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16 Stylish Easter Outfits For Baby Boys To Look Good In 2022

16 Stylish Easter Outfits For Baby Boys To Look Good In 2022

The big day is fast approaching, but your precious son might not have his outfit ready, which means it’s time to look at some stylish Easter outfits for baby boy.

These Easter outfits for baby boys range between everything from onesies, footie pajamas, bodysuits and silly outfits, all the way to sophisticated options like suspenders, bow ties, long sleeve shirts and cardigans.

The variety in children’s fashion is astounding these days, and if you aren’t taking your little one to church, there are plenty of fun options for the perfect baby boy Easter outfit.

After all, why should the Easter decorations be the only ones that get to be colorful, right?

I personally like to go for a bit of a classic choice, with a silly costume or a bunny/carrot/Easter egg pattern onesie or jumpsuit.

But as both my baby girl and baby boy have grown up, I’ve swapped to more stylish, albeit church-appropriate, attire featuring long pants with suspenders and a short sleeve t-shirt for my little man to better honor this special occasion.

Believe me when I say there’s an endless array of ready-made outfits available for your infant boy to celebrate his 1st Easter in.

So many, that you could easily get one personalized to your own tastes, or even your child’s, if he’s old enough to have his own fashion sense.

Here are some of the best outfits I’ve managed to find on Amazon, which I’m certain are going to have your little man looking great for his meeting with the Easter bunny.

16 Easter Outfits For Baby Boys

1. Boarnseorl Baby Boys Gentleman Outfits Suits

First up is Boarnseorl, with their classic 4 piece suit. This suit consists of khaki pants with suspenders and a neat striped little onesie, which acts as a shirt with a fancy little bow tie to bring it all together.

The best part of this onesie is that it has a snap closure system, making it a whole lot easier to change your child’s diaper in case of an emergency, as you won’t have to pull all his clothes off. It’s just an easy snap off, clean, snap back on and your baby is ready to go.

The set comes in both yellow and black, allowing for a bit of choice with what your baby boy might want to wear. It is also fancy enough to be worn for Easter ceremonies and as everyday wear.

2. Unique Baby Boys My First Easter Layette Set With Shorts

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, you might want to check out this Easter outfit that is perfect for your baby boy.

Designed by Unique, this set feels like something you’d want your child wearing on the beach, with its light, pure colors that embody the childlike innocence of your baby boy and the true meaning of Easter.

Made out of breathable Egyptian cotton, this excellent design provides maximum comfort for your baby, ensuring the highest quality at the most affordable price.

The design in the middle is really cute too, with the applique bow tie and the “My 1st Easter” printed on the front, nicely wrapped around a golden cross that replaces the letter “T”.

This is a neat little ensemble that’s sure to make your toddler stand out from the crowd.

3. Kimocat Toddler Boy Clothing Sets

Another one of the best Easter outfits for baby boy, that has made it on this list for good reason. Kimocat has been sure to design a stylish looking clothing set for your little one to wear, either casually or for special occasions such as Easter.

Made out of a cotton & polyester blend, this outfit is light and breathable, ensuring comfort in both breezy weather conditions and light heat.

The outfit consists of a set of pants with suspenders, a long sleeve shirt, and a sown-in bow tie to top it all off and show off the level of style your child has.

It also comes in a variety of different colors, allowing for a number of variations and personalized choices, so your child can have a more unique look.

The best part is that Kimocat operates on a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy, meaning that if the clothes are too big or small or end up having some sort of defect, they won’t rest until they rectify any potential error.

4. ISOCUTE Newborn Photography Prop

You don’t always need the full set of clothes to represent your child’s love forEaster. Sometimes all you need are a few props in a bunny theme to transform any clothes your toddler wears into his new Easter attire.

That’s what ISOCUTE aims to do with their photo props, with their hand crocheted bunny hat and shorts featuring a cute fluffy bunny tail, as well as a large carrot, to tie it all together.

5. HMD Baby Boy Long Sleeve White Shirt Bowtie Tuxedo Romper

If you’re looking for an Easter outfit for your baby boy, then HMD will leave you spoilt for choice.

Boasting over a dozen different outfit sets in varying colors, some with bow ties, some with tuxedos, vests, suspenders or some combination of them all. You name it, they have it.

All of them are made out of 100% high-grade organic cotton, making it a real treat for your baby boy to wear one.

The best thing is that most of them feature snap-on pants that are easily removed and put back on, in case you have to change your child’s diaper.

6. BABISFLY 0-24M Newborn Baby Romper

This is arguably the most adorable example on this list, and one I had both my kids wear when they were little.

This little hooded romper with bunny ears on top makes your child look like the most precious little thing on the planet, enhancing his cuteness tenfold.

Made out of a soft cotton blend, the outfit won’t feel itchy or uncomfortable for your child, but snug and warm instead.

The whole thing buttons up, but it also has snaps on the lower half to allow for quicker access to your baby’s bottom, without having to remove everything when he makes a mud pie in his pants.

My favorite part of shopping for any piece of clothing is when it comes with many different color options to further personalize what I consider one of the best Easter outfits for baby boy.

Just make sure to double check that you’ve selected the right one when at the checkout.

7. Simplee Kids Unisex Romper

A different take on the whole hoodie-like romper concept is made by Simplee kids.

The main difference between theirs and BABISFLY’s is that their Romper has long floppy ears, which only adds to the cuteness factor of the baby. It also has a zipper instead of the button-up and snap-on mechanisms, which is great if zippers are more your thing.

It’s still made out of comfortable organic cotton, much like the BABISFLY variant, and they also offer a variety of different colors for their Rompers too.

My personal favorite is the light blue version, but there are several other options that are just as pleasing on the eye.

