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60 Best Gifts For Stay At Home Moms To Show Your Appreciation

60 Best Gifts For Stay At Home Moms To Show Your Appreciation

Being a stay at home mom is a great way for a mother to establish a deep connection with her child, but it can also be incredibly stressful and overwhelming.

There are lots of gifts for stay at home moms that show plenty of love for everything she does for her family.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the whole world for her, even though she deserves it, but you can buy some adorable gifts she’d never buy for herself.

A stay-at-home mom is not a mom without a job, she’s a mom who does all jobs and tasks, including homework, chores, driving around, cooking, etc.

In order to celebrate these amazing superheroes, I have gathered a list of the perfect presents for a SAHM (including some awesome gift certificates).

Check out this stay at home mom gift guide and find something she’ll instantly fall in love with!

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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Practical Gifts For Stay At Home Moms

1. Local maid service coupons

Woman with floor mop and bucket with washing fluids

Is there a better treat than sending a stay-at-home mom away from home at least once a month and arranging for someone else to clean the whole house?

Just because she’s a SAHM doesn’t mean she has time to do everything by herself.

If you want to put a big smile on her face, just let a professional clean the house from time to time.

2. Babysitter gift coupons

young babysitter holding cute baby

This should not be considered a gift, but a necessity.

Let’s not forget, stay at home moms also have a social life outside their homes and other obligations they need to fulfill.

Make some cute DIY babysitting coupons she can redeem at any time.

You can offer to take care of the children yourself or you can pay for a babysitter of her choice.

3. Roomba – A stay at home mom’s best friend

Despite the resulting ache in her legs and back, she has probably vacuumed every corner of the house a million times and that’s after completing all the other house chores.

Well, it’s time for that to change with this practical gadget that will make her life at least slightly easier!

Instead of wasting time vacuuming every room, now she can do anything she wants while Roomba, the little robot, gathers all the dust, pet hair, food leftovers, and carpet dirt!

4. A shopping spree

If you’re not sure what a mom needs or wants, just get a gift card like this one from Amazon!

She’ll be able to buy herself things she usually doesn’t want to spend money on and splurge a little bit on herself!

Women like shopping, but don’t have a lot of time for it – this way a busy mama can shop online while she sits on the sofa and drinks coffee.

5. Ember temperature control smart mug

I’m sure every mother has drunk cold coffee at least a hundred times in the first few years of her children’s life.

Well, with this nifty high-quality temperature control mug, she can keep her coffee warm for much longer!

She can set the temperature, customize presets, and a lot of other things – all with an app!

6. Electric wine bottle opener set

This is one of the most practical gifts I’ve come across (especially because I always had trouble opening wine).

Now every mom can open her wine in no time and finally enjoy a glass of that heavenly drink without having to work hard to open it (and curse while doing so).

7. Shiatsu back, shoulder, and neck massager

Coffee, tea, wine, and good company all sound great for a cozy night, but nothing can relax a hard-working mom more than a high-quality massager for her tense shoulders and tired back.

This neck and back massager will go perfectly with the foot one and send her to cloud nine in a matter of seconds!

8. Hot air brush

Moms rarely have a lot of time for themselves because they have to take care of everyone else.

A messy bun is like a trademark for a SAHM because she doesn’t even have time to style her hair – it usually takes at least half an hour and that’s two diaper changes and breakfast!

However, this hot air brush really speeds up the process, so a SAHM can finally have amazing hair in 10-15 minutes!

This can be a nice gift for Mother’s Day or just a surprise gift to show your love and thoughtfulness.

9. Starbucks gift card

A SAHM loves her family and would do anything for her loved ones, but sometimes, she needs some time off.

Being a mom is an awesome experience and a true blessing, but sometimes we just need to be someone’s friend and the person we were before we became moms.

I always tell myself that I am me first and then a mom and a wife, and I’m sure there are many women who feel the same.

That’s why gifting a SAHM with a Starbucks gift card will be a great opportunity for her to drink some coffee with her friends and forget about all the worries on her mind for at least a few hours.

