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180 Beautiful And Unique Middle Names For Elizabeth

180 Beautiful And Unique Middle Names For Elizabeth

Each name is special to the person who carries it, and the name Elizabeth is no exception.

What can make it even more unique is a middle name, which is exactly why I’m here to help you find the best middle names for Elizabeth.

Finding good and unique middle names for Elizabeth may seem like a challenge given the length of the name, but you’d be surprised how many names actually go really well with it.

It’s a name that simply rolls off the tongue and has that regal tone to it, mostly thanks to Queen Elizabeth II. (And let’s not forget Queen Elizabeth I either!)

There are a lot of great nicknames for Elizabeth too, and we’ll have more on that a bit later.

That being said, you should definitely read on to discover more about the meaning of the name Elizabeth and some of the best middle names that go with it.

We’ll even look at some of the most famous people who carry the same name.

Elizabeth – Name Meaning And Origin

little girl playing with ball in the field

While the Queen of the United Kingdom is one of the most famous known bearers of this name, it is not of English origin.

In fact, it’s of Hebrew origin and has been a popular name for centuries now.

In case you don’t know this already, Elizabeth means “God is my oath”.

The significance of this Biblical name comes from the mother of John the Baptist, who was also named Elizabeth.

This 4-syllable name has been consistently popular throughout the years, and it’s currently in the top 20 on US baby name charts.

The popularity of this Hebrew name means that a lot of famous celebrities share it as well.

First we have the two Queens mentioned above, who belong to one of the world’s most famous royal families.

Next up we have various actresses, the most notable being Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Hurley, and Elizabeth McGovern.

There’s also a rather famous make-up line creator, Elizabeth Arden, as well as a notable TV presenter Elizabeth Montgomery.

These ladies would all make great role models for your little girl as she’s growing up.

However, there’s also a number of iconic ladies from fiction who are great characters and wonderful examples of people to look up to.

A few that come to mind are Elizabeth Elliot from Persuasion and Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about the name Elizabeth, it’s time to select the perfect middle name for your darling little girl.

Let’s get started!

Best Middle Names For Elizabeth

Most popular middle names for Elizabeth

adorable smiling little girl standing in the sunflower field and posing

​As always, it’s best to start with what are currently considered the most popular middle names.

While unique names might be more tempting, it’s often one of the classic middle names that end up sticking, so I figured I’d run them by you.

Here are some of the best and most popular examples:

1. Elizabeth Claire

2. Elizabeth Frances

3. Elizabeth Grace

4. Elizabeth Jane

5. Elizabeth Rose

6. Elizabeth Marie

7. Elizabeth Joy

Virtue middle names for Elizabeth

beautiful red haired little girl posing outdoors

As far as baby names go, something that’s been picking up steam in recent years are virtue names.

The word is self-explanatory, as it refers to names that are given based on positive virtues people believe should be inherited by all.

In addition, the names can be related to truly beautiful things in nature like natural phenomena or precious stones.

These can make for some truly wonderful middle names too, and here are some good examples you can try putting alongside this wonderful baby girl name:

1. Plum

2. Blue

3. Faith

4. Hope

5. Moon

6. Dawn

7. Dove

8. Pearl

9. Ruby

10. Rain

11. Amethyst

12. Jewel

13. Olive

14. Peridot

15. Jasmine

Beautiful middle name options for Elizabeth

beautiful little girl with blond hair and blond eyes looking up

Beauty is a subjective matter, that’s for certain.

Different people will find beauty where others might not, it’s just how us humans work.

However, while all of these names are beautiful in their own right, the ones I’ve selected here definitely take the cake, at least in my opinion:

1. Barbara

2. Caroline

3. Kaitlyn

4. Simone

5. Cameron

6. Bianca

7. Wren

8. Tallulah

9. June

10. Brooke

11. Regina

12. Zinnia

13. Lydia

14. Ruth

15. Lauren

16. Adelaide

17. Eleanor

18. Lynn

19. Clove

20. Miranda

21. Lael

22. Rhyll

23. Madelyn

24. Beatriz

25. Alexis

sweet little girl sitting on the bed and hugging a teddy bear

26. Naomi

27. Briana

28. Monet

29. Tessa

30. Fern

31. Laura

32. Maree

33. Bridget

34. Michelle

35. Margot

36. Mauve

37. Octavia

38. Zara

39. Neve

40. Cara

41. Renee

42. Gianna

43. Cooper

44. Maeve

45. Agatha

46. Rochelle

47. Shannon

48. Kate

49. Maren

50. Fiona

51. Abbot

52. Gianna

Elegant middle names for Elizabeth

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A big trait that many often look for in someone named Elizabeth is elegance.

And as it’s such a classic name, it’s no wonder that most parents-to-be gravitate towards elegant middle names as well.

Here are some of the absolute best examples of elegant names:

1. Flynn

2. Delphine

3. Gwendolyn

4. Natalie

5. Heidi

6. Zola

7. Ava

8. Kristen

9. Paige

10. Teale

11. Jean

12. Jennifer

13. Susannah

14. Blair

15. Vanessa

16. Jessica

17. Ireland

18. Zahra

19. Sloane

20. Raine

21. Fleur

22. Laine

23. Maude

24. Blanche

25. Sophia

26. Lark

cute little girl smelling the roses in the garden

27. Olivia

28. Jonquil

29. Catherine

30. Laurel

31. Marlowe

32. Adele

33. True

34. Aurelia

35. Joelle

36. Christine

37. Albertine

38. Natalia

39. Isabella

40. Genevieve

41. Holly

42. Sue

43. Scarlett

44. Nicole

45. Liv

46. Bijou

47. Heather

48. Taylor

49. Audreya

50. Evelyn

51. Katelyn

52. Merrick

Cute middle name options for Elizabeth

cute little girl in pajama sitting in her bed and smiling

Beauty isn’t the only thing people look for in a name, there’s also a certain cuteness factor you should consider, especially as we’re talking about figuring out a name for a young child here.

