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145 Most Creative And Unique Nicknames For Matthew

145 Most Creative And Unique Nicknames For Matthew

Looking for a wonderful nickname for a special guy in your life named Matthew? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve collected the best nicknames for Matthew that offer plenty of choice and inspiration if you’d like to come up with a unique one of your own.

There are loads of great pet names for this sweet boy’s name that’s considered to be timeless as it has remained in the top 50 of most popular names for more than sixty years.

This name is a variant of the Hebrew name Mattityahu and it’s shared by some of the most successful men in the entertainment industry, including Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Perry, and many others.

These famous actors are probably one of the reasons why this name is still very popular among modern parents and if you chose it as the name for your child, you made a great decision.

But now that you’ve found the ideal name for your baby boy, it’s time to find an equally good nickname to go with it.

Here are some of the best nickname ideas that you might find interesting.

Matthew – Name Meaning And Origin

Little baby boy with blue eyes and blond hair

Matthew is an alternative form of the Hebrew moniker Mattityahu that translates to “gift of God”.

It’s a name with Biblical roots, as it was the name of Jesus’s apostle and one of the authors of the New Testament.

This name is usually considered to be a boy’s name, however, there are various feminine forms that may be used as girl names, such as:

• Mattea

• Matilda

• Mataline

• Madison

• Madeline

• Maddie

Matthew has remained a popular name throughout history. However, the last time this name was in the top 10 of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) popular baby names list was in 2006.

The name dropped to 30th place on SSA’s list last year, but that doesn’t mean it will completely disappear anytime soon.

According to astrology, this name is dominant among Aries and Sagittarius children.

This means your little one might be a very creative artist with a great passion for life as a true Aries kiddo or a Sagittarius with an adventurous spirit ready to explore the world.

Either way, I’m sure your little one will make you proud, be it as an explorer, a famous actor, or the next great scientist who’ll come up with an amazing breakthrough.

Best Nicknames For Matthew

boy in rustic clothes and wicker hat

This name is considered to be one of the most elegant masculine names and deserves only the best nicknames that’ll enhance its beauty.

There are plenty of popular pet names for boys named Matthew that are both creative and fun.

Some of these pet names are often used as a given name nowadays since they’ve become so common.

Here are some of the most popular nicknames for your kiddo that you’ll surely love:

1. ​Matheu

2. Maaz

3. M

4. Mat

5. MJ (Matthew Junior)

6. Mats

7. Mattison

8. Hewey

9. Mattieu

10. Mato

11. Teo

12. Mattaus

13. Hewy

14. Matt

15. Mattie

16. Matias

17. Mayo

18. Matz

19. Matty

20. Mateusz

21. May

22. Huey

23. Matto

24. Matthias

25. Mathew (common spelling variation)

26. Hugh (Variation of the nickname Hew)

27. M’ew

28. Mao

Silly Nicknames For Matthew

little boy plays with toy car at home

There’s no name on this planet that doesn’t have at least a few funny nicknames that make everyone laugh.

Most of these pet names aren’t meant for everyday use, they’re just a funny way to describe your little one or a close friend who has a good sense of humor.

However, make sure you only use these pet names with people you’re really close to and know they won’t get offended or hurt.

If you’re looking for hilarious and silly nicknames for your kiddo or a friend, check out the list below:

1. Meowsers

2. Mattress

3. Mateus Boi

4. Mattack

5. Momoberry

6. Matted

7. Madagascar

8. Match

9. Bath Matt

10. Major Matt

11. Minion

12. Mattematics

13. Mawww (for an adorable Mattie)

14. Matt the Cat

15. Mad Dog

16. Mattasaurus

17. Mastablasta

18. McMessy

19. Macked-Out

20. Wehttam

21. Matthrew

22. Wacky

23. Mattrick

24. Maggot

25. Maddie

26. Matato Matata

27. Mashu

28. Manimal

29. Moo

30. M&M

31. Hewmorous

32. Matty Watty

33. Door Matt

34. Momos

35. Meatloaf

36. Mattchu

37. Mooky

38. Mattachussettes

39. Mad-Lad

40. Diplomatt

41. Mattato

42. Matty Cool

43. Lil M

Creative Nicknames For Matthew

Handsome young boy with blonde hair

Every nickname is essentially a creative nickname because you need a dose of creativity to come up with one.

