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Dreaming Of Having A Baby Girl – 41 Reasons With Interpretations

Dreaming Of Having A Baby Girl – 41 Reasons With Interpretations

Have you ever dreamt about having a baby girl that’s not yours or about carrying your own baby even though you’re not pregnant?

Dreaming of having a baby girl may either symbolize a series of happy events that await you in the near future, or your struggles to find a coping mechanism for all the bad things that happen in your waking life.

One of the most common beliefs related to dreams of having a baby is that you can’t wait to become a parent.

But, today you’ll discover that dreams are not nearly as simple as they may seem.

The meaning of each dream depends on the context and content, as well as the baby’s gender.

Sigmund Freud, the famous neurologist who founded psychoanalysis, is just one of the many prominent individuals who focused on theories of the unconscious mind, including dreams.

Freud considered dreams about babies to be a tool we can use to explore our psyche and become more aware of our experiences in life.

Read on to find out what your dream about a baby girl means – I’m sure you’ll find the answers to most of your questions.

41 Reasons You’re Dreaming Of Having A Baby Girl

1. Dreams about having a baby girl during pregnancy

young pregnant woman sleeping in bed

One of the most common interpretations of dreaming about a little girl while you’re pregnant is that you’re secretly wishing for a girl.

Of course, this is not the only explanation for this type of dream. When you’re expecting, dreaming of having a baby girl means that your inner child is also looking for recognition.

In your waking life, you may not feel childish, but a part of you may be immature and unable to accept life the way it is.

On a more positive note, dreaming of a cute little girl while pregnant might also be a sign of happiness and pleasure.

This type of dream shows your soft, feminine side that you may not express on a daily basis.

Seeing the baby in your dreams while pregnant is a very emotional moment.

Although you may not dream about your baby, this dream evokes positive emotions and energy that’ll guide you through the rest of your pregnancy.

2. Dream of having a baby girl while not pregnant

It’s possible to dream of having a baby even when you’re not expecting a little bundle of joy, but the dream may have a slightly different, but positive meaning.

When a woman dreams about having a baby daughter although she’s not pregnant, the dream might indicate a budding project or a creative idea that could turn into a very successful career.

It’s highly likely that this dream is the result of a new relationship, startup, or career that’s advancing slowly, but steadily.

Sometimes, the best way to prosper is to take small steps towards success. You may become impatient from time to time, but in the end, you’ll understand why it was all worth it.

Happiness and satisfaction with your life are two goals most people are trying to reach and, according to this dream, you’re not far away from it.

Unfortunately, just like most dreams, this one has a negative side, as well.

This dream may be an expression of the stress and anxiety you’re dealing with because of an event that’s of great importance for your career or personal life.

On the other hand, you might also feel dissatisfied and overwhelmed by certain aspects of your real life.

This usually happens when you feel as though you’re losing control of your own life, although the power is still in your hands.

Remember, you’re only flesh and blood, just like everyone else, therefore, you have your own limits and you can’t have an influence over all the events in your life, but that doesn’t mean you’re losing control over it.

This dream is your subconscious telling you that you need to acknowledge negative emotions and face the reasons for feeling that way.

3. When a man dreams about having a baby girl

young man sleeping in bed

Although it’s less common, it’s not impossible for a man to dream about having a baby.

Most people think that these types of dreams only happen to pregnant women or those who want to see themselves in the role of a mother.

However, men can also dream of a baby girl or baby boy, even if they’re not expecting a child yet.

Such dreams may be interpreted as the feminine energy within the man that’s trying to connect to his conscious self.

Sometimes, finding your inner strength means finding the soft spot inside you.

Men typically try to look strong, unemotional, and brave, but most of the time, the biggest strength lies in recognition of the female energy within them.

Carl Jung, one of the most influential psychiatrists, explained this phenomenon in his theories.

Jung recognized two sides of every person that he named anima and animus.

Animus stands for the unconscious masculine energy within a woman, while anima stands for the unconscious level of feminine energy inside a man.

A man won’t become less of a man if he shows his emotions, including kindness, love, and support.

I’d even dare to say that almost every man has a gentle side, although some decide to hide it in order to look more masculine.

The main point of this dream is to show a man that it’s perfectly fine to express his anima.

Every emotion is genderless at its core but traditionally they’ve been divided into feminine and masculine types.

