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70 Popular And Cute Nicknames For James That You Will Love

70 Popular And Cute Nicknames For James That You Will Love

Are you looking for cool nicknames for James?

If so, you’re in great hands, as I’ve prepared a list of more than 60 fun nicknames for you to peruse.

Even though this is a relatively short name, there are many nicknames for James that range from funny and sweet to cool and suave.

A classic name, it means “supplanter” and has its own version in many languages all over the world.

It’s also a Biblical name, so it’s perfect if you’re a spiritual couple who’d like their son to have a meaningful name.

As well as nicknames, you’ll also find middle name suggestions for James below, so make sure to read through to the end!

James – Name Meaning And Origin

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Before we get into all the cool and funny nicknames for James, here are some fun facts about the name:

• Originally it is a Hebrew name

• Its roots can be traced to the name Iacobus (Latin) which is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob

• It is a Biblical male name

• It has two meanings – “supplanter” and “the one who follows”

As a given name, James dominated the most popular names charts in the US for a large chunk of the 20th century.

In fact, it was almost always in the top five most common names for boys.

A few years ago, James once again became one of the five most common boys’ names for the first time in thirty years, so it’s clear you’re not the only one who has decided on this baby name.

Some parents will be put off by how common this name is, but I don’t see an issue with this.

A lot of modern and downright quirky names fall in and out of fashion quickly, and your kid might one day grow up resenting his name, especially if he’s named after a pop culture character.

With a traditional name like this one, you don’t have to worry about your child disliking his name or getting teased at school.

As well as having Biblical origins, many influential people throughout history have carried this name, from presidents to writers and actors.

Who wouldn’t want to share their name with such an impressive group?

Funny And Cute Nicknames For James

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In my opinion, James is a perfect name as it is.

It’s classic yet modern, and you don’t have to worry about your baby boy feeling singled out because of his name.

Still, boys’ nicknames are a wonderful way to nurture that parent-child bond and make your little one feel special.

These cool and funny nicknames for James will provide you with just the right amount of inspiration to find the perfect nickname for your kiddo.

1. Jaim

2. Jaime

3. Jay

4. Jimi

5. Jayman

6. Jamo

7. J-Man

8. Jumblat

9. Jay-Mo

10. Jemmy

11. Jim Jam

12. Jamms

13. Jim Bob

14. Jimmie

15. Jammy

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16. Jem

17. Jamie

18. Jamboslice

19. Jamison

20. Jace

21. Jimothy

22. Jam-Zee

23. Jamesy

24. James Bond

25. Jamon

26. Jim

27. J

28. Jimmer

29. Jimmy-Boy

30. Jamey

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31. Jimbo

32. Jamus

33. Jamboree

34. Jae

35. Aymes

36. Jimmy

37. Jay-Jay

38. Jambo

39. Jas

40. Ames

41. Jameson

42. Jamosh

43. Big J

44. Big Jim

45. Jimtastic

46. Jimce

47. Jamburrito

Girls’ Nicknames For James

adorable little girl posing

I am a big fan of unique names for girls that were once considered to be exclusively masculine, like James or Wyatt.

I know that giving traditional boys names to girls can cause heated debates among parents, but I’m all for forward-thinking parents who aren’t afraid to give their little girl a bold baby name.

If you’re planning on naming your baby girl James, here are some girls’ nicknames for you to consider.

1. Jackie

2. Gemma

3. Jaci

4. Jamilla

5. Jamey

6. Jamielle

7. Jade

8. Jamai

9. Jaylee

10. Jayla

11. Jamesina

12. Jamesetta

The Name James In Other Languages

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This popular name is a true classic, so it’s no surprise that it has numerous variations in countries and languages all over the world.

While some of them sound quite similar to the English version, others are vastly different, like the name Seamus.

But what they all have in common is a shared origin.

Perhaps you’ll find the perfect nickname for your kiddo from one of these international versions of James!

