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270 Best 4 Letter Girl Names With Meanings You Will Love

270 Best 4 Letter Girl Names With Meanings You Will Love

From classic to futuristic baby names, these days parents have tons of names to choose from. But, if you’re looking for some cute, short names, you came to the right spot!

There are many adorable 4 letter girl names that have very strong and deep meanings.

Lots of long names are outdated and just complicate your daughter’s life.

Nowadays, everything is about practicality, including names, so the shorter it is, the better it will be for your little one.

4 letter girl names are much easier to remember than long ones and they might help your child in her future career and professional life.

You may think there aren’t many names like this, but, I have created a list of 270 amazing names “four” your princess!

I am sure you will find some sweet 4 letter names for girls here!

270 Adorable 4 Letter Girl Names With Meanings

Names that start with A:

smiling little girl eating lunch

1. Aroa

This baby name means “love” in Maori.

It became quite popular as a variation of the Tahitian god, Ta’aroa, and Maori god, Tangaroa.

2. Anne

A short name with quite a complicated origin. Some say it’s of French origin, others claim it’s of Hebrew origin, but it’s most popular as an English name and it means “grace” or “favor”.

3. Aida

Aida is a short name of Arabic and Italian origin which represents happiness and uniqueness!

4. Asia

This Greek name sounds just as beautiful as its meaning: sunrise. It’s an exotic and unusual name for girls, but it’s still very attractive to many people.

5. Aven

This name might sound familiar as it comes from the English language and it means “mountain avens” (which is a type of plant).

6. Ayla

An unusual derivation from Isla and Ava meaning “Oak tree” that will make your little girl stand out from others.

7. Adel

This unisex name fits both boys and girls perfectly.

The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “noble, elite, nobility”.

Adel has a biblical meaning as well, representing the “eternal God”.

cute girl posing with painting brush and canva

8. Aili

Aili is a Finnish derivation from the name Helga which means “blessed” and “holy”.

This Scandinavian name was relatively unknown in the US until the last 40 years when it gained more popularity.

9. Adna

A biblical name of Hebrew origin, carrying the meaning of “delight” and “pleasure”.

10. Azra

This is an exotic name, with deep roots in the Arabic language, which represents a pure maiden, a virgin.

11. Adia

This is the perfect baby girl name for all little girls that are gifts to their parents. The name comes from Swahili.

12. Aliz

This female name sounds like an exotic version of Alice and Elise. However, Aliz is of Greek origin and is used to describe a girl that is honest and kind.

13. Amie

A girl carrying this name will be a female friend you can count on at any time. It comes from French, known as the language of love!

14. Asma

The name Asma has an Arabic origin, describing someone who is great or exalted.

cute little girl posing in front of pink background

15. Anae

Coming from the Hebrew “Channah”, Anae is used to describe a girl with a lot of grace, the one that’s in favor of God.

16. Aysa

A beautiful, oriental name of Persian origin that describes a girl who’s beautiful and radiant, “moonlike”.

17. Alys

A German female name meaning “noble”.

18. Aura

Like a goddess of breeze from Greek mythology, this name means wind in the Latin language.

19. Anna

The name Anna is of Hebrew origin and represents a graceful girl who is very kind and merciful.

20. Alba

A four-letter name that fits boys and girls perfectly, meaning “white” in Latin.

It’s also used as a Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland.

21. Aino

A predominant name in Estonia and Finland meaning “the only one”.

However, it has become widely known in other parts of the world as well in recent years.

adorable little girl posing

22. Asya

This name is deeply connected with religion, meaning “God has favored me” in Hebrew.

23. Asta

A name of Greek origin and quite rare to boot. It was used to describe a lovable woman whose beauty is “star-like”.

24. Avia

Another religious name that translates to “God is my father.” It comes from Hebrew.

25. Amel

An Arabic name meaning “hope”.

26. Aina

A Scandinavian name meaning “always” and a variant of the name Aino.

27. Aine

A traditional Irish name that translates to “radiance”.

28. Avis

This name translates to “bird”. How cute is that?

cute little girl wearing a crown

29. Aiva

Similar to Avis, it describes a female that’s “like a bird”. The name has roots in Latin, Germanic, and Hebrew as well.

30. Ajna

A beautiful name with Sanskrit origins meaning “beyond wisdom”.

