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Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Libra Child

Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Libra Child

If your little one was born between September 23rd and October 22nd, then congratulations, you’re the proud parent of a Libra child!

Represented by the scales, this sign is ruled by the planet Venus.

Libras are generally very harmonious, natural diplomats, and sociable. They aren’t afraid to get creative and have a strong sense of justice – and you’ll recognize these traits in your little Libra, too.

But Libras’ desire to keep the peace and avoid confrontation puts them at risk of being bossed around by stronger personalities (ahem, Scorpio) and they need to learn how to put their people-pleasing tendencies aside.

As the parent of a Libra boy or girl, you have a very sweet and affectionate child who will want to make you happy and seek your approval. However, it’s your job to help them develop their assertiveness and understand that conflict isn’t always bad.

The Libra Zodiac Sign – Key Things To Know

Happy girl is swaying outside

Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libras are ruled by the planet Venus. In astrology, this planet is responsible for love, harmony, and pleasure in our lives and relationships.

But Venus isn’t concerned with only love and harmony – it’s deeply connected with external beauty and the arts so it’s no surprise that Libras find joy in the finer things in life.

These October and September babies feel happiest when they are placed in surroundings that appeal to their sense of aesthetics – they are not the type to shun luxury and refinement. On the contrary, they feel right at home in places such as museums and art galleries.

What’s more, physical appearance is very important to Libras, and although some people might think it’s vain, taking care of their looks appeals to a Libra’s nature. They like to treat themselves but make no mistake – they are not selfish.

A Libra loves to share, make others feel good, and is a very generous friend.

A key personality trait of individuals with this zodiac sign is their need for harmony and balance. Libras are known for their desire to avoid conflict and disagreement which can certainly turn out to be a double-edged sword.

On the other hand, this makes them excellent negotiators and peace-makers in any social group.

Discord is the last thing that Libra wants and they will do anything in their power to diffuse the situation and make everyone play nice again.

But, on their quest for peace and harmony, they will not cause harm to others or make anyone get the short end of the stick. Powered by a strong sense of justice, a Libra values fairness and treating everybody the way they would like to be treated.

They will stick up for you if they feel as though you’re being unfairly treated and make sure your voice is heard.

These traits make individuals with this Zodiac sign great friends who will always see the best in you, even when you’re in the wrong.

But their idealistic nature can cause them to overlook important red flags and lands them in situations with people who don’t always have their best interests at heart.

In group settings, a Libra is a social butterfly. Their easygoing and cheerful personality allows them to easily make friends and connect to others.

They thrive when they are surrounded by people to whom they can introduce to their hobbies and interests.
By nature, Libras are creative and excel at expressing themselves through an art form, whether it be music, painting, or poetry.

However, they sometimes need outside motivation or pressure to get things done and prevent them from getting lost in their own little world.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Libras are in love with love. They make for amazing romantic partners but their romantic nature doesn’t mean that they will easily commit to just anyone. In fact, a Libra will carefully select a long-term partner, although they do enjoy short flings.

Often referred to as the most charming sign of the Zodiac, Libras are a great addition to any social circle.

But people with this Sun sign are also famous for their indecisiveness – whether they’re trying to pick where they will eat or if they should move to a different city, you can bet that Libras will take their sweet time making a decision.

If you’re expecting a Libra baby, you can rest assured that they will be in good company as famous Libras include tennis player Serena Williams, actor Will Smith, and singer Gwen Stefani.

Libra Child Personality Traits

Cute little children playing while sitting on carpet at home

If you’re the parent of a little Libra, you can consider yourself very lucky! From a young age, Librans show their preference for balance, peace, and harmony which creates a child who is very affectionate and easygoing.

They tend to get along well with siblings and anyone else who steps into their home, and they will always share their toys during playtime.

While the peaceful nature of Libra kids makes them great friends, there is a risk that stronger personalities will use their easygoing character to make them do whatever they want since a Libran child will want to avoid conflict.

Unfortunately, sticking up for yourself also counts as conflict if you ask members of this Zodiac sign.

A young Libra is also very sensitive and is quick to pick up on the moods of others. They can sense when the people around them are unhappy and hearing arguments or disagreements upsets them deeply. A Libra child needs balance and thrives in harmonious, peaceful environments.

But this doesn’t mean that kids who belong to this star sign are immune to temper tantrums. What really sets them off is when they believe they’re being treated unfairly, so if you happen to give a bigger piece of brownie to their sibling, be prepared to hear all about it!

Little Librans have a strong creative streak, so make sure that you nurture it by giving them ample opportunities to paint, sing, or read. They will do very well in drama groups, too – anything to nourish their creative side and allow them to express themselves.

A Libra child loves creating their own universe and letting their imagination run wild. Music is very important to them, so surround them with all sorts of tunes from birth.

The indecisiveness seen in adult members of this star sign (if you’re a Libra parent, you probably know all about it) will also manifest itself in Libra kids, spurred by their cautious nature and desire not to make the wrong choice or hurt anyone.

As a Libra baby grows up, you’ll definitely start noticing their chatty side – Libra kids love to talk! Sometimes, you’ll be surprised by all the conversations they’re able to lead, regardless of how old the person is that they’re talking to.

What To Expect From Libra Girls And Libra Boys

Little children on background of window giving high five

​As Libra boys grow, you might discover that their desire for fairness and justice will lead them to actively defend and stand up for others.

Coupled with their strong communication skills, Libra boys can grow into supportive young men who will speak up for others and fight for what they believe in.

Libra girls, on the other hand, are generous and nurturing, eager to help anyone in need. They are seldom troublemakers as they don’t like to stir up conflict, and they crave affection and love from the people they are close to.

