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70 Interesting Nicknames For Elizabeth That You’ll Love

70 Interesting Nicknames For Elizabeth That You’ll Love

Looking for the perfect nickname for the special Elizabeth in your life? Search no more because I have gathered the sweetest nicknames for Liz, so you don’t have to!

There are plenty of nicknames for Elizabeth, from serious and plain to creative and cute, I chose only the best short forms for you.

As a name with a royal background, it has been carried by some of the most influential women throughout history.

One of the most powerful Elizabeths of modern times is Elizabeth II, Queen of the UK. She has been on the throne for almost 70 years and she still looks pretty amazing if you ask me!

An interesting fact is that even the Queen has a cute nickname.

During her childhood, Her Majesty couldn’t pronounce Elizabeth properly, so she called herself Lilibet. Her grandfather thought it was cute, so he continued using the adorable nickname.

Of course, there are many more short versions of this name so without further ado, here are the most adorable nicknames for future queens.

Elizabeth – Name Meaning And Origin

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Just like many other names, this moniker also originates from the Hebrew language.

The first mention of this name was in the form of Elisheva, which translates to “God is my oath”.

This biblical name appeared in the Old Testament for the first time and it belonged to the wife of Moses’ brother, Aaron.

The name was changed in the New Testament to the Greek moniker Elisabet, who was the mother of John the Baptist.

Popularity-wise, the name Elizabeth has been very popular for more than 80 years. This beautiful baby girl name has been in the top 30 popular baby names in the US since 1940, and in the top 20 from the 1980s.

This is a truly royal name being carried by plenty of royal family members, including queens, princesses, and other aristocrats.

According to astrology, this name belongs to the month of Cancer. Little girls with this name are usually described as typical Cancer kids.

Your little one will probably be impulsive and strong-willed, but that shouldn’t worry you at all.

There are good chances she will become a kind person who places logic first, but that doesn’t mean she won’t get emotional.

Actually, Cancers can be vulnerable and empathetic, which is a pro and a con at the same time.

If you notice your little one using humor even in difficult situations, let her be. That is her way of dealing with problems and healing from everything bad that happens to her.

Popular Nicknames For Elizabeth

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There are plenty of nicknames for Elizabeth, which is no surprise as it’s a very popular name.

However, the use of various short forms of this moniker nowadays because of the convenience might cause a sudden drop in the name’s popularity.

Nicknames such as Beth, Betty, Elle, etc. are slowly but surely taking over the name charts and in a few years, these nicknames could become popular names in their own right.

Here are some of the most popular nicknames for your little girl:

1. Elizabeh – This is one of the most unusual nicknames for Elizabeth that will make your daughter stand out from others, for sure.

2. Elisa – A short form of the Greek variant Elisabet.

3. Lilibet – This is one of the most famous royal nicknames given to Queen Elizabeth II.

4. Liz – A common nickname for this four-syllable name. Some people use it as a given name for their daughters.

5. Beth – One of the cutest nicknames that has been turned into an actual name.

6. Betty – This retro name has made a real comeback, with lots of girls having it as their first name.

7. Lizzie – Very stylish nickname that many of us remember from the Disney show, “Lizzie McGuire”.

8. Eliza – This nickname is usually mistaken for a variant of Aliza, a Hebrew name. However, spelling and pronunciation are the only things they have in common.

9. Betsy – Just like Betty, this cute name has become quite a popular nickname these days.

10. Bess – A slightly less popular nickname, but still cute, nonetheless.

11. Libby – This nickname used to be in the shadow of Beth, Betty, and other popular nicknames. But, it seems Libby’s time has come now, as there are more and more girls using it.

12. Elle – A sweet English nickname that is used as a French name! Most Elles actually do come from France or have French roots.

13. Lisa – A very common American name that’s also used as a nickname for Elizabeth.

14. Ella – The American sister of French Elle, it’s also a common first name in the US.

15. Elsa – This nickname exploded after Disney’s “Frozen” movie. Children (and even some adults) fell in love with the song “Let It Go” and the iconic movie it originated from.

