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115 Most Beautiful Cuban Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

115 Most Beautiful Cuban Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

Are you a fan of Cuban names or Spanish culture in general? Are you in search of a name for your baby? If your answers are yes, then this list will be perfect for you! I am sure you will be able to find the perfect name for your baby.

It is not an easy task to name a baby, especially if you prefer unusual names. Before you name your child, you should always check the meaning first and whether or not it’s a traditional name.

When we mention Cuba, the first thing that comes to our mind is Havana, or “La Habana”, the capital and one of the most attractive places in the country.

Cuba is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world with a very rich culture.

Most of the names come from the Spanish colonial period, but there are other influences, as well.

For example, the reason why people from the 1970s and 1980s belong to “generation Y” is usually connected to the Soviet Union influence. It is believed that most of the people born during that period had names starting with “Y” like Yuan, Yenifer, Yunior, or Yaniel.

There is the influence of English names as well, which confirms the fact that Cuban monikers are the most diverse and unique names you can find in the world.

If you want your little one to have a unique name with a Hispanic twist, search no more! I’m certain one of these popular Cuban names from my list will be “the one” for your kiddo!

Popular Cuban Names For Girls With Meaning

1. Acindina

beautiful baby girl with big blue eyes lying on the bed

With the meaning of “safe”, this beautiful name traces its origins back to Greece. Hopefully, the meaning of this name will follow your little munchkin throughout life.

2. Adoncia

This name is quite similar to the first one, but the meaning is completely different. Adoncia means “sweet” in Spanish.

3. Alejandra

This baby name is very common, in female and male versions (Alejandro). Alejandra means “defender of mankind” and it is the Hispanic form of the Greek name Alexandra.

4. Alicia

Alicia is popular in most Hispanic countries. The meaning of the name derives from French Aliz which means “noble kind” and has been Latinized to Alesia, Alicia.

5. Andrea

This name is actually universal. It has been used in all parts of the world, so you can’t go wrong with it for your baby. Even though it’s mostly used in Italy, there are a lot of Cuban girls named Andrea. The name itself means “manly”.

6. Aymee

This baby name is very cute and it is actually the Spanish form of the English name “Amy”. Aymee means “loved one, beloved”.

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7. Barbara

Don’t be a stranger, girl! Jokes aside, this means “foreign woman”, and the name is of Greek origin.

8. Beatriz

baby-girl-lying-on-the-pillow (1)

With Beatriz, you will never feel sad, since she is the “bringer” of joy, as her name says.

9. Benita

This is a very unique name for your baby girl if you live outside Cuba, and it means “blessed one”. You can’t wish anything better for your kid, right?

10. Blanca

Blanca is pure and innocent, as the meaning is “white”. It is not a traditional name, but it is growing in popularity.

11. Camila

The younger generation typically starts singing “I love it when you call me senorita” when they hear this name because of Camila Cabello. The original meaning of the name is “junior ceremonial attendee” or “religious servant”.

12. Clara

Clara is definitely one of the loveliest baby girl names. It means “bright”, so every Clara has her own light on the path of life.

13. Claudia

Claudia is also of Hispanic origin, and it means “enclosure”.

14. Carmen

This name has several meanings, depending on the origin, so in Hebrew, it means “guardian”, in Latin it means “song” and in Spanish, it means “garden”. And some also say it means “red”, which is not incorrect.

15. Damasia

This name is very connected to history and geography since it means “of the Adriatic Sea”.

16. Edelira

adorable girl wearing pink clothes and trendy headband while posing for a photo

This is a great name for your heiress since it means “noble heritage”.

17. Elena

This name comes from Greek mythology. Other forms of the name are Helen, Elene, or Elin. It means “bright”.

18. Elisa

Elisa is a beautiful baby girl name often heard not only in Cuba, but in other countries, too. With the meaning of “devoted to God”, this is a name with Spanish origins.

19. Eva

This name is short and cute, but it has a powerful meaning of “life-giving”. It may not be the most unique name for your baby, but it surely is a strong one.

20. Ezmeralda

Ezmeralda is a pretty unusual name and it stands for the Cuban version of Esmeralda. Even though the names are pronounced differently, they both mean “emerald” in Spanish.

