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Luvs Vs Pampers Comparison – Which Diaper Is Better?

Luvs Vs Pampers Comparison – Which Diaper Is Better?

Which diaper to use is just one of the many decisions that you’ll have to make as a mom. Should you go with the trusted Pampers diapers or go with the budget-friendly Luvs? Is there a substantial difference between the two, considering they’re made by the same company?

When comparing Luvs vs Pampers, there’s more to it than price. Absorbency, softness, and resistance to leaks are all key things to keep in mind if you want your baby to be happy with her diapers.

Although Luvs holds up well in terms of absorbing liquids over a long period of time, they do have a very strong baby powder smell that might put you off.

As a more established brand, Pampers offers a line of products catering to kids at all stages of development, from birth to the toddler years. Since their products are so well-known, it’s no surprise many parents choose them by default!

Keep reading to find out how these brands stack up against each other and who comes out on top.

Key Features Of Luvs Vs Pampers

package of pampers and luvs baby diapers in store

To help you decide who’s the winner of the Luvs vs Pampers showdown, I’m comparing Swaddlers and Luvs Ultra Leakguards.

Pampers also has other diaper lines such as Pampers Pure, Pampers Baby Dry, and Pampers Cruisers but for the sake of comparison, I’ve picked Swaddlers since this one of their most popular diapers.

Pampers Swaddlers

The Swaddlers diapers are popular among both experienced and first-time parents. They come in 7 different sizes, from newborn size to size 6, so your little one can rely on this brand of diapers until she’s ready to switch to a potty training toilet seat.

Here’s a brief overview of the key Pampers Swaddlers features:

• Wetness indicator

• Lockaway channels

• Breathable heart quilts liner

• Umbilical cord notch

• Flexible sides

• Hypoallergenic

• Paraben-free and latex-free

• Good overnight diaper

Wetness indicator

A wetness indicator is a must-have feature when it comes to diapers, regardless of whether it’s a budget or premium brand.

Although it’s sometimes easy to tell that your baby’s diaper needs to be changed (especially when you’re suddenly surrounded by a not so pleasant smell), other times you might need to check the diaper with your fingers.

Furthermore, this indicator makes it easier for other caregivers, like babysitters and grandparents, to know when the baby needs a diaper change.

The indicator is located at the front of the diaper, towards the bottom, and it changes color when the diaper is full.

Lockaway channels

Different diapers rely on different methods of ensuring that the wetness is properly absorbed and that there aren’t any leaks.

In this case, Pampers diapers are designed with special lockaway channels that absorb liquids and keep the baby’s skin as dry as possible. As a result, there are fewer chances your baby will get a diaper rash.

In addition, the air channels provide the diaper with breathability and good airflow.

Parents also love that the absorbency of this diaper ensures there are no leaks in the middle of the night, which is one of the most important features of every diaper.

Breathable heart quilts liner

Apart from being absorbent, a high-quality diaper needs to be soft and breathable to be more comfortable for the baby to wear.

The Pampers disposable diapers come with a heart quilts liner that keeps the moisture away and is extremely soft on the baby’s delicate skin. What’s more, it lets the skin breathe, preventing irritation.

The diaper is soft on the inside and outside to ensure ultimate comfort for your little one.

Umbilical cord notch

Parents of newborn babies will love the notch in the front of the diaper for the baby’s umbilical cord stump. The cutout ensures that the diaper doesn’t irritate this sensitive part of your baby’s belly, which is perfect for new parents who are still getting used to taking care of an infant.

You’ll find the umbilical cord cutout in size newborn through size 2.

Flexible sides

During the day, babies are active and a diaper needs to keep up with the baby’s movement without leaking. To this end, Pampers has designed the sides of their diaper to be extra flexible and provide leak-proof protection and comfort.

Whether your baby is playing, crawling, or simply taking a nap, you can rest assured that this diaper will fit just right without irritating your baby’s skin.


Since some babies are more sensitive than others, you might find that your little one does well with all sorts of diapers.

