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Pull Up Diapers: 9 Best Training Pants For Your Toddler

Pull Up Diapers: 9 Best Training Pants For Your Toddler

It has been quite some time now since you gave birth and your kiddos are slowly getting older, developing their cognitive skills, learning to walk, to be more aware.

They are solving more complicated problems, and even starting to form the odd sentence with their slowly expanding vocabulary.

But, most importantly, your little ones are becoming more aware of their bodily functions too – namely the need to pee and poo.

This period, where they are starting to gain awareness of the fact that doing it in their diaper causes them some discomfort, means they are now trying to tell you that they wanna go potty or need to tinkle.

happy little child in autumn

This is where pull up diapers come in handy to replace regular diapers, as the ever-important potty training stage starts to kick in.


The difference between regular baby diapers and pull up diapers is the fact that pull ups have a looser rear end with stretchy sides that you can pull down just like regular underwear, so your little boy or little girl can do their ‘duty’, get cleaned up, and continue moving on with their happy little lives.

But, which of the leading brands do you trust to manufacture the best quality diapers to assist you with the potty training process?

Well, don’t you worry, mamas because I’m here to help you filter through the market and find the best pull up diapers of the bunch so toilet training will be a cinch.

The 9 Best Pull Up Diapers

1. Huggies Pull-Ups

The number one on many a list and for good reason.

Huggies Pull-Ups spare no expense in making your little ones potty training process as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

They have a unique way of keeping the diaper cool even when an accident occurs, letting your little one enjoy a bit of comfort after a minor mishap or two, while still keeping their leak protection intact.

The diapers come with resealable sides to provide more expedient changes and an adjustable fit so as to not dig into the baby’s waist or scrape against their sensitive skin.

Let’s also not forget the fact that they don’t look as bulky as regular diapers do, but rather resemble your everyday pair of comfy cotton underwear, giving your baby a more stylish look.

Huggies Pull-Ups also come with prints of various Disney characters that disappear when wet, which was rather helpful for knowing when my kid had had an accident but didn’t tell.

Not to mention that my daughter absolutely loved the picture of Ariel printed on the front as she loves the little mermaid with all her heart and the less bulky design helped reduce her crying by some odd miracle.

Thus I have nothing but positive words of praise for Huggies Pull-Ups and I wholeheartedly recommend them for frequent use.

2. Seventh Generation Baby & Toddler Training Pants

The first eco-friendly pull up diaper on this list, Seventh Generation don’t disappoint in their quality, providing a greener option for you eco-conscious moms out there with their disposable diaper solution.

I know of at least two moms in my circle who have used Seventh Generation to great success and have made it their mission to sing their praises about the quality.

Made out of 100% wood pulp, without any chlorine treatment whatsoever, and not containing any artificial lotions or fragrances, these training pants will make sure that your little ones’ sensitive skin is well taken care of.

They also have an absorbent core to make sure your little rascal can continue to move about even after a minor accident without feeling any discomfort.

Another practical feature is the tear away sides that allow for a quick and easy change in an emergency.

The training pants come with prints of their own mascots, which look rather cute and give the diaper a much needed personal touch so your baby doesn’t end up looking too bland in pure white diapers.

3. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear for Girls

While a somewhat specific inclusion, I cannot continue without mentioning Goodnites and how they helped me solve my daughter’s bedwetting problem early so she didn’t have any issues with it later in life.

While I used Huggies during the day, I swapped to Goodnites for overnight use because of their double leg barriers.

These serve as leakguards and help seal any accidents inside, which are then absorbed by their five layer protection without letting the baby feel wet.

I also chose them because the Disney princess prints on the underwear are similar to Huggies, adding an extra personal touch.

I didn’t use them all the time because the fully sealed bit felt a bit restraining on my daughter’s legs, so I tended to swap between brands depending on the time of day.

Despite that, the top half is quite comfortable, sporting a stretchy, adjustable waistband, much like most choices on this list.

The best part of Goodnites is that they absorb odors well, keeping any stinky smells from reaching your child’s nose (or your own) and thus allowing for a much more peaceful sleep than the other options.