It takes a lot of time and imagination to think of unique pet names for your child or a close friend or family member.

If you want to give a personalized nickname to the person you love, you can use some unique characteristic of his personality and merge it with the person’s name.

Some nicknames don’t even contain the root of the name and might be the name of your little one’s favorite character from a movie, video game, or book, depending on his preferences.

If you have no idea which nickname would go well with your baby boy’s name, here are some creative nickname ideas:

1. 7:7 (Reference to a famous Bible verse in the Gospel of Matthew)

2. Matteo Alacran (main character from the House of Scorpions Sci-Fi book series)

3. Makaio (Hawaiian version of Matthew)

4. Matey

5. Mathuin (Irish version of the name Matthew)

6. Theu

7. Matthuselah

8. Maitiu

9. Motya

10. Maiu (Gaelic nickname)

11. Mattholomeu

12. Materazzi (famous former soccer player from Italy)

13. Mattchu Picchu

14. Mojo

15. Matthaios

16. Matticus Finch (after Atticus Finch, the main character from “To Kill A Mockingbird”)

17. Acromattic

18. Mata (Gaelic nickname)

19. Weh (reversed Hew)

20. Matencesse

21. Mattimus Prime (after Optimus Prime, the protagonist of the “Transformers: Robots in Disguise”)

22. Matthaeus

23. Acclimatt

Adorable Nicknames For Matthew

Portrait of cute small boy

Kids usually don’t mind cutesy nicknames until they get older and hit puberty.

Teenage boys typically avoid anything that’s sweet or cute, especially when it comes to nicknames.

However, moms, aunts, and other relatives often come up with cute nicknames for their loved ones regardless.

So, whether you like it or not, your little one will surely get at least one of these sweet pet names, be it from you, his grandmother, or his aunt.

I wouldn’t recommend, though, that you use these pet names in front of your child’s friends because they’ll probably tease him later.

Let me show you some of the cutest nicknames for your baby boy that’ll make you smile and probably annoy your kiddo:

1. Munchkin

2. Matty Ice

3. Matty (then add your family name initial)

4. Matters

5. Wonderboy Matt

6. Mattie Poo

7. Mattatat

8. Maz

9. Mattel

10. Matt n Cheese

11. Matterhorn

12. Mate-y (If you know an Australian named Matty)

13. Big Boy Matty

14. Mac

15. Matt Hatter

16. Mack

17. Squeezy

18. Mays

19. Math

20. Mookie-Pookie (I suggest using it only during the first few years of his life!)

21. Manny

22. Monkey Buns

23. Matty Patty

24. Matty Cakes

Nicknames For Matthew From Other Languages

 happy child toddler boy smiling

Most names from the English language have different forms in other languages from around the world. While the meaning usually stays the same, the spelling and pronunciation can be completely different.

The spelling of the name depends on the grammar and phonological systems of a language. Most names go through certain changes before they’re adopted into a particular language, just like any other word or expression.

These alternative forms may be used as unique nicknames for your little one, especially if your family has roots in a different country:

1. Mate – Georgian

2. Matfey – Hebrew, Russian

3. Tjaz – Slovene

4. Matia – Basque

5. Matthijis – Dutch

6. Makaio – Hawaiian

7. Matvei – Russian

8. Matjaz – Slovenian

9. Motya – Russian

10. Mateo – Spanish

11. Matej – Czech

12. Matija – Croatian

13. Mathias – Scandinavian

14. Maidiu – Gaelic

15. Mattathias – Greek

16. Matiss – Latvian

17. Mattaniah – Hebrew

18. Mattithiah – English form of the Hebrew name Mattithyah, an alternative form of Mattityahu from the English version of the Old Testament.

19. Mato – Croatian

20. Maciej – Polish

21. Mateja – Croatian (female)

22. Maitiu – Anglo-Saxon

23. Matus – Slovak

24. Maitas – Celtic

25. Maiu – Gaelic

26. Mads – Danish

27. Mathuin – Irish

Middle Names For Matthew

cute little boy outdoors

Middle names are an important part of your child’s identity and a great opportunity to give your little one a chance to choose his own name in the future.

These names may not be used in everyday life, but they can surely enhance the beauty of your child’s name and make it even more sophisticated.