21. Floramaria

If you know at least a little bit of Spanish, you will figure out the meaning in no time. Floramaria means “flower of Mary” and that is just way too cute!

22. Gertrudis

Strong, independent, “admired warrior woman”. I bet you can’t come up with a better name for your baby girl!

23. Gisele

Gisele is one of the Cuban baby names which shows European influence in the country and its culture. It originates from Germany and it means “pledge”.

24. Hermosa

sleeping newborn baby girl in a basket

Hermosa is a traditional name of Hispanic origin and as you probably already guessed, it means “beautiful”. Is there a better name to give your baby?

25. Ines

The name Ines became quite common in Cuba after the story of famous Portuguese Queen Ines of Castro was revealed.

The meaning is not clear, though. Some people say it means “pure and holy”, while others claim it means “attentive partner, sociable being”. Both meanings are beautiful, so you won’t make a mistake if you name your baby Ines.

26. Isabel

Cubans are a spiritual nation so a lot of people carry names with spiritual meanings. Many names from this list are connected to religion and Isabel is also one of them, with the meaning “pledged to God”.

27. Itxaro

This is such a unique name and I’m sure you’ll love it, especially if you like names that stand out. When translated from Spanish, it means “hope”.

28. Ivelisse

This is a cute baby girl name with origins in the Spanish language. The meaning of the name is “life” – simple, yet striking.

29. Jacqueline

This is a common French feminine moniker that means “supplanter”. Surprisingly, it is a popular Caribbean baby girl name.

30. Juanita

Juanita is a simple, catchy name and yet it is one of the most gracious names meaning “God is gracious”.

31. Liliana

Similar to Floramaria, Liliana also represents flowers, to be specific, “lily flower”. This is a choice you’ll love if you’re looking for names inspired by plants!

32. Lola

baby girl wearing a bow with a surprised facial expression

Even though Lola is a short, four-letter name, it hides a very powerful and genuine emotion in one word, “sorrowful”.

33. Lur

This three-letter name is quite unusual, but it’s gaining popularity among the Hispanic population. The meaning of the name is “earth” and it is of Basque origin.

34. Maria

One of the most traditional and common names in almost every part of the world is Maria. The origin of the name comes from the Roman form Marius. People usually associate it with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Other forms of the name are Mary, Miriam, or Mirjam.

35. Maricela

If you give your daughter the name Maricela, no one will mess with her, since her name means “warlike, of Mars, young warrior”. It is a combination of the Spanish names Maria and Cella.

36. Mariposa

Mariposa is one of the cutest names for your munchkin. It means “butterfly” and has Spanish origins.

37. Marisa

This moniker is reminiscent of the ocean, as it originates from the Latin term “Maris” (sea) and means “mermaid”. It is quite a common name in Western culture as Marissa.

38. Marisol

Marisol is another name for girls with a Biblical meaning. The origin of the name is not so clear, as some say it is a shorter form of Mary of Solitude (Maria de la Soledad), while others translate it from Spanish as “sea and sun”.

39. Matilde

This moniker is a form of the German name Matilda, meaning “strong in war”. If your baby girl kicks you a lot during pregnancy, you might want to name her Matilde.

40. Neoma

smiling baby lying in the bed and chewing on her fingers

This name is considered a unique and unusual name in Western culture, but it is actually quite common in Hispanic culture, even though it has Greek origins and it means “new moon”.

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41. Novia

Novia is one of the most adorable names and it means “sweetheart”. Cute, right?

42. Ramira

Ramira means “judicious” – maybe Ramira will become a lawyer in the future.

43. Rosa

As the name suggests, the meaning of this moniker is “rose”. Beautiful, yet simple.

44. Safia

Another unusual name of Arabic origin with the beautiful meaning “sincere friend”, which describes that special bond between mother and daughter.

45. Samantha

Here is another religious and spiritual baby name with the meaning “told by God”.

46. Samara

Samara is a really nice and unique name of Hebrew origin which has Biblical origins and means “the one under God’s ruling”.