Oh, and P.S. there are also Goodnites for boys, but my son didn’t have the same bedwetting issue that my daughter had (a bad gene she must have inherited from me).

4. Pampers Easy Ups Pull On Disposable Potty Training Underwear

Another favorite of the moms in my neighborhood, Pampers Easy Ups are an affordable, colorful, and effective disposable pull up diaper for any potty training aspirant in your household.

Much like the Huggies I keep mentioning, they look and feel like a pair of cotton underpants rather than the bulky messes of regular diapers.

This makes them more comfortable and functional and maybe even motivates your growing toddler to train more efficiently.

And they also sport a variety of modern cartoon prints, so you can give your child a diaper with their favorite cartoon character on them for some extra motivation.

As with many diapers on this list, the Pampers Easy Ups carry that signature stretchy waistband for added comfort, as well as tearable sides to prevent smearing during a poop emergency, giving you a much quicker diapering process than with most other diaper brands.

The best part is that they’re super absorbent thanks to something called dual-leakguard barriers.

These are found on the leg holes and fit snugly around your baby’s little walk sticks preventing any unsanitary blowouts from running down their precious legs.

5. Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

Yet another set of pull ups from a trusty brand.

These ones are a bit of a half-and-half in their design, looking like underpants on the outside while being pure diaper on the inside.

Sure it does give them some bulk, but the added absorption more than makes up for it, giving you peace of mind in case any accidents occur.

And once again, these Little Movers diapers have a 360 degree stretchy waistband that allows for full freedom of movement and a lot of wiggle room.

It also means diaper changes can be done standing up or lying down depending on your (or baby’s) personal preference.

Another great feature is their unique ‘Leak Lock’ that offers up to 12 hours of leak prevention after the initial accident.

Please don’t leave a child waiting for a diaper change for that long, though -only bad things can come of that.

And, as it was with several others on this list, they too sport a number of disney characters on their fronts to further entertain your little one and personalize their choice of toddler fashion.

These were what I used initially but I found them a tad too gimmicky compared to the regular Huggies Pull Ups.

That said, they aren’t too bad, it was merely personal preference that played a part in my choice.

6. Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Baby Training Pants Classic for Sensitive Skin

It would have been unfair of me if I’d only put one set of green potty training pants on this list, especially if I’d ignored the people who make the best eco friendly disposable diapers out there, Bambo Nature.

As was the case with the disposable diaper, Bambo Nature’s Baby Training pants are 100% recyclable, which means they’re free of any chemicals that could be harmful for both the environment and the baby.

Much like the Little Movers, they’re half and half between diapers and underpants, but they are a bit thinner than the former, thus making them more comfortable for the baby to wear under their clothes.

The thin design also allows them to easily be pulled up and down at baby’s leisure.

These training pants feature a super absorbent core in a unique three-layer design and a fully breathable backsheet that helps keep your kids dry during their energetic adventures.

7. Honest Training Pants

The Honest Company’s training pants are another great option when looking for a pair of pull ups to transition to from baby diapers for your growing boy or girl.

This is primarily because they’re made without any chlorine, latex, or artificial fragrances, trying their best to provide a hypoallergenic diaper for us concerned moms.

They do lean a bit more toward a diaper look than a regular underwear one, which while a slight drawback is not a deal-breaker as they still hold a soft and secure fit to make sure the child remains comfortable while wearing the training pants.

And, much like some of the other green options on this list, the absorbent core for the pull ups is mainly made out of wood fluff pulp, obtained from material the company sustainably sources themselves.

That said, they still use sodium polyacrylate in the manufacturing of their diaper products to add to the flexibility, and it should be noted that this has been known to potentially cause rashes in some children, so make sure your child doesn’t have a violent reaction to it before you buy them.

Other than that they’re still a good product that my sister-in-law liked to use when her kids were small.

8. Skhls Baby Toddler Potty Training Pants

We can’t have a list without a peculiar-ish entry on it and Skhls Baby Toddler potty training pants deserve a place here.

These training pants will provide protection helping train the baby’s sense of urgency.