Here are some baby boy names that go well with your little one’s given moniker:

1. Oliver

2. Mason

3. Elliot

4. Mitchell

5. Zain

6. Flynn

7. Hunter

8. Andrew

9. Adam

10. Bennett

11. Everett

12. David

13. Benjamin

14. Cooper

15. Lucas

16. Hayes

17. Adrian

If you’re not a fan of these middle name ideas or you want to personalize your baby boy’s name, you can use your maiden name as a middle name for your child.

You can also honor a close family member by using their name or continue a family tradition with a family name that’s been used for generations.

However, if you’re not the traditional type and prefer more unique names, you might use the name of your favorite character from a movie, show, book, or video game.

Many people decide to name their little one after a place that has a special meaning to them. It might be the place where you first met or went on your honeymoon, whatever evokes wonderful memories for you and your partner.

The most important part of choosing a middle name for your child is that you and your partner both agree on it.

If one of you doesn’t like the proposed name, it would be better to find another one that you’ll both like.

Famous People Named Matthew

Matthew Broderick star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

There’s a great number of celebrities sharing this beautiful masculine name, including Hollywood A-List actors, TV personalities, etc.

​Here are some of the most popular people named Matthew:

• Matthew Broderick – A famous Hollywood actor and comedian who became popular after getting a Golden Globe nomination for a role in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” in 1986.

• Matthew McConaughey – One of the most famous American actors who has starred in some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, such as “Magic Mike”, “Interstellar”, “The Gentlemen”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, etc.

McConaughey became famous after starring in “Dazed and Confused”, an American comedy from 1993, directed by Richard Linklater.

He won the Best Actor award at the 2014 Oscars for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club”.

• Matthew Perry – A Canadian-American comedian, actor, and producer who will forever remain known as Chandler Bing from the legendary sitcom “Friends”.

• Matthew Gray Gubler – This name may not sound familiar to you at first, but if you watch the TV show “Criminal Minds”, I’m sure you’ll remember who this is. On the show, Gubler plays Dr. Spencer Reid.

This is one of his most notable roles so far, where he got a chance to prove both his acting and directing skills, considering he directed eleven episodes himself.

• Matt LeBlanc – Another famous “Friend” and one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood.
Matthew Steven LeBlanc was one of the biggest stars of the 1990s when he played the role of Joey Tribbiani.

• Matt Lauer – A well-known TV anchor and co-host of NBC’s “Today Show”.

• Matthew Bellamy – A famous British musician and frontman of the rock band Muse. He’s also part of a rock supergroup called “The Jaded Hearts Club”.

Sibling Names For Matthew

girl and a boy playing in the room

Finding the perfect name for your kiddo is not an easy task and it’s even more challenging to find a name for his sibling.

If you’re planning a second child, make sure to find a good name in time, so you don’t have to think about it later.

Sibling names don’t have to be a perfect match but since Matthew is a traditional name, his brother or sister shouldn’t have a name that’s too out of the box.

A two-syllable name is a great choice but I’ve prepared both short and long names for you to choose from.

Names for boys:


• Michael

• Ryan

• Nicholas

• Micah

• Thomas

• Elijah

• Joshua

• Christopher

• Marley

Names for girls:


• Hannah

• Emily

• Emma

• Rebecca

• Melissa


• Maria

• Olivia

• Macy

Wrapping Up

baby boy sitting on the beach

Matthew may not be as popular a name as Elijah, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be in the future or that it’s any less beautiful.

As you can see, there are so many good nicknames for Matthew that it’s really difficult to choose only one!

If I had to choose, I’d say my personal favorites are Matias and Matteo because they sound cute enough for a baby boy and can be used as a given name, too.

This two-syllable name for boys is a great source for pet names, so even if you’re not fond of any nicknames on the list, you can come up with a pet name on your own.

All it takes is a little bit of imagination and creativity to find the perfect nickname for your little one and I’m sure you’ve got what it takes to come up with the most adorable nickname for your little boy.

However, keep in mind that not all people like funny or silly nicknames and might get offended by them.

If you’re not sure which nickname would be fitting for a person you don’t know that well, it’s better to be safe and choose one of the popular pet names for them.

I hope you’ve found at least one or two options that you like – if you’re indecisive, you can share this list with your partner or family members so you can choose the best nickname for your baby together.

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