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Dream Of Carrying A Baby In My Arms – Meanings And Symbolism

Dream Of Carrying A Baby In My Arms – Meanings And Symbolism

Dreams are typically imaginary stories created by our brains while we sleep that represent various parts of daily life.

There are a lot of dream interpretations and it’s believed every dream has a hidden meaning.

A dream of a baby is one of the most pleasant things for most people, as babies represent peace, innocence, and harmony, but it can mean other things, as well.

I had a recurring dream of carrying a baby in my arms when I was pregnant so I did some research and found out that dreaming about a baby means discovering a part of your inner child, vulnerable and helpless, as well as a new beginning in life.

This was one of the most vivid pregnancy dreams I had, even though all I dreamed about was breastfeeding.

Bringing a new life into this world is one of the most beautiful and purest experiences, but it’s a great responsibility as well.

It’s natural to feel fear and anxiety during this period as you take responsibility for a tiny little creature who’s 100% dependent on you. You’re worried about the kind of mother you’ll be and whether you’ll be able to handle it all.

Babies are helpless and vulnerable and depend on you, at least until they become toddlers.

Dreaming about a baby in your arms can have different meanings, so I made a list of the most common dreams of carrying a baby in your arms.

Dream Of Carrying A Baby In My Arms – Symbolism And Hidden Meanings

young mother holding her baby son in arms

Babies are the purest human form, completely innocent and unaware of the world they live in.

Even though babies can’t talk or show emotions in the same manner as older children and grownups do, those little munchkins represent love and gentleness just by the way they look.

However, babies do represent much bigger things in life, as well.

They symbolize a new beginning for parents, as their lives change completely.

A baby girl represents long journeys ahead while dreaming about having a baby boy represents strength.

On the other hand, both girls and boys may stand as symbols of conflict and argument in waking life at the workplace or in your love life.

This usually comes from the insecurity and anxiety of having a child and being responsible for a helpless tiny human creature.

Carrying a baby boy in your arms

mother holding her newborn baby son on shoulder at home

Have you ever had a dream of holding or carrying a baby boy in your arms?

This holds a very strong message of success and fulfillment of your deepest wishes and desires.

It can also represent a big change in your life, be it in love, career, or life, but not all changes are positive, unfortunately.

If you’re in a relationship and dream about holding a baby boy, it might mean that you will go through some sort of a crisis with your partner, which might lead to a break-up.

If you notice sudden negative changes within your relationship, try to sort things out with your partner before it’s too late.

It can also represent a wish to take control of an area of your life.

If there’s something that’s bothering you, your mind is trying to tell you it’s time to face your fears, break your silence about those things, and have a major breakthrough.

This dream can be a signal of health problems too, so make sure to take more care of your physical wellbeing and respond to the signals that your body is sending you.

Carrying a baby girl in your arms

young mother holding baby girl wrapped into pink cloth

If you’re a single person dreaming of holding a baby girl in your arms, you might pack your bags very soon and go on a journey for professional or private purposes.

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Generally, it’s not a good sign to dream about holding a baby girl, because it signals conflict and disagreements in the near future.

You may experience obstacles in the workplace from other coworkers or your superior which might affect your career, but your health, too.

Lifting a baby and carrying them around

smiling young mother carrying newborn baby at home by the window

You’ve probably lifted a child many times in your life even if you don’t have your own child yet, be it a sibling’s, cousin’s, or friend’s baby.

Your brain memorizes all these images and plays them over again in your dreams regardless of when this particular moment happened.

But, there’s a deeper meaning behind it and it’s not a coincidence that you’re dreaming about it at a certain period of time.

This dream is usually a good omen as it implies financial growth.

It can be a higher profit or a significant increase in savings.

Also, it doesn’t have to be an increase at all.

It may serve as a warning that if someone asks you to lend them money, you might never see it again.

Holding a crying baby

young mother holding crying baby boy in arms

If the baby is crying when you hold it, this dream means you should probably avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

It may be a meeting with some people, a family gathering, or anything else that might be unpleasant for you.

This may also represent your own immaturity.

If a part of you feels neglected by your loved ones, your brain might be trying to tell you that you need more attention and nurturing.

If the baby cries without stopping and you can’t calm them down, it’s a warning about a possible danger in the near future.

Be more careful when around people, don’t tell everything to everyone as they might use it against you when you least expect it.

Carrying a baby while breastfeeding

mother breastfeeding her newborn baby

Pregnant women usually have this dream before delivering the baby.

This dream brings peace and happiness into their homes even before the baby is born.

Dreaming about carrying a baby while breastfeeding is a very important thing for non-pregnant women, as well.

This means you have become a responsible adult, ready for new challenges.

The journey, however, has just started as now you need to prove yourself in your career and private life.

Organize your priorities and stick to them, regardless of what other people think about them.

You can start a brand new project and enjoy new opportunities that are ahead of you in real life.

Don’t let anyone bring you down or convince you that you’re not capable of doing great things.

Holding a dead baby

sad mother sitting in nursery and hugging teddy bear

This dream usually turns into a nightmare and most people wake up from it in tears.

Babies are very delicate and sweet – it’s scary to see them lifeless.

If you dream of carrying a dead baby, it means some of your new ideas, plans, and projects might not be successful.

Make sure to weigh all pros and cons before investing your time and money into a new project and develop a good strategy.

