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27 Best Words Of Encouragement For Parents Of Sick Child

27 Best Words Of Encouragement For Parents Of Sick Child

Being the parent of a sick child requires a great amount of strength, and I have always truly admired such brave people. They are capable of enduring anything for the sake of their child.

However, they also need support and can’t do everything on their own. It’s difficult to find the right words of encouragement for parents of sick child, but it’s not an impossible task.

Instead of sending them random inspirational quotes, it’s best to offer them help, talk to them, be there for them at any time, and show you care.

Yes, it is hard to say anything at that point, especially if you haven’t been through the same, but that doesn’t mean you should remain silent.

No one can even imagine how parents must feel after finding out about their child’s illness, but it doesn’t only affect them, it affects everyone in the family and their community.

If you are lost for words and don’t know what to say to your family or friends in this type of situation, I am here for you!

Here is my list of comforting words any parent and their sick little champion could want to hear.

Words Of Encouragement For Parents Of Sick Child

man comforting upset and sad woman

Many parents would give anything to their children, and will gladly forgo their own needs and wants when their child is in a difficult situation.

However, this doesn’t mean other people should neglect them as well. There are many ways you can help and encourage the parents of an ill child.

You can send the mama bear some mom quotes that will encourage her or offer genuine support to both parents with these words of encouragement for parents of sick children:

1. “I am here for you.” – This message is very important for the whole family of a sick kiddo. However, this should not be said just for the sake of saying something. If you know you won’t actually be able to help your family member or friend, you should avoid this message.

2. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.” – It’s okay to acknowledge you don’t have the right words to say. Every parent will understand it and appreciate your thoughts.

3. “Let me help you with something.” – Offering direct help is always a good idea. When people say “I’ll help you”, it’s a nice thought, but parents who are going through tough times will rarely ask for assistance. However, if you send this message of support, you are letting your loved ones know you’re in their corner.

4. “I’ll bring you dinner.” – Instead of sending sympathy messages and inspirational quotes, you can show care by bringing food for the family.

Parents of a sick person are often hungry and exhausted, but they’ll never admit it to anyone. Instead of asking if they want something, just bring them food and refreshments.

5. “I’ll take the kids today.” – These are the best encouraging words for parents of sick children. This is a great thing for both siblings and parents, as siblings can change surroundings and parents won’t feel guilty for leaving them home alone.

woman consoling her friend

6. “Stay strong” – This may seem like a cliche at first, but it’s actually a nice message. There are no comforting words that can take the pain away, but acknowledging parents for being strong will help them feel a bit better.

7. “I am thinking of you.” – It’s a lot easier to go through difficult times when you know there are people out there who care about you and your family.

8. “You are in my prayers.” – This is a more religious way of showing care to parents of a sick person. You can also expand it with a short prayer for the whole family to let them know God is with them as well, which will mean a lot.

9. “I am sad you all have to go through this.” – It’s nice to send inspirational and motivational quotes to parents, but don’t feel bad sharing sadness with them too. Sometimes, that’s all they need.

10. “I love you!” – These three simple words can mean the world to parents who need to hear them just as much as their little champion.

caring middle aged woman embracing and comforting her daughter

11. “How are you?” – Parents can sometimes feel lonely and need to speak to an “outsider” about their feelings. It may seem inappropriate for you to ask this, but you are giving them space to open up about their feelings.

12. “I’ll bring you some coffee. Anything else you need?” – I’d say this is a great question. If you ask “Do you need anything?” parents will usually say no, it’s okay, or something similar.

However, when you announce your arrival, they might ask for a thing or two.

13. “I know you are going through a lot, but your daughter/son is a brave girl/boy, and she/he will fight through this.” – Hope is the only thing every parent has when their child is sick.

Offering some hope through motivational messages might be just what they need when they are in a dark place.

14. “She will recover and need healthy parents to come home to. You have to take care of yourself.” – It may sound harsh at first, but you have to remind them to think of themselves as well, especially as their child will need them later.

Two sad women sitting and talking at home

15. “Like every storm in life, this too shall pass.” – Even though I’m not a big fan of sending general sayings and healing quotes, these words of encouragement for parents of sick child might be just what they need to hear right now.

16. “It breaks my heart to hear such news, but know that I am here for your family. What can I do to help?” – This message is a suitable reply when you receive news about a child’s illness or the latest news that is not very optimistic.

17. “How is your munchkin today?” – Parents actually like when you ask this question as they can share new info or their struggle with the situation. You’d be surprised how relieving this question is.

