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Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

Martial arts are a great thing for your child’s well being. When they become old enough, they will probably want to have some sort of training because that will be fun for them.

There are different martial arts for kids but you should always listen to what your child wants and not what you think is the best for them.

Not only will they have fun at every training, but they will learn about discipline, and they will learn more about self-defense.

If you don’t know which martial arts class your little one should enroll in, check some of the following ones to see if any would suit them.

1. Karate 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your ChildThis martial art comes from Japan, and when you practice it, you use the entire body. It is made for your self-defense and to gain better self-esteem.

It is especially useful for the kids because it helps them to get all the confidence they need at their age.

Kids who train karate will learn how to kick, punch, have knee strikes, and protect themselves using different moves with the entire body.

They are developing better physical fitness and learning how to be stable.

The goal in karate is to defeat the opponent using your body and different moves or weapons that can be of help.

For smaller kids, it is enough if they just learn how to defend themselves without any weapons.

That is called a kids program, and it is adapted for them.

But when they get older, they can train karate using weapons that would help them.

If they are good at it, they could earn a black belt that is a dream come true of every karate warrior.

Karate classes are a part of almost every summer camp, and that is why kids like camps so much.

Except for the fact that this sport is fun, it also teaches your child discipline and hard work.

2. Tae Kwon Do 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

This martial art originates from Korea, and it is made of fast kicking, jumping, and head kicks.

Since this is a combative sport, you should relax your muscles between kicks and tense them only when you are kicking and getting kicks.

This sport teaches you discipline and self-esteem. When you train, you need to have a healthy diet to have better results.

In order to be successful, you need to react fast, focusing on your opponent and on your breathing.

You need to know what he will do before he even tries anything.

That is the power of your mind. And even if this seems a little too much for kids, it really isn’t that hard.

Kids can even be better students than adults.

If they really love a sport, they will do their best to be the best they can be in it.

You have Tae Kwon Do classes where you do forms which are similar to ‘kata’ in karate.

But what helps you the most is definitely sparring where you actually show what you have learned so far.

That part is the most interesting for the kids, and they can’t wait to show you what they have learned so far.

3. Judo 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

This is one of the best martial arts for kids that will help your child get the confidence and discipline they need.

It started as a moral pedagogy in Japan, but it evolved into a combat sport later.

When you do Judo, you should beat your opponent by throwing them to the ground using both hands and legs.

Things like choking and severe joint manipulation are forbidden for small kids.

Since things like these are pretty dangerous, they are monitored when adults practice them as well.

Judo as a martial art actually shows your child how to be independent and how to develop discipline.

It also teaches them how to train their minds to be ,so they are mentally prepared for every fight.

I don’t need to mention that every sport is great, so you can be in good shape, but it is even more important for kids because they are constantly developing.

4. Kung fu 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

Discipline is an important part of your child’s upbringing and this martial art will teach your little one how to be good at it.

If you want your child to develop good coordination, this is the right martial art for them.

Not only will they learn self-defense but they will also learn a thing or two about balance.

There are styles in Kung Fu called Aikido and Tai-Chi that will help your child learn more about balance and not so much about fighting.

Classes for small kids are mostly made of jumping and stretching.

This art wants to teach them how to have good balance and coordination.

After they get older, they learn about some other things that can help them in self-defense.

If your child has a good instructor, chances are that they will be successful in this sport and that they will start loving it.

That is also something you need to pay attention to when choosing the right sport for your little one—do your homework about instructors and have your child do a trial class before signing them up.

5. Kickboxing 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

Kickboxing is a contact sport that is actually made of mixed martial arts.

It is made of karate and boxing, and you need to use your legs and hands to beat your opponent.

When you train in it, you do it with gloves that help you protect your hands.

When kids play this sport, they have to wear all the gear that will protect them because safety comes first in every sport, especially one where kids are involved.

This is a young sport, and it is divided into two categories.

There is American and Japanese kickboxing.

American style is based on karate and it allows full contact using hands, elbows, and legs. Punches below the waist are not allowed.

