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40 Popular Nicknames For Abigail That Are Cute And Fun

40 Popular Nicknames For Abigail That Are Cute And Fun

The name Abigail is very lovely, but girl nicknames often help elevate full names to new heights and make conversations easier.

In this case, there are quite a few lovely nicknames for Abigail to consider which will make your little one’s name stand out even more.

Nicknames for Abigail, or anyone else for that matter, aren’t too hard to come by, but it’s important to find ones that fit the person best, or maybe even have some sort of significance tied to it.

You can go with the more common nicknames, like Abby, Abs, or something similar if you want to keep it simple, but for those of you who want to delve a little deeper, there are quite a few options.

If nicknames aren’t your thing, however, you can always opt for creative middle names to form a truly unique name for your little one.

Read on to find out the meaning of the name Abigail and some solid options for nicknames and middle names to give to your favorite girl.

Abigail – Name Meaning And Origin

cute baby girl in a pink dress smiling

The name Abigail is actually one of the oldest girls names as it comes from the Hebrew language, translating to “Father’s joy”.

Don’t let that discourage you moms though, just because she might be the joy of her father doesn’t mean she can’t be your joy too!

Along with the name Abby, Abigail is one of the most popular baby names on baby name lists in the US and worldwide, and has been in the top 20 for decades now. It’s also known as one of the most adorable country names for girls that will remain popular in the future, as well.

Seeing as it’s a Hebrew name, it’s more popular among Jewish families, but it has had a big rise in popularity in the latter half of the 20th century, which has seen it move beyond any religious ties and become more of a global name.

As you may know, Abigail was the wife of King David in the Book of Samuel.

Despite its origins, it’s a really popular Hawaiian name as well, which is often given to their princesses.

There have been many famous Abbies in American history too, namely first ladies of American presidents like Abigail Fillmore and Abigail Adams, women of true elegance.

Some of the more recognizable women of modern times that carried this name were Abigail Breslin and Abbie Cornish, who were both a famous American actress in their own right.

Writers of fictional characters also like using the name Abigail in all its forms.

We have the famous quirky Goth forensics expert Abby Sciuto on the NCIS TV series, as well as Robert Heinlein’s Abigail Zenobia in his book Strangers in a Strange Land.

Finally, this name is also a pseudonym of Pauline Phillips, a writer for the Dear Abby column in the San Francisco Chronicle, who wrote under the name Abigail Van Buren.

Most Popular Nicknames For Abigail

Female name Abigail written with multicolored stone letter

It’s always best to start off with some classics, so here are some of the most popular nicknames for Abigail:

1. Gail

2. Abby

3. Abbie

4. Abi

5. Abbey

6. Abbi

7. Gale

8. Gayle

9. Gigi

10. Aby

11. Abagail

12. Abigael

13. Avigail

Short Nicknames For Abigail

cute girl holding a pink paper heart and smiling

Sometimes, all we really want is to have an abbreviated name so it’s easier to use in conversation than always having to go through the full name, no matter how beautiful it might be.

This also creates a nice sense of intimacy between friends and family members, so here are a few short nicknames that still manage to capture the magic of Abigail.

1. Abs

2. Abba

3. Ab

4. Abbz

5. Abbster

Silly Nicknames For Abigail

Little girl with braids making a funny face

Nicknames don’t need to have some higher purpose all the time, though.

You can just find a silly or cute name to use as a joke to get a reaction from your child, or even something that might evoke joy on her happy little face.

Here are a few good examples:

1. Dabby

2. Abbers

3. Babby

4. Abbygirl

5. Abbycakes

6. Abbylicious

7. Crabby Abby

8. Abbocado

9. Ay-Bee

10. Abyloo

11. Abbs of Steel

12. A-boo

Nicknames For Abigail That Rhyme

Cute girl in a beige dress smiling

Another neat thing you can do with nicknames is find words or phrases that rhyme with them to add a bit of musical flair into the mix. It’s one of the go-to ways for families with a great love for music to give a nickname to their little Abigail.

