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80 Best And Most Popular Canadian Girl And Canadian Boy Names

80 Best And Most Popular Canadian Girl And Canadian Boy Names

When people are searching for the best baby girl and baby boy names, they often look for inspiration from various countries around the world.

Inspired by this thought, I decided to explore the most popular Canadian girl names and Canadian boy names.

There’s just something about Canada that resounds so well with serenity and nature, so it’s no wonder that Canadian boy names and girl names are so popular.

It is a land filled with natural beauty with a lot of rich history and tradition.

That certainly bodes well for people looking for names that have a bit of significance behind them.

So whether you’re looking for names for either your little boy, little girl, or even twins, you should know that some of the top baby names originate from the land known of hockey, maple syrup, and mounties.

I personally find a lot of the boys’ names to be particularly adorable, yet somehow simultaneously harnessing that ruggedness of the gentle giant, while the girls’ names carry a note of elegance to them.

Read on to discover some of the best and most meaningful Canadian girl and boy names out there.

47 Best Canadian Boy Names

1. Abbott

cute little boy hugging big white pillow on the bed

One of the original Canadian names, it belonged to the 3rd Prime Minister of Canada, John Abbot.

Its translation is from a religious background, meaning ‘father’ or, ‘the head of a monastery’.

It’s one of the more popular boys’ names in Canada.

2. Alex

A name known to the many people who used to watch Jeopardy, a trivia show hosted by the late Alex Trebek, who was a Canadian.

The man was a real sweetheart with tons of charisma, which this name carries in abundance given how it translates to: the ‘defender of the people’.

3. Alanis

A wonderful name belonging to the Canadian singer Alanis Morissette.

It is a spectacular name for both boys and girls if you’re looking for a more flexible, unisex moniker. Names from Canada are chock full of those.

The name itself translates to: someone who is ‘cheerful’ and ‘handsome’.

4. Albert

One of the core Canadian boy names that honors the region/province of Alberta.

It’s a name that belonged to the late Prince Albert, who had a national park in Saskatchewan named after him.

The name Albert itself is really fitting for the prince, too, as it refers to someone ‘noble’.

5. Bowen

Another really powerful name, this one inspired by Bowen Island, a quaint little island off the coast of Vancouver.

The name Bowen translates to: ‘son of Owen’.

6. Bruce

little boy holding a suitcase with teddy bear on the sand

While most fans might associate this name with famous actors or comic book superheroes, Canadians relate this really manly name to the Bruce Peninsula national park in Ontario.

This name translates to: ‘one who is from the brushwood thicket.

7. Chandler

We all know this as the name of the one and only Chandler Bing from the TV show Friends.

The actor who plays him, Matthew Perry, is also a Canadian.

However, the other origin of this name is the town from Canada in the province of Quebec.

8. Dawson

Another name from another popular TV show back in the ’90s, Dawson’s Creek.

This name belongs to a specific place found in the Yukon called Dawson City.

The name itself translates to: ‘son of David’.

9. Drake

While Francis Drake was a famous man in his own time, it’s the rapper Drake that made this name shoot to the top of the trending list and reach the top spots on several name lists for a brief time.

It’s a name straight from fantasy, and refers to a ‘young dragon’ or the slightly more mundane meaning of ‘male duck’.

10. Edmund

A name with a loose connection to Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton.

It translates to: ‘a fortunate protector’, a really stoic name for a very caring boy.

11. Fraser

A name as powerful as the river it was named after, the Fraser River in the province of British Columbia, one of Canada’s longest rivers.

The name translates to: ‘of the forest men’, though it also has a gentler meaning, a quaint, red, little ‘strawberry’.

12. Frederic

cute little boy kissing a girl in the lavender field

Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick, a Canadian province.

It carries a noble meaning, ‘peaceful ruler’, a fitting name for a person of Canadian descent.

13. Hartley

A name with roots in the Native American community, tying to the Hartley Bay community of the First Nations in the province of British Columbia.

The name itself translates to: ‘meadow’ or, the ‘stag wood’, a very beautiful, nature-inspired name.

14. Hayden

For all you sci-fi name fans and lovers of the Star Wars saga, Hayden Christensen, who hails from the land north of the US, should be familiar to you!

While he may have played a rather tragic character, the names Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader will always remain iconic, and so will the name of the actor who played him.

If the Star Wars reference doesn’t really entice you, you can always go for its actual meaning of ‘hedged valley’, another name inspired by the beauties of nature.

15. Holt

A name that doesn’t really borrow from any cities or celebrity names from the great land up north, but one that helps describe its majestic nature.