47. Silvana

Nature lovers who enjoy walking through forests also have this choice for their child’s name. Silvana actually means “forest”, “woodland” and it is of Spanish origin.

48. Silvia

baby sleeping while holding hands with mom

Basically, Silvia is another name for the forest, as well. But, there is a difference between Silvia and Silvana. The first one is of Latin origin and the primary form was “Silva”. Silvana is a Spanish version of this name.

49. Sonia

The story about the origin of this name is quite unclear, so there are two versions of origin: Slavic and Hebrew. Either way, the meaning is the same and that is “wisdom”.

50. Tranquila

If your baby is calm in your belly, you should think about calling her Tranquila, which means “peaceful”. It is a unique name with a Spanish touch. I hope she won’t become the opposite when she grows up!

51. Urbana

This Italian-origin name is perfect for a modern, little girl as it means “of the city”. If you live in a big city, you can call your daughter Urbana!

52. Valeria

Valeria is a name that comes from the Latin word “valere”. It means “strong”, “healthy”, “brave”. It just rolls off the tongue so beautifully, like a queen or a princess.

53. Verita

The first thing that might come to mind is “In Vino Veritas” translated as “In wine, there is truth”. Verita is a variant of the noun veritas, which means “truth”.

54. Veronica

Veronica and Victoria are deeply connected by their meaning, which is “the one who brings victory”. If you want your daughter to be a fierce warrior and a winner, you might just give her this beautiful and strong name.

55. Wendy

Wendy is a typical name in the US, and I was surprised to discover how many women are called Wendy in Cuba. This name is of English origin and it means “friend”.

56. Xiomara

baby smiling while being wrapped up in a towel

Here comes another victorious baby girl name. Xiomara is a traditional name in Hispanic culture, but it is becoming widely popular in other countries as well. The meaning of the name is “ready for battle”, “battle famous”.

57. Ximena

Ximena is also a traditional Spanish name, which means “the one who hears”. I’ve never met any Ximenas, so I can’t really tell if they are good listeners or not, but the name suggests so!

58. Yanet

Yanet is of Hebrew origin and it has a magnificent meaning, “Yahweh (God) is merciful”. This is another of many Cuban names where we can see the influence of the Soviet Union in Cuba by using the letter “Y” at the beginning of the name.

59. Yenifer

Yenifer is another name from generation “Y” in Cuba, but it has a spectacular meaning, “white wave”. This name is a variant of Jennifer.

60. Yolanda

Your daughter is the most beautiful flower in your garden. If you like violets most, then Yolanda is the perfect name for your baby, since this name means “violet”. It comes from Greece.

61. Zamira

Zamira is a name of Arabic origin meaning “thought”. This exotic baby name found its way to Cuba decades ago and has become quite popular.

Popular Cuban Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Alejandro

baby boy laughing on the floor of a white sunny bedroom

Alejandro or Alexander, the great warrior, king, leader, and “defender of mankind”. Alejandro is a common masculine name in Hispanic culture, but it is still very powerful.

2. Alvaro

Alvaro is a traditional Spanish name, which means “cautious”. They never rush to conclusions or actions.

3. Anton

If your son is priceless to you, why not name him Anton? This name has a beautiful meaning which is “being priceless”.

4. Bembe

Bembe is one of the most original names I have ever come across. It sounds interesting and fun, but the meaning is deeper than that. Bembe means “prophet” in Spanish and it is actually a form of the name Barnaby.

5. Camilo

This baby boy is the one who helps, in a religious way and every other one too, meaning “helper of the priest”.

Also, if you want your baby to be named after the famous Colombian singer, Camilo, search no more – this perfect baby boy name is right in front of you.

6. Castilo

For all those parents who are hunting down names with strong meanings, I have a solution and that is Castilo. The name is of Latin origin and it means “castle”, “fortress”.

7. Che

This is probably one of the most famous nicknames in Cuba, but did you know that a lot of people use it as a first name, as well? It actually carries a very strong meaning, “God will increase”. Che is also used as a slang word and it means “hey, pal”, “bro”, or something like that.

8. Cordaro

newborn child sleeping peacefully

A name of Italian origins which means “rope maker” in its original form, cordaio.