How To Parent A Libra Child

father and daughter sitting on floor reading a book

Although they are very sweet kids who will show you their affection any chance they get, often through colorful hand-made drawings and gifts, being the dad or mom of a Libra does need some guidance.

The most important lesson you can teach your little Libran is to accept conflict as a normal way of life.

Since Libras tend to steer clear of difficult conversations and situations where they need to actively disagree with someone, they open themselves up to the risk of being walked all over while they sit pretty and wait for the problem to resolve itself on its own.

As a parent, your responsibility is to nurture their assertiveness from a young age, teaching them that speaking up for themselves doesn’t need to be the end of the world.

Understanding that avoiding conflict at their own expense will do more harm than good is a valuable lesson for members of this star sign.

On the other hand, a Libra’s sensitivity needs to be managed carefully, too. It’s not that it’s hard for them to take “no” for an answer – the problem lies in their inability to understand that this doesn’t mean that the other person doesn’t love them.

As they enter puberty, this might be a bit of a challenge for parents of Libras.

Although a Libra’s careful nature is due to their desire to weigh the pros and cons of every situation so they can make the most diplomatic choice, try to nurture their more spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment side, too.

Teach your Libra kids that it’s okay to not overthink every little decision – they will thank you for it!

Remember to nurture your Libra’s creative side, too. Make children’s books a part of your daily routine, have plenty of painting supplies on hand, and encourage them to pursue their creative passions.

Yes, sometimes your child will get lost in a world of their own but remember that creativity is a very valuable trait to have, both in a personal and professional sense.

Libra Child And Parent Compatibility

parents with child during the sunset outside having fun

If you’re a horoscope aficionado, then you’ll know that there are signs that go together like peanut butter and jelly! And then there are those that need a little bit of glue to stick together… Here is how Libra kids get along with parents of different star signs.

Aries parent

An Aries parent and Libra child combination offers your child an opportunity to learn from your self-confidence and directness, especially when it comes to facing uncomfortable situations head-on.

However, make sure to show your love and affection often since a Libran is nowhere near as independent as an Aries child.

Taurus parent

Like a Libra and Taurus child, a Taurus parent will also be highly compatible with their little Libra. Both of you have a strong sense of aesthetics and enjoy socializing, and you don’t need to be reminded to be affectionate since you are already so open to showing your love.

Gemini parent

A Libra and a Gemini child will get along like a house on fire, and so will Gemini parents. These signs are very similar, especially when it comes to their extrovert streak that allows them to be the star of every party and playdate.

Don’t forget to help your Libra learn how to be confident in their decisions since both of you find decision-making difficult.

Cancer parent

Cancers are not as sociable as Libras, so make sure to give your child plenty of opportunities to make new friends, even though you’d rather stay at home. However, Cancers and Libras both value balance and harmony in their lives, and this will bring the two of you together.

Leo parent

Compared to a Libra, a Leo child is not afraid to lead the pack and be a little bit bossy. And as a Leo parent, you have the power to teach your young Libra about the importance of being direct and standing up for yourself.

You both love events where you get to socialize, and now you can hit the town with your little Libra in tow.

Virgo parent

A Virgo child already starts showing their perfectionist side during childhood, so make sure not to demand perfection from your child as a Virgo parent. Remember that Libras are sensitive and harsh criticism could hurt them a bit too much.

On the other hand, your Libra will help you get accustomed to creating new friendships and being open to new experiences.

Libra parent

A Libra parent and child are a match made in heaven and they get along beautifully – there will be very few fierce arguments during your Libra’s childhood.

But since you’re both so hesitant to speak up and be direct, you will have to find a way to develop that skill together otherwise many issues could get swept under the rug.

Scorpio parent

A Scorpio child is secretive and introverted from a young age, and even as a parent, your Scorpio nature makes it hard to understand your Libra child’s need to talk to strangers and make new friends every couple of hours.

Give your child the space they need to be the social butterfly they are and don’t be too harsh with your criticism.

Sagittarius parent

Both Sagittarius and Libra tend to look at the bright side of life and are open to new experiences in life.

However, a Sagittarius parent enjoys having fun in the great outdoors whereas Libras would prefer an environment where they can meet new people, so make sure to balance your hobbies.

You can also teach your Libra a thing or two about being direct with others.

Capricorn parent

While you appreciate hard work and structure, your Libra would prefer to spend some time snuggled up with you while reading a book. Try not to be frustrated by Libra’s indecisiveness and penchant for daydreaming – instead, teach them about the value of being assertive.

Aquarius parent

There’s no reason why an Aquarius parent and their Libra kiddo shouldn’t get along. You both value spending time in social settings, talking to different people. You are assertive and this is a great trait for your child to model, since it will be something they’ll need to learn.

Pisces parent

Sensitive and emotional Pisces will give their young Libra all the love they need while maintaining a harmonious household both of them can thrive in. Don’t forget to give them plenty of room to be artsy and creative, and your life together will be smooth sailing.

Final Thoughts

A little cute girl in a yellow dress reading a book sitting on the floor

With a Libra child, your home will be full of imaginative play and endless arts and crafts projects.

Don’t be surprised if your child develops an early passion for reading, as Libras simply love to lose themselves in different worlds, and sometimes you’ll need to bring them back to Earth when it’s time to do their homework.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not your child will make friends at kindergarten or school.

The social butterfly personalities of Libras help them find friends anywhere and they’re not shy to engage in conversation with someone new. Generous in nature, they make sure that those around them know that they are loved and appreciated.

However, you’ll need to teach them that avoiding direct disagreement does more harm than good and that they need to stick up for themselves instead of always giving in to others’ demands.

You’ll also have to manage their sometimes overly emotional reactions, especially when you need to tell them “no” – but don’t worry, they won’t be angry for long!

I hope you were able to learn something new about your little Libran and their personality traits. Until next time!

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