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60 Adorable Baby Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

60 Adorable Baby Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

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A baby brings a new kind of happiness and love to everyone.

So, if you’re looking for something beautiful to name your little one, you should check this collection of names that mean love because your baby definitely deserves a name with such a beautiful meaning.

Naming a child is a very serious task that both parents should be included in. After all, it’ll be the greatest connection to your child’s identity.

It’s not important whether you choose a traditional name or something a bit more popular for your precious little one, the most important thing is that it’s meaningful .

I’m sure you’ll find a name you like in this collection. So, take a seat, get comfortable, and pay close attention to the origins and meanings of this list of adorable baby names that mean love.

Of course, all of these names can also be used as middle names, so if you need a middle name for your new baby, you’re still in the right place.

You can also check out my collection of baby names that mean sun for boys and girls., you’ll find lots of adorable names for your little angel there, too.

Girl’s Names That Mean Love

beautiful blond baby in a suit with suspenders sits in the grass

​On this list of beautiful names that mean love for girls, I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit your little princess perfectly. All of these super cute names can also serve as great middle name ideas for your baby girl.

1. Aiko

This is a unique name of Japanese origin and its meaning is simply wonderful, “child of love”. Lately, it has become a very popular unisex name in Scandinavia and Germany.

2. Aimee

This is a rare French girl’s name with a beautiful meaning; “beloved”. If you want your little girl to stand out, this is the perfect choice for you. The English equivalent of this name would be ‘Amy’.

3. Agapi

This is one of the most popular girl’s names that mean love. It literally means “love” and its origin is Greek.

4. Amanda

Amanda is a Latin girl’s name with several adorable meanings; “deserving to be loved,” “worthy of love,” “lovable” or “loved very much by everyone.”

5. Amora

This wonderful girl’s name has roots in the Spanish word ‘amor’ which means “love”.

6. Amor

Although it was used as a male name in the past, the name Amor has become a very popular name for girls. It’s of Latin/French origin and its meaning is “love”.

7. Amorette

This is one of my absolute faves! It’s simply wonderful, don’t you agree? This French girl’s name has an even more beautiful meaning, “little love”.

8. Aphrodite

Even though the meaning of this Greek name isn’t actually love (it’s “foam”), it’s still very popular among names that mean love. The reason for this is because Aphrodite was the name of the famous ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty.

9. Cara

This simple, but sweet girl’s name is of Latin/ Irish/ Celtic origin. It has several meanings; “dear”, “cherished”, “beloved”, “darling”, or “loved one”.

10. Carys

This feminine Welsh name simply means “love”.

11. Cher

I think we’re all familiar with this name because of the famous American singer, Cher. This beautiful and popular name is of French origin and means “dear” or “beloved”.

12. Darlene

Darlene is an American name meaning “darling” or “tenderly loved” which makes it the perfect choice for your little baby girl.

13. Elska

I think you can easily assume that this uncommon girl’s name is of Norse origin. The meaning of this rare and unique name is “love” or “to love”.

14. Esme

The name Esme is of French/Persian origin and it means “esteemed”, “loved”, “beloved” or “emerald”.

15. Femi

This rather uncommon African/Egyptian name has become very popular lately. The meaning of this name is so sweet; “love me”.

cute little girl smelling the roses in the garden

16. Freya

This vintage female name is of Scandinavian origin and its meaning isn’t love, but “noble woman”, “lady” or “noble lady”.

However, the reason I put it on my list of the names that mean love is because the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology was called Freya.

17. Grainne

This is a wonderful Irish girl’s name that will definitely make your little girl stand out. The meaning behind this sweet name is “grain” or “love”.

18. Kalila

This is my second favorite name on this list. This wonderful name is of Arabic origin and it means “darling”, “beloved” or “dearly loved”.

19. Kama

In Sanskrit, the meaning of this simple Indian girl’s name is “love” or “desire”. It’s also important to note that the god of love and pleasure was also called Kama in Hindu mythology.

20. Lalasa

This one is very impressive, and it’s hard to forget once you’ve heard it, right? Lalasa is a Persian female given name and its meaning is “love” or “friendship”.

21. Lennon

Even though this is actually a unisex name, it has become more popular for girls recently. Lennon is a name of Gaelic origin. The meaning of this name is “Cloak”, “blackbird” or “lover”.

22. Luba

Luba is a very popular name in Eastern Europe. It’s of Russian/Slavic origin and it means “love”, “lover” or “dear”.

23. Maitea

I never heard this name before I started compiling this list, but it’s certainly wonderful. It’s of Basque origin, and means “love”.

24. Mila

The meaning of this short Slavic name is “dear”, “love” or “grace”.

25. Milena

The name Milena has the same roots as Mila above. It’s also of Slavic origin and the meaning is the same; “gracious”, “pleasant” or “dear”.

26. Mina

Even though Mina is a very popular name, its origin isn’t completely clear.

Some people claim that Mina is a German name and that it means “love”. On the other hand, there are those who claim it’s of Persian origin and that it means “azure”, “glass bead”, or “enamel”.

27. Phila

This short Greek name is a truly wonderful choice for your little princess, and it means “love”.

28. Prende

The meaning of this Albanian name isn’t widely known, I only found that they use this word for Friday now.

I put this name in my collection of names that mean love because according to Albanian mythology, Prende was the goddess of love and beauty.