31. Alma

A soulful moniker that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and originated from Latin. Its original meaning is “soul” or “nurturing”.

32. Alix

A German name that represents a noble person.

33. Aria

An Italian name meaning “melody” or “song”.

Names that start with B:

cute girl playing with bubbles

1. Bree

A breezy Irish name used to describe a strong and exalted person.

2. Bryn

Bryn is a Welsh term for hill, mostly used as a girl’s name.

3. Brie

Brie is a place-name that became known after the famous cheese of the same name (watch out for “cheesy” jokes).

4. Beda

A unisex name that translates to “battle maid”. Its origins can be traced to Old English.

5. Beth

This name is quite popular in the US and English-speaking countries. It translates to “house” and its origins lie in the Hebrew language.

6. Bibi

Your little Bibi might become the lady owner of the house, just like her Persian origin says.

7. Bria

This name is a shortened version of the name Brianna that has a mixture of Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic origins.

8. Bena

A name of Hebrew origin meaning “wise”.

Names that start with C:

cute baby girl posing

1. Cali

A unique name that means “the most beautiful”.

2. Caia

A name that comes from Latin and translates to “rejoice”.

3. Cara

One of my personal favorites, Cara is a beloved person. This name has a Latin origin but is commonly used as an Italian name.

4. Clea

A Greek name that describes a person who deserves praise.

5. Cora

A moniker that has roots in Ancient Greek mythology. It was used to describe a virtuous and honest girl.

cute little girl holding a basket in the garden

6. Cate

This moniker is a variation of the name Kate. Cate is usually considered to be pure and blessed, according to her English origin.

7. Clio

An unusual Greek name which means “glory”.

8. Cato

This can be used as a girl and boy name which describes an all-knowing person in Latin.

9. Cecy

As a short version of the Welsh name Cecylia, this name has the meaning of “blind to its own beauty”.

10. Cleo

A very popular name after being used as the nickname of Cleopatra. It’s a variation of the name Clio.

Names that start with D:

baby girl lying on the belly

1. Dita

A name of Spanish origin perfect for a young ambitious girl who wants to become wealthy, but has good manners.

2. Dido

This name translates to “a virgin” in Greek.

3. Dina

This moniker has two origins – English: “from the valley” and Hebrew: “judged”.

4. Dara

Even though Dara was male in the Bible, it’s known as a female name of Irish origin meaning “oak tree” or “wisdom pearl”.

5. Desi

This used to be a boy name but has been popular as a girl name in recent years. It means “sorrow” or “yearning” in Latin.

6. Dawn

An Old English name meaning “the first appearance of light” (just like the first time you see your little girl).

cute baby girl with curly hair smiling

7. Demi

As you may assume, this name has Greek origins. It has become a very popular name because of the Hollywood actress Demi Moore.

It translates to “in half”.

8. Dona

An Italian four-letter name that is perfect for your little lady!

9. Dove

An English given name that represents a symbol of peace.

10. Dana

A girl’s version of the name Daniel, meaning “God will judge”.

11. Dewi

This unusual Welsh baby name means “beloved” and “little goddess”.

12. Dora

A Greek female name meaning “a gift of God”.

Names that start with E:

beautiful baby girl looking at distance

1. Esme

A name with Spanish origins that was used to describe a girl that is esteemed and beloved by everyone.

2. Edna

This name translates to “pleasure” and “gentleness”.

3. Eeva

Another name with Hebrew origins that means “life”. The 3 letter version of this name is Eva.

4. Elin

A cute name of Swedish origin, meaning “shining bright”.

5. Elia

This name translates to “God has answered”.

6. Elea

A Greek name used to describe a beautiful and bright person full of mercy.

7. Eris

Eris has been known throughout history as the sister of Ares, the Greek god of war.

cute little girl with french hat sitting outdoor

8. Eyre

A name of Norse origin meaning “exciting” and “well-known”.

9. Edit

An Anglo-Saxon name for babies that describes the one who brings joy.

10. Erna

A name of Irish origin meaning “determined” and “serious”.

11. Emma

The name Emma has German roots and means “universal”.

12. Erin

An Irish moniker that is another name for Ireland.

13. Emna

A name with Arabic origin that has deep roots in Islam, meaning “a safe, trustworthy person”.

