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13 Best Pull Ups For Older Children Of 2022 (+ Buying Guide)

13 Best Pull Ups For Older Children Of 2022 (+ Buying Guide)

Potty training a toddler can be a difficult experience, but dealing with a late bedwetter might be even more frustrating, especially when you have to search for the right disposable underwear.

Although it’s not the easiest thing to do, it’s not impossible.

First of all, pull ups for older children shouldn’t be seen as an embarrassment or an obstacle, but rather as a form of assistance until your child develops control over his bladder.

The best pull ups for your child are the most comfortable ones, which won’t cause any leakage or make strange noises that could make him feel uncomfortable.

Parents typically start potty training children at the age of 3, but if there’s no success by the age of 7, there might be underlying health issues.

No older child or teen likes to wear disposable underwear, especially when he realizes no one else around him is doing so.

Keep in mind that it’s not his fault and he’s probably doing his best.

Your mission is to find the best option to make your child happy and comfortable.

And my mission is to make it at least a little bit easier for you with this list of the best pull ups for toddlers and older kids!

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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Best Pull Ups For Older Toddlers

Finding pull ups for toddlers outside regular sizes is not an easy task for parents, but there are a few well-known brands that might have a solution for your problem:

1. Huggies Pull-Ups Cool & Learn

Huggies are always there to save the day!

It’s one of the leading diaper brands that offers high quality, comfort, and dry nights to little ones for decades!

Huggies never disappointed me with their regular baby diapers and they surprised me even more with their training pants for toddlers!

The teaching tool, “Cool & Learn”, uses a cooling sensation to teach children the right time to go potty.

Stretchy sides can be refastened every time you want to check if the diaper is dirty. You can also change your toddler in no time with easy-open technology.

These underpants are very practical for parents and entertaining for children with the exclusive Disney learning design featuring Lightning McQueen that disappears when the diaper is wet, to help your kiddo learn.

2. ​Dyper Bamboo Pull-On

Dyper is all about the environment and that’s what I like most about this brand!

Their mission is to keep your child and the planet protected by making high-quality and sustainable diapers.

These pull-on diapers have great absorption and keep the moisture inside with minimum to no leakage during the night.

Each diaper is free from harmful chemicals, such as:

• Latex


• Chlorine


• Lotions

• Antioxidants

• Phthalates

• Perfumes

Each diaper is made of viscose fibers from Bamboo trees and plant-based modern PLA films (compostable plastics from the plant sugars).
Sustainable, plant-based, compostable, and safe for your child – what more could you wish for?

3. ​Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs

Back to Huggies and Pull-Ups, the best combo for children who are learning when and how to go to the potty.

This time, Huggies presents other Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse in a potty adventure!

Stretchy sides help with the potty training as your little one can pull down the diapers by himself just like regular underwear.

If he still doesn’t have enough courage to switch completely from diapers to potty, you can encourage him with this step, showing him that he is a big kid now and that he can go to the potty on his own.

However, there’s one important difference and that is zoned protection.

This means that the most protected area is the one that takes liquid most frequently, or like the brand states “where boys need it most”.

Mickey Mouse will also fade when the diaper is wet, which shows your kiddo and you that it’s time to change.

This Huggies Pull-Up edition comes with an adorable giant coloring mat as well. Older kids will surely love it!

4. Pampers Easy Ups

Pampers has been known for decades as the leading brand in the baby cosmetics industry, but it’s most known for its disposable diapers.

However, Pampers has followed the latest trends and designed its own disposable pull ups called Easy Ups.

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Easy Ups come with special leak protection and extra absorbent channels that prevent any leaks during the day or night.

These pull ups come with easy tear-away sides which means you can change your kiddo faster and let him go and play sooner.

The ultra-soft material makes it feel like he’s wearing cotton underwear instead of diapers.