Of course, both men and women can experience a variety of emotions, which is why it’s difficult to divide them by gender.

4. Dreams of having a baby with your partner

This dream symbolizes a happy relationship filled with mutual love and respect.

Some women may think of it as a sign that you’re ready to have a child with your partner.

However, that’s not always the case.

This dream means that you have a happy life with your partner and that you’re ready for positive challenges such as a new project that might result in joint success.

A pregnancy dream in this case represents something that you’ve been working on together as a couple.

If you dream of giving birth to a baby with a partner by your side, it means you’ve got great support in your life.

It’s finally time for you to relax and complete those life goals that you’ve always dreamed of.

5. Dreams of someone else having a little girl

young mother holding newborn baby on bed

Dreaming about another woman having a baby signifies your own desire to have a child in real life.

This is a common dream among pregnant women or those who are planning to become mothers.

This dream represents their desire to give birth to a baby of a specific gender (depending on the gender they’ve dreamt of).

The dream of giving birth generally signifies new beginnings and hope for a better life.

This means that you’re surrounded by positive energy that helps you to be creative and enjoy the process of self-growth.

If you dream about seeing someone else’s baby, it means you’re a positive person who loves to care about others.

Your intentions are pure and innocent, although you may appear too gentle from time to time.

6. Dreams of holding a little girl

A baby is the purest and most innocent being in this world. She represents joy, happiness, and positive energy that transfers to anyone who holds her or even looks at her.

If you dream of holding a baby girl, it means you’re a kind person, very polite and humble, but also thankful for everything that you’ve got in your life.

Holding a baby indicates your close relationship with your relatives, partner, friends, or anyone else you feel close to.

According to this dream, you’re a person who prioritises your loved ones above everything else.

Marriage, friendship, and taking care of people you care about deeply are very important aspects of your life.

However, you should take some time for yourself, as well. Although it’s beautiful to take care of the people you love, sometimes you need to take care of yourself first.

Working on self-growth and your inner strength isn’t selfish, it’s a great way to increase your quality of life.

An additional dream interpretation suggests that you have the opportunity to work on your personal growth and become the best version of yourself.

7. Dreams about your daughter

smiling baby girl wearing a dress and hat

There are several interpretations of this dream that depend on whether you already have a child or not.

A dream about your own baby daughter might indicate your worry about her well-being and safety.

It’s completely normal and natural to worry about your little one because you love her and care about her deeply.

However, there’s a thin line between a caring parent and an overprotective one.

Some people would say there’s nothing wrong with being overprotective if it’s for the child’s safety.

But, it’s important to not go overboard.

8. Dreams of neglecting your baby girl

Unfortunately, not every dream about babies carries a positive meaning, especially the ones where you leave your little one or neglect her.

First of all, this doesn’t mean that you are (or will be) a bad parent.

There’s no need to blame yourself for having such dreams because they don’t reflect the actions that you want to take.

However, they do play a role in warning you about certain aspects of your life.

If you dream about neglecting your baby daughter, it likely means that you’re under a lot of stress in real life.

The anxiety may come from a recent event that has left you feeling insecure, distressed, and overwhelmed.

This dream can also be the result of internal struggles that have been going on in your mind for some time.

It seems that it’s high time for you to finally face those issues that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

Sometimes, the dream of neglecting your child means that you’re actually neglecting your inner child and her needs.

The best way to take care of your inner child is to understand yourself better and take time to meet your needs and expectations.

Instead of focusing on other people and their needs, you need to work on yourself and understand your personality and emotions in order to complete your goals.

9. Dreams of carrying a baby

beautiful young mother holding her newborn baby on the chest

If you’re a mom or planning to become one soon, the dream of carrying a baby daughter in your arms means that you’re happy and excited about having a baby.

This type of dream signifies that you’re ready for one of the greatest responsibilities in life – raising a child.

However, even if you’re not pregnant or don’t plan to be anytime soon, you may still dream about carrying a baby, although the meaning of the dream will be slightly different.

Carrying a baby means that you take responsibility in every situation and try your best to help every person in need.

You’re extremely protective of your family, but you know how to take care of yourself, as well.

10. Dreams of feeding the baby

If you dream of breastfeeding or bottle-feeding a baby girl, it means you’re a caring person who possesses some of the greatest qualities such as love towards others, care, nurture, and protection.