14. Emie

Emie is a variation of the name Emma.

cute little girl smiling on sofa

15. Elma

An Arabic name meaning “apple”.

16. Emme

Emme is another variation of the name Emma. However, it also means “entire” in Old French.

17. Edie

Another form of the Old English name Edith, which means “wealthy”.

18. Esma

A name of Turkish origins that means “God attributes”.

19. Eira

A Sanskrit name for girls that has a beautiful meaning: Earth.

20. Emmy

This French name was used to describe hard-working women.

21. Enid

A Welsh name that translates into “life” or “spirit”.

cute little girl eating a breakfast

22. Elya

A Slavic feminine form of the name Elijah meaning “The Lord is my God”.

23. Elsa

Let it go, let it go (I just had to)! A German name meaning “pledged to God”.

24. Esra

A unisex name of Hebrew origin meaning “helper”.

25. Evie

A name of Norman origins which means “life”.

26. Elif

A very common name in Turkey that is used to describe people who are kind and honest.

27. Eden

Known as a heavenly garden and delightful person, Eden has roots in Hebrew.

28. Ella

A name that comes to us from Germany and translates to “fairy maiden” and “beautiful”.

29. Elle

A name of French origin that was used to define a female pronoun.

Names that start with F:

smiling baby girl wearing a dress and hat

1. Faie

A unique name of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “fairy”.

2. Faya

An Arabic variation of the name Faie.

3. Faye

An old French name for girls meaning “belief” or “loyalty”.

4. Fawn

A cute girl name of Old French origin that translates to “young deer”.

5. Febe

An unusual name of Greek origin meaning “radiant”.

6. Fern

A modern spin on the Old English word “fearn”, meaning “fern”.

7. Fien

The name derives from Hebrew origin, meaning “Jehovah will increase”.

8. Fina

Another Hebrew name meaning “He (God) will add”.

Names that start with G:

beautiful little girl looking at camera in art school

1. Gail

This name translates to “father of exaltation”.

2. Gala

An Old French name meaning “festivity” and “celebration”.

3. Gaia

The most gracious name meaning “the ancestral mother of all life” in Greek.

4. Geri

An English name that translates to “rules with spear”.

5. Gwen

A name derived from Welsh meaning “pure and white”.

6. Gita

Gita is a Sanskrit name meaning “song”.

Names that start with H:

smiling little girl posing with food on the plate

1. Hana

A female name which is of Slavic, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic origin with the same meaning: “blossom”.

2. Hope

It’s a girl’s name of English origin, derived from Old English “hopian”.

3. Hero

Hero is a feminine name that belongs to Greek mythology and it means “demi-god”.

4. Hina

An unusual Japanese name which means “sun” or “light”.

5. Hena

This Albanian name is used to describe girls as polite and beautiful just like the Moon.

6. Hiba

It’s a name that has Arabic origins and translates to “wise” and “gift of God”.

7. Hava

Another name from the Hebrew language meaning “life”.

Names that start with I:

little girl dressed up as a princess blowing soap bubbles

1. Inge

A Scandinavian name which means “guarded by Ing.”

2. Ilsa

Ilsa is a German name meaning “God’s promise”.

3. Isra

Another Arabic name, it roughly translates to “journey of the night”.

4. Ibis

It’s an unusual name of Latin origin meaning “long-legged bird”.

5. Ilma

A short name that translates to “air”. It has Scandinavian roots.

6. Ione

It’s a Greek name meaning “violet”, one of the prettiest flowers.

7. Izia

A name of Hebrew origin that has deep roots in religion as it means “My God is a vow.”

8. Iona

This name is a variation of Ione with the same meaning and origin.

9. Isla

Just like you imagine, Isla means “island” and was derived from Spanish.

sweet little girl with blue eyes looking up

10. Indy

This American gender-neutral name means “independent”.

11. Iris

A cute name of Greek origin with an adorable meaning of “rainbow”.

12. Iman

A name with Arabic origins meaning “faith” or “belief”.

13. Inga

A traditional Scandinavian name that means “protected” (by Ing, a god from Norse mythology).

14. Ieva

The Latvian and Lithuanian version of the classic name Eve. It means “a cherry tree”.

15. Ines

A girl’s name of Greek, French and Spanish origin that is used to describe a person who is chaste and pure.