5. Seventh Generation Toddler Pants

Seventh Generation is an eco-friendly brand with adorable diaper designs and safe materials which keep your little one’s bum protected without polluting the planet.

I’m a big fan of their dish soap for babies (I use it for all dishes), but these diaper pants surprised me in a positive way.

They’re ultra-absorbent with stretchy sides that can tear away for an easier change.

Your kiddo will feel more independent when he pulls them up and down by himself, without causing any leakage later.

Seventh Generation’s training underwear does not contain any perfumes, chlorine, lotions, or bleach.

They’re very convenient with the easy-to-tell front and back (different patterns).

Unfortunately, these do not come in adult sizes and I think this is the biggest size, but they do fit kids over 38 pounds which means they fit a lot of older kids with a lower weight.

6. Waterproof Potty Training Underwear

If you are trying to potty train your toddler, reusable cloth diapers might be just the thing for you.

These pants are machine washable and getting them clean doesn’t take up too much of your time.

But, I would recommend you to get at least 5 or 6 pairs of cloth diapers to avoid handwashing them all the time.

The size range is from 12 to 55 pounds and they fit pretty well, but they’re not a solution for nighttime if you don’t work with your little one and help him go potty.

The material is breathable, so there’s no need to fear rashes and infections due to humidity and heat.

However, these are not pull ups for older children, so be careful before you make the purchase.

7. Pampers Ninjamas

I must admit I was a little bit surprised when I saw the new Ninjamas packaging that was formerly known as Pampers Underjams!

Pampers has several new technologies that prevent leakage such as the exclusive LockAway Channels which have excellent absorption and provide full-on protection for day and night.

However, that’s not the only thing that will make your child’s life easier.

The OdorMask technology will keep your child safe from those unpleasant odors during the night and the QuietCloth material makes sounds more discreet.

With these features, your child can also be a part of a friend’s sleepover without fear of any accidents in the middle of the night.

The design is very cute and the packaging includes a whole squad of pants-wearing ninjas named:

• Master Zeez

• Sweet Dreams

• Noleak

• Sha-Doze

The S/M size fits children up to 65 pounds and L/XL is for older kids, up to 125 pounds.

8. Bamboo Nature Training Pants

Training pants by Bamboo Nature are super soft and discreet, keeping your child at maximum comfort without any unpleasant experiences in public.

They have a very discreet design as well, which resembles regular underwear and they’re fully breathable.

They also have an absorbent core that helps to keep him dry throughout the whole night.

The leakage barriers will keep your child completely safe and worry-free as well.

Bamboo Nature pull ups for older children are eco and skin-friendly as they are free from:

• Phthalates


• Organotins

• Optical brighteners

• Chlorine

• Heavy metals

Pull Ups For Older Children

If you had a hard time finding suitable training pants for your toddler, unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better when your child gets older either.

Actually, it’s quite a challenge to find proper disposable pants for an older child.

However, I have found a few brands that might have just what you need.

Some of these can be used for large toddlers and older kids, as well.

1. Curity Youth Pants

These unisex underwear pants are size comparable with Goodnites but with a higher level of absorbency.

These pull ups are meant for children that need more protection after outgrowing all toddler-size underwear pants.

Curity youth pants L/XL size fits 65 to 85 pounds and comes in a package with 56 pieces.

It comes in a solid white color, without any special designs or patterns as they’re meant for small adults as protective underwear during the night.

The cloth-like pull ups provide maximum protection for older kids and young adults who are dealing with incontinence or have a hard time getting used to the potty.

The only possible issue I have with these is the non-tear away sides, which makes changing a bit more difficult, especially if you’re out with your child in a public place.

If you notice any leakage, there could be a chance these are too big/small for your kid.

Also, make sure that they’re pulled up properly, without any gaps around the legs, and that the waistband is at the back (purple line).

2. Prevail Incontinence Protective Underwear

Prevail pull ups for older children and youth are a perfect fit for older kids and small adults after toddler-size pants.

