive skin, the Aquaphor organic diaper rash cream is hypoallergenic and free from any fragrances, be they artificial or natural, as well as any preservatives.

The lack of preservatives might end up causing a bit of discoloration in the cream over time, but it doesn’t reduce its effectiveness whatsoever, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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9. Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Natural Origin Diaper Rash Ointment

You might also recognize this brand as Burt’s Bees Baby is famous for its lineup of fully organic products, their ointment being one of them.

A small package that packs a strong punch thanks to its 40% zinc oxide blend with the silky smooth texture of sweet almond oil, the Burt’s Bees organic diaper rash cream helps both treat and prevent anything from mild to severe cases of diaper rash.

It also helps rehydrate the skin by using the body’s natural moisture while keeping the wetness from a damp diaper away from the baby’s skin thanks to some of the other ingredients, namely jojoba seed oil, organic shea butter, and lavender oil.

While the ingredient list is rather lengthy, what it doesn’t contain are any of the harmful chemicals and materials normally found in regular diaper rash creams like SLS, phthalates, petrolatum, and parabens.

This product is also certified to be cruelty-free as Burt’s Bees makes an effort to be a friend to all animals.

After all, they do have a bee as their logo for a reason.

10. Weleda Baby Diaper Cream

The final choice on my list is another well-known brand, Weleda.

For those of you who only have to deal with mild rashes and want a truly budget option, Weleda has you covered.

This does, however, mean that the percentage of zinc oxide in its blend is a lot lower (12%), but it’s oriented toward less severe diaper rash for that very reason.

It does make up for it with its natural calendula base and the fact that it’s fully hypoallergenic, throwing out any semblance of artificial coloring, fragrances, and even mineral oils.

The cream’s main purpose is to protect your little one’s sensitive skin against soiled, damp diapers, acting as a more preventative measure than anything else.

In Conclusion

When choosing the best organic diaper rash cream, you have to keep a few things in mind.

One of them is the effectiveness as not all of them are intended to work on rashes of every severity.

The second is the actual ingredients as many brands will claim to be organic while secretly hiding a few of the harmful ones under a hefty ingredient list or a false name.

Read through them closely so you can make an informed decision.

The final factor is the price to content ratio.

It’s usually better to get a tub rather than a small dose of diaper rash cream because it’s better price-wise in the long run and you’re likely to be using it often, especially if you’re using cloth diapers.

Consider your investment carefully and I’m sure that you’ll end up making the right decision.

And remember, while these are a bit more expensive than the regular ones, you’re choosing a safer option for both your child and the environment in general, mamma.

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