16. Ilia

A name with Russian origins meaning “My God is Yahweh”.

Names that start with J:

Sweet little girl outdoors with curly hair in the wind

1. Jana

Jana is a biblical name of Hebrew origin that carries the meaning of “God is gracious”.

2. Jane

The English equivalent of the name Jana with the same meaning.

3. Jean

A unisex form of the name Jana with English origins.

4. Jade

A name of Spanish origins connected to the precious stone of the same name.

5. Juno

Juno represents a “queen of heaven” in Latin.

6. Jacy

This name comes from the Native American culture. It means “the creator of plant life”.

cute little girl playing a princess role at home with crown on head

7. Jada

Jada is of Hebrew origin meaning “He (God) knows”.

8. Juni

This given moniker represents the Scandinavian form of “June”.

9. June

A Latin name meaning “young”.

10. Juna

Juna is a variation of the name June that shares the same meaning and origin.

11. Joan

A variation of the names Jane, Jean, and Jana, with the same meaning.

Names that start with K:

Surprised pretty young girl in tulle skirt with crown

1. Kyra

A name of Persian origin representing “a throne”.

2. Kira

A Russian name, it translates to “people’s leader”.

3. Kate

An English name that is used to describe a pure and clear woman.

4. Kato

A girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “The one who knows all”.

5. Kata

A Slavic form of the name Kate.

Names that start with L:

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1. Liya

A Russian name meaning “I am with God”.

2. Lena

A name of English origin and a shortened version of the name Helena which means “temptress” and “light”.

3. Lulu

This moniker of Arabic origins means “a pearl”.

4. Lula

A name with German origins which means “famous warrior”.

5. Line

This name has a mixture of German and French origins meaning “a noble person”.

6. Lana

Even though it has multiple origins, one of the most popular ones is English, meaning “handsome”.

7. Linn

A Spanish name meaning “pretty” and “beautiful”.

adorable little girl kissing her sister outdoor

8. Luca

Even though it was a male name, it’s used for girls as well, meaning “sacred wood” in Greek.

9. Lyna

This name is a moniker with Greek origins meaning “noble natured” and “beautiful”.

10. Leah

A Hebrew name meaning “weary”.

11. Laia

A name of Spanish origin meaning “well told” and “fair of speech”.

12. Love

One of the most wonderful names of English origin.

13. Leda

A Greek name meaning “woman”.

14. Leia

A Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flowers”.

two little girls in dresses spreading arms in nature

15. Liza

A moniker of English origin meaning “God’s promise”.

16. Lara

A name of Latin origin that offers protection, which refers to Roman mythology and protectors of home and field.

17. Luna

The name Luna describes a moonlike girl of Latin origin, once known as the moon goddess.

18. Lisa

A short feminine form of the name Elisabeth meaning “God’s promise” in English.

19. Lise

A name of Danish origins meaning “dedicated to God”.

20. Lola

A short form of the name Dolores with Spanish origins, which means “pain” and “sorrow”.

21. Luce

An Italian name which means “light”.

adorable little girl raising hands outdoor in the park

22. Lois

A Greek name for a strong, ambitious, and superior woman.

23. Lark

A name with English origins and a beautiful meaning: songbird.

24. Liva

The Latin name for an olive tree that has been used lately as a given name.

25. Lily

One of the most beautiful female names of English origin, as pretty as the flower of the same name.

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26. Lila

A feminine name of Hebrew and Arabic origins meaning “night”.

27. Lucy

A name that originates from English, describing a girl who was born at dawn.

28. Lyra

The Greek name Lyra means “lyre”.

29. Lilo

A name of German origin that is used to describe a generous person.

30. Lane

This English name represents “a small path”.

31. Lexi

A 4 letter girl name that is often used as a pet name as well. It’s of Greek origin meaning “defender of men”.

Names that start with M:

cute little girl in pink clothes giving a pacifier up

1. Mala

A name of Indian origin meaning “necklace”.

2. Mona

A female name of Gaelic and Irish origins which represents an aristocrat and a noble person. It’s a short form of the Italian name Madonna.

3. Miep

An unusual name of Hebrew origin and is usually used in Dutch. It means “courageous, heroic”.

4. Mare

A one-syllable name with Irish origins that represents quite a bitter person.

