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Games About Family: 12 Lovely Examples For Fun And Learning

Games About Family: 12 Lovely Examples For Fun And Learning

We all used to play some family games when we were younger. Games about family bonding are not only fun, but you can learn something by playing them.

When you remember your whole family sitting at your house and playing a family game, it warms your heart, right?

It brings you back to a time when you were just enjoying life, not thinking about problems.

A time where you would visit your grandparents family home or huddle up inside during a storm and enjoy some quality family-bonding time for a few hours.

Even those family reunions where you get to know your distant relatives better, all enabled through the fun of family games.

Moments that spark a lot of fond memories for most of us, I’m sure. And to be honest, this is a memory that will always be pleasant.

So, to make a long story short, let’s name a couple of family games and check if some of them are familiar to you.

12 of the best family games for gametime

1. Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Humanity

You’ve heard about Cards Against Humanity?

The game where you fill in the blanks on question cards to make the most hilarious answer possible?

Well, Kids Against Maturity is a family-friendlier version of the game. And I mean a lot.

It still has some low-brow fart humor, but nothing too horrible that your kids don’t know about already.

In case you don’t like some of the answers and consider them a bit much for yur kids to bare witness to, then just remove them.

They are just cards after all, but what’s a bit of harmless humor going to do really?

Regular games can last from 30 to 90 minutes, but who’s going to stop you from extending the game longer or keeping it short?

It’s just a game after all.

Best part is that it comes in a small box which makes it fit into any backpack without taking up too much space so you can carry it around on any outing.

It doesn’t have to be restricted to pure home use whatsoever.

2. Charades family game

This is a word-guessing game in which one person tries to make others guess a name or phrase (like a book/movie title or proverb) by acting out each word.

It can be interesting because the whole family can play this game, and there is no doubt that you will have a great time.

If you want, you can make your own family cards (things like family nicknames and phrases certain family members always say), and invite your favorite family members to participate.

It is a good way to shake the stress away and to get to know your family much better.

And yes, there will be a lot of laughing all down the road!

3. Pictionary board game

This is one of the most popular board games, and I can say that it has united the whole world.

Everybody plays it, and what is most important, the whole family can participate. The rules are pretty simple.

First, you need to divide your family members into two teams. After that, you need to decide who will draw from your team.

That person needs to change from round to round.

The team member who is not drawing is the one who is guessing.

How to play: the person who is drawing picks a card and has a couple of seconds to figure out how they will draw it.

If you are the one who is guessing, you have 60 seconds to guess what the drawer is trying to explain.

He will draw something on the board and you will try to guess what that is.

If you guess, you can move the pieces for the number written on the cube.

You play until one team reaches the winning field and guess the word on it.

As simple as that!

4. Feelings and family

This is a cool game where family members can participate.

You can ask your grandma to join as well as your other members of your family.

You can organize a family game night from time to time and have some family fun. You can make two teams and choose a different representative each time.

He or she has to act out one family member and the others have to guess who that is. One important reminder is that that person shouldn’t talk.

They need to figure out another way to imitate the family member.

And trust me, while they are doing it, you will have such a great time.

5. Pick Your Poison Card Game

Remember back to your younger days when you’d spend time with your friends asking each other if you’d rather kiss the dog or never go out again?

Well, such a game exists in compact card form too!

The packaging isn’t as sinister as it seems as the options can be quite tame (just don’t get the NSFW version and you should be fine) and can even lead to some interesting dilemmas.

What’s even better is the fact that you can always make the best of a bad situation by asking the dealer some questions about the situation.

Who knows, maybe having arms for legs isn’t so bad if they’re equally as flexible.

The kit has over 300 cards which means a massively diverse number of combinations that can occur giving it a ton of replayability.

And, if there are some cards that you think might be unpleasant for your kids and aren’t considered family words, just remove them. Easy.

A fun party game that is sure to bring the family together and promotes creative thinking and decision-making through fun play.

Remember, if the learning isn’t frontline, your kids are bound to have a lot more fun!

And, much like any card game, it’s portable and can be brought along anywhere.

You aren’t restricted to just use it with your family after all.

6. Spontuneous – The Song Game

If you and your family are big fans of music and tend to break out into singing random song verses more often than not then this is a perfect family game for your household.

A simple, yet innovative spin on the kinds of board games where you race to the finish, but you’re only allowed to move along the board if you shout the name of a song with a certain word in it or sing a verse that contains that word.

Thankfully points aren’t awarded for musical talent so even musical anti-talents like me can play.

If you’re concerned that your kids might not have the edge that you and your partner might, just pair up and divide yourselves into teams.

A great way to form a friendlier bond with your kids.

First team to get to the finish, wins! Good luck!