10. JBL waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker

To be honest, lots of mamas (including myself) are not IT aficionados, but we try to stay on trend with gadgets and modern stuff (I swear I’m starting to sound like my mom).

On the other hand, we’re great at having concerts in the shower (at least we think so) but it doesn’t sound the same when there’s no music.

If you have a SAHM who loves singing in the shower, you can get her this sweet JBL waterproof speaker that connects to her phone.

It has a 10-hour battery life, but I do hope she won’t stay in the bathroom for such a long time.

11. Bean box

Not many people can afford to travel the world, but you can still get a great gift for a mom who would like to travel to exotic destinations one day or a mom who simply likes coffee a lot.

Getting the World Coffee Tour bean box will be the best thing you could do for a busy mom who takes care of her children and every corner of the house.

12. Sephora gift card

We all need some self-care time (outside of the house) where we can just relax, go for a walk, and a shopping spree!

Every mama’s dream is to go shopping without buying diapers, food, and other home necessities.

Skincare products and makeup are probably some of the main things on her wish list, but the last ones on her shopping list.

You can surprise a stay-at-home mama with this thoughtful gift that she’ll appreciate a lot.

They deserve pampering at least once a month and this gift card will be just perfect.

13. Foot massager

A foot massager is one of the best investments for every mama! It relaxes the whole body by massaging the part that suffers the most.

A SAHM spends most of her day on her feet and at the end of a long day, her feet definitely deserve a good shiatsu massage.

This massager is a great gift idea for all moms who have issues with neuropathy, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, muscle tension, and other health issues related to feet.

14. Tea chest gift set

Even though it’s typically believed that mamas love drinking coffee, that’s not necessarily true.

There are a lot of moms who prefer tea over coffee, and they deserve some meaningful presents as well!

This interesting tea chest gift box contains numerous delicious flavors every mom will enjoy, especially after a hard-working day.

Cute Gifts For Stay At Home Moms

1. Burt’s Bees self-care essentials

Skincare is a very important part of self-care, but a lot of moms don’t have enough time for it or don’t want to spend money on products.

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However, this gift set might change her mind, especially when she tries the charcoal sheet face mask that detoxifies and nourishes her skin.

This can be a great Christmas gift as well because of the pretty packaging and the moisturizing lip balm which is essential during winter.

2. Little Things I Love About Mom: Fill in the Blank Little Journal Gift Book

This is one of the cutest gifts for all moms, especially the stay-at-home mamas who dedicate their lives to their families and children’s needs.

Moms are magnificent beings that make everything work and never make any mistakes (actually we just hide it better than others).

Share your love and that special bond with your mom, and tell her all the reasons why you love her so much by getting her this personalized book.

3. Sterling silver necklace

Most women love jewelry, not just because it’s sparkly and decorative, but because it can carry a very special meaning and remind them of some amazing moments in their lives.

This beautiful necklace might bring tears of joy with its adorable message: “To the world, you are a mother, to our family you are the world”.

4. Herb + Stone Apothecary spa kit subscription box

Subscription boxes with skincare products are one of my personal favorites when it comes to gifts for moms.

These gift boxes consist of some skincare essentials that lots of moms need, but wouldn’t buy themselves.

This set includes:

• Bath bombs

• Body oil

• Body butter

• Shower steamers

• Body wash

• Body scrub

• Bath salts

• Massage candle wax

All of these products are natural and some include essential oils which will turn bathing into a soothing and relaxing experience.

5. Birthstone necklace

Diamonds may not be every woman’s best friend, but her birthstone could be, because of the deep connection between them.

If you want to buy a meaningful piece of jewelry, a necklace with a birthstone will be a true hit!

You can find necklaces with birth gems like this one on Amazon but feel free to also take a look at Etsy and other similar shopping sites.

6. Faux fur throw blanket

A fluffy blanket sounds like the best idea for cold, winter, or rainy days!

This is one of the most perfect gifts for a stay at home mom who enjoys a cup of tea or coffee while watching her favorite show or reading a book that has been waiting on the shelf for months.

The blanket is made from faux fur, which means no animals were hurt during the production process.