5. Maja

The Greek term for “mother”.

6. Maya

A female name that means “magic” in Sanskrit and “water” in Hebrew. As a five-letter name for girls, it’s often spelled as Mayah.

7. Maia

Maia is a Greek feminine form of the name Thomas (as referred to Thomas the Apostle).

sweet little girl sitting on window and talking to her mother

8. Mary

A Hebrew name that translates to “beloved”.

9. Mimi

A French female name meaning “sea of bitterness”.

10. Macy

An Old French name meaning “weapon”.

11. Mara

An unusual name of Hebrew origin meaning “strong, but bitter”.

12. Mila

A traditional Slavic name that represents a very dear and gracious girl.

13. Mies

Even though it was considered to be a name for boys, it has become quite popular among girls as well. It means “son of Earth”.

14. Meja

It’s an interesting 4 letter girl name of Old Norse origin meaning “great power and force”.

sweet little girl sitting on bunch of hazelnuts and smiling

15. Miri

This Hebrew name fits a wonderful and beautiful little girl.

16. Maud

A name that comes from Old German meaning “powerful in battle”.

17. Mele

This Italian name means “honey”, a cute nickname for a little girl.

18. Mora

A pretty name of Irish origin meaning “the star of the sea”.

Names that start with N:

Cute little girl playing in blossoming dahlia field

1. Nada

This name of Russian origin means “sunrise dew”.

2. Nora

A female name of Irish origin meaning “Honor”.

3. Neve

A Latin short name meaning “snow”.

4. Nisa

An Arabic name that means “a dream of a woman”.

5. Naia

With Greek origins, this name has an unusual meaning, being “a water nymph”.

6. Nike

Nike is the Winged Goddess of Victory from Greek mythology and the name stands for “victorious”.

7. Naja

This is a name of Arabic origin which means “escape, rescue from danger”.

little blonde smiling girl with pot flowers of begonia at her back yard

8. Nava

A female name that comes from Hebrew, meaning “lovely and desirable”.

9. Noor

This is a common Middle Eastern name. It translates to “divine light”.

10. Nova

The Latin term for “new”, often used as a female name.

11. Nina

A very popular name of Hebrew origin meaning “favor and grace”.

12. Nell

She shines light wherever she goes according to her name of Latin, English, and Greek origins.

13. Nola

A Gaelic name that translates to “white shoulder”.

14. Nika

A unisex name that derives from Greece and represents victory.

Names that start with O:

cute little girl with flower in her hair smiling and looking up

1. Opal

A Sanskrit name derived from the gemstone Opal.

2. Oria

A rare name of Latin origin that translates to “golden girl”.

3. Olga

It’s a Scandinavian name meaning “holy and blessed person”.

4. Osma

Another Scandinavian name meaning “God’s servant”.

5. Oona

An Irish name that is equivalent to Una, meaning “one”.

Names that start with P:

sweet little girl wearing a crown and a princess dress and smiling

1. Plum

A fruity, girl name which is derived from the English language.

2. Posy

A beautiful name of English origin meaning “bouquet of flowers”.

3. Pien

This name is the Dutch equivalent of Josephine which means “God will add or increase”.

4. Pola

The Polish form of the name Paula, described as a humble and little girl.

Names that start with R:

cute little girl with braids holding a piece of tangerine

1. Reza

A female name of Persian origin, meaning “being pleased and happy”.

2. Rana

An Arabic name meaning “noticeable” or “glittery”.

3. Roos

A Dutch name meaning “rose”.

4. Rosa

The Latin equivalent of Roos with the same meaning.

5. Romy

A short form of Rosemary and a Latin name that translates to “sea dew”.

6. Rita

A cute, pearly name coming from the Spanish language.

adorable little girl with short hair posing in front of white wall

7. Ruth

According to Hebrew origin, Ruth is a great and compassionate friend.

8. Réka

A traditional Hungarian name meaning “river”.

9. Rosy

Rosy is a Latin name meaning “rose”.

10. Ruby

A most precious name for a precious little girl that comes from the Latin language.

11. Rose

I suppose there’s no need to explain this one except saying it’s of Latin origin.

12. Rhea

Rhea is a Greek name that translates to “flowing”.