18. “I’m listening.” – Say it as much as you can. This is what most parents need, someone who will listen to them. They know you can’t offer them any revolutionary and life-saving advice, but sometimes they just need to vent.

19. “Take a good cry and let it all out.” – I’d suggest this if you are talking to the parent in person, so you can offer a shoulder to cry on.

Crying is a way to free yourself from all negative emotions and can help parents to feel better later on.

Comforting Words For The Sick Child

Mother comforting her upset daughter

Family and friends usually communicate with the ill child’s parents about her condition and any news regarding treatment.

However, do not forget to talk to the child as well. Remember, she is the one who is sick, and she is probably really scared as she can’t even fully understand everything that is going on.

Instead of sending her generalized quotes for the sick, make it more personal. Call her or send her a text with a heartfelt message, and offer help. She will appreciate it much more than a random quote.

Though, if you can’t think of something specific, a good and encouraging quote for little girls or boys always helps.

Don’t offer words of encouragement for parents of sick child only, it is equally important to offer support to the little champion as well.

1. “You are the bravest person I know!” – Cancer patients usually have to undergo multiple medical treatments which can be very painful.

If you share your admiration with the sick child, you will motivate her to keep fighting for herself and the people she loves.

2. “You are in my thoughts all the time.” – Let her know that you think about her often. It doesn’t matter if you already said it to her parents, an ill child needs to hear that there are people who care about her besides her parents.

3. “I’ll bring you snacks. What do you like the most?” – There are two positive things about this question.

First, you will cheer her up by bringing her favorite snacks or sweets.

Secondly, you’ll change the topic. A sick kid is already overwhelmed with everything going on and she probably wants to talk about anything other than her disease.

mother holding hand of sad little daughter

4. “There are a lot of great people behind you!” – She might feel isolated in the hospital, and like no one is there for her except her parents. These words will remind her there are a lot of people outside who love her and care about her.

This can also refer to medical professionals taking care of her, as they become a part of her life as well.

5. “I wish you a speedy recovery.” – It’s formal and simple, but it’s a nice message with a sincere wish. If you are close to the sick kiddo, you can add something personal as well.

6. “My heart is always with you.” – This is a very personal and emotional message and it shows what you are feeling at the moment.

A child needs emotional support when she feels insecure and frightened, which is how she feels laying in the hospital, surrounded by a bunch of strangers in white suits.

7. “Can I get you something? What do you need?” – Even though you already asked her parents and they said it’s okay, ask the child if she wants something. Children are usually more direct than parents and will tell you if they want something.

8. “Get well soon, we are waiting for you!” – This sentence is encouraging and will bring a smile to her face. It can serve as a motivation to think positively and have faith in her recovery.

Things NOT To Say To Parents Of Sick Child

mom encourages and supports little kid girl

Please, do not say these things to parents whose child is sick. Some words can hurt them, even though that was not your intention.

These are not words of encouragement for parents of sick child, and should be avoided:

1. “Everything will be just fine, don’t worry.” – This message sounds like you don’t take the situation seriously. Of course, parents worry about their ill child and you telling them not to worry will not make things any better.

2. “As long as the baby is in good health…” – This is something people often say to parents of healthy children, but it sounds like you only love your child when she’s healthy.

Of course, we love our children unconditionally, no matter what happens. Also, many parents remember these words if their child gets sick and they feel even worse.

3. “My aunt/niece/neighbor/coworker went through the same…” – I hear this so often it annoys me to even think about it.

Parents of ill children really can’t think about other people’s problems, especially if their child is in bad condition.

4. “It’s all God’s will.” – This can only be said by parents if they are religious. It may be God’s will, but it’s not your place to say that to them and it doesn’t provide any comfort.

5. “Will it have any long-term effects?” – Parents of an ill child do not think about the future, they are trying to deal with everything that is happening at the moment.

Wrapping Up

mother supporting her upset daughter

Before you say anything, think about what you would or wouldn’t like to hear if you were in the same situation.

Some people might have the best intentions, but do not know how to express themselves, so their message might end up having the opposite effect.

Just like you wouldn’t tell someone who is mourning their mother or father that “everything will be fine”, you shouldn’t say this to a parent of a sick child either.

If you tell a parent not to worry about their child’s sickness, it’s like you are not taking their feelings seriously or you just want to brush them off.

No one is asking you to fix the situation and no one thinks you can do so. However, your presence in a time of need makes a big difference.

Finding the right words of encouragement for parents of sick child will mean a lot and help them during difficult times.

Listen, be there, ask and offer – these four things are the greatest gifts for an ill child and her parents.

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Words Of Encouragement For Parents Of Sick Child

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