This particular diaper is also made out of high thread-count cotton, making it a cloth diaper and reusable, as opposed to most others on this list which are just disposable.

The cloth benefit is more apparent in the diapers’ design, making it look like actual underwear.

I cannot attest to their quality since I prefer my diapers to be able to hold a bit more of the accident in, but a friend of mine who is a cloth diaper fanatic says that they’re quite good and cheap too.

9. Eco by Naty Pull-Ups Training Pants

And last on our list, although by no means last in efficiency, are Naty’s Pull On Pants, yet another familiar name on the greener side of the diapering world.

Made out of fully renewable, natural material, with wood pulp as the main ingredient, they offer the same amount of absorption as their non-green counterparts with the extra benefit of helping save the ecosystem one diaper at a time.

Their leak protection consists of a thin corn starch film that, unlike with plastic layers, helps aerate the area inside the training pants, aiding in the prevention of diaper rash and lingering odors from diaper accidents.

And, as an extra benefit they are completely chlorine and fragrance free to further reduce the risk of allergies, rashes, or any harmful chemicals reaching your growing child and prevent any health problems that may have arisen from that in the future.

Why do you need to switch from regular to pull up?

Well, my dear mamas, pull up diapers allow for a much faster process of pulling down than regular diapers, thanks to their stretchy waistband or resealable, velcro tearaway sides.

As I initially said, think of them as extra snug underpants.

While they are a bit looser fitting than regular diapers, the so-called toddler training pants help your little one mature and master one of the essential life skills, and reduce diapering and cleanup time by quite a noticeable margin.

But, just because your 2-year old now knows how to use the potty, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have any nighttime accidents involving bedwetting.

happy and satisfied baby

That does not go away overnight and in some cases stays with them until they start going to school. (This one is from personal experience since I had issues with that until I turned 8, but enough about that).

While yes, pull up diapers or diaper pants are more expensive than the usual kind, they’re a lot more flexible (no pun intended) and easier to slip on and off.

They also offer most of the same that regular diapers do, such as wetness indicators, a high level of absorbency for those inevitable blowouts or accidents when your child doesn’t alert the household fast enough, and a quality material that caters to the needs of your baby’s sensitive skin.

An alternative: cloth diapers

As with any sort of diaper, there is always an alternative, even for pull sons.

Cloth diapers tend to be a universal answer for people who are strapped for money, but not for time.

While not the most comfortable for your baby if a mess is made inside of them, and bearing in mind you’ll need to wash them often, they answer the problem of disposable diapers by being a reusable option.

That makes them very eco-friendly as long as you dispose of the loads properly and wash them in the appropriate manner.

They’re quite cheap in the long run as you only ever need about 20 of them at any given time to secure yourself a healthy supply while a handful of them are being cleaned.

Another good thing about them is that there is no transition, they’ll last your baby for as long as they need them, giving them the benefit of being the most approachable training underwear.

white and soft baby cloth diapers

Plus your baby won’t have to adjust to a new diaper after you swap from regular to pull ups.

Plus, they’re quite snug, as long as they’re clean.

But, as with all good things there are downsides, namely the fact that all they are is a type of cloth so they don’t have any of the fancy bells and whistles, no blowout or leak protection, no stretchy and adjustable waistband, and they aren’t very absorbent, which will lead to a lot of messes and frequent diaper changes.

The worst part is that your little ones will get rashes on occasion from a dirty diaper that wasn’t changed quickly enough, which can get nasty for both the baby and you in the long run.

My advice is to avoid them if you can, but if you need one in a pinch or can’t afford the more expensive mainstream options, then go for it.


Overall, pull up diapers have plenty of choices to choose from depending on your preferences but none are definitively perfect since it varies from baby to baby. There are even great pull up diaper options for older children too.

My advice is that you find the one that is right for your little one and stick to it, even if it means stretching your budget a bit more, because your baby’s comfort is worth it and it’ll save you plenty of nerves and precious hours of sleep.

That’s all from me this time, mamas!

I hope my words and experiences have helped make your lives and the lives of your kiddos a little bit easier.

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