Names that start with S:

little red hair girl with butterfly on her nose smiling

1. Sage

The name Sage comes from the Latin language and means “wise person” or “a prophet”.

2. Skye

A name with Scottish origins meaning “cloud”.

3. Suri

The Hebrew term for “princess”. The name became widely popular after Tom Cruise’s daughter.

4. Suze

A Hebrew name meaning “lily”. It’s a short form of Susan.

5. Svea

A Scandinavian name that has roots in the Swedish language. It means “of the Swedes”.

6. Sana

An interesting name of Arabic origin, meaning “brilliant, deserving praise”.

7. Snow

This name is the perfect English name for winter babies.

sweet little girl sitting on the bed and hugging a teddy bear

8. Sara

A noblewoman of high rank usually considered a princess in Hebrew.

9. Saga

Saga comes from Norse mythology and represents a storytelling goddess.

10. Safa

A unisex name deeply connected to Islam and with Arabic origins. Safa is a person who is pure, uncorrupted, and happy.

11. Sena

This name comes from Hindi and African cultures and it translates to “heaven on earth” and “world’s beauty”.

12. Suvi

A Finnish name meaning “summer”.

13. Siri

The Scandinavian short version of Sigrid, which means “beautiful victory”.

Names that start with T:

beautiful red haired little girl posing outdoors

1. Tuva

This unusual name means “beautiful” in Swedish and Norwegian.

2. Tove

Tove is the unisex equivalent of Tuva.

3. Tara

Quite a popular name of Sanskrit and Gaelic origin meaning “a star” or “a hill”.

4. Tyra

This name means Thor’s battle (hello, Marvel fans!) and it’s of Scandinavian origin.

5. Thea

One of my personal favorites, this Greek name means “goddess”.

6. True

Or false?

Jokes aside, this name is of English origin and means “genuine”.

7. Tova

According to her Hebrew origin, Tova is a pleasing and good girl.

8. Tess

A classic English name meaning “harvest, reap”.

Names that start with U:

adorable smiling little girl standing in the sunflower field and posing

1. Ursa

The Latin name for a bear.

2. Ulla

A girl’s name of Old Norse origin that means “will to do something”.

Names that start with V:

1. Viva

A lively name that derives from a dead language (Latin).

2. Veda

A Sanskrit name meaning “wise and knowledgeable person”.

3. Vera

A female name of Slavic origin meaning “true, genuine”.

4. Vida

A feminine Spanish name meaning “life”.

5. Vega

A Spanish surname that has become quite popular as a first name. It means “the one who lives on the plain”.

Names that start with W:

cute little girl in a red dress running in sunlight on the grass

1. Wynn

An English name that fits both boys and girls and means “a friend”.

2. Wren

This name translates to “a songbird”.

Names that start with Y:

1. Yfke

A Frisian name that is the feminine version of the Dutch name Ive. It means “Yew”.

2. Yara

A name that translates to “water lady”. It comes from Brazil.

3. Yuna

A Japanese name meaning “kind” or “desired”.

Names that start with Z:

adorable little girl sitting in a meadow and smiling a lot

1. Zora

A Slavic name that translates to “dawn”.

2. Zana

A name with Polish origins meaning “God is gracious”.

3. Zola

An interesting name that comes from Italian. It translates to “lump of earth”.

4. Ziva

A Hebrew name meaning “brilliant, bright, like light from God”.

5. Zara

This girl radiates wherever she goes, at least that’s what the Arabic origin of her name says.

6. Zima

A Slavic name meaning “winter”.

7. Zita

One of the most common Italian 4 letter girl names meaning “a young girl”.

8. Zoey

This name translates to “life”. It comes from Greek.

Wrap Up

adorable little girl eating vegetables from the plate

As you can see, 4 letter girl names can make a great impact and are no less worthy than long names, which for years were considered as royal names.

There are more and more successful people carrying short names and many of them are people of high ranks and CEOs of big companies.

If you’re still indecisive, you can give your daughter a longer name as the first name and the shorter one as a middle name.

This way she’ll have a choice to use the name she likes better or to create a cool girl nickname.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy some cute onesies with her name once you decide on one of these adorable 4 letter girl names.

Make sure these clothes are organic to protect your little one as well!

You can find onesies with 4 letter girl names on shopping websites like Amazon or Etsy.

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