29. Priya/ Pria

The meaning of this perfect girl’s name of Sanskrit origin is “beloved” or “dear”.

30. Vida

This interesting girl’s name is of Hebrew/Scottish origin and it has several meanings; “beloved”, “friend” or “life”.

Boys Names That Mean Love

adorable baby boy laughing and playing in the autumn leaves

Here’s a list of unique names that mean love for boys.

I hope that you find the perfect one for your prince. Just as a reminder, all of these wonderful names can also serve as a great second name for your baby boy.

1. Agapius

This unusual Greek/Latin boys name means “divine love”, “love”, “affection” or “esteem”.

2. Amadeo

This is a sweet Italian name for a baby boy. The meaning of this name is “lover of God”, “loves God” or “for the love of God”.

3. Amator

This powerful male name is of Latin origin, and it has a beautiful meaning; “lover (of God)”.

4. Amias

​This soft male name is of Latin origin and has become very popular recently.

It’s no wonder, because both the name and its meaning are truly beautiful. It means “loved”.

5. Anwil

Anwil is a popular Welsh moniker meaning “beloved”. Another form of this lovely boy’s name is Anwell.

6. Armas

This exceptionally rare male name is of Finnish origin, and means “dear”, “beloved” or “love”. If you want your baby boy’s name to stand out from the crowd, then this is the perfect choice for you.

7. Aziz

Aziz is a traditional Arabic male name and it has various meanings; “powerful”, “respected”, “beloved”, “strong”, “dear”, “darling” or “precious”.

8. Caron

This beautiful two syllable male name of Welsh origin means “pure”, “to love” or “loving”.

9. Carwyn

​This lovely male name is of Welsh origin and its meaning is simply delightful; “blessed love” or “fair love”.

10. Chaviv

This rare and unique Hebrew male name has two lovey meanings; “dearly loved” or “loved one”.

11. Connelly

The boy’s name Connelly has roots in the Irish surname Ó Conghalaigh. The meaning of this gentle name is “love” or “friendship”.

12. Darrell

You have to agree that this is a wonderful name for a baby boy. It’s of English origin and its meaning is simply beautiful; “darling” or “dearly loved”.

13. David

David is a very popular biblical male name (in the Bible, David was the king of Israel). It’s of Hebrew origin, of course, and its meaning is “beloved”.

14. Davin

The name Davin probably has roots in the Hebrew name David. The meaning is the same, “beloved”.

15. Davis

This is another name that was probably derived from the Hebrew name David. However, it’s of Old English origin and it has two meanings; “son of David” and “beloved”.

16. Dilan

The name Dilan is of Kurdish/Irish origin and it has several wonderful meanings; “heart”, “love”, “soul”, “like a lion” or “loyal”.

17. Eldad

This unique male name of Hebrew origin has several meanings, and I simply can’t decide which one is more awesome; “God has loved”, “favored of God” or “love of God”.

18. Erasmus

Erasmus is a very traditional Greek boy’s name and it has a really nice meaning; “beloved” or “desired”.

cute baby boy standing outdoor and biting his finger

19. Fenmore

Fenmore is quite a rare and unusual male name.

However, it’s still a great choice for your little boy, especially if you want his name to stand out. This English boy’s name means “dear” or “love”.

20. Gerwyn

This popular boy’s name is of Welsh origin and has the same meaning as the name Carwyn above, “fair love”.

21. Jed

Jed is a Hebrew male name that has a more than beautiful meaning, “beloved of the Lord”.

22. Kama

This unusual name of Indian/Sanskrit origin means “love” or “desire”.

23. Kiefer

Kiefer is German boy’s name, which is still very popular in German-speaking countries today.

The meaning of this name is “cherished”, “love” or “barrel maker”. Kiefer is also a word for jawbone in German.

24. Lennan

Lennan is a name of Scottish origin, and unfortunately most people mistake it for the name Lennon even though it’s a girl’s name that doesn’t have the same roots.

The meaning of this gentle boy’s name is “sweetheart” or “lover”.

25. Luben

Luben is quite a rare name for baby boys, but that’s what makes it so special, right? It’s of Slavic/Bulgarian origin and the meaning of this name is “love”.

26. Medad

This is another biblical name for boys. This Hebrew name has several quite unusual, but nonetheless beautiful, meanings, “love”, “friendship”, “he that measures” or “water of love”.

27. Prem

Prem is a very common male name in India. The meaning of this name in Sanskrit is “love” and “affection”.

28. Rudo

This is a very simple and unique male name. It is of African origin and its meaning is simply “love”.

29. Sajan

​This exotic male name is of Hindu origin and it means “beloved”.

30. Valentine

This Latin boy’s name means “strong”, “healthy” or “brave” and because of its meaning, it probably shouldn’t be on this list.

However, I wanted to put it in because it would be lovely to name your child after Valentine’s Day, especially if your due date is in February.

Final Words

I hope I’ve been able to help you on your search for the perfect name for your little one with this beautiful collection.

Whichever name you choose, you can’t go too far wrong because they’re all truly adorable.

The first time you look into your baby’s little eyes and hold their tiny hands and feet, you’ll fall in love with them straight away.

Your precious little one will become your biggest love, a love that is truly impossible to describe to anyone else.

That’s why naming your baby one of these super cute names that mean love is such an awesome idea.

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60 Adorable Baby Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

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