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14 Characteristics Of And Facts About June Babies

14 Characteristics Of And Facts About June Babies

Have you ever thought about what your baby’s birth month says about his personality? It’s actually amazing how much you can discover about him based on the month of the year he was born in!

June babies have very interesting personalities, but your little one might be quite a handful, especially when it comes to his negotiation skills and wit.

However, you might also have the future Nobel Prize laureate in your house!

June is a great month to have a baby for many reasons!

First of all, your pregnancy will mostly be over the winter months, so there won’t be any sweating through the hot summer period, which is great for your health (and sanity).

Also, your newborn will get a lot of vitamin D from the sun the moment he’s born. However, you must be careful not to leave your baby directly in the sun to avoid any health issues.

Babies born in June also have higher birth weights, just like other babies born during the summer months (July and August).

In case your baby doesn’t become a Nobel Prize winner, he could be a professional basketball player as most June babies grow to be very tall adults (on average).

When it comes to personality, according to Zodiac signs, June borns are completely opposite depending on whether they’re a Gemini or Cancer, but they do share some general traits in common.

That is why I have gathered some fun facts about your June baby, so you can know the destiny of your child! (Just kidding!)

1. A Gemini Or A Cancer Child

Gemini zodiac sign cute illustration

If your baby was born in June, you either have a chatty and charming Gemini or a secretive and cautious Cancer. Gemini kids have a broad range of interests and zero patience.

They are very sociable, love to be around people, and make you laugh all the time. A Gemini baby also shows interest in everything and wants to explore the world and every corner of your house.

On the other hand, a Cancer child is completely the opposite.

He may seem shy and sensitive on the outside, but there is a beautiful world of endless imagination inside that he keeps hidden away from this world.

A Cancer baby is usually quite shy and doesn’t like to be around a lot of people, even family members.

Your little one is very cautious around everyone and tends to avoid anyone outside the immediate family.

2. A June Baby Parties All Night Long

Mother holding smiling baby late at night

Most parents of spring and summer babies do not get a lot of sleep for the first several years after their little night owls arrive.

A June child usually becomes very active after dark, so don’t be surprised to often see your child studying late at night.

3. June Babies Have The Most Beautiful Symbols

wooman holding moonstone, one of the birthstones of June babies

Each birth month has its own birthstone, and babies born in the month of June have three! Your baby is as delicate as a pearl, colorful as alexandrite, and as beautiful as a moonstone.

All three are very unique, just like your little munchkin, with very distinctive characteristics. Birthstones are quite important as they enhance your child’s energy and connect with his horoscope sign on a higher cosmic level.

However, birthstones are not the only symbols of babies born in June. Honeysuckle and rose are the two most fragrant flowers of all and happen to be the birth flowers of your June child.

Birth flowers are very important for your child as they symbolize their personality traits. Babies born in June are usually sweet like honeysuckle, but may be sharp just like a rose thorn.

4. Future Nobel Prize Winner?

smart little baby with glasses

Often described as very witty and intelligent, June born children are highly likely to become Nobel laureates!

Well, this is maybe a bit of an exaggeration, as the Nobel Prize isn’t only awarded to those with June birthdays, but June babies definitely have a lot of potential for scientific excellence and making great discoveries!

5. They Are Full Of Optimism

Happy little girl with a big smile

Be prepared to always have your glass full with your June baby, as he is highly optimistic about everything in life.

June and May babies have a lot of things in common when it comes to high spirits and happiness, which is not a surprise, as spring and summer babies are known to be at less risk of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) than winter babies.

According to a European study, June babies are likely to have a more hyperthymic temperament, which causes excessive optimism.

6. June Borns Are Very Creative

mother and baby finger painting

Optimistic and creative, it doesn’t get any better than that! People born in June are always full of ideas and their brains are working 24/7.

There is no time to stop with June borns, which you have probably already noticed with your June child. They are constantly coming up with new ideas, which might result in a lack of focus on one particular thing.

