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Winter Maternity Photoshoot: Everything You Need To Know

Winter Maternity Photoshoot: Everything You Need To Know

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… Sleigh bells ring, are you listening… I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

So you’re planning a winter maternity photo shoot? Well, then you are very fortunate to have an abundant amount of seasonal natural inspiration around you for your photo session.

The cooler temperatures will also work in your favor at this time of year, so you’ll be able to show your glowing, rosy cheeks instead of being hot, sweaty, and bothered doing a summer photoshoot.

The stunning background landscape of snow, frost, and evergreen trees full of twinkling lights will be your readymade winter wonderland.

There are a few important things to consider before you embark on a winter maternity photoshoot

Winter Maternity PhotoshootFirstly, I’d recommend finding a professional maternity photographer who specialises in maternity photography.

It’s important that it’s someone who you can relate to, and who understands how important it is for you to create the most stunning maternity photos as a record of your personal pregnancy journey.

You should collect photos of other winter maternity shoots to get maternity photo ideas that suit your preferred sense of style and individuality.

Also, take a look online for photography ideas on settings, poses, and accessories that will bring your maternity photos to life and also symbolise the things that reflect your personal taste and excitement about this impending miracle of birth.

You can then share those with the photographer so that they’re able to really understand you and help you to achieve the winter maternity photoshoot of your dreams.

If this is your first baby, you’ll want it to be even more special, as this will set the tone for all future photos, and even get you thinking about newborn photography after the big event.

Of course, if your budget cannot stretch to a professional portrait photographer, there’s always the option of asking a friend to take some photos for you or even taking some selfies – as long as you end up with beautiful winter images of you and your bump.

What should you wear for your winter maternity photo session?

Winter Maternity PhotoshootNaturally, you’ll want to keep warm and cosy during and between shoots, so your choice of outfit is going to need a lot of consideration.

What you wear will depend on whether you are planning on a solo photo shoot, a family photo, or including your other child/children or favorite pets.

It’s a good idea to select a couple of outfits for the shoot – perhaps a formal and an informal ensemble.

Think about whether you want a themed maternity photoshoot and where you can hire a seasonal costume that will show off your baby bump in a fun and festive way.

Gather together some accessories for yourself, such as a chunky necklace or earrings that will flatter your beautiful maternity glow.

Think carefully about the colors that you choose for the shoot.

Black looks amazing against the snow and a shoot in black and white will make a very atmospheric winter maternity photo session.

Plain colors are a good idea for jumpers and sweaters, which should also be tight fitting enough to show off your growing bump.

Then you can accessorize with scarves, a bobble hat, and gloves in Christmas colors, patterns, or plaid.

Faux fur adds a luxurious touch to any winter photoshoot and will make you feel like a Snow Queen.  

Going for a Frozen look will mean incorporating flowing velvet gowns with sequins, adding a touch of shimmer and glamor.

This will be totally fitting for a mom-to-be and announcing the coming birth of a winter baby.

Add a thin gold or silver belt above your tummy to show it off as much as possible and create a focal point for the photograph.

Try including a cape, coat, or shawl draped around your shoulders to show off your bump, and create a sense of excitement and anticipation by not revealing all.

Winter maternity photoshoots are all about textures that give the feeling of warmth. Chunky knits, cardigans, and woven fabrics give the perfect feel and look that you’re wanting to achieve.

Traditional patterns such as snowflakes, vintage winter prints, and colors are all you need to set the seasonal atmosphere.

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Winter maternity makeup

The awesome winter sunlight will soften and blur the images, so it’ll flatter your natural beauty and bring out the glow of pregnancy.

Your baby hormones will do all the hard work by ensuring that your hair appears thick and glossy, and your skin will be like a rose in full bloom.

Try to choose a style of makeup that will enhance this effect, and keep it simple and natural.

Places and poses


Winter Maternity PhotoshootYou can’t beat having your photo shoot on a clear cold day when the snow is deep, crisp and even.

The rays of sunshine reflecting off the snow will provide an amazing light that will enhance your maternity photos with a magical quality.

Choose a tranquil forest setting with snow-covered pine trees and you’re all set to show off your baby bump in your warm winter woollies.

Try posing on a wooden bench with your head in your partner’s lap and your growing tummy clearly and proudly showing.

Or stand in the snow facing each other, surrounded by the bare trees – and if it is taken in black and white, this will produce stunning maternity pictures!

Find a rustic farm building with icicles hanging from the roof and pose in front of it in jolly Christmas colors, or in front of a gigantic decorated Christmas tree in a town square, surrounded by Christmas figurines or a nativity scene if you’re lucky.

Posing in front of a frozen lake is bound to make a magical backdrop for your photo. Combine this with a furry rug and a woven shawl around your shoulders to create a “nesting” feeling on a bed of snow.

If you’ve chosen a classical or glamorous gown, you’ll be able to show off your beautiful pregnancy glow in front of an elegant mansion or a castle – if you’re lucky enough to live in the vicinity of one!

Pose on some old stone steps with snow piled high in terracotta pots or surrounded by snow-laden boughs, and you’ll look like an expectant princess or lady of the manor.

If you’re a city girl, think about the possibility of posing in front of an iconic building – somewhere like New York’s Rockefeller Center or Westminster Abbey in London – for a trendy modern photography session.

When you are quite heavily pregnant, you might find some poses tricky to hold and  be wise to think of safety first.

You may not want to try striking poses that require you to be a contortionist when you’re not as bendy as you were before, or balancing with a huge pregnant belly.

Choose graceful, natural poses that show your pregnancy in all its glory and will fit well with your winter wonderland backdrop.