9. Desiderio

Now this name has a really special meaning, especially for those who have had to wait to start their family.

Desiderio means “longed-for son”. For all of you who have had to wait for a long time, I truly admire you and I congratulate you on your baby boy. This name is perfect for your little son.

10. Diego

Diego means “supplanter” and it is one of the more traditional names in Cuba.

Many soccer fans name their sons Diego, as well. Wonder why? Because of late Diego Maradona, one of the biggest stars in the history of soccer. If you enjoy sports and want your baby son to like it, too, then this is the right name for him.

11. Edmundo

Edmundo is another version of the English name Edmund and it means “protector or guardian who is wealthy”. If destiny is influenced by the name, your son might be very successful in the future.

12. Elian

Elian is a very popular name in different cultures, but it originates from the Hebrew language and is deeply connected to family and God. This amazing, spiritual, and beautiful name means “the Lord is my God; God is family”.

13. Emeterio

We give every bit of our time to our children and devote ourselves to them completely. If you plan to do the same, then why not give your son the name Emeterio or “he who deserves affection”?

14. Ernesto

Sincere, earnest, always telling the truth, Che Guevara – all of these represent the grand name, Ernesto. This is a fantastic name for little troublemakers who are ready to take over the world!

15. Euxenio

I know, most of you probably think this is a typo. But, it isn’t. This is one of the most unique names which means “born into nobility”. It has a Greek origin.

16. Federico

baby boy crawling on the floor while holding a toy

A leader and a ruler, but a peaceful one. Federico is destined to become powerful, but he will never use force if it’s not necessary.

17. Fernan

Fernan can be a first and last name of Spanish origin. It means “brave and fierce”, and I am sure your son will have all these traits, as well.

18. Fidel

Now Fidel, the direct translation of which is “faithful”, is also the name of the Cuban revolutionary and politician who ruled the country for decades. Fidel is a natural leader, so if you think your son could become one in the future, this is the right name for him.

19. Filiberto

The origins of the name Filiberto are a bit complex. It is a variant of a Germanic name which was transformed into the Latin form of Filibertus and then it came to Italy through France. One of the most common meanings for this name is “very bright”.

20. Francisco

“Free man” or “Frenchman” – you can choose which meaning fits your baby boy best, even though it will probably be the first one (unless you live in France).

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21. Geraldo

The origin of this name is not completely clear, some say it is of Spanish origin, others claim it is Italian. Either way, it means “rules by the spear”. If you give your son this name, surely no one will want to mess with him.

22. Gimoaldo

Gimoaldo has roots in Spanish culture and it means “confessor”. It is a very strong and meaningful name, even though it is quite unusual.

23. Gutierre

It is interesting how most boys’ names are connected to rulership and power. Gutierre is a very powerful name, meaning “army leader”, “ruler”.

24. Hilario

happy baby smiling and looking up

Here is the total opposite of the above-mentioned Gutierre. As the name suggests, this is a Spanish name that means “cheerful; the one who laughs”. If you want your baby to be cheerful and happy, why not give him this name?

25. Homero

Now, this name is a total surprise in Cuba. A lot of people have heard about Homer from Greek mythology and it traveled all the way to today’s Cuba, and became a great success, too!

26. Ireneo

Ireneo is not interested in war or battles or leadership. This fellow is a “lover of peace”, but that doesn’t mean he is weak. To have strength, you first need to discover inner peace, right?

27. Javiero

Javiero is an interesting name with an unusual meaning, “the owner of a new house”.

28. Jose

We could say Jose is more Caribbean than Cuban, but it is quite often heard in Cuba as well, even though Che is considered as the Cuban form of Jose.

29. Juan

Here comes another great Cuban revolutionary – Juan Ameida Bosque who popularized this name in Cuba. Also, if you see your son as a “precious gift from God”, why not name him that way?

30. Julio

Julio is the one who stays young forever. This name means “full of youth” and who can be more full of youth than a baby?

31. Learco

Another very interesting name that comes from Greece. Learco is righteous and a “judge of village”. He will probably become the “judge of your house”, as well.

