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20 Best Baby Halloween Costumes Of 2022

20 Best Baby Halloween Costumes Of 2022

With fall right around the corner, is it too early to start shopping for baby Halloween costumes? Of course not!

You know as much as I do that costume shopping doesn’t always go as planned – you might have picked the cutest costume for your baby’s first Halloween, only for your baby to hate it with a passion, sending you right back to the drawing board.

Lucky for you, I’m here to save your Halloween plans with twenty costume picks I’m sure you will love. From cute animals to witches and vampires, there are costumes to suit every parent’s taste.

Whether you’re going all-in with a family costume, or just want to dress up your baby, I hope this year’s Halloween is a blast!

1. Rubie’s Baby Elvis Costume

Your little one will be the star of the neighborhood in this little Elvis costume! It includes booties and a hat – complete with “The King” and “Elvis Lives” details – as well as gold, blue, and red details in the front.

You can kick the costume up a notch with a pair of baby sunglasses and turn it into one of the cutest baby Halloween costumes of the year!

2. Party City Turtle Crawler Halloween Costume For Babies

Okay, this Halloween costume for babies is not your traditional kids costume – but it’s perfect for parents who’d like to dress up their baby in something both unique and adorable at the same time. And this turtle outfit ticks all the boxes!

If you live in a colder climate, this adorable baby costume will be perfect because it’s warm and your baby can wear it over a onesie, for example. It also comes with cute little booties so that your baby’s feet don’t get cold.

My favorite part about this costume is the super cute hood with the big eyes, but the colorful shell comes in at a close second!
It fits babies from 6 to 12 and 12 to 24 months, so it’s an excellent toddler Halloween costume, too.

3. Disguise Dumbo Infant Costume

Giant ears and an adorable yellow hat make this a super fun costume for your kiddo! It’s made from a soft material that your little girl or boy will be very comfortable in but note that the costume doesn’t include pants.

It comes in two sizes – 6-12 months and 12-18 months – and it’s really well made, too. No need to worry that the ears will flop down!

4. Carter’s Baby Halloween Costume – Unicorn

A really sweet Halloween costume idea for your little girl’s first Halloween is to dress her up as a unicorn!

Not only is it a total attention stealer, but this costume is really warm, too.

You’ll love that it’s machine washable so it can be reused for another party or handed down when your baby grows out of it.

It includes a unicorn onesie with a hood and pink details, a pair of striped tights, and a white long-sleeved T-shirt.

5. Hershey Kiss Baby Costume

Considering that Halloween is all about going trick-or-treating for candy, a Hershey’s Kisses costume sounds like a pretty good idea if you ask me.

It comes with a little hat with the classic “Kisses” ribbon on it and a tunic in a matching color. If the weather is cold, your baby can wear a pair of tights or a onesie underneath.

6. Baby Boys’ Silly Shark Costume

Do you remember when the Baby Shark song was everywhere? Now you can relive that era with one of the cutest baby Halloween costumes – a baby shark!

It’s designed as a jumpsuit but includes snaps so you can change diapers easily. It comes with fin-shaped booties that add to the overall shark look but you can replace them with regular shoes, too.

Overall, this is a really cute baby costume for which you’ll get tons of compliments.

7. The Incredibles Halloween Costume

Let’s switch gears for a moment with a superhero costume! The Incredibles is a beloved kids’ movie (and a favorite of many adults, too) and makes for a great family costume idea.

If you do decide to celebrate Halloween as the Incredibles, you’ll definitely need this costume. It includes a bodysuit and a fun mask, although I can’t guarantee that your little superhero will want to keep it on while you trick or treat.

The costume does not include booties so be prepared with a pair of your own shoes.

8. Dress-Up-America Bee Costume

Two words – cuteness overload! This bee costume is made from a very soft material that will keep your munchkin warm while you go door to door collecting candy.

The back of the costume has wings and the hood has yellow antennas to make your baby look like a total cutie pie!