7. Trekking The National Parks: The Family Board Game

Now here’s a game that’s both fun and educational.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel across the States and visit all of our beautiful national parks, but don’t have the time or maybe the money to do so, I’d say this is the best alternative.

It was developed by parents who enjoyed travelling and love nature who wanted to share this love with other families.

And, thanks to their sons help, they managed to eternalize it in the form of Trekking The National Parks.

The basic goal is to go over the map and collect points in the form of trailstones, by visiting national parks first and collecting the park cards which contain wonderful imagery of the parks and fun facts about them.

You can also set up camps at the parks to earn extra benefits for your trekking adventure and potential win.

A simple to understand and fun game for up to 5 players.

But if you want to include more players, nothing is stopping you from making extra tokens of your own and handing them to player 6 and so on.

Maybe grandma wants to play, you never know!

8. Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game

While the game isn’t exactly about Hawaii, it doesn’t make it any less fun.

It’s fun, simple, doesn’t take long and is incredibly easy to learn. It’s so simple that if your kid has learned not to try and eat small pieces, then they’ll be able to play.

How is that? Well, the game is based around matching the same shapes or colors so that you never really have a dead hand of tiles to play.

You start off with a number of tiles and the first person who gets rid of theirs wins.

Normally you can place one tile per turn, but if you manage to match two or more shapes/colors or land on a sun tile, you get to move again, chaining turns into a potential win.

There is also a wind tile that helps you adjust the board to a more favorable position for you so you can make an amazing combo.

Like I said, simple, but it has enough depth that you won’t get bored through repeated play.

I mean, there’s a reason the game has won many parenting and family game awards, right?

9. Sardines

This game is a must-have in every family.

If you have a lot of siblings, this fun game is perfect for you. But if you don’t, you can play with your parents or with the kids from the neighborhood.

Don’t think this is a card game because it is much better than that.

In this game, you have one person who counts to 100, for example, hiding their eyes with their hands so they don’t see where the rest of the kids are hiding.

During that time, all the kids are trying to find great spots where the person who is seeking won’t find them.

The goal is to run to the spot where the person was counting and touch it. That means they are safe.

But if the counter sees them and runs first to the spot, they lose, and they have to count.

This game is fun if more kids are playing because the excitement is higher.

10. Jinx Family Edition Board Game

Yet another wonderfully simple game with tons of replayability.

This is due to the fact that the game is purely dice based, so if you’re feeling lucky, then you just might be a winner here.

The goal of the game is to line up three consecutive pieces of yours on a grid, a grid whose columns and rows correspond to the correct side of the dice that your dice land on.

Now you have two dies, one black and one white.

When it’s your turn you roll them and place your piece on the grid coordinates that line up with the faces, should you roll the same number twice before you connect 3, you have to start all over again.

You get JINX-ed, so even if you’re one roll to a victory, you’re also one roll away from going back to square one, literally.

It’s a game where everyone is on a level playing field and the outcome is based on the way the dice roll so anyone can enjoy themselves as long as you keep it casual and fun, the way games are supposed to be.

11. Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

If you’re looking for something strategic and magical then you might want to try Labyrinth out.

A game that allows you to oil up those gears and sharpen up your thinking caps as you race with other players to the treasure and back while following your own specific route.

But if you think it’s that simple, you’re dead wrong.

After all, this labyrinth moves and players can and will sabotage others to reach their goal first, so do be careful.

And the maze will rarely ever look the same thanks to the amount of different available tiles.

Designed for ages 7 and up but don’t let that limit you or your kids if they might be a bit more advanced.

Plus, the games tend to be rather quick, so you won’t have to devote too much free time toward it and you can squeeze several rounds of it in during family game time or swap to another to keep things varied.

12. What if?

If you want some fun and a good time with your family, start playing this amazing game.

All you need are pieces of paper that will be like cards and pens.

You sit in a circle and all of you get a piece of paper where you should write a sentence starting with “what if”.

Then you give all the cards to one person.

They will mix them and bring them back to the people in the circle. If you get the same card, you can exchange it with someone else.

Then you answer the question by writing your own answer on that card.

In most cases those questions and answers are hilarious, and people who participate always have fun.

If you haven’t tried this game before, I suggest you try it because the fun is 100% guaranteed.


This list barely scratches the surface of all the games about family fun and bonding that are out there.

But a number of them aren’t all inclusive with kids and are exclusive to parents and such. While fun, this is meant to be fun for the whole family after all.

Though, games are a wonderful thing and I’d suggest getting a few of them.

I have a shelf purely reserved for them as they were a passion of mine ever since I was a teen and I walked into my first game store.

I do hope you can find the same fun and joy in them with your family as I have.


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