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50 Best French Boy Names To Give To Your Son In 2021

50 Best French Boy Names To Give To Your Son In 2021

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Are you ready to start considering baby names for your little boy? Picking a name is one of the most exciting milestones for expectant moms and dads, and so many are finding inspiration in French boy names!

​French boy names are beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and yet unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

And who wouldn’t want their baby’s name to be associated with one of the most beautiful countries in the world?

France is not only a country with a rich history that spans hundreds of years but is also known the world over for its mesmerizing capital, Paris, and its fashion, culture, and cuisine.

Not to mention that French is one of the most romantic languages in the world, so there’s absolutely no reason not to consider a few French names for your little one!

blonde boy toddler with french name in lavender summer field

1. Jules

Are you a history buff in love with ancient Rome? Then the name Jules will be right up your alley.

This name comes from the Latin word Julius, which means “devoted to Jove”, that’s most commonly associated with the famous Roman general, Julius Caesar. Incidentally, Julius also makes for a wonderful baby name.

If you’re also interested in French baby girl names, you will be happy to know that Jules can also work as a unique female name.

While it is true that it’s more popular as a boy’s name, there’s been a rising trend of parents giving traditionally masculine names to their daughters – perhaps you’d like to follow in their footsteps?

2. André

André is one of the most popular French baby boy names but it has different versions in many other countries, too.

In English, for example, this name would be Andrew, and in Russian, it is Andrei.

Originally, it comes from the Greek name Andreas, which means a person who is manly, strong, and a warrior.

Smiling Baby Boy Lying On Tummy

3. Antoine

This beautiful French name for a boy is shared by the famous French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who wrote one of my favorite books, The Little Prince.

The name itself means being highly worthy of praise and has its origins in the Latin name Antonius.

4. Beau

The name Beau is one of the most common French names for boys – and when you hear its meaning, you’ll understand why!

This name comes from the adjective “beau”, meaning handsome and attractive.

Some parents also choose to spell it as Bo and as such, it’s also one of the more popular names for boys in the Scandinavian region.

5. Blaise

Even though the original meaning of this name is to stammer or to lisp, it’s a lovely name that simply rolls off the tongue.

One of the most famous people to carry it was Blaise Pascal, a genius mathematician from the 17th century.

Who knows, maybe your little boy will grow up to be a math wiz, too!

6. Pascal

Even though the above-mentioned mathematician had Pascal as his last name, it’s not uncommon to see it being used as a first name, as well.

This is a Latin word with the meaning “being related to Easter”, so it’s a good choice if you are devout and would like your baby to have a more spiritual name.

7. Henri

Henri is the French version of Henry, pronounced like “on-ree”. It means “the one who rules the home”, and has been the name of many kings throughout history, making it a very traditional and sophisticated choice.

Plus, it’s quite a unique name these days, so your boy won’t share his name with many other kids at school.

baby boy wrapped in a towel

8. Leo

Short and simple, yet regal and traditional, the name Leo means lion and has its origins in Latin and Greek. This can also be a nickname for your little boy if you decide to name him Leonardo, or Leonard, which has its origins in Old French.

Another beautiful variation of this popular name is Leon for boys and Leona for girls.

9. Luc

Luc, a name often combined with Jean to form Jean-Luc in France, is a variation of the English names Luke or Lucas. It originated from the Latin name Lucianus, which means light.

The longer version of this French name is Lucien, so you might want to consider this as the first name for your baby if Luc sounds too short or too simple.

10. Olivier

If you love the name Oliver but think it’s not original enough, then Olivier could strike the perfect balance between being a unique and traditional baby name.

The name Olivier means “olive tree”, which is associated with friendship and peace. It played an important role in the mythology of ancient Greece, so it’s a name with plenty of history attached!

baby boy in blue outfit

11. Yves

As far as French boy names go, Yves is definitely one of the more unique ones.

The first person that comes to mind when this name is mentioned is usually the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent but it’s a name shared by many other painters, designers, and artists.

