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Pregnancy Outfits For Winter: 10 Maternity Outfits To Keep You Warm

Pregnancy Outfits For Winter: 10 Maternity Outfits To Keep You Warm

Picking out pregnancy outfits for winter may not be as easy and breezy as it sounds. Dressing in the winter can be a challenge even without a baby bump.

Dealing with all the layering and matching the colors and materials can really be tricky. Maternity fashion offers many choices, but finding what’s right for you is what’s most important.

Pregnant women usually feel most uncomfortable in their third trimester, and it can get a bit hard to find the right outfits if it falls in winter.

Luckily for you and all of us, there are many wonderful winter maternity clothes out there.

In this article, you’ll learn how to update your pregnancy wardrobe in winter and what some of the key pieces are to help you enjoy your winter pregnancy.

Check some of the coolest and most comfortable pregnancy outfits for winter and see what you can use on this beautiful journey.

10 cute pregnancy outfits for winter

1. Black maternity tunic

Wear any pair of your pregnancy bottoms with an elegant tunic for work, a family gathering, or date night.

You can match it with any type of casual or fancy boots you’ve got, depending on the occasion. This is one of the day-to-night outfits that’s going to work for pretty much any kind of day you have.

2. A tight fit neutral colored shirt

Again, wearing this kind of shirt with jeans or trousers will make for a great work outfit.

You can also wear it with your sweats or under a warm maternity sweatshirt.

It is best to pick shirts in neutral colors so you can wear them with pretty much anything.

3. A poncho. Period.

A poncho with an interesting pattern will make for a wonderful winter maternity fashion item.

If you don’t like too much color, pick something like this simple poncho to compliment your basic maternity items.

Wear it with boots and dresses for work or date night, or combine it with your favorite sneakers and leggings for a leisurely stroll.

4. Boots!

Baby, it’s cold outside, huh? These boots will keep you warm and give you space for those swollen ankles. Also, they have no laces, so it will be easy to put them on.

This pair of black slip-on boots is great for fancier occasions; they will work great with both jeans and dresses.

5. Blazers are still your friend

It gets hard thinking of stuff to wear that looks stylish and elegant.

Even though you can’t button it down, put a blazer over your favorite shirt for an instantly classier look.

An elegant blazer will frame the bump beautifully.

6. A sweater dress

Now, this is an item that’s gonna be your go-to outfit in the cold winter days.

You can wear it for pretty much any occasion, especially if you want to add some excitement to your basics – consider wearing a dress in a bolder color.

7. Simple dress

For a more low-key look, opt for this simple dress in neutral colors.

A dress like this goes with pretty much anything and will save you time while getting ready in the morning.

The combination of two fabrics and colors adds texture to your maternity clothing.

8. A bohemian turtleneck

To add a bit of boho to your maternity style, choose this kind of turtleneck.

Sure, you can also pick ones that are more tight-fitting for an office look, or a puffier, sweater-like one for getting comfy on the sofa.

9. Wrap dresses: the perfect solution for the office or a date night

Seriously, a wrap dress is something you absolutely need in your maternity closet.

One dress can see you all through your pregnancy, and usually can be worn both in summer and winter with adequate layering.

Pick one in a fresh color for the days you feel flirty.

10. A hoodie

Buy one in neutral shades so you can mix and match it with plenty of your other maternity clothing picks.

Wear it under a jacket or on its own.

It’s comfy and casual – perfect for lounging around at home!

Key pieces in your winter maternity wardrobe

Pregnancy Outfits For Winter:Let’s just get this out there: The one thing that will help you survive the winter are leggings. Seriously, there are so many uses you can get out of them.

Maternity leggings are simple, easy to find, and come in all colors and materials. You can wear them with basically anything, depending on your schedule for the day.

If you are going to work, find warm leggings with a bit more structure. Layering them with a cute sweater dress or a trendy blazer will make for a perfectly professional outfit.

You can even go for a pair of leather leggings (but not if you’re exercising, though. Find a pair of stretchy ones in one of your favorite athleisure stores.)

If your day is taking a different course with more leisure time, opt for layering your simple maternity leggings with a t-shirt instead.

And don’t forget about compression socks, either. They’re a lifesaver for your swollen feet.