It translates to: ‘unspoiled forest’ or a ‘grove of trees’.

16. Hudson

I’m not talking about the Hudson river here, but rather the Hudson Bay in Canada, which was named after the explorer Henry Hudson.

There’s the retail store chain of the same name as well.

The name Hudson translates to: ‘son of Hugh’.

17. Jacques

This is a name with a slightly more French origin than Canadian.

However, there is a connection here, especially considering the fact that the name is drawn from the French explorer Jacques Cartier, the man who named the country for his homeland of France.

The name is a French version of the name Jacob, translating to ‘supplanter’.

18. Jasper

cute baby boy sitting in a stroller in the park

Much like the jewel of the same name, this is a precious one, a unisex name that both boys and girls can use.

It is one of the most popular baby names on many different lists.

It also ties into a part of the country’s nature, the Jasper national park in Alberta.

The name translates to: ‘treasurer’.

19. John

A very common name globally, it’s often tied to religion as it’s the name of many saints and means ‘God is gracious’.

That said, there are two different cities in Canada named John, one next to the sea in New Brunswick and the other is the capital city of Newfoundland.

20. Keanu

This name is likely familiar to anyone who is a big fan of the actor Keanu Reeves, who hails from this great country.

While the name is primarily Hawaiian, meaning ‘cool breeze’, the fact that the actor himself made it really popular has to give his country some merit too.

21. Kiefer

An unusual name given its Gaelic origins, it translates to: ‘cherished’.

It was made popular by another Canadian, Kiefer Sutherland.

22. Kennedy

J.F.K. might have had it as a surname, but this is one of the many unisex names that ties to Canadian land – the great New Brunswick Kennedy Lakes.

The meaning of the name, however, isn’t as beautiful as the landmark.

It translates to someone who is ‘ugly’, or has an ‘abnormal head.

That’s a little rude!

23. Kensington

While the name itself doesn’t have a special meaning, it’s a pretty cool place name that ties to Toronto’s Kensington Market and the town of Kensington on Prince Edward Island.

24. Langford

happy little boy playing with cute dog

Another posh name that is rooted in nature.

It means ‘lives near the long ford’ and is a fantastic choice for all of you who have a strong connection to the cold northern regions.

It’s also the name of a city in the province of British Columbia.

25. Lawrence

Another addition to the long list of elegant-sounding Canadian boy names.

In Canada, it ties to the St. Lawrence river.

The meaning refers to someone ‘from the place of the laurel leaves’, which is very poetic.

26. Logan

Logan is the name of a mountain in Yukon called Mt. Logan, but also the name of the Canadian mutant superhero Wolverine.

The name isn’t as ferocious as him, however, and has a rather peaceful translation of ‘little hollow’.

27. Mackenzie

A gender-neutral name that’s synonymous with many Canadian prime ministers, 3 to be exact: William Lyon Mackenzie King, Alexander Mackenzie, and Sir Mackenzie Bowell.

The name translates to: ‘child of the wise leader’, pretty fitting for country leaders, don’t you think?

For all of you who like connecting to nature more than politics, it’s also the name of one of the country’s greatest rivers.

28. Major

While normally a name associated with military ranks, it also ties to yet another Park in Canada, this time Major’s Hill in Ottawa.

29. Meridian

The meridian isn’t unique to Canada, however, the Hundredth Meridian is still significant as it separates the Western side of Canada from the Eastern side.

A name based on something like that would truly be unique, not to mention that although it’s primarily a masculine name, it can be used as a girls name too.

30. Norris

cute little boy sitting on grass with teddy bear

We all know this Canadian baby boy name thanks to Chuck Norris, who is American.

However, the name does originate from Canada and translates to: ‘from the north’.

31. Owen

A name originally of Welsh descent, which translates to: ‘warrior’, it’s a name first made popular by Owen Sound.

32. Ryan

The name Ryan translates to: ‘little king’ and has been made popular by two actors from this beautiful country, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds.

33. Timothy

A name that takes inspiration from one of Canada’s signature locales, Tim Horton’s and the Timbits that they serve.

While that’s the main reference for the country, it also has a little bit of a biblical meaning as it translates to: ‘honored by God’.

34. Tobin

This name refers to the great Tobin Lake in Saskatchewan, yet another jewel in the crown of the country’s astonishing natural landscape.

If you’re more of a religious type than a nature lover, it has a spiritual meaning of ‘God is good’.

35. Van

Not to be confused with an actual van, this is a slang name for Vancouver, one of Canada’s largest cities.