Winter Maternity PhotoshootYour home may be the most comfortable and relaxing place for you to pose for your winter pregnancy photos – plus, you won’t have far to go to get to the loo in a hurry.

Choose the colors of your clothes to complement your décor and your photos will become an enduring memory of your pregnancy in your own home.

By now most people have heard of hygge and it’s easy to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room as a backdrop.

This will be especially effective if it’s possible to see a light snow storm through the windows.

Light a few candles, introduce textures like knitted blankets and woven fabrics, and hold a mug of hot chocolate, and you will capture the Scandinavian hygge feel in your prenatal photos.

Don’t forget to light the wood burner or open fire to complete the scene. Reclining on your sofa, with your baby bump in full view, leaves your partner many choices for posing with you.

They could be kneeling at your side, placing hands on your bump, or holding you in dreamy embrace.

Being photographed in a relaxing milk bath in a field of flowers is not going to be possible in winter, but what about a milk bath in a Christmas setting with a mistletoe wreath and surrounded by a multitude of scented candles?

You could wear a floral crown made of beautiful white winter flowers such as hellebores or cyclamen.

Making a pregnancy announcement using props

Okay, your beautiful curvy pregnant body should be the main feature of your winter maternity shoot, but it’s also an ideal opportunity to tell the world about the incredible feat you’re performing – growing a brand new human being.

Holding that amazing 3D ultrasound photo of your baby is a great way to announce to the world that you’re expecting a baby.

Hold up a chalkboard or a specially created sign announcing the fact that you are pregnant and the due date.

A pile of infant’s alphabet blocks in the foreground will give a clear message that a baby is on its way.

As it’s the festive season, try to think creatively about how you can use Christmas bunting, an advent calendar, or opening a lavishly wrapped parcel, as a way to make the announcement.

Or, you can do a gender reveal of your baby through your maternity photography session.  That is, if you wish to disclose it before the birth.

Try holding up or cuddling a tell-tale sign of the gender of your baby. What about a pink teddy for a baby girl or a pair of blue booties for a baby boy?

A pair of cosy Uggs or some miniature football boots?

Try to pose with an object that will be significant to you and your forthcoming baby and something that will also show your values, such as a religious object or even a photo of your wedding rings.

Some mothers/parents choose to write a special message to their child written in ornate calligraphy and presented in the photo as a beautiful message of their love for their coming baby. 

You’re trying to capture memories that you’ll cherish forever.

You could also try adding humor and lightheartedness to your maternity photographs by posing with you and your partner, in silhouette, reading parenting books.

You could also lie in each other’s arms reading a traditional children’s book such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Including others in the photoshoot

Winter Maternity PhotoshootYou may want to include your partner or other family members in your maternity photoshoot, in which case their clothing and the setting will also need some consideration.

Choosing your color pallet is important when including other people. It’s a good idea to lay out the chosen clothing on a bed or table and check that the colors are complementary. 

No matching outfits or colors, especially for partners! That will just be too much and detract from the main feature – your beautiful belly.

As a couple, there’s no limit to the ideas for you to show your love for each other and your baby bump during your maternity photo session.

Future dad kissing your pregnant tummy, holding your hand, or caressing your belly, will all give the message that you’re both thrilled about your little bundle of joy.

Once you’re all dressed, think about how you want them to feature in your photo.

You could make an older toddler feel special by having them compare their bare tummy with yours or show them kissing their future sibling through your belly.

It would look really cute if they make a DIY cup and string telephone and hold one cup to their ear and the other to your belly button – a photographic record of their first conversation!

This maternity photographic session can be a wonderful opportunity for a bonding session between future siblings and making sure that the older child feels included.

Photos of a happy couple holding the hands of a young child between them, is a perfect way to represent the family moving into the future, with mama’s bump showing to announce the new arrival.

This type of photo would also work well with a dog walking through the snow with you. After all, the dog was probably your first “baby” and will love to be part of this snowy winter-themed photo shoot.

Expectant grandparents may be delighted to be invited to join you in the photoshoot, making them feel part of the exciting event from the word go.

Family photos are a great way to announce a pregnancy, so why not make this the family Christmas card photo that you send to all your friends and relatives?

Now you have all that you need to plan the perfect winter maternity photoshoot!

I’m sure that you are now very excited to get started on planning your maternity photo album.  If the time for your delivery is getting quite close, don’t waste any time in getting started.

Many babies decide to come a little earlier than expected, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of documenting this unique time in your baby’s life.

A winter maternity photoshoot is actually much easier than you may have thought at first, and it doesn’t have to be restricted to either indoors or out – you can try a range of settings and clothes to give yourself as many choices as possible. 

The build-up to Christmas can be a very busy and stressful time, and if you add a baby’s due date into the mix, you may not think that a winter maternity photo session is a good idea, but with the right planning, preparation, and maternity photographer, you have a recipe for a fun and memorable time for you and your family.

I hope that these ideas and suggestions will inspire you to have the most wonderful winter maternity photoshoot, and that the end results will be enchanting and bring you and your family happy memories for the future. 

The joy of displaying these photos will remain long after the winter and the birth of your baby have taken place.

Think about all the places you could put them on show and use them in creative ways, like baby shower gifts. 

They can be used to decorate the nursery, surrounding your baby with images of their loving parents and family from the very start of their lives.

Or you could create a personal collage in your living room that’s perfectly coordinated with your interior decor and taste.

I’m sure that you will receive many compliments on your glowing appearance, elegant poses, and beautiful baby bump for years to come.  

Enjoying this special winter time, and having fun in the snow for your unique maternity photo session, is bound to be one of the best times of your pregnancy and one of the most memorable.

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Winter Maternity Photoshoot_ Everything You Need To Know

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