Maternity t-shirts are something that you are absolutely going to need.

You may be convinced that you can wear the ones you’ve already got, but this bubble is bursting as soon as you step into your third trimester.

The baby bump is gonna need a bit more coverage, so definitely invest in a couple of t-shirts in your favorite colors that can be mixed and matched with your other maternity clothes.

A new, well adjusted, bra is something that keeps your maternity style looking impeccable. Shirts, sweatshirts, or maternity dresses can’t look their best if they are atop a wrong bra.

Since you are already investing, you might as well buy a nursing bra. You will be needing it soon, and they can be quite pricey.

We recommend buying a nursing bra in nude or black color since this guarantees you’ll be able to wear it under most of your winter maternity clothes.

Layers to keep you warm

Pregnancy Outfits For Winter:Layering is indeed the warmest, most comfortable, and most fashionable way to go. A simple shirt will look amazing with a statement blazer.

Yes, you can still wear blazers even though you are pregnant. You won’t be able to button them, of course, but who cares?

Maternity fashion doesn’t have to be boring.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough wearing a blazer, cardigans might be a better option for you.

There really is no need to buy a maternity cardigan; you can probably fit into a regular one that you can also use post-baby.

Pick a colorful one to wear over plain shirts and maternity jeans, or a more neutral one like black, beige, or gray to layer your dresses.

Every pregnancy outfit can benefit from a nice cardigan.

Now, finding the right jacket or coat can be a bit tricky.

Maybe not as much in your second trimester, but as the third rolls on in, it can be difficult to find something to keep you warm and protected yet still comfortable.

If you are big on comfort, you should go for a poncho. Let’s be honest, they are basically blankets that you can wear outside of your home.

You can easily find one, and it is definitely going to serve its purpose in keeping you warm and complimenting your maternity style.

Pick the right poncho for you though, and make sure it snuggles the bump in perfectly before you buy it.

It doesn’t have to be maternity wear; any poncho will do.

If you are into a more sleek look instead, opt for a maternity coat. Picking the right maternity coat can mean a lot for your style.

Now, maternity wear stores don’t usually have too many styles to pick from, but there’s certainly something that can go nicely with the rest of your clothes.

Underneath the layers

Pregnancy Outfits For Winter:If you are spending most of the time indoors, your coat won’t matter as much as what’s underneath.

When choosing the right maternity top, you have a couple of things to consider, such as the temperature of the room you’ll be in or the bottoms that you plan on wearing with it.

As we already said, leggings are your friend, and most maternity tops work perfectly with them.

You also want to keep in mind that pregnancy hormones make you go through a lot of hot flashes.

It’s safe to say that you will be needing a lighter maternity top if this is the case.

Yes, it’s cold outside, but your pregnant body doesn’t really care.

A button-down shirt might be the best choice. It’s not too thick or heavy, and can be worn open in case the bump needs more space.

Button-down shirts come in all kinds of colors and materials: Pick a denim one for adding texture to your outfit.

Sweater dresses are definitely also the way to go. They are comfy, have plenty of room for the bump, and don’t require any additional effort.

The right sweater dress will make you look leaner and more put together. They add a bit of “trendy” to your winter maternity outfits.

Another great option that’s very similar to this one is a maternity sweater.

It’s longer and cozier than regular sweaters and will keep you super toasty.

Maternity sweaters are a great choice if you’re spending time in colder spaces.

Dry air that comes from heating can be irritating for everyone, since they have a tendency to dry out our mouth and nose, making it harder to breathe.

As your bump grows bigger, breathing may seem like a task, so you might like to keep your home or workplace cooler.

Turtlenecks can look great on pregnant ladies.

Pick a lighter one if you want to wear it under a blazer for work, or a thicker, sweater-like one to wear with maternity jeans.

Let’s talk bottoms

Pregnancy Outfits For Winter:

Picking suitable bottoms might come as more of a challenge than picking shirts.

One kind of bottoms really popular with pregnant ladies are jeggings.

To be completely honest, you don’t really need to spend money on pregnancy jeggings.

You can just buy a pair of regular ones in a larger size than your usual. This will cost you much less than buying them as maternity wear.

Maternity jeans can be super comfortable and they are one of the best pregnancy outfits for winter.