Yves means yew, which is a type of tree. As it’s quite unusual outside of France, many parents opt to use this as a middle, as opposed to as a first name.

12. Xavier

While the name Xavier is Basque in origin, it’s very popular among the French, who pronounce it as “za-vee-er” (with the emphasis on the first syllable).

It means “castle” and “new house”, and also appears as Javier and Xavi (for short) in Spanish cultures, so it’s a very international name.

13. Alexandre

Alexandre, the French version of the name Alexander, is another classic choice that you simply can’t go wrong with.

Greek in origin, it means someone who protects and defends.

Although the French version has a slightly different pronunciation, you can always go with Alex for short.

Arguably the most famous man to carry this name was Alexander the Great, a king who lived during the times of ancient Greece and was celebrated for his military conquests.

Other prominent men named Alexandre include Alexandre Vauthier, who is a famous French designer specialized in high fashion.

14. Christophe

A French variation of the very traditional name Christopher, the slightly different pronunciation of Christophe will add an interesting twist to your boy’s name.

Besides, you can always use Chris as a nickname.

This name also originates from Greek and consists of two parts which, when joined together, mean “the one who bears Christ”.

While this name was one of the most popular boys’ names in the second half of the 20th century, it has since dropped off the map.

This means it’s a unique choice for your little boy but is also classic enough to fit in anywhere else in the world.

happy little baby boy

15. Didier

​When we talk about French baby names, Didier belongs to a category of names that couldn’t be mistaken for belonging to any other language other than French.

It comes from the Latin Desiderius, which means beloved or desired. Didier is sometimes found as a family name, too.

And if you’re looking for famous men with this name, you will find plenty of soccer players. Who knows, maybe your little Didier will be a soccer superstar, too!

16. Denis

While English speakers usually pronounce this name so that it rhymes with “tennis”, the French Denis sounds like “de-ni”, similarly to Denny.

The name means a devotee or follower of Dionysus, who was a Greek god of wine, theatre, and fertility, among other things.

Famous men with this name include Denis Villeneuve, who is a French Canadian movie director, and French philosopher Denis Diderot.

17. Sébastien

A French version of Sebastian, Sébastien is a name that can have a variety of cool nicknames, such as Seb or Bastian.

The name comes from the Latin Sebastianus, meaning “venerable”, and has its own version in many countries across the world.

You can also find it combined with Jean to make Jean-Sébastien.

18. Gaspard

A name similar to the more popular Jasper, Gaspard means “the one who brings treasure”, which is a wonderful meaning for your baby’s name to have.

Even though this name is very rare in the non-French-speaking world, it’s super common in France and you will find many prominent men with this name.

One of them is Gaspard Ulliel, a famous actor and model.

baby boy with a funny hat

19. Adrien

While Adrien (also spelled Adrian) is one of the most beautiful French boy names, in my opinion, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The reason lies in its pronunciation, which is quite similar to its female version, Adrianne, and some parents would like a stronger-sounding name for their boy.

The name originally described a person who comes from Adria, a town in the north of Italy.

20. Julien

Also spelled as Julian, Julien is another very popular name for boys in France.

It means youthful or young at heart and has its origins in Julianus, a name that belongs to a period of ancient Rome.

As opposed to French boy names such as Gaspard, Julien is quite common in the US (although spelled with an “a” instead of “e”) and even has a feminine version, Julianne.

Cute little boy wearing a bow tie and smiling

21. Gaston

You probably already know of the name Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, where Gaston is portrayed as a good-looking hunter with a mean streak.

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Appearing both as a first and last name in France, it likely comes from the German word “Gast” which means “guest”.

While Gaston is a very popular name among the French, it’s definitely a unique pick for babies in the English-speaking world!

22. Alain

Do you like the name Alan (or Allen) but find it a little too beige for your tastes?

The French name Alain (pronounced like “al-layn”) comes with a little twist that makes it special enough to stand out from the rest, while still staying in the realm of more traditional names.