This dream shows that you’re always ready to help anyone around you without asking for anything in return.

Just like a mother feeds her baby, you take care of your loved ones.

However, make sure that you take enough time to care for yourself and fulfill your needs before anyone else’s.

11. Dreams about holding someone else’s baby

Loving mother hand holding sleeping newborn baby child

If you dream about holding a baby that’s not your daughter, it indicates that you have qualities and talents that you’ve hidden so well you’ve actually forgotten about them.

The dream is telling you that you’re not even aware of how skilled you truly are and reminds you that there’s someone who can help you achieve great success – yourself.

You may consider this dream to be a call for a fresh start.

The time has come for you to finally explore your skills and possibilities and change your life for the better.

If you feel as though you haven’t achieved many of your goals, the truth is that maybe you were trying to accomplish them in the wrong way.

Your life goals are actually the things that you expect from yourself and in order to fulfill your expectations you need to nurture the talents that you have and finally do the things that make you happy and satisfied.

12. Dreams about finding a baby girl

This dream is probably considerably less common than the other dreams about babies, but it comes with a great message for those who experience it.

The dream symbolism here is a warning that there might be someone around you with bad intentions.

Of course, this may not be true, but it seems that you have a reason to believe someone might be trying to do you harm.

This dream about a baby girl is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you should remain cautious about the people around you and not believe anyone blindly, at least not until you find out the whole truth about them.

It could be a person very close to you, someone you spend a lot of time with, share your thoughts and secrets with, or someone from the office who wants to prevent career progress.

13. Dreams of a crying baby

young mother holding crying baby in arms at home

There’s no person in the world that hasn’t felt the need for help and support at least once in their lifetime.

Humans are social beings, just like the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle explained.

He said that being social is a natural virtue of every person on the planet.

You may think you’re strong enough to get through life without anyone’s support or help, but it seems that your dream of a crying baby is telling you that it’s time to lean on others and seek support.

If the baby won’t stop crying, that might be a sign of problems that you can’t solve on your own, which is why you need more support from the people around you.

The child inside you will cry until she feels safe and satisfied, so don’t let your pride override your need for help.

14. Dreams about welcoming a little girl

The dream of giving birth to a daughter indicates that you’re about to receive excellent news related to your personal life or someone you’re close to.

This dream is a positive sign of changes that await you, including future successes and growth in several aspects of your life.

However, good things don’t come to those who sit and wait, but rather to people who’ve worked hard to get where they are today.

It seems that the time has finally come for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

15. Dreams about taking care of a sick baby girl

mother holding her sleepy baby on shoulder

A negative dream such as the one about a sick child symbolizes sadness, anxiety, and negative energy in general.

You might be going through a tough period in your life that has left you feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed.

It may seem as though there’s no way out, but a part of you knows and still believes that not everything is lost.

Perhaps the only thing you need is help from the people who love you and care about you enough to provide their support.

A sick baby needs her mother to comfort her, just like you need someone to help you get through the difficult times and solve your problems.

16. Dreams of yourself as a baby

Seeing yourself as a little baby might mean that you feel helpless and unable to do anything on your own.

The baby from the dream represents you, a strong, mature adult on the outside and an insecure child on the inside who needs to be taken care of.

There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable, but it gets tricky if you don’t do anything about it.

Avoiding the issue won’t help you feel better, it will only worsen your current state and lead you to more serious problems.

17. Dreams about a dancing baby

cute little girl in a pink dress dancing

This is probably one of the funniest dreams about babies you can have.

I’m sure this dream left a big smile on your face after you woke up.

Dancing is generally considered to be a way of celebrating a certain occasion or expressing your joy.

This dream symbolizes the celebration of solving a past problem that has caused you trouble and negative feelings.

You’re finally able to dance and enter the new life ahead of you, which is filled with positive emotions and great energy.

According to this dream, you’ve finally reconciled with yourself, accepted all your good and bad sides, faced your insecurities, and found a way to deal with them.

There’s no more room for tears and anxiety, it’s time to shine and show the world who you really are and how strong you can be.

18. Dreams about a messy baby

A messy baby in dreams symbolizes a messy state of mind in waking life.

If you dream of a baby with stained clothes and a dirty face, it means that your life is a complete mess.

