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25 Best Christmas Gifts For Boys In 2022

25 Best Christmas Gifts For Boys In 2022

Have you started searching for Christmas gifts for boys in your family?

I’m guessing you need some inspiration, that’s why I present you with 25 of the best Christmas gifts for boys that will help you put smiles on kids’ faces.

Of course, you could always ask your little tyke to make you a list of things he wants, but we already know how that’s going to turn out: lots of currently popular games or toys he’ll get bored of in a few days, so it’s better to write your list instead.

Action figures and unpractical toys that break easily are not things that will keep boys occupied for a long period of time, and, let’s face it, videogames and smartphones aren’t always the healthiest way for kids to spend their free time.

Fortunately, there are many good, useful, and interesting gifts that will provide boys with hours of fun and won’t be super complicated or messy to use and play with.

Most of them are not the stocking stuffer size, but will sure look beautiful under the Christmas tree.

These are Christmas gift ideas I’m certain boys are going to love!

1. Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

Now, this is something boys of all ages love! There’s something satisfying about hearing that sound as you pump the toy to shoot. There’s also a rush of adrenaline and lots of laughter that follows.

This nerf gun has three different ways to blast the missile and there’s no battery needed!

It’s fun enough for a 12-year-old kid, but I wouldn’t be surprised if adults get a kick out of it too. It’s just pure fun and a great toy for boys who love playing strategic games as well as competing in a healthy way.

Get your boys these nerf blasters and make their holiday fun and full of happy memories.

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2. Skateboard With Colorful LED Light Up Wheels

Board games are fun, electronic and videogames are too, but a good old skateboard is always the most fun! Why so?

Skateboarding is one of those activities that doesn’t have a certain goal. You don’t win or lose. That’s fun because it inspires creativity. It’s also a great way to get to know what your body is capable of.

No matter how small or simple a trick your kid does, he will feel the rush of adrenaline and be proud of himself.

There are no rules, just many open possibilities and pushing the limits. There’s no right or wrong way of using it – just pure fun!

Unplug your little mister from wi-fi and, instead of playing Fortnite all day long, let him challenge himself with a little bit of outdoor action.

3. Snap Circuits – Electronics Exploration Kit

This is probably the best way to introduce your kids to electronics and it’s especially a hit among little boys. In fact, I think it’s maybe one of the best Christmas gifts for boys on this list.

If your kid shows any interest in electronics – loves gadgets, building, and mechanics – this is the way to go. This kit contains over 60 parts and a manual with almost 300 projects to build!

Projects include building an electric fan, lie detector, radio, lamp brightness control, and many more fascinating DIY projects.

With this kit, children can learn by doing, which is the best way to learn. It’s simply a cool toy with many benefits.

4. Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

If your kid isn’t yet introduced to this magical maze game, it’s high time. These kinds of games are one of the best gift ideas.

This popular retro game is popular for a reason.

It’s made for two to four players and geared toward children aged seven and over. It’s very easy to understand and super fun to play, with one play lasting around a half-hour.

The goal is to find the shortest way through the maze and win! The game includes playing boards, maze and treasure cards, and four playing pieces.

Board games are the easiest way to get the family together and share some laughs.

5. Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

We already know that kids love Minecraft. They probably watch lots of videos and love to use their phones too.

Here’s an idea. Let them combine all of those things and make Minecraft films! This set comes with real-life objects and a mobile app so your kid can be a movie director.

The possibilities are endless; all that’s needed is a little bit of imagination and creativity. When the film is done, your boy can share it with other Minecraft fans and tell his very own story.

6. Spike Battle Ball Game Set

This game is great for family gatherings! It’s similar to volleyball in a way because you need to bounce the ball back and forth on the net.

It’s played in teams and a great outdoor activity to distract kids from vegging on the couch and playing video games.

Teams need to stand opposite each other and the game starts when one of the players toss the ball in the air and spike it down on the net towards team two.

The rest of the rules are easy to follow, so kids will get the hang of it pretty easily after just one round!

This set comes with a foldable net and 3 balls (that also glow in the dark – how cool is that!) It also sports a handy carry case, which means you can easily transfer and carry it anywhere you like.

It’s great to play in backyards, lawns, beaches, and any open space.

7. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Is there a better way to get your kid interested in coding than a Harry Potter coding kit?

Coding is real-life magic and this is the best way to introduce it to your kid. Not only that, but he will have to build a wand on his own.

As you already know, knowledge of programming languages is already considered a must-have skill, so why not introduce your child at an early age?

It’s useful, practical, and fun, all rolled into one.

Not to mention that the Harry Potter theme goes well with the Christmas theme. Doesn’t a cozy Hogwarts room immediately come to mind?