Your little one has a very creative mind that is seeking new challenges, so it would be great to provide him with different types of puzzles for each age or Lego (excellent practice for toddlers).

Art easels for children are also great for developing their imagination!

7. They Know What They Want

cute little boy with a hat

If anyone knows how to achieve what’s best for him, it’s a June born.

He knows what he wants and always has a way to achieve it, no matter what kind of obstacles are in his way.

This trait might not be so desirable during childhood, but it will bring him a lot of success later in the future.

8. They Are Skillful Negotiators

mother and daughter sitting on bed ant talking

Your June baby might be a handful when it comes to respecting authority, as he doesn’t like to be cornered by strict rules.

He prefers negotiating his way out of the punishment, even if it doesn’t always result in success.

Gemini is predominant in this month of the year as a tough and persistent negotiator.

9. They Always Make You Laugh

mother and baby laughing

This is a true fun fact – June borns are really funny, but in a rather unique way!

They don’t usually fit into the mainstream flow of humor, but they tend to make jokes everyone can understand.

I am sure your little one makes you laugh every day, but try to use that as a way of developing his creative mind even more, as learning through humor always yields good results.

10. No One Can Fool Their Intuition

Intuitive little girl thinking

It is surprising how intuitive June babies are! Your child’s intuition is well-developed in the early stages, but as he grows up it will become highly accurate.

His inner voice will warn him about the majority of dangers and difficult situations he needs to avoid. If he spots someone who is dishonest, he will back away immediately.

However, if a June born starts to avoid you and you don’t see any reason for him doing so, it might be because he is also quick to judge a person without any rational reason.

11. Moody Is An Understatement

moody baby in a pink shirt

Mood swings are common with June kids, which can be confirmed by almost anyone who has been near Geminis and Cancers.

June is not just a month of the year, it is an indicator of a personality with multiple layers of emotions, such as: happiness, anger, sadness, excitement, and every other feeling on the emotional spectrum.

12. But They’re Still Very Friendly!

three kids hugging and smiling

However, June kids are very sociable and love being around people. Even though Geminis are dominant in this field, Cancers also show affection towards a group of their favorite people.

A Cancer child may not be open to everyone, but he is a great friend to those that earn his trust.

In general, June children will always show affection towards friends and try to help in every situation. If your due date is in June or you already gave birth this month, expect a child with a lot of empathy and compassion.

13. June Kids Are Very Adventurous

little girl pretending to fly an airplane

Your little explorer will be off around the house as soon as he starts crawling to find some new and amazing adventures – just make sure to get your baby knee pads in time, to avoid my mistakes!

As he grows, he will want to go on new adventures and take risks to discover something new and exciting.

This is also what makes a person born in June a great leader.

14. June Babies Have Adorable Names

adorable baby girl smiling

June babies have beautiful birthstones and birth flowers, but they also have very cute baby names as well!

Pearl, Rose, and Alexander are probably the most obvious ones, but what other names can you give to your June child?

Here is the list of most popular names for babies born in June:

  • Rome
  • Summer
  • Margot
  • Greta
  • Helmi
  • Rosamel
  • Jarah
  • Abigail
  • Axel
  • Harvey
  • Diego

To Wrap Up

June kids are very interesting, but they do have quite contradictory personalities. You might feel great around a person born in June, or confused, depending on his mood swings.

If you are the parent of a June child, you will probably have to worry about him for the rest of your life, as he will always want to go on new adventures, even if that involves traveling the world.

As we discussed earlier, June born kids do have a chance at winning a Nobel Prize, but some could become quite famous in other fields as well.

Did you know these big names celebrate their birthdays in June: Liam Neeson, Natalie Portman, and Angelina Jolie? That’s pretty cool!

In about two months, you’ll be singing “Happy Birthday” to your little one and I hope you are already planning the party!

Your June baby may not always be the “perfect” child who’s easy to deal with, but he has great potential for a successful future, so don’t suppress him!


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