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40+ Best Nicknames For Ella That Fit Her Perfectly

40+ Best Nicknames For Ella That Fit Her Perfectly

The name Ella is among the most beautiful in the world.

It is normally used as a short form of various other names, like Isabella or Bella, but there are also loads of lovely nicknames for Ella itself too!

There aren’t a huge amount considering how short a name it is, but there are certainly enough options available for you to find something that really resonates with you!

After all, not every nickname needs to be shorter than the original.

While most nicknames do end up being shorter than the original, Ella is a special case because you can’t really shorten it much more.

Fortunately, it’s a short version of many different name variants, so there are several particularly beautiful options in terms of nicknames.

Not only that, but plenty of famous people throughout history have carried this wonderful name.

Who they are, the origin of the name Ella, and, of course, the nicknames themselves, await you!

Ella – Name Meaning And Origin

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One of the many name origins of Ella is the Spanish language, in which it means ‘young girl’.

Ella is also said to have the same roots as ‘Hellas’, the word for Greece in Greek Mythology.

Then there’s the Norman and German origin of the name in the form of ‘Alia’, meaning ‘all’.

Finally, in Modern Hebrew, Ella translates to ‘goddess’, a fitting name for your lovely little girl.

Apart from that, it’s commonly seen as a short form of many other girl names like Eleanor, Ellen, Arabella, Elizabeth, Isabella, Gabriella, and lots more.

Although, as I’m sure you’d agree, Ella can stand as a beautiful 4-letter name for girls on its own and is very much a real name.

In fact, it’s even more popular than some of the ones I just listed!

According to the babynames website, it’s secured a top #40 spot in terms of popular names globally, whereas on the US baby name lists, it’s one of the most popular baby girl names, coming in at an astonishing #15.

Outside of first names and nicknames, Ella can be a perfect middle name too.

Even some boy names could benefit from having Ella as a middle name to help their name sound a bit more melodious.

40+ Top Nicknames For Ella

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Most popular nicknames for Ella

The best should always start with the best, and your child deserves the best nickname you can find for her!

Remember, just because the following nicknames are popular, it doesn’t mean that they’re bad names.

They’re popular for a reason after all!

1. Ela

2. Alia

3. Ellie

4. Elly

5. Bella

6. CinderElla

7. Ella Enchanted

8. Ella Bella

Short nicknames for Ella

While there aren’t that many nicknames that can be made with your darling Ella’s name, there are still a few letters that can be taken out or changed to make something even shorter, while still sounding beautiful.

Here are a few examples:

1. E

2. Elz

3. Els

4. Eli

5. Ell

6. El

7. L

Silly and adorable nicknames for Ella

little girl with pigtails smiling

Last, but not least, what girls’ name is complete without an adorable little pet name you can call her by?

Cute nicknames are a staple for any name, especially when it comes to babies.

Here are some of the best examples:

1. Lea

2. Elliana

3. Lily

4. Ella Boo

5. Ella Dove

6. Ella Bug

7. Lala

8. Ella Doll

9. Umbrella

10. El Bell

11. Elle

12. Ella Foefella

13. Nutella

14. Aelia

15. Ella Doe

16. Ellie-Belly

17. Ellaphant

18. Ella Bear

19. Ella Dear

20. Ella B

21. Mozzarella

22. Ella Elf

23. Ella Gorella

24. Elsie

25. Ellasauraus

26. ElleBear

How To Come Up With Nicknames On Your Own

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I know that because this list of nicknames was so short, there are likely many of you who were unable to find what you’re looking for.

That’s why I want to mention some guidelines you should consider to help you come up with one on your own.

Try using one of these 4 ideas to come up with a name that fits your darling Ella the best.

1. Family names win every time

As far as nicknames, or even middle names, are concerned, you can’t go wrong with digging up the old family tree and looking up notable members of your family.

There’s nothing better than wearing the history of your ‘clan’ and displaying it proudly to keep up with tradition, especially if the name is unisex and can be donned by your child regardless of gender.

The best part is that you can even tell your child all about the history of his or her middle or nickname, and I’m sure they’ll love the honor that comes with a name that has heritage!

Who knows, they might even see it as a kind of guide and inspiration for who they’ll aspire to be, which will really make their ancestors proud.

And this isn’t just exclusive to Ella – this can be done with both girl and boy names alike.

2. Use more than one name

If you’re not satisfied with just one nickname or middle name, you can always add several, especially considering how short of a name Ella is in the first place.

This is common in Hispanic cultures, where several family names are often honored.

Plus, your child is bound to earn their fair share of extra nicknames with her friends at school.

As with any other name, make sure not to go overboard, because remembering many different names and nicknames is going to become more trouble than it’s worth.

3. Go back to your own baby name list for inspiration

Before you found out you were pregnant, I bet you already had a list of the best baby names that you could find.

Once you finally decided on Ella, you may have felt a bit sad that you didn’t get to use the other ones.

Well, you don’t have to be, because you can use the runner-ups as middle names or even as slightly odd nicknames, though only if they’re either pronounced in a similar manner or rhyme in a cute way.

4. Memorable locations

Finally, if you’re strapped for ideas, you can always turn to the wonderful world we live in.

There are thousands of place names all over the world that may just strike a note of inspiration.

Bonus points if you can find one that holds a special place in your heart, further emphasizing that idea of honor and protecting the memory of significant events.

Once again, you can be a little bit silly here too, e.g. Ella the Stella or Ella Bluebella.

Famous People Named Ella

ella fitzgerald hollywood star

As with every list of nicknames, it’s worth mentioning the many notable people carrying the same name in case your child needs a role model to look up to, or if you need some inspiration and help in trying to find the perfect nickname.

Ella Fitzgerald – One of the best American jazz singers of all time, commonly known as the ‘first lady of song’.

She was most notable for version of the ‘A-tisket, a-tasket’ nursery rhyme, which propelled her to fame.

Ella Chen – A famous Taiwanese singer and a member of the girl group S.H.E. from the same country, best known for her uniquely deep voice.

Ella Rose – A Swedish supermodel and former girlfriend of Julian Edelman.

In Conclusion

While there aren’t a huge number of pet names for nicknames for Ella, the ones available are more than good enough for your special little girl.

Besides, you can just come up with a name combination of Ella and one extra name to make your very own unique nickname for her.

Whichever path you end up going down, I’m certain that you’ll choose the right one.

Until then and until next time, mamas!
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