7. Mama Bear necklace

A Mama Bear is a protective, responsible, and hardworking mama who would do anything for her family.

If you see your mom as a guardian of the family, this necklace will be the most precious gift you could give her.

This beautiful piece of jewelry has a pendant with Mama Bear and a cub positioned in the blue stone heart.

She’ll love the present even more if her favorite color is blue.

Funny Gifts For Stay At Home Moms

1. Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Let’s be honest, it’s great to be a mom, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when one kid has to go to the dentist, the other one has soccer training, and you still haven’t got anything prepared for lunch.

A coloring book for mom may sound funny at first, but it will soon become one of her favorite things to do when the kids go to sleep.

This snarky adult coloring book is very creative and funny, so don’t be surprised to see her sitting on the sofa and laughing her head off!

2. Funny coffee mug

Every mama needs a cup of coffee before the day officially begins, and that means just a couple of minutes of peace and quiet until everyone wakes up.

This coffee mug is a great gag that will put a smile on mom’s face every morning when she drinks coffee – or an Irish coffee at night!

3. Mommy’s sippy cup

A glass of wine at night is just like that cup of coffee in the morning for a stay-at-home mama!

This cute wine tumbler will be the perfect gift for every mama who likes a nice drink after a long day!

It’s very practical as well, with a tight lid she can always close in case one of the children gets up.

4. Supermom T-shirt

Mommies are indeed superheroes because we rarely have any rest, we always make everything work and we always know where to find the keys, socks, toys, etc.

This mommy T-shirt is cute and creative, but I think it’s practical too because it’s comfortable enough to wear at home and cool enough for outside.

Even though it’s funny, this definition of mommy is nothing but the truth, and if she wears it outside, there’ll be a lot of moms who will give her a nod of approval.

5. Slay at home mom!

Every mom needs some motivation from time to time, especially when it comes to workouts!

This T-shirt will make her laugh but I’m sure she’ll love it! It’s also a great gift for a new mom who wants to start working out again.

You are the queen mama and you slay at home!

Creative Gifts For Stay At Home Moms

1. 52 romantic dates

Most women love going on dates, be it a nice restaurant, cinema, or any place that might spark their interest.

Just because she is a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean she doesn’t like dates anymore.

This is the ideal gift for both partners because it involves communication and interaction that doesn’t just revolve around children, the house, or bills.

This date jar consists of 52 day or night dates that show how much you love her.

2. Inspirational affirmation cards for powerful moms

Yes, she’s a mom, but above everything, she’s a human being who needs some positive encouragement from time to time.

The everyday habits of a SAHM are numerous, so she needs tons of support, especially emotionally.

These positive affirmation cards are an amazing gift that will help her get through the difficult days much easier and build up her confidence when she feels low.

It’s one of the best simple and creative gifts you could give her.

3. Goodies box

This gift box contains all sorts of goodies for moms, from skincare to funny things that describe the mom life.

This gift set contains:

• Jewelry tray

• Bath bombs

• Scented candle

• Coffee mug

• Colorful socks

• Necklace

A little bit of everything makes a unique gift for a mom who deserves everything, and then some!

4. Family tree picture frame

There’s nothing more beautiful than a personalized gift filled with love and pictures of the family.

This family tree made of zinc alloy will be a great gift for Mother’s Day – for new and experienced moms and even grandmas!

Let’s show our love and appreciation for these amazing women in our lives!

Other Gifts For Stay At Home Moms To Consider

1. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

A beautiful fragrance around the house that relaxes her body and soul – a perfect gift for all mamas!

2. Fluffy slippers

You know how moms always frown when they see kids without socks or slippers? Well, that’s because their feet are cold!

Warm a mommy up with these heaven-like slippers from Sorel that will go great with a cozy blanket.

3. Cool sweater

“Mom life is the best life” is completely true and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Yes, sometimes a SAHM can feel a bit overwhelmed, but she loves every bit of parenting life!

4. Nespresso coffee maker

Moms and coffee – do I need to say more?

5. Personalized jewelry

You can never go wrong with personalized jewelry, especially if you add a child’s name next to mom’s.