Bad life choices, an overbooked schedule, or no life goals or ambitions – all of these imply that you desperately need a fresh start.

You’re probably dealing with challenges on a daily basis and that’s not because you’re incapable of finishing your tasks, it’s only because you don’t know how to manage your time and organize your life.

19. Dreams of cuddling a baby daughter

young mother cuddling with her newborn baby

My favorite thing to do is cuddle my little ones, especially at night, before they go to sleep.

Cuddling isn’t just beneficial for the baby, but for parents as well.

Just because we’re adults, doesn’t mean we don’t need a bit of cuddling in our lives.

If you dream about cuddling a baby, it might mean that you also need someone who’ll show you support and be there for you when you feel helpless and insecure.

This dream is telling you that you’re in need of affection and love from the people around you.

Asking for support isn’t shameful, especially because some people might not even know what you’re going through, so don’t be afraid to look for someone who’ll make you feel complete again.

20. Dreams of a little girl sleeping

Dreams about a baby daughter sleeping might indicate that you’re afraid to move on with plans that you’ve already made because of insecurities.

For you, it’s easier to put everything on hold than to face any potential failures if none of your plans work out.

This dream symbolizes your unwillingness to work harder and overcome any obstacle that might come up during the realization of your ideas and projects.

Delay might sound like a good idea at first, but it might have long-term consequences for your career and your life, in general.

No one will stay long enough to wait for the baby to wake up by herself, which is why you need to take the first step.

21. Dreams about twin daughters

newborn twin babies sleeping tight in the blanket

“Twice the love, half the sleep!” – Unknown

Having two babies at the same time isn’t exactly a piece of cake, but most parents agree that nothing’s too difficult when it comes to their children.

The meaning of this dream might be contrary to having twins in waking life because it represents harmony, peace, and balance in your life.

Yes, many people find balance in their life after they become parents, but on the other hand, peace and twins don’t exactly go hand in hand.

Jokes aside, having a dream about twin girls will bring prosperity, success, and happiness into your life, including improvements in your relationship with your partner and other people you care deeply about.

22. Dreams about a peaceful baby

Dreaming about a calm baby symbolizes a new phase of your life that’s filled with peace and happiness.

It’s finally time to let yourself breathe and relax after everything you’ve had to go through in the past.

However, you’ve acquired some of the greatest human qualities during the process such as patience, strength, and the ability to let go.

Things from the past don’t belong to the present or future and you’ve finally learned that lesson.

23. Dreams of an upset baby

a newborn baby in sweet pijama crying on the bed

Dreaming about a baby who can’t stop screaming and crying may indicate that you don’t have the ability to solve your problems quickly and without also involving other people.

The main point of this dream is to remind you to think outside the box and find patience so you can overcome every issue and obstacle in your life.

If the baby you’re dreaming of is aggressive during the dream, it might mean that you feel that you’re in a similar frame of mind, but you just don’t show it in the same way.

24. Dreams about pacifying a little girl

Dreaming about the ability to pacify a young baby represents your willingness to deal with minor issues in your life without anyone’s help.

This dream indicates that your life is filled with problems that may not seem important at first, but might impact on your future plans and projects.

If the baby doesn’t stop crying even after you try to calm her down with her favorite baby songs or a toy, it means you need to use the right set of skills in real life and open yourself up more to the people around you.

The dream stresses the importance of patience and wisdom, two personality traits that can be useful when dealing with problems in your life.

25. Dreams of a healthy and smiling daughter

cute baby girl smiling on the bed with teddy bear toy

Dreaming of a beautiful baby that smiles all the time is a sign of joy in your life.

You’re surrounded by positive energy, people who love and care about you, and new opportunities.

This dream indicates future successes in different fields of life, including work and relationships with your partner, family members, or close friends.

You’re finally ready to enter a new phase in your life, leaving all the negative experiences behind you and looking forward to everything that’s coming your way.

The dream of a smiling baby girl can also stand for a great financial success that’ll enable you to live care-free and help the people you feel close to.

The time has come to overcome and resolve any kind of quarrel, misunderstanding, or conflict that currently exists in your real life – if there are any.

Now that you’re at peace with yourself, you can make everything work again.

26. Dreams about a baby daughter with her toys

Some people report having dreams of baby girls playing with some cute baby toys.