Here are a few of many examples that might inspire you:

1. Sally

2. Gaby

3. Baddy

4. Barbie

5. Cabbie

6. Caddy

7. Tabby

8. Shabby

9. Blabby

10. Grabby

Middle Names For Abigail

little blonde girl with a yellow hat smiling

As mentioned before, you don’t have to stick purely to nicknames in order to make the name of your baby girl something extra special, you can also rely on beautiful middle names to make the full name sound awesome.

Here are a few good options:

1. Penelope

2. Mary

3. Willow

4. Raine

5. Riley

6. Blaine

7. Krystan

8. Brigid

9. Quinn

10. Olivia

11. Savannah

12. Taylor

13. Chase

14. Violet

15. Elizabeth

16. Ruth

17. Rosalie

18. Zoe

19. Daphne

20. Mae

21. Blake

22. Josey

23. Chloe

24. Fiona

25. Camryn

26. Bryn

27. Elaine

28. Kate

29. Makenna

30. Sage

31. Faye

32. Caris

33. Madison

34. Nora

35. Lauren

36. Sloane

37. Charlotte

38. Ruby

39. Tess

40. Hannah

41. Jaidyn

42. Nicole

43. Palmer

44. Wren

45. Katherine

46. Isadora

47. Arden

48. Eliza

49. Ava

50. Dawn

How To Come Up With Middle Names And Nicknames On Your Own

happy parents holding a newborn baby girl

There are likely still a few of you out there who haven’t managed to gain much inspiration from this list of names, and that’s fine, everyone has their own tastes.

It’s perfectly okay if you want to make one up on your own, but if you don’t know where to start, here are the 4 basic ideas that are often suggested as sources of inspiration for when you can’t find any yourself.

These methods are sure to help you find your very own nicknames and middle names for Abigail.

1. Family names are always winners

cute baby girl in a funny hat

This one works best with middle names, but honestly there’s nothing better than honoring the memory of a family member by giving a middle name to your own child.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to female names alone, you can use some boy names here too if they’re unisex enough.

Depending on the middle name of your baby, you can think of some good nickname ideas that combine the first and middle names, like AJ for Abigail Jane.

Sadly, I can’t give you more specific advice here because I don’t know your full name, but you get the idea!

2. Use multiple names

little blond girl in a purple t-shirt laughing

Having just one name sometimes feels like it’s missing something, so many parents add a few more on top of the first one.

This is common in many Hispanic families and countries where names reference other family members.

While you don’t have to go all out and give your child four different names (unless you want to be like royalty), two middle names can still sound pretty good, besides, they’ll likely earn a few neat nicknames from their best friends.

3. Your list of names helps

young woman writing a list of names in notebook

When you were choosing a name for your little girl, and Abigail eventually won, there were bound to be a few names that came a close second, so why not use them as inspiration for nicknames and middle names?

Many other parents do it just so they don’t have to throw the names away, or if they’re content with the size of their current family, but still want to use up all of the cool names they felt would also fit their baby girl.

4. Memorable places

woman looking at online map on tablet

My last piece of advice is to take to the world map and find a city, village, or even a country whose name might end up serving as inspiration for a nickname or second name for your darling Abigail.

Try looking up some places you’ve visited already that you have happy memories tied to, and see if the name of the place can work as a nickname or middle name to help preserve that memory.

Feel free to get creative here as there are countless places to choose from!

Famous People Named Abigail

This name is connected to quite a few famous women, something you can use as an inspiration for your little girl’s name.

Here are a few good examples:

• Abigail Adams – The First Lady of President John Adams

• Abigail Breslin – An American singer and actress

• Abigail Michal Spears – An American Tennis player

• Abigail Campbell Kawānanakoa – The Princess of Honolulu

In Conclusion

There are a large number of options when it comes to finding unique middle names or nicknames for Abigail, and you can go down many different routes to make one.

The sheer number of options may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s really not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

If you ever find yourself struggling to think of a nickname, or if none of the ones listed here tickle your fancy, feel free to consult the 4 little tips on figuring one out for yourself or try thinking of one up alongside your partner. Two heads are better than one after all.

I’m sure you’ll figure one out that’s going to be just as lovely as your precious little girl is to you.

Until next time, mammas!

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