The actual meaning of the name is a bit unimpressive, translating to: ‘old winnowing machine’.

36. Wayne

cute little boy holding a ball on the sand

This is one of the most famous 5 letter names connected to hockey as it belongs to the legendary Wayne Gretzky.

The name translates to: ‘coach driver’ or ‘craftsman’, but I personally like the hockey ties more.

37. Liam

A name that is originally Irish and translates to: ‘with gilded helmet’.

The actor Liam Hemsworth really loves Canada, which is where the connection lies.

38. Benjamin

This is one of those Canadian boy names with more of a religious tie than anything else, as it translates to: ‘son of my right hand’.

39. Lucas

This is a beautiful male Canadian name, which gained popularity on baby name lists thanks to the many Italian immigrants who settled there.

It translates to someone ‘from Lucania, Italy’.

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40. Noah

​One of the most popular names on every list in Canada is Noah.

The main reason is the very obvious tie with Noah’s Ark, but also the fact that the name translates to a symbolic trait of the Canadian people – ‘peace’ and ‘rest’.

41. Oliver

Another very popular choice seen on name lists is Oliver.

It translates to: ‘descendant of the ancestor’.

42. Grayson

cute little boy sitting on chair in the kitchen

Made famous by the comic book character Richard Grayson, this name is quite popular up north and means ‘son of the grey-haired one’.

43. Jayden

A very symbolic name with an odd meaning.

It’s a derivation of the name Jaden, which is a merging of Jay and Aiden, whose two meanings fuse into ‘little, fiery crow’.

44. Mateo

Another name made popular by immigrants, Mateo has roots in the Spanish language, translating to: ‘gift from God’, a very religiously symbolic meaning.

45. Kayden

A feisty name for a feisty boy, this name translates to: ‘fighter’ and is popular among our neighbors.

46. Raphael

A name of clear religious origin which translates to: ‘God has healed’. Not to be confused with the ninja turtles!

47. Jaxson

A unique spelling of the name Jackson, and another very common name that has biblical ties, as it translates to: ‘son of John’.

33 Most Elegant Canadian Girl Names

cute little girl smelling the roses in the garden

Guys aren’t the only ones who get great Canadian names!

Here are more than 30 suggestions for the girls:

1. Caddy

This is in no reference to golf caddies, but rather to the beautiful Caddy Lake of Manitoba, whose name translates to: ‘clarity’ and ‘purity’.

2. Alice

A name with ties to one of Canada’s most famous authors and Nobel Peace Prize winners, Alice Munro.

The name translates to: ‘of nobility’.

3. Anne

Undoubtedly a very common name globally, but in this case, it is connected to the series of books ‘Anne of Green Gables’ which were written in Canada by author Lucy Maud Montgomery.

The name is popular for its meaning, which is ‘grace’.

4. Belle

A name tied to yet another wonderful part of nature, the Belle River found on the lovely Prince Edward Island.

It is of Latin origin and references someone’s magnificent ‘beauty’. A very fitting name for a dazzling little girl.

5. Regina

This is the name of the capital city of Saskatchewan, a place filled with so many wonders of nature referenced in this article already.

It’s a name of elegance and regal significance, with the meaning of ‘queen’.

6. Orillia

sweet little girl wearing a crown and a princess dress and smiling

A rather unique name that is often heard in Canada nowadays.

It’s the name of a city north of Toronto, which is known as the ‘City of Oracles’ or the ‘Sunshine City’.

The first meaning comes from the actual word, which translates to: an ‘announcement from the Gods’.

It has a hint of fantasy to it, so if you’re a great lover of fantasy, chances are this unique name would be ideal for your little one.

7. Winnie

Much like Van, Winnie is a sort of pet name for one of the more popular cities in Canada, Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba county.

The name translates to: ‘gentle friend’.

There’s a reason Winnie the Pooh, the gentlest bear, was given this name after all!

8. Elisha

A name made popular by the Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert, who is known for her roles in many popular TV shows.

It’s also quite common because of its religious symbolism, as it means ‘God is salvation’.

9. Elora

A name hailing from Toronto, its breathtaking natural area known as the Elora gorge to be more specific.

The name radiates an air of magnificence and femininity.

It translates to: ‘God gives the crown of victory’

10. Evangeline

This name belongs to the actress Evangeline Lily and became quite popular at the turn of the millennium.

It translates to: the ‘bringer of good news’ which is quite a good trait to attach to a little girl because that’s what she’ll feel like when you finally get to hold her in your arms!