They do come in adult sizes as well, which is why they’re usually recommended by the parents of people with special needs.

There are several health issues that can affect both children and adults that might cause difficulties with bladder control and the digestive system, especially during the night.

This brand states that their underwear pants provide complete discretion and comfort without any leakage that might cause uncomfortable situations.

Absorbency is guaranteed with the Comfort-Shape feature that has an elastic band following the shape of the body.

The poly layer keeps the moisture inside but makes pants breathable at the same time, so heat and humidity do not stay trapped inside the pants.

Also, your child’s skin will remain protected and without rash with the Skin Smart fabric that contains chamomile, vitamin E, and aloe.

The manufacturer states that the product is the result of decades-long work with medical professionals and users which makes it one of the best products on the market.

3. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

These are very cute disposable diapers for toddlers and older kids that come with five different layers for extra absorbency and Double Leg Barriers which prevent any leakage around this area.

It has an ultra-stretchy waist which helps bedwetters to feel as though they’re wearing regular underwear.

Your child won’t have to worry about any mess as these pants provide extra protection and absorption of odor, so they can even have sleepovers without feeling uncomfortable.

These diapers are also a great solution for children with special needs that have a difficult time during potty training.

Some parents of children on the autism spectrum say these training underwear pants work like a charm, especially during the night, keeping their children and their pajamas completely dry.

These pull ups for older children can be worn from 28 to 140+ pounds, depending on the size (XS, S/M, L, XL).

4. Cloth Diaper Cover

Diaper covers for big kids, teenagers, and adults have lately been popularized, promoting a better way of protection for older kids and adults than classic pull-up diapers.

These diaper covers are waterproof but discreet as they don’t produce that rubber-like noise with movement.

Reusable diapers are very comfortable and more cloth-like than disposable ones.

These diaper covers have snap buttons which makes them even more practical and easier to use.

The size is based on hip measurements, from 22 inches (10 years and up) to 50 inches (adult size).

5. Abena Abri-Form Junior Premium Incontinence Briefs

The Abena Abri-Form incontinence briefs are another great option for older children who have outgrown pull ups made by mainstream diaper brands.

They are designed to prevent leaks which is essential for older kids, especially if they haven’t been nighttime potty-trained.

Most importantly, they are made to keep odors at bay while providing plenty of absorbency.


How can I find pull ups for older kids?

colorful kid panties on the white table

Unfortunately, this is a very common question that shows how difficult it is to find suitable disposable underwear for any size bigger than standard toddler sizes.

There are a lot of older children, teens, and adults who have to use this type of underwear, but big sizes are still barely included in the market.

When a child outgrows size 6, the search for adult-sized pull ups begins because there’s rarely anything in between (depending on the weight of your child).

You’ll rarely find any type of training or bedwetting underwear in your local supermarket or grocery store so you’ll have to visit a medical supply store.

However, technology has made our lives easier, so now you can buy things online and you can find most of these hygienic supplies on online shopping sites such as Amazon.

Note: If you prefer discretion, you can ask the retailer for more info about delivery packaging or to put it in a plain box without stating what’s inside.

What are the best pull ups for large toddlers and older kids?

adorable little girl sitting on a potty with panties on leg

Naming a certain brand as the best is a very subjective matter.

Tena could be the best one for some older kids, Tranquility for others, Pampers, Huggies, or other brands for toddlers – the list could go on for days.

However, there are certain factors that can help you decide which pull ups are the best for your child.

Size is the most important thing when you’re buying disposable underwear.

If you notice red marks around his thighs, it’s high time to size up.

Also, if there’s a gap between the diaper line and leg or the waistband is too loose, there will be leakage all over the place.

If you take care of clothes and shoe size, you shouldn’t neglect the size of diapers either.

Diapers for older children should be extra absorbent.

I’m afraid that you can’t rely on brands here, as they all state their products are ultra, extra, etc. absorbent, which is not always the case.