9. Captain America Costume

I know that Superman and Batman are very popular baby Halloween costumes but in case you want to give another superhero a try, you should definitely consider Captain America and bring a little patriotism to your Halloween festivities!

Overall, this is a great Halloween costume for a baby and you can use it for other occasions that aren’t Halloween, too.

10. Harry Potter Costume for Girls

Millennial parents are going to go crazy over this Harry Potter costume for babies. It’s designed to resemble a Hogwarts girls’ uniform that belongs to the Gryffindor house.

11. InCharacter Lil’ Lion Costume

If you’re entering a costume contest with your little one, you can bet that this lion costume will snatch the first prize. Besides, you can never go wrong with animal costumes for Halloween.

This lion costume includes a big mane, booties, and even a removable tail. It’s made from polyester and will keep your little lion warm in colder weather.

12. Fun World InCharacter Baby Lil’ Monkey Costume

If you’re looking for a cute yet funny baby costume, I think you’ll love this monkey one! In addition to a hoodie with monkey ears and a tail, the costume features a pair of booties.

It’s very comfortable to wear and great for colder weather, you can even layer it with a romper underneath.

13. Red Minnie Mouse Costume for Infants

I know princess and Snow White costumes are really popular when it comes to baby Halloween costumes for girls but I think this Minnie Mouse costume is a great alternative.

I love the tutu-shaped polka dot skirt and there’s a headband with ears included to complete the look. Apart from Halloween, this is also a lovely outfit for kids’ birthday parties.

14. Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Costume for Baby

You can’t have Minnie Mouse without Mickey Mouse, right? And this original Disney costume is fun and cleverly designed, too. For example, Mickey’s nose makes a squeaking noise when you squish it.

The costume includes a removable hoodie and Mickey’s famous white gloves. With a pair of black tights and a long-sleeved black shirt underneath, you will be good to go!

15. InCharacter Lil’ Stinker Infant/Toddler Costume

If you’re on the lookout for funny baby Halloween costumes, this skunk costume will make your day. Is there anything more hilarious than seeing your little stinker dressed up as a tiny skunk?

It’s a great choice for younger babies because it’s made from a comfy material and there is a hoodie to keep their head warm while you go trick-or-treating.

16. Yoda Halloween Costume for Babies

I bet that among you there are a lot of Star Wars fans reading this who would love a baby Yoda costume for your little one.

Since there are a million different Yoda costumes for kids, it was hard to make a choice but I had to go with this one as it’s well made and really cute.

17. Disguise Deluxe Infant Jessie Costume

Toy Story is one of those kids’ movies that I genuinely enjoy watching over and over again. Although Woody’s character gets a lot of love around Halloween, I decided to feature a Jessie costume in case you’d like a cowgirl-themed costume for your baby girl.

This is a one-piece costume but it’s very well made and designed to help you change diapers easily. You will also get the red hat with your order to complete the Jessie look.

​18. InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome

If you want to pick a unique costume that will have everyone in your neighborhood go aww, what about dressing your little one up as a gnome?

It’s quick, easy, and you don’t need any other accessories as the costume has everything you need.

19. Count Dracula Costume

What are fall festivities without vampire costumes? This dracula costume will help you put the spook in your trick-or-treating and get lots of compliments, too.

The costume is made from soft plush material and includes a cape. There’s even a little bowtie to make your little vampire extra fancy!

20. California Costumes Baby Girls’ Crafty Lil’ Witch

Witch costumes are pretty much synonymous with Halloween and are a classic costume you can’t go wrong with. This dress and hat combo by California Costumes will transform your baby girl into a crafty witch in no time!

The black and white striped shirt which you can see in the picture is actually part of the costume but you can layer the costume with additional clothing underneath if it’s a particularly cold day.

To Wrap Up

You have to admit that Halloween is a very special holiday, especially when you’re a kid. It’s an interlude to Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the joys the colder seasons bring!

And what better way is there to make magical memories for your kids than with clever costumes and trick-or-treating late into the night?

Whether the whole family decides to get matching costumes or not, I know that your little one will enjoy their Halloween and all the magic that comes with it!

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