6. Aromatherapy bracelet

This is one of the best gifts I’ve seen so far and it’s really amazing. It’s also one of the cutest gifts for all stay at home moms!

7. A framed family portrait

This is such a cute present that every mom will love. Make sure to get a good quality picture frame like this one from Matr Boomie.

8. Bracelet with handwritten message

Nothing can be more precious than a bracelet with her child’s handwriting!

This is a thoughtful gift she’ll cherish in the years to come.

9. Bed sheets

You can spoil a stay-at-home mama with this comfy king-size bed sheet set, she’ll love it! (Available in multiple sizes and colors).

10. 3 monthly bouquet deliveries

Most women love flowers and getting a bouquet every month from a loved one who’s far away from home will melt SAHM’s heart!

11. Perfume

A perfume is always a great gift idea.

I personally recommend this floral scent by Paco Rabanne that’s suitable for all occasions and times of the year.

12. Best Mom Ever candle

“Best mom ever” might sound cheesy at first, but that’s actually how almost every child feels about her mom.

This candle is very decorative and it smells beautiful.

13. All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts for Boundless Living

A poetry book filled with beautiful inspirational verses about life is the perfect gift for a bookworm mama!

She may not have time for a novel now, but she’ll enjoy reading these amazing poems!

14. Calamondin citrus plant

My favorite home decorations are plants (yep, just like my mom), and this Calamondin citrus plant is perfect for moms who are into gardening and plants.

15. Personalized pillowcase

This pillowcase with children’s names is really cute, and you can pick from nine different designs.

16. Crossbody bag for busy moms

Very practical, lightweight, and perfect for regular tasks such as picking up kids from school.

Instead of taking the big, regular bag every time, mama can now wear a small bag with everything she needs in it.

17. Family names sign

Write down the names of everyone in the house in case she forgets them!

Jokes aside, this is a beautiful piece of decor that the SAHM in your life will get tons of compliments on.

18. Personalized wooden cutting board

This is a simple and cute gift for all stay-at-home mamas who love to cook!

19. Acupressure muscle relaxants

A mat and pillow gift set that massages her while she lays down is everything she needs after a long day!

20. Letters to My Mom

There are few things that can be as powerful as a heartfelt letter.

These letters are bound to make the SAHM in your life feel appreciated and loved.

21. An electric kettle

This practical gift will mean a lot to mom when she’s in the kitchen.

22. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

If you have itchy feet and want to spend some quality time with mom, you can start your traveling plans with the 1000 adventure book!

23. AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test

Finding out about your origins has never been more fun and your mama will love discovering her roots with this genetic ethnicity test kit.

24. Core 10 High Waist Crop Legging

A mom without leggings is like a baby without her favorite toys!

They’re a staple of mom life and you can never have too many of them.

25. Mom Puzzle Sign

Moms keep the family together through good and bad! That’s why this creative gift is a perfect choice.

26. Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch with GPS

This is a really cool Fitbit smartwatch for all mamas who love to work out! (And those who are planning on starting their fitness journey.)

27. Music box

A music box might bring up some emotional memories, but a SAHM will fall in love with this gift instantly!

28. Eyeshadow palette

Moms do wear makeup, but it’s usually low on their list of priorities.

If you see any old eyeshadow palettes, just throw them away and buy new ones, because she never will!

29. Gucci perfume

Here’s another perfume suggestion, because you can never have too many!

30. Snuggle lounger

Soft, stretchy, cozy, and with pockets, that’s all I need from a snuggle lounger, and so does your mom!

In Conclusion

I am sure you found at least ten gifts for stay at home moms that you know she’ll love!

If you can’t decide on the best gift, you’ll just have to surprise her with gifts more often – problem solved!

Jokes aside, stay-at-home mamas really do deserve to be treated in the best way possible and be spoiled with cute gifts from time to time.

In order to thank them for everything they’ve done and for being the main piece of the puzzle that keeps the family connected, we can at least pamper them with presents like these.

Show love and appreciation to your mama/partner by getting her something she would love, but wouldn’t spend money on herself.

Every gift with thought is priceless!

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