11. Fefe

A name belonging to the famous Canadian singer, Fefe Dobson.

It might push your child in the pursuit of a career in music and song.

The name means ‘peace’ or ‘gift of God’.

12. Hallie

cute little girl in pajama sitting in her bed and smiling

Like Winnie and Van, Hallie is yet another in a series of pet city names, this time belonging to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It’s a very cute version of Haley and refers to the ‘dweller at the meadow by the river’.

13. Hope

This is a name often tied to religion, but in the northern country, it’s actually a reference to nature and the famous New Brunswick Hopewell Rocks, a massive structure symbolizing the power and art of nature.

14. Louise

A name that takes inspiration from yet another famous body of water found in our neighboring country.

I’m, of course, referring to Canada’s own Banff national park Lake Louise, found in the province of Alberta.

Besides being the namesake of this blue jewel, the name also translates to: ‘famous warrior’.

15. Lucy

I’ve already mentioned Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables.

The name is rather symbolic for hope and positivity, as it refers to ‘light’.

16. Lulu

An abbreviation of the name Lucy, but also a unique name on its own.

While it’s not tied to anything particularly fantastic, it’s connected to the Canadian brand ‘Lululemon’ which many moms love wearing to help them feel comfortable and get in touch with their inner selves.

The name translates to: ‘peaceful’ and ‘calm’.

17. Malin

A unique name born from the merging of Swedish and Canadian culture in the form of famous actress Malin Akerman.

It describes a ‘high tower’, which doesn’t sound all too spectacular on its own, but is quite a catchy name nonetheless.

18. Maple

cute little girl playing with her baby brother on the bed

It might sound like a stereotype, but the proud maple leaf is a symbol of all things Canadian, especially their food and their flag.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the more popular baby girl names.

19. Sophia

A name popular in many parts of Canada, and one that’s originally Greek and translates to: ‘wisdom’. It’s a really beautiful name for a little girl.

20. Amelia

Amelia is a name more beautiful than the meaning implies. It simply rolls off the tongue, sounds really gentle, and is very popular in the US as well.

It translates to: ‘work’, which isn’t as fabulous as some of the religious names, but it’s a great one if you know you’ll have a real hard-working girl.

21. Aria

A name given to many girls who like to sing, or at least girls that come from more musically inclined families.

The name Aria is of Italian origin and translates to: ‘solo melody’. Many Canadians seem to have taken a liking to it, so you can too!

22. Olivia

The female version of the name Oliver, and one carrying the same meaning and therefore the exact same reason for being popular among our northern neighbors.

To remind you, the meaning is ‘ancestor’s descendant’, which is a great choice for those who have a strong sense of family tradition.

23. Sydney

A name inspired by the municipality in Nova Scotia.

It refers to a ‘wide meadow’.

24. Celine

cute little girl dressed up as a princess with crown on head

Canadian singer Celine Dion made this name famous. It refers to the ‘heaven’ or the ‘sky’.

25. Charlotte

Significant for its ties to Charlottetown, the capital city of Prince Edward Island.

The name refers to someone ‘petite’ or a ‘free woman’.

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26. Cobie

Cobie Smulders, the famous actress from the land of poutine, made this name popular in her country.

The name is religious in nature and translates to: ‘God may protect’.

27. Cree

The actress Cree Summer is responsible for this name’s rise to fame.

It has Native American roots and refers to a ‘tribe name’.

28. Tori

Cute little girl lying in bed at home

A unisex pet name for the city of Toronto and also a nickname for Victoria, which translates to: ‘conqueror’.

29. Victoria

Following up on Tori is Victoria, the capital of British Columbia as well as one of the islands in the Arctic archipelago.

30. Saskia

A name originally from the Netherlands but adopted as a derivative of the province of Saskatchewan.

The original meaning referred to the ‘Saxons’.

31. Shania

Shania Twain, the famous country singer, made this rather unique name hit the top spots of name lists in Canada.

The name has origins in Ojibwa, translating to: ‘peaceful place’.

32. Shenae

A name belonging to the Canadian actress, Shenae Grimes-Beech.

Besides fame, the name is Irish in origin and means ‘God is gracious’.

33. Zoey

Finally, we have the name Zoey, a name popular because it means ‘life is a blessing’.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the many Canadian girl and Canadian boy names that exist out there, but I couldn’t possibly fit any more of them here.

These should really be a hit with all you fans of nature, geography, and cinema.

I do hope you found a few you like and that you end up naming your child after some of this wonderful country’s most beautiful locales.

Until next time, mamma!

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