They will help you look put together on days you don’t really want to put too much effort into getting dressed.

Try as many pairs as you need until you find the perfect pair.

Choose ones that are a bit bigger, rather than a tight fit – your bump isn’t getting any smaller!

Also, pick those with the softest denim as hard materials may be irritating for your skin right now.

Many moms say they continue wearing their maternity jeans post-delivery too, so don’t be afraid to pay a bit more for the right fit.

It will probably be easier to pick a decent pair of bottoms while you’re still in the second trimester.

Your pregnancy style might suffer a bit more towards the end of your nine-month journey, especially if your third trimester comes in the winter.

During the winter months, the most important thing is to keep yourself as warm as possible.

Maternity dresses

Pregnancy Outfits For Winter:

Just because you are experiencing a winter pregnancy, doesn’t have to mean you don’t get to wear dresses.

A dress might be just what you need!

Even if you don’t feel like dressing super trendy right now, dresses can actually be the most comfortable outfits to wear in the winter.

Take sweater dresses for example – snug, comfy, and great-looking. Pair them with boots and your favorite coat or poncho, and you’re ready to go.

Another kind of dress that looks best on pregnant ladies is striped dresses.

They will make you look taller and slimmer, and let’s just get this out there – every pregnant lady feels a bit heavy in the final days of her pregnancy.

You can wear your summer dresses layered with a blazer or a cardigan.

You don’t need to waste money on maternity dresses; wearing models that are wider in the stomach area will do just fine.

Most pregnant women enjoy flaunting their baby bump and wearing a nice dress will do that perfectly.

Wear a denim button-down maternity dress and top it off with a cardigan for work, or choose a maxi dress for spending time at home.

It’s not that maxi dresses can’t be worn for outings, it is just that they are hard to match with the rest of your winter maternity clothing.

Maxi dresses are usually worn in summer, but they also make for perfect homewear during the winter.

Pregnancy fashion is something you don’t get to do too often, so why not make dresses your pregnancy outfits at home too.

Additional items to help you survive the winter chills

Pregnancy Outfits For Winter:

These are the things that are going to help pregnant women survive winter pregnancy. For example, you should buy some maternity tights.

Your old ones will only see you so far into pregnancy before you struggle to stretch them over your bump.

Maternity tights will make it possible for you to wear dresses during the cold days.

Another very important thing is to remember to buy boots without laces.

Once the baby bump gets huge, getting pregnancy shoes on will seem like an impossible everyday task.

In the summer, this is easily sorted with a pair of flip-flops.

Winter pregnancy fashion is not easy to do, but it sure is comfy, so opt for a pair of slip-on boots.

Then, don’t forget about the underwear.

The bump will make you want you to wear the largest knickers you have. Buying some maternity underwear is smart to do too.

It will make you feel better to put on a nice, fitting pair of panties. You can use them after the baby comes too before your belly goes back to its normal size.

Even though it isn’t summertime, you may be vacationing or going to the pool. Pick a comfortable swimsuit that suits your maternity style best.

Again, it doesn’t have to strictly be a maternity swimsuit.

Try some regular ones in a larger size.

As for the additional summer wear, you are probably going to be able to wear all of your old clothes – that is if you hadn’t gained too much weight.

Add a couple of details to your maternity collection. Maternity wear, as you probably know by now, is quite expensive.

You can pick the basic pieces in neutral colors and then add some charm to your outfits with accessories.

Scarfs and hats can be your best friend in the wintertime. You can wear your old ones and save some money. Make use of whatever still fits.

Also, it might be a good idea to get a hold of some hand-me-downs. If any of your friends or family have some maternity clothes to borrow, it may be clever to ask them to do so.

You are only going to wear them for a short period of time, and even if you get pregnant again, you may not be having a winter pregnancy a second time around.

Not every step of your pregnancy is a fun one, but picking out clothes sure is.

Pick the pregnancy outfits for winter that make you feel best about yourself and your pregnancy.

Make sure you enjoy every step of the way!

These last months before you get to hold your baby in your arms are going to go by so quickly. Or maybe your little will be here any day now, your own winter baby miracle!

Spend your days taking care of yourself and getting prepped for the baby.

And while you do that, why not do it with some style, right?

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