It can also mean you have a close person, family member, or friend, in your waking life who’s jealous of your success and may try to sabotage it in your career or love life.

Naivety and innocence might cost you a lot in life, so be careful about who you let into your inner circle.

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Carrying an ugly baby

Loving mother hand holding sleeping newborn baby child

This is a very interesting dream. First of all, the term “ugly” is usually quite subjective.

For example, some people think all newborn babies are ugly, while others don’t.

But, if you think you dreamt about holding an ugly baby, it may reflect what you think about yourself.

This can be a sign of your own insecurities regarding your physical appearance.

Also, dreaming about an ugly baby means that you don’t have trust in your friends or colleagues and that you constantly re-examine their intentions, even though there might not be any cause for such doubts.

Holding a newborn baby

mother holding tenderly her newborn baby boy on chest

Pregnant women dream about the moment when they’ll finally get to meet their newborns, but even women who aren’t pregnant may dream about holding an infant.

If you’re in a relationship or marriage and dream about a newborn, it may mean your mother instincts are telling you that you’re ready to become a mommy.

This dream is typically followed by dreams about delivering a baby, especially if you’re expecting your first child.

Of course, none of those dreams have to be connected to having a baby at all.

A newborn in your dream may signify a new phase in your life.

Now is the time to let everything from the past stay in the past.

Your time is now and in the future, so make use of it wisely.

Holding the baby’s hand while walking for the first time

mother holding baby for hands while teaching him to walk

Dreaming about a baby who’s making her first steps is a good omen as well.

It can also signal the arrival of unexpected guests in the upcoming days.

This event represents a big milestone in a baby’s life and it might be the same for your life, too.

Holding a baby while they pee or poop

smiling mother learning baby how to sit on a potty

It may not be the most pleasant situation in real life, but having a dream of holding a baby while it’s pooping is actually a great thing.

It means you can count on your friends whenever you need their help and that your friends are full of love and respect for you.

The same goes for carrying a baby while it pees.

This dream means you will have an opportunity to travel abroad for work and that you may get a chance of earning a lot of money.

You might expect positive outcomes of recent actions too.

Carrying a sleeping baby

pretty mother holding sleeping baby on her chest on the bed

During the first few months, a sleeping baby will only be in your dreams.

But, mom jokes aside, carrying a sleeping baby in your dreams may be very beneficial to you.

Babies look very peaceful and happy when they sleep, and that’s an indicator of your own happiness and peacefulness in waking life.

You could also receive some good news or enjoy a happy time with your family.

Holding a smiling baby in your arms

mother holding cute smiling baby on her legs

Smiling babies make you laugh no matter how you feel at that moment.

There are even a ton of beautiful quotes about smiling babies, and my favorite one is: “One can resist everything in the world except the smile of a baby.”

Babies show only pure emotion, and smiling is one of the cutest ones that completely melts your heart.

If you dream of carrying a smiling baby, it will bring you a healthy relationship with your family and friends.

You feel secure and deeply connected to your inner child. People love you because you have a friendly nature.

Dream of carrying a baby in my arms (other meanings)

young mother carrying and cuddling with her baby in arms

If an unmarried man dreams about holding a baby, there are a lot of good things waiting for him in the near future.

It might be a successful project, promotion at work, or success in any other field.

This is a good time to start new tasks and projects.

If an entrepreneur dreams about carrying a baby in her arms, it will indicate financial success.

This is a good sign of increasing profit and wealth and an end of a financial crisis in the company.

Married people and people in relationships dream of carrying babies for less lovely reasons.

Most would say they have those dreams because they’re eager to have babies together, but that’s not always the case.

The dream of carrying a baby may cause emotional regression, conflict, and arguments in the relationship.

If two people don’t speak openly about it, they end up being unhappy or ending the relationship/marriage.

For travelers, such dreams might mean a short delay of the trip for an unknown reason, but it will be resolved relatively quickly.

I don’t want to be harsh on students, but unfortunately, if a student dreams about carrying a baby, this might mean she’s not ready to take the exam and feels rather insecure, which can often lead to failing it.

If you dream of dropping the baby, it may seem like a nightmare to you, but it’s actually your brain telling you to let go of certain things.

This dream shows that you’re ready to let go of your old habits or a connection to the person you felt close to in the past, but now you feel nothing.

Why do we dream?

young woman sleeping in comfortable bed and dreaming

There are a lot of theories about the purpose of dreaming, but no theory has scientifically been proven yet.

One widely held theory says that people dream to store all information and memories of the things we have learned or have seen and heard.

This theory claims that the brain sorts memories during the dreaming period, discards everything that’s not important, and stores only important information.

This makes sense, as our dreams usually consist of various images from real life mixed into one imaginary story.


My dream of carrying a baby in my arms was like a prediction of my pregnancy and I was really surprised how dreams can be indicators for future events in our lives.

The baby is a symbol of purity, innocence, naivety, and blessing in most cases.

But, it can also reflect negative emotions like anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, or emotional regression. These are quite common during pregnancy when you’re feeling anxious about your unborn child and your abilities as a parent.

Life with babies is not just about peace and happiness.

I like to think that dreams are here just to encourage us to take a step.

Even if the meaning is negative, the dream pushes you to take the first step and release yourself from toxic people and situations in life.

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