Your boy will learn to assemble electronic parts, learn to write simple code, and make a feather fly, cast spells, create creatures, and so on.

Besides, everything Harry Potter themed is always double the fun!

8. Mini Donut Maker Machine For Kid-Friendly Breakfast

I’m big on teaching kids useful things through fun and games. This mini donut maker is certainly a fun way to learn.

Of course, it’s not suitable for the little ones, but it’s great for older kids and tweens to learn the basics of cooking (under your supervision, of course).

You can teach him to make his own batter or simply go with premade cake or brownie mix. One batch consists of 7 mini donuts that you can frost, glaze, fill, and top with whatever he wants.

Let him choose everything and do it all by himself.

No kid can say no to donuts.

9. Gaming Headset

When it comes to gifts for boys, nothing beats anything that’s gaming related. It’s just something boys love and appreciate.

This gaming headset has all they need. It’s lightweight yet durable.

It has a detachable noise-canceling mic, the audio is powerful, and it has a braided cable. It also comes with an advanced audio control mixer and bass adjustment slider. What else do you need?

This gift is a safe buy and you can never go wrong with it.

10. Ringer Darts Toss Game

Simple, super fun, and straight to the point. You’ve got the board, hooks, and rings – the question is who will toss the most rings on the hook? Sounds simpler than it is.

This game is a much, much safer version of traditional darts and that’s why it’s so great for children.

There’s no fear of poking someone’s eye or any other terrible thought you had while eyeing those metal missiles used in traditional darts.

No danger and the same amount of fun is what I call success.

11. Spalding Over The Door Unit

Another classic game that will never get old, and it’s especially great for teen boys. Who didn’t have one of these attached to the bedroom door and practice dunks?

This mini hoop is all your boy needs to have fun and transform his bedroom into an NBA sports arena. The basketball hoop is high quality and made of steel with a heavy-duty plastic backboard.

Your boy and his friends will be able to compete with one another and test their skills with no danger of hurting themselves. Sounds like a win-win to me!

12. Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

The Rock Tumbler kit is a gift no one expects but everyone enjoys. There’s something captivating about making rough stones turn into pretty gems.

Other than that, this is a great way to inspire a lifelong fascination with geology. Once your boy is done with rock tumbling, it’s a great idea to use the gems stones in a creative project.

13. Carpool Karaoke Mic

This one is self-explanatory. It’s a great gift for kids, but essentially it’s for everyone. Christmas gifts for boys don’t always have to be about racecars and superheroes.

Holiday seasons are made for a karaoke session with the family. Everyone loves it, young and old. It brings so much laughter and joy to everyone present.

What’s a better way to put a smile on your family faces and just enjoy their company than embarrassing yourself while trying to hit those Mariah Carey notes? Exactly.

I’m sure your kid will find something to sing to and it’ll be something you never heard of, because for once, they don’t have their headphones on.

14. Portable Ping Pong Set

Another all-time classic. Ping pong! A cool gift everybody’s going to love.

With this set, you can play the ping pong on any table that’s up to 72” wide and 2” thick. You can take it anywhere and the setup is easy, so your boy won’t have a problem doing it on his own.

It can be played indoors or outdoors, on a kitchen table or in your child’s bedroom.

Why is table tennis such a hit among all generations? The answer’s easy. It can be played by anyone of any age. A 10-year-old boy can easily beat a grown-up man with just a little practice.

It’s not an easy game to play, but it’s simple to set up and can be brought along everywhere.

Ping pong is highly addictive, plus it’s a great way to get your child active and even let him blow off some steam if he needs to.

15. LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle

Lego is a staple in every boy’s room and for good reason. It’s a great way to improve creativity and refine his problem-solving ability.

Not only that, but when played with others, it encourages teamwork and communication skills. Legos even help with developing fine motor skills as well as dexterity.

Overall, Legos make great Christmas gifts for boys, especially if they love Minecraft (and I know they do).

If they’re more into superheroes, there’s a Marvel series too, and if they like the space-themed games, then Star Wars Legos are the perfect gift.

16. Arcade Pro Scooter

Along with skateboards, scooters are a great option to encourage your kid to go and play outside.

Kids – boys and girls alike – they all love scooters and it’s one of their favorite ways to go around in their neighborhoods. Since it’s a riding toy, it does carry a certain risk, but overall it’s the safest kind of this kind of outdoor activity.

It requires almost no training and is a great everyday exercise for kids.

This scooter is lightweight, durable, easily stored, and great for an entry-level and beginner rider. It’s suitable for boys ages 8 and above.

This gift will look grand under the Christmas tree for sure.