However, this isn’t a positive dream, which I have to admit is quite surprising.

This dream represents a conflict between you and your close friends which only gets worse the more you talk about it.

Essentially, toys in this dream represent all kinds of obstacles and bad things that are preventing you from moving forward.

The main point of the dream is not reconciliation with your friend but with yourself.

You have to work on yourself, take these events as lessons and finally learn how to appreciate yourself more than anyone else.

Instead of trying to fix something that’s broken into millions of pieces, it may be time to focus on yourself and learn how to become a person that can’t be used by others.

27. Dreams about playing with your baby girl

happy mother playing with daughter in a tent

This dream describes you as a person – someone who’s easy-going, has a playful character, and doesn’t really get bothered by many things in life.

There’s always a solution to any problem – this sentence perfectly describes your personality.

However, that doesn’t mean life is always easy. You’ve just learned how to cope with any type of problem and come out a winner.

This type of dream is reminding you to continue working on yourself in order to achieve even greater success in your life.

28. Dreams of punishing a baby girl

Punishment can never be a positive, although most people think it serves as an instrument to teach your child some valuable life lessons (depending on the type of punishment, of course).

However, this dream represents a person who’s arrogant and trying to be more dominant in every social circle, including family, friends, or even a relationship with your partner.

You may look strong on the outside, but this type of behavior suggests that you’re actually quite weak on the inside and that you need support as well.

Insecure people with low self-esteem might have the urge to control others because they have to prove themselves as leaders.

Sadly, this typically ends up with people avoiding them because of their arrogance.

29. Dreams about being surrounded by baby girls

Baby girls playing in the park

Babies represent happiness, prosperity, and abundance of joy, regardless of gender.

This dream of being surrounded by baby girls means that you’re doing well in your life, especially when it comes to relationships and personal life.

You feel satisfied with yourself while you’re still working on self-development to become a better and stronger person ready to take on all types of life challenges.

This dream serves as a reminder that you can and should take some rest when you need it – you certainly deserve it.

30. Dreams of a newborn baby

A dream about a newborn baby in your life indicates a fresh start, followed by success in every field.

You finally have the chance for self-growth and further development of your skills that’ll ensure a happy life filled with peace and joy for you.

Newborns are carriers of special energy that transforms your life completely and makes you become a better person.

This dream may also be a good sign for women who are waiting for a positive pregnancy test – you may get one sooner than you think!

31. Dreams of a baby girl laughing

adorable baby girl wearing a blue headband and lying on the belly

A laughing baby will surely put a big smile on your face, especially when you’re feeling sad. She’s a symbol of joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

This dream represents victory over all the things that have been bothering you for a while. You’re finally aware of your inner strength and the skills that help you improve the overall quality of your life.

According to this dream, you’re a passionate person who knows how to tackle challenges and doesn’t stress about it too much.

32. Dreams about a dying baby girl

This dream could be considered to be a nightmare, especially if you’re dreaming about your own baby dying.

Unfortunately, we can’t have full control over our minds, especially during sleep, so it’s impossible to avoid a dream like this one.

Needless to say, this dream has a negative meaning. It stands for disappointment and failure due to external factors that you can’t control nor change for the better, no matter how hard you try.

Although this dream represents failed attempts, missed opportunities, and life goals, that’s not a reason to give up on everything.

This dream is telling you not to give up – it suggests you nurture more positive thoughts and patience until your time finally comes.

33. Dreams about a cute baby

cute baby girl wearing headband lying on the crochet blanket

All babies are cute with their tiny hands, fingers, chubby feet, and big eyes.

Therefore, it’s not difficult to guess that this dream has a very positive meaning.

I’m sure your daughter is the cutest baby you’ve ever seen.
This type of dream might even encourage some couples to have children earlier than expected.

On the other hand, this dream can stand for great success with your current projects, especially ones that are progressing far better than you ever could’ve imagined.

Now is the time to make the best of every opportunity given to you during this period.

34. Dreams about a little girl with blue eyes

All babies are sweet, but those with blue eyes are simply adorable.

Dreaming of having a baby girl with blue eyes might be a sign of improvements in your life.

There’s nothing to stop you from completing all your plans and projects.

The time has come for you to shine bright as a true star and finally receive recognition for all your hard work.