1. Jakov – You’ll most likely find men with this name in south-east European countries like Croatia and Serbia.

2. Giacomo – I bet you’ve already guessed this name is Italian! It’s quite popular among Italian-American families. Most notably, musician Sting gave this name to one of his sons.

3. Yago – This name can be connected to various languages, including Welsh and Spanish.

4. Diego – Although it might be difficult to connect the names James and Diego, this is in fact the Spanish version of this name. It’s a popular Cuban baby name but you’ll also find it in many other Spanish-speaking countries.

5. Jago – This version has both Cornish and Spanish origins. Personally, Jago reminds me of Iago, a character from Shakespeare’s play Othello.

6. Shay – An Irish variation, this name is mostly given to girls – think Shaylene or Shaylee.

7. Jascha – In case you haven’t guessed already, Jascha is another Slavic name. More specifically, Russian. In Poland, however, it can also appear as a girl’s name. In any case, it sounds unisex to me.

8. Jakub – You’ll find this name in countries such as Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

9. Seamus – Many people are familiar with this Irish name, which also means “supplanter”. Families with Irish roots will definitely love this name.

10. Hemi – This is a name common among the Maori people in New Zealand.

11. Jaume – Jaume is a Catalan variation, which is a language spoken in the Catalonia region of Spain, as well as certain regions of France, Italy, and Andorra.

Middle Names For James

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Are you looking for a special middle name for your boy?

In that case, you should find something that rhymes well with James.

At the same time, it should be a name that’s good enough for your little one to use as his first name if he so chooses.

With this name, the choices are really endless.

It’s not too long or complicated, so you can pick anything from two-syllable boy names to more complex names, and they are all guaranteed to sound great.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

• Leon

• Patrick

• Robert

• Garrett

• Reuben

• Riley

• Garrison

• Finlay

• Blake

• Andrew

• Lucas

• Xavier

• Bennett

• Spencer

• Evan

• Earl

• Cole

• Ethan

• Daniel

• Nathaniel

• Cale

• Ashton

• Nicholas

cute baby boy prepared for photosession

• Elliot

• Cole

• Felix

• Vincent

• Connor

• William

• Alistair

• Wyatt

• Adrian

• Logan

• Dillion

• Cameron

• Grayson

• Gareth

• Byron

• Blair

• Dalton

• Corbin

• Bryant

cute baby boy with teddy hat

• Sebastian

• Preston

• Christian

• Taylor

• Aaron

• Edward

• Mason

• Theodore

• Rupert

• Gabriel

• Daniel

• Hugo

• Levi

• Rowan

• Dominic

• Tate

• Sampson

• Everett

Famous People Named James

famous actor of popular movie james bond 007

The popularity of this name is further confirmed by the fact there are numerous famous people named James.

Whether you use it as a boys’ or girls’ name, you can rest assured that your little baby will be in great company.

Here are just a handful of notable personalities with this name, although you can find dozens more:

James Dean – An absolute icon, James Dean is one of the most famous actors of all time.

James Potter – He is the father of one of the most famous literary characters of all time, Harry Potter. Millennials will definitely love this connection, although the character has a pretty sad fate.

James Franco – This is another actor on my list. You probably remember him from the early 2000s Spiderman trilogy.

James Bond – This character needs no introduction. Agent Bond is one of the most famous action heroes of our time and his character has been portrayed by different actors for decades now.

James McAvoy – You probably know this Scottish actor from the X-Men movies, where he plays Professor Charles Xavier. If you’re not a fan of superhero movies, then you’ll likely recognize him from the movie Atonement.

James Cameron – He directed Titanic, need I say more? His other famous movies include Alien and Avatar.

The Bottom Line

little baby boy smiling

I hope you have enjoyed this list of nicknames for James!

This is one of my favorite names for boys, but I also love it as a bold girls’ name as well.

It’s practically never going to go out of style and your little one doesn’t have to worry about getting picked on at school because of his name.

It’s a win-win!

Make sure to give your kiddo a middle name that matches the first one as well.

And while naming your child can be very stressful, picking nicknames for the name James should be a fun process.

Once your baby arrives, you might even make up one of your own!

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