But it’s also possible that diapering will be a challenge if your baby is prone to allergic reactions. Keeping this in mind, I recommend you start off with diapers that are specially made for sensitive skin.

​Luckily, Pampers has ensured these diapers are hypoallergenic so there’s nothing to worry about!

Paraben-free and latex-free

Considering that your baby will spend 24 hours a day wearing diapers for the first few years of her life, it’s very important that the brand you choose doesn’t contain toxic chemicals that could harm your child.

Some of the best diapers that are non-toxic are biodegradable but you’ll find that even big disposable diaper companies have taken steps to ensure their products are safe in this regard.

Swaddlers, for instance, are free of parabens and latex. Adding parabens to baby products may result in fertility issues in the long term, as well as a slew of other health issues.

In addition to this, your baby might be allergic to latex so it’s best to avoid diapers containing this material.

Good overnight diaper

After your baby starts sleeping through the night, she will need a diaper that can offer more than just a few hours of protection.

Pampers comes with a 12-hour leak protection so your little one can sleep comfortably and you won’t have to wake up to change her diaper in the middle of the night.


While Pampers Swaddlers are not as expensive as organic diapers, for instance, they are pricier than budget brands such as Luvs.

If you’re trying to save some money, you’ll probably find Pampers and its similarly priced competitor, Huggies, to be out of your budget. Thankfully, there are numerous diaper brands for you to consider that come in at a lower price point.

Other upsides of Pampers

Pampers diapers, in general, come in a variety of lines depending on the needs of your child. They’re a premium brand offering preemie sizes, as well as diapers for active babies and training pants or pull ups for toddlers. They also offer pull ups for older kids.

As such, they’re a one-stop-shop for all your diapering needs, which is why many parents stick with Pampers for as long as their kids need diapers. Plus, they are arguably the most famous brand of diapers in the world and parents trust them.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

When it comes to Luvs vs Pampers, it’s important to remember that both brands are made by the same company called Procter & Gamble.

So even though Luvs is more budget-friendly, you can rest assured that the manufacturing process behind their diapers is of the same quality as Pampers.

Here’s a brief overview of the key Luvs Ultra Leakguards features:

• Triple leakguard protection

• Wetness indicator

• Nightlock leak protection

• Flexible sides

• Heavy scent

• Refastenable tabs

• Hypoallergenic

Triple leakguard protection

When comparing Luvs vs Pampers, I want to start off with one of the most important features which is leak protection. A diaper can have all the bells and whistles but if it still leaks and can’t hold up to the occasional blowout, then you’ll find it very frustrating.

Luvs diapers come with triple leakguard protection and special barriers around the diaper leg holes to prevent liquid from leaking out when your baby is active.

Wetness indicator

Does Luvs have a wetness indicator? Yes, Luvs diapers come with an indicator that lets you know the diaper is full. You can find it in the same location as the Pampers one (towards the bottom) and it changes color when it’s time for a fresh diaper.

Since this is a budget brand, I love that they’ve included this neat feature that makes the lives of parents and caregivers easier.

Nightlock leak protection

If you’re worried that these diapers might not offer the same amount of overnight protection as Pampers, I’m here to let you know that Luvs also has 12-hours of protection. Your baby can comfortably sleep through the night and there won’t be any need for late-night diaper changes.

Flexible sides

Although it’s necessary for a diaper to have a snug fit to prevent any moisture from leaking out, there also needs to be a certain level of flexibility so that your little one isn’t terribly uncomfortable in it.

The sides of Luvs are flexible enough to adjust to your baby’s activity during the day while preventing any contents of the diaper from escaping, so it’s a win-win for all!

Heavy scent

Some parents hate the smell of scented diapers while others don’t mind it, or even like that it covers up other odors.

If you fall in the first group, you should know that Luvs diapers are heavily scented and smell like baby powder, so I recommend avoiding them if the smell is going to bother you.

What’s more, some parents have concerns regarding the actual contents of diaper fragrance. They are worried that it might contain hazardous chemicals that could lead to allergic reactions or health issues later on in life.

