16 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ to your Child (Plus 10 bonus action steps!)

Are your kids numb to the phrase 'I love you'? Here are 16 other ways to say I love you - PLUS 10 bonus action steps!

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Are your kids numb to the phrase 'I love you'? Here are 16 other ways to say I love you - PLUS 10 bonus action steps!

Ah, those three little words. I say them ALL the time to my kids.
But am I overusing the ‘I love you’?

Are kids numb to the phrase ‘I love you’?

‘I love you’ isn’t just a phrase we say before school or bed.
And while we should absolutely continue saying those three little words, perhaps
we could add to it so that our kids are really getting the message loud and clear.

Other ways to say I love you to your child

Here are 16 other phrases you can use instead of (or in addition to) ‘I love you.’
– You are so very loved.
– You mean the world to me. devotions for children, say I love you to your child
– My love for you will never stop.
– No matter what, I will always love you.
– When I look at you, my heart feels so much love.
– I love you ever so much.
– Sometimes I think my heart might burst it loves you so much!
– I loved you from the moment I saw you.
– My love for you is SO big.
– You are so precious to me.
– I love you more and more each and every day.
– I smile when I think of you.
– I love spending time with you.
– I adore you.
– I love you with all my heart.
– I cherish you.
We can also say ‘I love you’ with our actions. Here are 10 bonus actions to say ‘I love you.’

Say I love you with actions

– Write a sweet note and leave it on their bathroom mirror.
– Draw a picture of their favorite cartoon character.
– Make their favorite snack, just because.
– Go on a mommy-daughter (or mommy-son) date.
– Turn down their bed before they climb in.
– When holding hands, gently squeeze three times. (You might have to explain that this means I love you!)
– Get down on the floor and play trains…or dolls…or legos. (You get the idea!)
– Make up a secret handshake.
– Tell them a funny joke.
– Be intentional with listening when they have something to say. (And don’t forget the eye contact!)
There you have it! I hope this list was helpful for you!
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