Japanese style is similar to American with only one difference.

You can’t use elbow strikes, and the scoring system in competitions is a little bit different than the American one.

The best age for your kid to start this martial art is 5-6 years.

6. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

This martial art is useful and fun for both boys and girls. Kids can learn about discipline just like in any other sport and about focusing on their goals.

Also, with every training they build muscles, and they are getting more energy.

That is extremely important nowadays when most kids sit at home staring into the screens.

This combat sport is mostly based on ground fighting. You need to use your whole body to bring your opponent to the ground.

That is your ultimate goal. Kids like this sport because they gain better self-esteem, and they can meet some new friends in their training.

Also, when they practice, they use energy and get exhausted so they sleep and eat better.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu affects kids’ overall development in a positive way and helps them to sharpen their mind and focus on the important things only.

With great martial arts instructors, only the sky is the limit for your little one.

7. Muay Thai 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

Muay Thai (also called Thai boxing) is a contact sport where you use different clinching techniques.

This martial arts class is something that will help your child learn new things that will help them in the future.

I don’t need to say that it works great for every child’s confidence which makes it one of the best martial arts for kids.

Besides that fact, your child will have better confidence, and it will teach them to solve problems without using violence.

Kids also learn about self-discipline, and they check their boundaries every time they practice this sport.

Skills that kids learn at this practice can help them to defend themselves and not hurt somebody else.

No kid deserves to be frightened that some bullies will hit them.

That’s why these martial art classes are a great way to improve your child’s confidence.

Just like real fighters, kids who train this sport need to have a balanced diet, and they can’t eat junk food.

They need to eat healthy so their brain and body get all the vitamins and minerals needed for the training and for normal functioning.

8. Wrestling 

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

This martial art is a contact sport involving many grappling holds.

Since this is not an easy sport, many parents don’t want to enroll their kids in these martial arts classes.

But the sooner your kids start having these classes the better.

It depends child to child, but many kids start training when they are 4 years old.

Maybe it seems like too early, but kids this age doing this kind of training can mature better emotionally.

This sport increases balance, strength, and body resistance.

I know that you are worried about your kids, but if you find a good martial arts program, you really have nothing to worry about.

With a licensed martial arts instructor, your child is safe. Not only will they boost their confidence, but their bodies will develop faster.

At the end of the day, you will get a healthy child who refuses junk food and who chooses a healthy lifestyle instead.

9. Aikido

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

Aikido is a martial arts class that not only helps you defend yourself but also defends your opponent from injury. It originates from Japan.

Just like other martial arts classes, it is made of different joint locks that help you defeat your opponent.

This class will help your kid to be physically active and among other kids so they could socialize.

They will learn a nonviolent way of solving problems which will boost their self-esteem even more.

Self-discipline and a balanced diet are some pros that will help your child to develop into a healthy and happy teenager.

Your child will spend more time outside, learning something. This is better than staying at home and staring at the TV.

They will learn which ingredients are good for their health, and they will avoid anything that could harm them.

It is scientifically proven that kids who train at some sport at an early age, grow up with the same good habits they learned while training at that sport.

Since they eat healthy food when they are still small, they just continue that lifestyle when they are adults.

10. Mixed martial arts (MMA

Martial Arts For Kids: Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

This is a contact sport that is characterized by using a lot of different techniques from different combat sports.

Even if some parents get pretty worried about letting their kids train in this sport, there isn’t actually anything bad that can happen to them.

They wear protective gear, and they don’t do training like the adults.

This sport is adjusted to their age, and all they can get are benefits.

For example, if your kid is participating in this sport, they will learn self-discipline, good reflexes, and they will have better physical fitness.

Not only will they meet new kids, but they will also boost their confidence which will have a major impact on their mental development.

So, if you are in doubt whether to let your kid train in this sport, just know that you have nothing to worry about.

Trust me, if there is something they don’t like, they will let you know.

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Martial Arts For Kids_ Top 10 Disciplines For Your Child

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