It means rock and likely originated in the United Kingdom. Today, though, it’s a boy’s name that’s popular all over the world!

23. Maurice

The name Maurice has a long history! It comes from the Latin word Mauritius, a word used to describe the people from Mauritania (parts of present-day Algeria, Morocco, and Spain).

It also has it’s own version in different languages – in English, it’s Morris, Mauricio in Spanish, and Moritz in German, and appears as a family name, too.

24. Noel

The word Noel means Christmas in French but it’s also a very popular name that is given to both boys and girls, with the feminine form having a slightly different spelling, such as Noelle.

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It used to be given to babies who were born during the Christmas period but this is not as common as it was in the past.

One of the most famous men with this name is the British musician Noel Gallagher, who was part of the band Oasis (90s kids will know what I’m talking about!)

cute baby boy lying on bed

25. Dax

If you ask me, Dax is one of the coolest boy names ever.

It means “water” and is special enough of a name to have your baby boy stand out without being too over the top. Plus, it’s easy to spell, too!

Some parents also go with variations such as Daxton but I personally prefer the three-letter version!

Besides, your little man will share his name with comedian Dax Shepard, which is also neat.

26. René

René carries one of the more beautiful name meanings on this list as it means to be born again, and it traces its origins back to the Latin name Renatus.

Remember that this version, with only one “e”, is considered the masculine name, while Renée is the feminine version of the name given to girls (think Renée Zellweger).

27. Victor

Victor is a traditional name that has been given to boys all over the world for many years now, including France! It means “conqueror” in Latin and there’s no shortage of famous men who carried this name.

One of the most prominent Victors is French writer Victor Hugo, who wrote the novel Les Misérables that was later given several movie adaptations.

cute little boy smiling

28. Jacques

Considered to be the French version of the names Jacob and James, Jacques is a quintessential “nom français”.

It has the meaning of “supplanter” and “one who follows”.

Throughout history, Jacques was the family name of many noble and aristocratic families, which is really cool especially if you’re a history buff!

29. Hugo

The name Hugo also appears as Hugh in English-speaking countries and has several meanings such as “intelligence”, “mind”, and “spirit”.

It appears both as a first and last name, and one of the more famous men with this name is Hugo Weaving – you probably remember him from The Matrix movies where he played Agent Smith.

30. Maxime

Maxime, or Max for short, is a popular French name for boys that is also very international and isn’t difficult to pronounce.

The name comes from the Latin word “Maximus” which means “the greatest”, so it’s a very powerful name for your little boy!

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31. Baptiste

The name Baptiste comes from Saint John the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ and as such means “to baptize”.

Different languages also have a variation of this name – in Portuguese and Spanish, for example, it is known as Batista.

Common as a first and last name, you can combine it with the name Jean to form Jean-Baptiste.

32. Pierre

Pierre is another name with Biblical connections as it is the French version of Peter, who was one of Jesus Christ’s apostles. It comes from the Greek “petra” which means “rock”.

In languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, Pierre is known as Pedro, while the Arabic version is Boutros.

33. Nicolas

Nicolas is the French variation of the name Nicholas, which is often shortened to Nick. It comes from the Greek name Nikolaos, meaning “victory of the people”.

Some of the famous men with this name include actor Nicolas Cage, as well as former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

34. Rafael

A truly classic name that never goes out of style, Rafael traces its origins to Hebrew and means “God heals”. Spelling varies across countries and it is sometimes shortened to Raf or Rafa.

Apart from being very popular in France, Rafael is a common name in Spain as well – Rafael Nadal, anyone?

baby boy with a funny expression

35. Timothée

The name Timothée, also spelled as Timothy in English, has been rediscovered by many parents with the rise of young American actor Timothée Chalamet.

It originated in Greek where it is spelled as Timόtheos and means “to honor God”.

36. Philippe

Philippe is another name that originated in the Greek language and means to be “fond of horses”.

It has many variations across different languages and even has a feminine version, Philippa.

