20 Best Easter Basket Ideas for Babies Under 1 (Gifts under $20!)

best Easter gifts for babies

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It’s baby’s first Easter! Still new and sweet…but oblivious to all the fuss about dying eggs, too little for candy, and…what on earth do you get for their basket?!
Well, friend! I’ve got you covered. Just click the picture or the link to learn more about the product or make a purchase!
(Bonus! These items are all totally affordable, too! Amazon prices change all the time, but as of this writing, all items are below $20!)

Easter basket ideas for babies under 1


1. Sola the Goat Teething Toy

How cute is this?! I love this toy for so many reasons. This toy is completely non-toxic. Unlike other teething toys, it is completely free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. It’s made of 100% pure natural rubber. (And it squeaks, which baby loves!)

2. Baby paper

This was one of my daughter’s absolute favorite things when she was a baby. It actually kept her occupied!! She loved the crinkle sound! It comes in various colors and patterns, too.

3. Tub toys

When searching for a tub toy, you’ll want to make sure that you get one that is phthalate free and hermetically sealed so that it doesn’t grow mold and become toxic to baby. (Read more about how to choose safe tub toys here.)

4. Stacking boats

Speaking of tub toys, these boats are fun for in or out of the tub! (Also non-toxic!)

5. Banana toothbrush

This toothbrush is great for cleaning babies gums. PLUS babies love holding and chewing on it. It’s great for sore gums and sensory input. (Also non-toxic!)

6. Baby’s first Easter bib

Baby’s first Easter isn’t complete without a bib to commemorate the holiday!

7. Easter board book

This is an awesome book to help teach your baby the true meaning of Easter. It’s never too early to start!


8. Plush animal

This organic plush toy also makes music!

9. Stroller/car seat toy

These little animals are SO cute and come in a variety of animals to choose from: owl, bunny, panda, and fox (pictured above). They are organic and hypoallergenic!

Easter basket ideas for babies , continued…

10. Sensory ball

This ball is so bright and has so many textures for sensory stimulation. It’s also safe! It’s made of 100% pure natural rubber and certified non-toxic. My daughter has this ball and she loves it!

11. Amber teething necklace

A must-have for any baby, you can start using these as young as three months or whenever teething symptoms start. I trust Hazel-Aid as the most reliable brand.

13. Baby spoons

Even if your baby is too little for solids right now, that magic six-month mark will be here before you know it. These spoons are non-toxic and are great for encouraging self-feeding.

14. Rattle

I love this rattle because it’s a rattle and teething toy in one. Win-win!

15. Lolipop teething toy

How cute is this little lollipop? Baby will love munching on this and you’ll love that it’s completely non-toxic.

16. Pacifier

If your baby takes a pacifier, he’ll be super-excited to see a new one in his Easter basket. It’s always nice to have extra on hand anyway, since they get lost like 10 times a day! (Am I right?!)

17. Links

You can use links for endless things. (And babies love them!) This brand is BPA free.

18. Easter jammies

These pajamas are super-stylish and organic! They also have some cute gender-neutral and boy styles to choose from as well.

19. Bubble bath

Bubble baths are great for special occasions. This babyganics unscented brand ranks “1” on the toxin scale inside the Skin Deep website. (The lowest possible ranking.) For more info on choosing non-toxic, safe baby wash, click here.

20. Cloud-b Plush bunny

Okay, so this bunny isn’t organic or non-toxic (to my knowledge), but my daughter has one and she l-o-v-e-s it. It’s super-soft and cuddly. Plus, what Easter basket would be complete without a bunny?!

What Easter basket gift idea would you add to this list? Be sure to pin this so you can refer to it later!

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