17. Wildlands: Four-Player Core Set

This gift may not be for every boy out there, but I assure you that most of them will be enchanted by this fantasy game. Especially if you search for the perfect gift for a nerdy boy, this might be it.

Wildlands is a high-quality game with very interesting gameplay filled with spells, mages, and other fantasy creatures (not everything has to be CGI to seem real!) It’s important to keep our imaginations alive.

The game consists of cards, figures, playing board, counter, tokens. All that’s needed, of course, is the players’ tactics and the will to fight for victory!

18. Big Art Set

Some kids like video games, some like cars, basketball, or slime (what’s up with that anyway?) but for some, nothing can compete with a plain sheet of white paper and Crayola.

There was one period in time when my boy wanted to do nothing but draw Pokemons all the time. It’s safe to say that I owe Pokemons a lot for the moments of peace they provided me.

Jokes aside, children’s talent shouldn’t be ignored but encouraged, and there’s no better way than investing in something that will help them grow.

To inspire your boy even more, buy him this big art set and make sure he keeps on drawing and exploring his talent. He’s going to love it.

The set includes a few different mediums that your kiddo will love exploring.

19. SANROCK U52 Drone

Drones! There’s something excitingly futuristic about them and that’s why kids love ’em. It’s almost like a remote control car experience but placed in the sky.

There’s no way a boy will not be stunned by this present. Drones are a very versatile gift that can be used by everyone and for different purposes. They’re also a great way to spark interest in robotics and electronics.

20. Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game

One thing’s for sure, you can never go wrong with Disney.

Disney is undoubtedly one of the most successful companies that kids just love to love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game or a movie, if it’s Disney themed, they’ll love it.

This board/card game is Disney Villain themed, which makes it more interesting to play. Sometimes villains just have more fun, so why shouldn’t your boy?

It’s great for playing with family or devoted Disney fans.

Instructions are clear and easy to learn. The rest is up to the player, the villain he chooses, and his strategy. Good luck!

21. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a great gift for a tween kid. In this period of his life, he starts to develop his music taste and actually listens to the music he chooses. It’s a neutral yet useful gift your boy is going to love and use often.

Most gadgets with everyday use are welcome in the life of a tween and the rest of the family too. The great thing is that it’s waterproof too, so he can take it along to pool parties, hiking, camping, and even while taking a bath or shower.

22. Nintendo Switch

Now, let’s be honest. This is the ultimate gift for a kid that no parent wants to buy.

Yes, I already mentioned how staring at all types of screens isn’t the best way to spend time, but there’s no doubt that this gift will make your kid happy like nothing else.

It’s possible to control the time your child spends playing games and with a little bit of healthy communication and patience from your side, something like a Nintendo switch can even be useful in its own way.

23. Marvel T-Shirt

Another simple yet unmistakably great gift for boys. They never get tired of anything that’s action-themed, especially if it’s of their favorite superhero.

We all had that one special, most favorite T-shirt of all that we remember through childhood photos, and they live in our memories and recall sweet nostalgia.

You won’t go wrong with choosing superhero shirts as a gift. Your boy will proudly wear it and probably even make a friend or two because of it.

24. The Ultimate Hot Wheels Starter Set

The Ultimate says it all. It’s a little boy’s ultimate dream to own one of these sets.

It comes with no less than 50 cars, all individually packed, so it’s possible to share them with other kids and family members. Perfect for Christmas time.

25. Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition (Amazon Exclusive)

Another best-selling classic that never fails. Scrabble is a great gift for kids and, for that matter, anybody who enjoys company and a good time.

Why is it such a staple game?

Through Scrabble, kids learn new words. It also involves strategy, because it’s not enough to just place the word wherever, but to be smart about where you put your next word.

The other thing with Scrabble is that it improves kids’ focus and memory. Scrabble definitely requires a fair amount of focus and thinking to get you a good result.

All of this makes it an essential family game everyone loves to play.

Wrap Up

The holiday season is a great time to gift kids with things that will last them for a long time. We shouldn’t forget that Christmas isn’t just about the presents, but also the experience of togetherness and family love.

That’s why you want to give your boy something he can enjoy and share with others too, as well as something that will inspire him to learn about new things.

Toys are a great way to allow your kid to discover what truly sparks passion in him and pick up a skill he will need later in life. For some boys, it’s robotics. For others, art. It doesn’t matter, as long as they’re interested and happy.

We should never ignore things our kids have an affinity for because that’s exactly what could lead them to their career and life fulfillment in the future.

Instead, we should do our best to provide them with things that make them curious about life, their surroundings, and themselves.

A happy kid is a kid whose needs are met. And the only way to know those needs is to listen and notice what your kid loves to do, then implement it in his everyday life. And these Christmas gifts for boys are a great way to start!


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