Throughout history, many kings and noblemen carried this name, so your baby boy will share his name with a pretty impressive group of men!

37. Marc

Derived from the Roman name Marcus, Marc is a very simple and elegant name for your little one.

And while no one is 100 percent sure as to what its meaning is, the name is likely connected to the Roman god of war, Mars.

One of the most famous Marcs is the fashion designer Marc Jacobs but I shouldn’t forget singer Marc Anthony either.

baby boy in diapers

38. Bernard

This centuries-old name means “strong as a bear” and can be traced back to West Germanic languages, where it was spelled as Bernhard.

Common as a last name, Bernard also has a female form in Bernadette.

39. Thierry

One of the most popular French boy names, Thierry is pronounced like “tea-air-ee” (and not “theory”) and means “ruler”.

While it is very common as a first name in France, some families also have it as a last name.

This name is shared by the famous fashion designer Thierry Mugler and former soccer player Thierry Henry.

40. Guy

Whether this name reminds you of Guy Fieri or Guy Ritchie, it’s a great option if you’re a fan of simple and short names for boys.

It’s the French variation of the name Guido which means “guide”, so it has a lovely meaning as well.

boy toddler in bed

41. Marin

The name Marin means “sailor” or “seafarer” in French. It traces its origins back to the Latin Marinus, which has the same meaning as its French counterpart.

Apart from France, many parents from other European countries such as Croatia also opt for this baby boy name.

42. Claude

The name Claude can be traced back to the Latin name Claudius (shared by a Roman emperor) which means “to stutter”.

It has a female form in Claudia or Claudette, and many famous artists and musicians such as Claude Monet and Claude Debussy had this name, as well.

43. Frederic

Although Frederic is considered by some parents to be too traditional for their baby boy, it’s a name with a very special meaning – “peaceful ruler”.

While it is spelled as Frédéric in France, it also has many forms across different languages, including English where it is more commonly spelled as Frederick.

baby boy with his teddy bear

44. Sacha

Sacha is a name with complex origins, as it is very popular as a nickname (spelled as Sasha) in Eastern Europe for those named Alexander or Alexandra.

In France, Sacha is a name usually given to boys but it is common as a girls’ name internationally, as well. It has the same meaning as Alexander – “defender” or “protector”.

45. Félix

Common as a first and last name, Félix is a name that means “lucky” or “happy” in Latin, so it’s a perfect name for your baby boy.

It also has a female variation in Felicity, from the French word “félicité”.

46. Remy

Meaning “oarsman” or “rower”, Remy can be traced back to the Latin name Remigius.

Also spelled as Rémi, this traditionally male name is also sometimes given to girls by parents who prefer more unisex names.

47. Émilien

The meaning of Émilien is uncertain, although it is likely connected to the Roman family Aemilia.

As a name, it is a male version of the female names Emily and Emma.

It is also sometimes spelled as Émile or Emil, depending on the country.

little boy smiling

48. Simon

Simon appears both as a first and last name in France, and it has Hebrew origins with the meaning of “to listen”.

For a female version, simply add an “e” to the original to get Simone.

49. Vincent

Vincent is a baby boy name that leaves plenty of room for nicknames such as Vin, Vince, or Vinny.

It comes from the Latin word “vincere” which means “to win” or “to conquer”.

50. Célestin

With the meaning of “heavenly” or “divine”, Célestin is certainly one of the more beautiful French boy names.

Not to mention that it’s quite unique, so it’s a perfect choice if you are looking for a name that will stand out from the rest but is still traditional.

To Wrap Up

2.5 years old baby boy playing with lots of wooden toys block with motherDeciding on a name can be really stressful – some parents don’t even make a decision until they’re holding their new baby in the delivery room!

French boy names are beautiful and melodic, which is why so many expectant moms and dads gravitate towards them.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re classic and practically never go out of style.

I hope you were able to find a few potential names for your precious baby boy – I’m 100 percent sure that no matter which name you pick, it will fit him to a T!


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