This also depends on whether or not your child is a heavy or light wetter, but you should always make sure the pull ups are breathable.

The smallest amount of moisture can cause infection or rash if there’s no circulation of air.

Also, you have to make sure the pull ups have proper leak protection, especially if you have a heavy wetter.

No matter how absorbent they are, they will leak if there are no leg cuffs or guards.

Wearing pull-up underwear can affect a person’s mental wellbeing and feelings, especially of a child or a teenager.

That’s why discretion is a very important part of the search.

Try to put yourself in your child’s position – he’s developing a sense of privacy and independence and going out of their comfort zone.

The last thing your child needs now is someone mocking him for wearing pull ups.

Some children and teens may suffer from a condition known as diurnal or nocturnal enuresis.

It means that the person doesn’t have control over his bladder during the day or night and urinates involuntarily.

If you want your child to feel protected during any period of the day, make sure to get him comfortable and discreet thin waistline pull-ups.

When I talk about discretion, I have to mention odor control as well.

Not all pull ups have this feature, so make sure to check which ones do (it’s usually stated on the label).

Urine smell can be very strong and unpleasant, so if you want to spare your kid embarrassment, you should get disposable underwear with odor control.

When should I get worried about bedwetting?

little boy laying on the wet bed sheet

It may sound surprising, but you shouldn’t be worried about your bedwetter until he’s 7.

Bladder control is not an easy process and not all children are able to take control of it from an early age.

Don’t put too much pressure on your little one – you can prolong bedwetting by stressing him out, as he’s probably already aware of the problem.

Bladder training and bedwetting alarms can be of great help.

However, if the situation remains the same, you can always look for advice from a medical professional.

Difficulties with potty training and late bedwetting are common for children and young adults with special needs.

If you notice some other symptoms aside from late bedwetting, your child should visit a doctor.

Am I prolonging bedwetting with pull ups?

cute baby girl sitting on bed in pink panties

If I had a penny for every time someone told me my 2 and a half-year-old (at the time) should stop wearing diapers, I would probably be a millionaire.

Jokes aside, don’t listen to anyone except your gut feeling, your partner, and your child’s doctor.

I know, no one’s intentions are bad, but if you make your child go cold turkey on pull ups or diapers, you could just make things worse.

You can help your child by setting up a routine he can easily follow:

• Going to the toilet right before bed

• Waking your child during the night at least twice

• Cutting off any fluids before bedtime

These may cause less stress for your child and be efficient enough.

Also, bear in mind that your child could have involuntary urination during nighttime or daytime.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that he doesn’t want to get up, maybe he just can’t control it.

This is why it’s best to consult a medical professional who could give you advice on how to deal with bedwetting.

To Sum Up

baby cloth panties with teddy bear toy on the floor

It’s not easy to potty train a child that still doesn’t even understand what potty is and why he can’t use his favorite pull ups anymore.

However, it’s even more difficult to train a late bedwetter who may have a medical reason for bedwetting during nighttime or some kind of mental block that affects their bladder control.

It’s very difficult to find good pull ups for older child or a teenager.

The options are still rather limited, but it is better than years ago when there were no such products online, so you had to go to the medical supply store as soon as your kid went above size 6.

It’s even more difficult for older kids and teens to function normally outside the house while wearing disposable underwear.

You should keep in mind that this affects your child’s dignity and self-confidence, which might result in anger and frustration.

All you can do is talk to your child, support him and try to find pull ups that he feels most comfortable in.

When you search for pull ups for older kids online, you shouldn’t just type in “big diapers” or “adult pull ups”.

Rather try to search with terms such as “incontinence” or “enuresis”, as these conditions may be one of the reasons your child still wears pull ups and you might find a proper solution during the search.

It’s not easy and you are not alone.

It’s understandable that this affects your mental state as well, but it’ll soon be better – when your child is happy, you’ll be happy too!

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