35. Dreams about an active little girl

happy mother catching her baby crawling on the floor

Every baby becomes extremely active as soon as she can crawl or stand on her own.

She turns into a little explorer who can’t wait to check every corner of each room.

Dreaming of having a baby girl who’s extremely active might be a sign of your brilliant mind that keeps producing new ideas and comes up with new plans on a daily basis.

However, although you come up with a great number of ideas for amazing projects, that’s not enough to guarantee good results.

That’s why it’s important to determine your strengths and weaknesses, understand them, and find a way to use them to complete your projects and plans successfully.

36. Dreams about fixing a little girl’s hair

Most babies have thin hair until they become toddlers although there are some exceptions of babies with adorable thick curls.

Dreaming of fixing a baby’s hair is a symbol of carefree moments in your life that you’ve enjoyed to the fullest.

Unfortunately, each person has had at least one bad experience that has left permanent scars.

However, this dream suggests that you’ll enjoy a lot of great moments with your family, friends, or your partner in the near future.

All you need to do is relax and enjoy the peace that’s currently surrounding you.

Try to release pressure from things that have left you exhausted or overwhelmed by doing something that makes you happy.

37. Dreams about a blonde little girl

blond little girl with pacifier lying in bed with toy covered with blanket

Initially, I didn’t think that many people actually remember the color of a baby’s hair from their dreams, but it does seem to be a lot more than I originally thought.

Truth be told, it’s impossible to forget a little girl with big blue eyes and blonde, almost white hair, that appears in your dreams as a guardian angel.

According to the meaning of this dream, this baby truly is an angel because she brings you great progress in your career, health, love, and financial gain.

Little blondie is there to improve your daily life as well, by helping you create a stronger bond with your partner and family members.

38. Dreams about a baby without clothes

If a baby appears in your dreams without any clothes on, it means that you’re in need of radical changes in your life.

This type of dream symbolizes pain and suffering because of unaddressed health issues.

This dream can be a premonition unless you change your lifestyle and start taking care of your health quickly.

Your body and mind are giving you a chance to react in time and avoid any serious conditions that are caused by poor habits.

39. Dreams of an orphan baby

newborn baby with hat wrapped into blanket

If you dreamt about a baby girl who doesn’t have parents, you might already know what this dream implies.

The girl from your dreams is you in real life. You must be feeling abandoned or neglected by the people you hold dear.

I completely understand what it feels like to be ignored and avoided by everyone, but I’m still not sure which option is worse:

• Being completely ignored by everyone, without anyone to talk to, or

• Having superficial conversations with people you feel close to because of their indifference towards you and your problems?

In order to feel better, you have to identify the problem first and then find a way to cope with it successfully.

Focus on yourself rather than other people, find a way to lift yourself up without anyone’s help if you’re sure that no one is willing to offer you support.

Having support is great, but it’s not critical for success.

If you really feel that there’s no one to offer you sincere help, support yourself with your inner strength.

40. Dreams about people making fun of the baby

Dreaming about one person or a group of people making fun of a little baby may stand for some hidden enemies in your life that are trying to hurt you behind your back.

Those people might pretend to be your friends, but I’m sure you’ll be able to recognize their true intentions soon enough.

This dream is a subconscious warning to be cautious around people and avoid sharing too many personal stories if you’re not sure that person is your true friend.

41. Dreams of a baby sitting in your lap

happy mother holding baby girl in her lap

If you dream of a baby sitting in your lap, it means you’re very dedicated to your own success but you may have put the bar a bit too high, so now you have to put in a great deal of effort to fulfill your own expectations.

You’re a hard-working person, but you also like to help other people which is why everyone loves you.

However, if the child sitting in your lap is sad, that might mean your family members and your partner are missing you.

Remember, life isn’t only about completing work goals and providing for your family.

You need to take some time off and actually spend it with them because they’re obviously missing you a lot.

Wrapping Up

Dreaming of having a baby girl can have a lot of different meanings that may not be connected to the wish of having a baby at all, as it was traditionally thought to.

These types of dreams mostly possess spiritual meanings that have the goal of making you a better person for yourself and the people around you.

If you’ve been dreaming of having a baby girl, I hope you’ve found the meaning of your dream in this article.

More importantly, I hope that the explanation helped you face current events in your life without any hesitation and that you learned a thing or two about yourself and your personality.

Good luck!

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