What can make the name Elizabeth even cuter is abbreviating it to something like Liz, Lily, Libby, or something equally adorable.

Here are some great name ideas for some of the cutest middle names out there:

1. Chloe

2. Wynne

3. Amy

4. Colette

5. Gabrielle

6. Charlotte

7. Zoe

8. Sophie

9. Kay

10. Coralie

11. Presley

12. Ella

13. Rosalie

14. Daisy

15. Valentina

16. Caley

17. Constance

18. Bailey

Cute little girl playing in blossoming dahlia field

19. Josephine

20. Lily

21. Alice

22. Daphne

23. Amber

24. Marina

25. Madeline

26. Phoebe

27. Hannah

28. Katie

29. Luna

30. Mebel

31. Tibbie

32. Stella

33. Ophelia

34. Ivy

35. Gina

36. Yael

37. Danni

38. Sasha

French middle name options for Elizabeth

blond little girl with pacifier lying in bed with toy covered with blanket

English and French names are always a great combination.

Here are a few good ones that mesh well with Elizabeth:

1. Noelle

2. Belle

3. Giselle

4. Genevieve

5. Brigitte

6. Cecile

7. Antoinette

8. Monique

9. Sylvie

10. Elodie

11. Dominique

12. Celeste

13. Camille

14. Chanel

15. Amelie

16. Clementine

What about the nicknames?

With such a long first name, your newest family member definitely needs a cute pet name to go with it.

Luckily, there are many creative Elizabeth nicknames to choose from, such as:

1. Liv

2. Liz

3. Eliza

4. Elsie

5. Elisabeth

6. Elisheva

7. Lizzie

8. Effy

9. Lily

10. Lisa

How To Come Up With A Good Middle Name

cute little girl playing a princess role at home with crown on head

Now that you’ve combed through all of these name suggestions, I’m sure you have a few favorites in mind.

However, if none have taken your fancy I completely understand.

A lot of people have a desire to be unique these days, which is why I always try to assist people in learning the necessary steps to make a suitable middle name for their child all on their own.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when creating a special middle name for your baby:

1. Family names take top priority

There’s nothing more important than family, the same can be said for family names, especially those of notable ancestors.

There’s no greater honor than having an ancestor’s legacy live on, so using the name of a beloved grandmother or aunt as the middle name for your darling little child is always a beautiful idea.

You could also choose your own maiden name or your mother’s maiden name.

While the name itself might not be considered unique, what gives it meaning is all of the rich family history behind it.

In addition, there’s a unique beauty to ancestral names stemming from the fact you can use boy names, girl names, or even unisex names in their position because the main goal is honoring a family member.

2. Using multiple names

Cute little girl on a family wedding with flowers

Your little girl is allowed to have more than one middle name, although I personally wouldn’t go over two.

While one middle name is certainly the norm, royal babies all over the world are given several names that honor kings and queens of the past.

Although you probably aren’t royalty, the name Elizabeth is certainly regal enough to justify two middle names.

3. It’s time to pull out those old baby name lists

We’ve all made a list of potential baby names for our kids at some point, mostly because figuring out the right name can be as much of a chore as it can be a joy.

In this case, however, your old favorite names can serve as inspiration for an excellent middle name for Elizabeth.

There’s no point in letting all of those great names go to waste after all, is there?

4. Revisit old memories

A piece of advice that I always give in regards to choosing the right middle name for your child, is to look back on some of your fondest memories.

Think about all of your favorite places and where you’ve been, all of the memories you’ve made at them and the learning experiences that came as a result.

Perhaps some of these locations can become your baby’s middle name?

After all, names like India, Brooklyn, London, and Paris aren’t so popular for no reason!

Famous People Named Elizabeth

famous British actress on the movie premiere

If I decided to talk about all of the important women throughout history who were named Elizabeth, this list would go on for days.

So here are just a few of the most notable women your baby girl will share her name with:

• Elizabeth I – Daughter of King Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn, she is one of the most important monarchs in the history of the United Kingdom.

• Elizabeth Taylor – A famous American actress known for her activism and supporting the fight against HIV. One of her most notable roles was in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

• Elizabeth Olsen – The sister of the Olsen twins and a famous actress, with her recent claim to fame being the role of the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel cinematic universe.

• Elizabeth Bennet – A fictional character and the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice.

• Elizabeth Montgomery – A famous American actress of great beauty and renown, known best for her role as Samantha Stephens on Bewitched.

• Elizabeth Hurley – A British actress you might remember from the movie Bedazzled, where she played the Devil.

• Elizabeth McGovern – A British actress most known for her role in Downton Abbey as the Countess of Grantham, Cora Crowley.

In Conclusion

The name Elizabeth is a beautiful choice for a new baby girl, especially considering its rich history and ties to nobility.

However, sifting through all of the potential middle names for Elizabeth can be tiring, but at least there’s an abundance of choice.

It’s up to you to find the one that fits your child the best.

If that doesn’t work, you can always come up with the ideal one using some of the tips above as guidelines.

Until next time, mammas!

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