8. Nwada Boys Clothes

For more traditional clothing, we have the folks over at Nwada creating wonderful little sets for our kids.

While they offer the traditional set of suspender-boosted pants and a long-sleeved, button up shirt with a bow tie in the middle, what sets them apart is their variety and the neat little US flag-themed bow tie option.

That and the elasticized waistband, which allows one set of clothing to last your child a lot longer than those from other competitors might.

It’s also made out of 100% high-quality cotton, ensuring maximum comfort when your child adorns this breathable fabric. It also comes with a gingham-like pattern on the button-up shirts.

9. Tesa Babe Easter Outfits One-Piece Cotton Romper Jumpsuit

For something a little more on the cute, but subtle, side you have the Tesa Babe romper jumpsuit.

Made out of 100% cotton, the feel of these baby boy Easter outfits is exquisite. Plus, the cute little rabbit prints that adorn it make it even cuter!.

They even come in a number of different styles, so you can pick your favorite or the one your child is going to like the most.

The jumpsuit also has a snap-on bottom half to make diaper changes easier.

10. AMMENGBEI My First Easter Outfit

If you’re a fan of something a bit simpler, but still want to celebrate Easter with your child, then you might want to give the AMMENGBEI bodysuit a try.

Made out of a high quality polyester and cotton blend, this outfit was tailor made to provide the maximum comfort and style in Easter outfits for baby boys.

The snap on bottom helps when changing, so you don’t have to remove the whole bodysuit when cleaning up any mess.

While it doesn’t have as many choices on offer as some of the other options we’ve explored, this one is simple and discreet, but still festive enough to show the true spirit of Easter.

11. Shalofer Baby’s My First Easter Bunny Print Bodysuit Rabbit Romper

Here we have another lovely little design for an Easter bodysuit, courtesy of Shalofer Baby.

This 3 piece bodysuit set features lower jammies and a comfy hat to make it the perfect combo for your little one to keep warm in.

They’re also made out of high-quality cotton, which is what helps provide all of the aforementioned features and keeps any potential allergies away.

The design of the egg-filled cars and the “My first Easter” sign on the front of the bodysuit are a real sight to behold and well worth the purchase.

They also come in three different colors.

12. GRNSHTS’ Baby Boys Easter Outfit My First Easter Romper + Rabbit Cardigan + Pants

If you’re looking for a gentlemanly bunny suit then you needn’t look any further, because GRNSHTS’ has made a rather silly, but no less cute one.

Featuring a 2(3) piece set including a short and long sleeved romper, as well as pants with a cute and fluffy bunny tail on its back, it’ll make the movements of your darling child all the more hilarious and heartwarming when you see it wiggling around!

The romper itself has a snap on bottom, similar to the rest of the candidates on this list, for easy access to your baby’s bottom, allowing for quick and easy diapering sessions.

I do have to say that the carrot theme for the bow tie is superb, and it’s what won me over with this one.

13. Yilaku’s Baby Boy Clothes Set Shirt + Bowtie + Suspender Pants

Here we have another, more sophisticated look in a 4 piece set made entirely out of organic cotton.

The pants, shirt, and even the bow tie and the suspenders are all top quality and won’t wear down easily, providing a comfortable experience for your child as he moves around in this fancy getup.

Of course I’m going to praise the product for it’s color and varied design,. and Yilaku has a ton of that in its products, so be sure to find the one that you like best before you decide on buying it.

14. Good Lad Newborn/Infant Boy Shortall Set With Bunny Embroideries

This is an adorable little set of shortalls from Good Lad newborn. Give your darling little angel the fresh look of a young boy hunting for Easter eggs with this 100% cotton and seersucker mix, adorned with pictures of cute little carrots and bunnies.

It’s bound to make your little one look truly adorable, especially if you get him a matching cap or fishing hat!

The shortalls themselves button up over the shoulder to make it easier to get in and out of them, and the lower area of the outfit is snapped on for easier access during emergency changes.

15. Mimixiong Baby Knit Rompers

Here’s something simple; a knitted, poncho-esque Romper that will easily slide over any clothes your child already has with minimal effort, while producing simply adorable results.

This little jumpsuit is made out of 100% acrylic fabric and is secured with buttons, ensuring an easy fit for any baby.

The cute little bunny design on the front’s appeal is further enhanced with the added pom pom, which serves as its tail, making it one of the most adorable Easter outfits for baby boy.

It comes in 3 different patterns, each as eye-catching as the last.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the product for any reason, the people over at Mimixiong offer a 30 day full money-back guarantee.

16. Carter’s Baby Boy’s Easter Outfit Set

Last, but not least, we have a silly little bodysuit adorned with a pun straight from Carter’s.

This 100% organic cotton set is a delight for the child to wear, and provides parents with easy access to the baby’s nether regions when a diaper change is in order.

These come in sets of two, with one featuring your standard lineup of cute bunny faces printed on it, while the other has a neat little phrase: “Hoppy Easter” printed on it, a sneaky little pun to spice up the holiday with.

In Conclusion

The internet has plenty of Easter outfits for baby boys on offer, the only problem is finding the right one for your child.

Thanks to its accessibility, it’s a lot simpler to just go and get your credit card, make your way online and purchase the ideal clothing set with a few clicks of a button.

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting individual pieces, I wholeheartedly recommend getting one of these finished sets and rompers, as they turn out a lot cheaper than buying them one by one.

The only thing I’d opt for purchasing solo are any little booties that properly match your child’s chosen ensemble.

Of course, you can also exchange the many trouser options for leggings if your kids find those more comfortable, or even purchase an Easter-themed Bib or something similar.

I do hope you manage to have a successful and happy Easter though. Happy egg hunting, to all my dear mamas.

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