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13 Characteristics Of And Facts About Your May Baby

13 Characteristics Of And Facts About Your May Baby

Babies born at any time of the year present the biggest blessing for every family, but a May baby might be considered a bit luckier than others.

In fact, May is filled with quite a few famous birthdays.

As May borns are considered to be the luckiest people with a wide range of interests, there’s a good chance your baby boy or baby girl could become the next superstar or scientist, or anything he or she wishes for!

April and May are known as spring months, announcing sunny weather, playful colors all around us, and a dose of much-needed optimism.

Since April showers are a common thing, May is literally the luckiest month of the year.

This is the best time for everything, from having baby showers to birthday parties for little munchkins who may become famous stars!

Here’s a list of fun facts about your May baby that I’m sure you haven’t heard before!

1. May Babies Have Their Own Birth Flower

spring flower lily of the valley in the field

Actually, babies born in May have two birth flowers: Lily of the valley and hawthorn tree.

May flowers usually symbolize playful nature waking up after long months of dull winter.

Lily of the valley (aka the May lily) is a sweet-smelling flower that is the real herald of spring.

People born in the month of May are considered sweet, pure, and friendly.

Also, the hawthorn tree symbolizes protection and eternal love, which makes the May baby a real bundle of joy!

2. Taurus Or Gemini?

Taurus zodiac sign cute illustration

The fifth month of the year has two Zodiac signs: Taurus and Gemini.

People born until May 20 represent a down-to-earth, very practical, and realistic Taurus.

However, one day makes a huge difference, as those who were born after May 21 represent a pure contrast as playful, hyperactive daredevil Geminis.

It’s funny how not only a birth month but a birthday can determine what kind of character you will be.

Of course, it’s not the same for everyone, but you have to admit you’ve got at least some general characteristics of your Zodiac sign.

Taurus kids can be very eloquent and diplomatic, while Gemini kiddos usually don’t have time to talk as they have too much energy to stop.

3. May Is All About The Color Green

emerald mineral crystals in the natural environment

Springtime is colored in green just like May borns!

Even though spring begins at the end of March and April is usually full of showers, May is the real deal!

Emerald is considered to be May’s birthstone, as it symbolizes rebirth and spring, just like May babies.

Also, an emerald is a sign of fortune and balance, which describes May borns, too.

And they’re good-looking (stones).

If you have a toddler or an older child, you can have a birthday party in May with a lot of outdoor activities for kids related to spring!

4. Opposite Soulmates?

happy couple sitting in hug on the couch at home

It’s believed that those born in May attract only opposites and that they don’t like partners with similar traits.

Astrology is very clear on this one, so a Taurus child gets along well with:

• Cancer,

• Virgo,

• Pisces,

• And Capricorn kids.

However, Taurus should avoid Leo and Aquarius kids by any means, according to astrology at least.

When it comes to Gemini, it’s the opposite (of course).

Kids who belong to this sign get along well with:

• Leo,

• Aries,

• Aquarius,

• And Libra kids.

Gemini doesn’t have to run away from Virgo and Pisces kids, but their relationships won’t end in a nice way.

5. May Is The Celebration Month

happy mother reading letter from her daughter for mother's day on the bed

There are a lot of things to celebrate with May birthdays!

There is Mother’s Day with gifts for all brave women who do everything for their children, as well as Memorial Day when we remember those who protected us like their own children during active service.

Aside from the above two celebrations, almost every day in the month of May is a reason to celebrate.

There is National Truffle Day, Cosmopolitan Day, Bird Day, and more!

Also, who can forget the epic “May the Fourth Be With You”?

Even those who are not Star Wars fans know about this epic sentence!

6. There’s No Better Combo Than Health And Happiness

cute smiling boy running in the field

It seems nothing can get in the way of these spring babies!

People born in May are considered to be in good health.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your May-born baby will never get sick, but he does have the lowest disease risk.

A 2015 study from Columbia University found connections between disease risks and birth months.

The conclusion was that kids born in this month are at the lowest risk of disease.

If this isn’t a great reason for happiness, then I don’t know what is!

7. Famous May Babies

famous football player playing football match

If your due date is in May or you already gave birth during this month, you may have delivered a new Hollywood star!

Here are the May birthdays of well-known people:

• Audrey Hepburn

• Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

• Jamie Dornan

• George Clooney

• Henry Cavill

• Wes Anderson

• Tina Fey

• David Beckham (not from Hollywood, but still very famous)

8. May Babies Have Many Career Paths

happy business man working on laptop on the office desk

A May baby is considered to be a person with the most broad-ranging interests that can become anything they want, except that they may not be sure what they want.

April babies are quite similar to May born individuals career-wise, meaning that there are a lot of career paths in front of them, with a single wise choice.

9. Eternal Optimists

adorable little girl raising hands outdoor in the park

Spring babies are considered to be high-spirited little munchkins who find a reason for optimism in every situation, even as adults.

Having a baby born in May is like giving birth to your own silver lining.

However, don’t take this for granted as spring babies have high rates of clinical depression, as well.

Even though everything becomes greener and more beautiful during spring, we might feel tired and have low energy.

This feeling has been recognized as Springtime lethargy, which is a certain kind of state that could cause depression, as well.

However, most people born in May are real superstars and superheroes!

10. Best Parents In The World

happy parents playing with their baby on the couch at home

May parents, well done!

It seems your children are the luckiest children in the world for having you as a parent!

Parents who were born in May are considered to be very creative, resourceful, ready to play at any time, and completely devoted to their children’s upbringing.

Also, May spouses are full of fun and love, so you’ll never be bored or feel neglected.

11. Teeny Weeny Babies

Cute adorable newborn baby wrapped in colorful blanket

This is a very interesting fact about the May Baby – it’s the strongest and yet the smallest human being!

Even though kids born in May are considered the healthiest and strongest, they are also born with the lowest birth weight of all.

It may happen because of the lack of vitamin D during the winter months of pregnancy.

12. Lucky Month Of May

happy smiling girl sitting outdoor on the grass

Your baby might be the tiniest, but it’s the luckiest too!

It’s said that May brings the most luck of any other month, which is again connected with spring and the optimism coming from May borns.

This just shows that you can go a long way with a positive attitude, and you don’t have to be born in May!

13. A May Baby Parties Hard

sleepless mother with baby in crib at night

You might want to prepare yourself for some sleepless nights, as spring and summer babies are known to be night owls!

I’d say this one refers to babies in general, as a lot of babies born in any month of the year keep parents awake for many nights.

The Bottom Line

May babies are truly a blessing as there’s always a ray of sunshine in the house!

However, astrology makes a clear distinction between the two May Zodiac signs that are almost completely opposite.

While we all have our soulmates, people born in May have a specific taste.

Instead of sharing similar interests, most of the May-borns prefer the challenge of attracting the opposite.

Each month has its own pros and cons and reasons why it’s better to be born during that particular period, but May seems to be really unique.

However, even though May offers happiness, it could lead to depression as well, so make sure to check up on your loved ones regularly, even when everything seems to be just fine.

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• Columbia University. (2015, June 8). Data Scientists Find Connections Between Birth Month and Health. Columbia University website.

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