If this is weighing heavily on your mind or if your child has responded badly to scented diapers in the past, I recommend opting for a non-perfumed diaper.

Refastenable tabs

There’s nothing worse than wasting a perfectly good diaper because you didn’t fasten the diaper tabs correctly.

Thankfully, Luvs diapers come with reusable tabs that you can remove and readjust to secure the perfect fit. Their tabs are also quite large to ensure they stay in place.


Parents of babies with super sensitive skin will like that these diapers are hypoallergenic. What’s more, they don’t contain parabens or latex either.


It’s obvious that Swaddlers lead the way when it comes to comfort and you won’t find such soft materials on a Luvs disposable diaper. However, they are still comfy enough for your baby to wear and are not as bulky as other diapers.


As I mentioned above, when comparing the cost of Luvs and Pampers, it’s clear that Luvs is the more budget-friendly option. But now that you have read all of the useful features that come with these diapers, there’s no doubt that they are great value for money.

The Final Verdict

baby in diapers lying on the bed

Now that we’re done comparing the key features of both diapers, it’s time to see who comes out on top in Luvs vs Pampers.

Based on comfort, absorbency, and leak-proof design, Pampers diapers are the winners.

What’s more, their diapers come with an umbilical cord cutout for younger babies and are less scented than Luvs, which gives them an even bigger advantage.

However, this doesn’t mean that Luvs is a waste of money. Quite the contrary! They’re a great budget-friendly diaper and if you’d like to save money on diapers or you have several kids that aren’t potty-trained yet, then feel free to make the switch.

You know the needs of your family best and only you can tell which option is best for you.

I also recommend looking into bamboo diapers and other eco-friendly options if you are worried about all of the chemicals that come into contact with your baby through diapers.

Of course, eco-friendly diapers come at a more expensive price point but many new parents have found them to be worth the extra cost after learning about all the different chemicals that go into making disposables.

FAQs About Baby Diapers

adorable baby boy lying on the floor full of diapers around him and in his hands

​Here are some frequently asked questions about baby diapers.

How many diapers do I need?

The question of how many diapers you need is important for every parent. The simple answer is: a lot! The more complicated answer is that it depends on your baby’s age.

Newborn babies can go through as many as 12 diapers a day while an 8-month old baby might need around 8 diapers daily. As the months go on, your baby will be using fewer diapers every day until it’s time to get potty trained.

Should I go with cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers have become very popular with eco-conscious parents who want to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on disposables. But using cloth diapers is not a walk in the park and you should expect a bit of a learning curve.

Before ordering dozens of cloth diapers, I recommend doing thorough research first so you are 100 percent sure about your choice.

Furthermore, remember that it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation – you can still use disposables when it’s inconvenient to use cloth diapers.

Are non-toxic diapers worth it?

In recent years, the popularity of non-toxic diapers has soared because they blend the best of both worlds: they are usually as absorbent as regular diapers but much better for the environment. Plus, they aren’t as big of a hassle as cloth diapers.

Anyone who can afford non-toxic diapers should definitely check them out as they are more than just a marketing gimmick.

The truth is that regular disposables contain many chemicals you wouldn’t want around your child and non-toxic diapers are a much better choice in this regard.

Plus, they are better for the environment!

To Conclude

After going through all the key characteristics of Luvs vs Pampers, it’s obvious that Pampers is the better choice. Although I used their Swaddlers line for the purposes of comparison, you’ll find similar quality in the Baby Dry and Cruisers lines.

Luvs is a budget brand and as such, doesn’t offer the best possible quality in all aspects. However, I should mention that many parents are still very happy with it, even after making the switch from more expensive brands.

And if you are in need of a budget-friendly option, you’ll be in good hands with Luvs. When you’re expecting a baby, the best decision is to weigh all your diaper options before birth.

You’ll be getting plenty of diaper boxes as baby shower presents, too, and it’s good to have an idea of which diapers you’re going to use before you set up your baby registry.

I hope I made it easy for you to decide which diapers to go with. Happy diapering!

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