32. Luis

baby lying on his belly on the floor

This is one of my favorite Cuban names that doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It is a very well-known, but also traditional Spanish name, that means “famous warrior”.

33. Macario

Macario is another adorable name with a cute meaning which is “blessed; happy”. A parent can’t wish for anything better than that.

34. Maceo

If you consider your son to be a gift from God, but you are not a fan of the name Juan, I found another variant with the same meaning, so now you can choose which one you like better.

35. Manuel

Manuel is a blessing to every religious home as it means “God is with us”.

36. Mendo

It may sound unusual to foreigners, but this is actually a traditional Cuban name that means “giving sacrifice to God”.

37. Miguel

This name of Hebrew origin has one of the strongest meanings of all names on this list. Miguel is “the one like God”.

38. Nestor

Nestor derives from Greek mythology, as a son of Neleus, King of Pylos and Choris. The meaning of this name is “who returns from travels”.

39. Osvaldo

This is a name that originates from the German name, Oswald. It means “power of God”. It is a very deep and powerful name.

40. Paz

baby boy laughing while holding a bottle on the floor

Paz is usually used as a moniker for girls, but in Cuba, Paz is a traditional name given to boys, which means “peace”.

41. Pirro

Now, this is a real example of a unique name, with a unique meaning as well, since it translates into “flaming hair”.

42. Quillen

What a unique name this is! I was blown away when I discovered it and just had to share it with you. This name has origins in Spanish, but the meaning is not really clear, some say it means “cub” and others claim it means “woman of heights”.

43. Raul

Raul is almost as equally famous in Cuba as Fidel, which is not a surprise as they were brothers. With the meaning of “wolf counsel”, this makes every person with this name wise and canny.

44. Reinaldo

Now, Reinaldo is a man who is very intelligent, “an advisor to the king”, as the meaning says.

45. Roberto

The parents of Roberto Cavalli probably had no idea how well they named their son. Roberto means “bright fame”, and it has become quite popular in Cuba, even though it derives from the Italian language.

46. Rodolfo

Rodolfo, with roots in the ancient Germanic language, means “glory-wolf”. Rodolfo is a sweet but extremely competitive person, at least by the meaning of the name.

47. Vincente

This is a moniker of Latin origin and it means “prevailing”. It is used as Vincente in Spanish, but the Latin version of this name is Vincent.

48. Yago

baby sleeping with a pacifier in his mouth

Even though this name is pretty modern in Cuba, it is actually an ancient Spanish version of James, which is actually the patron saint of Spain. Yago can also mean “leg-puller”.

49. Yasiel

This is a typical Hebrew-origin name, which means “made by God”. Yasiel is a very unique name and has a really deep meaning. Religious or not, this name is really nice for a baby boy.

50. Yunior

Remember generation “Y”? Well, this name is a part of it and it became really popular from the 1970s until today. It means freedom in every way possible.

51. Yuli

Yuli means “young” in Hebrew, but this name is actually very popular because of a famous baseball player, Yuli Gurriel. A lot of parents give this name to their child because of Gurriel.

52. Yulieski

Yulieski Gonzalez is another famous baseball player and the reason why this is becoming popular in Cuba, too. Yulieski was born and raised in this country and a lot of people are honoring him by naming their sons after him.

53. Yuri

Yuri is an old Russian name, which means “farmer”. Even though it is a pure Russian moniker, it is still used widely in Cuba.

54. Yudel

Yudel in Spanish means “praise”. Maybe it’s better for you not to tell that to your son, or you will have to praise him very often!

To Wrap Up

Don’t worry if you have more than one name that you like from the list. Keep these Cuban names in mind until your baby is born, and when you finally meet them, you will certainly know which one suits your baby girl or baby boy the best.

This list is just a tiny piece of a huge collection of names from all around the world.

Even if you are not from Cuba or any other Spanish-speaking country for that matter, it doesn’t mean you can’t give your baby a unique name.

Just make sure you choose what you think is right! Good luck mammas.

If you are interested in more international names, feel free to check out my recommendations for French baby names, Canadian baby names, and Korean baby names.

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