16. Elise – Another French name that found its way to the US by becoming a nickname for Lizzie.

17. Lily – One of my personal favorites, Lily is a nickname for all delicate girls whose beauty reminds us of flowers.

18 Eli – This short name can be a nickname for Elizabeth, Elijah, Elisha, etc.

19. Lizibeth – Another variation of Lilibet and other similar nicknames.

20. Bethzy – An unusual spelling of the nickname Betty. You can use this nickname as something more unique for your little one.

21. Liv – A nickname that became famous thanks to Liv Tyler, an American model, actress, and the daughter of Steven Tyler.

Cute Nicknames For Elizabeth

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Elizabeth is indeed a very beautiful name that describes a spiritual person with a powerful appearance, but a gentle soul.

The name sounds quite serious because of its aristocratic history, but that doesn’t mean Elizabeths are not adorable.

Just like all other girls, every Elizabeth deserves to have at least one cute nickname.

Here are some of my top picks of adorable Elizabeth nicknames:

1. Tess

2. Leta

3. Liza

4. Ellie

5. Elsie

6. Bessie

7. Izzy

8. Babette

9. Effy

10. Bettina

11. Bette

12. Liesl

13. Lizbeth

14. Liddy

15. Lisbet

16. Ilsa

17. Tibby

18. Zea

19. Lettie

Creative Nicknames For Elizabeth

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You can get as creative as you want with this four-syllable name.

Just by dividing the name into syllables, you can get at least four different nicknames.

Nicknames can often be personalized and represent someone’s character or a trait that might be inherent to this person.

However, creative nicknames are not used in business circles very often, so I’d suggest keeping a personal nickname to yourself or just share it with friends and family.

On the other hand, short forms like Alex or Beth are acceptable even in a business environment.

These are some of the most creative nicknames for your little girl that you might like:

1. Zizi

2. Bizzy

3. Thea

4. Birdie

5. Elby

6. Abby

7. Etty

8. Zillie

9. Lee

10. Bets

11. Bea

12. Bethia

13. Lilz

14. Litty

15. Lilybeth

16. Elissah

17. Ellespet

18. Elishbah

19. Elisheva

20. Lilethy

Funny Nicknames For Elizabeth

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Even though this name sounds aristocratic and very serious, Elizabeths do have a great sense of humor.

Therefore, most of them will have no problem with any of the cute and funny nicknames you might give them.

However, there’s a thin line between a funny pet name and a possible insult, especially if you’re not close enough to this person to know what kind of humor she prefers.

This sophisticated girl’s name is indeed beautiful, but just like any other name, it may become a base for unwanted nicknames.

Those kinds of situations might be caused by unfortunate name combinations, as well.

Therefore, before you name your little one, you should check the full name combination. Write it down, read it out, use the initials as well – if it sounds good, you made the right choice!

Now, here are some funny nicknames I’m sure every Lizzy will like:

1. Lizzy Bizzy

2. Licha

3. Libbers

4. Queen

5. Little Lizzie

6. Buffy

7. Bunny

8. Ella Cinderella

9. Tess Bless

10. Minelli

Middle Names For Elizabeth

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Middle names have become a common practice in the US since the 18th century when John Quincy Adams became the President of the United States.

In the beginning, most parents gave their kids simple, one-syllable middle names which served just to connect the first and the last name.

However, in later years, middle names have become an important part of identity and many parents started giving names with more significance and deeper meanings.

Nowadays, it has almost the same importance as the given name, even though it’s still not used in everyday life.

It’s a great way to personalize your child’s name and make your little one stand out from others.

Also, if you and your partner have different opinions on new and traditional names, you may add a classic one as the first, and a modern name as the one in the middle.

Some people prefer adding a name that has a special meaning to them. It could be based on someone from the family or a mother’s maiden name, depending on the family tradition.

Finding a perfect middle name can be a challenging task, which is why I have prepared a list of middle name ideas that are a perfect match with Elizabeth:

• Nicole

• Charlotte

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• Frances

• Faith

• Laura

• Ireland

• Maeve

• Ruth

• Jean

• Anne

• Rain

• Delphine

• Kristen

• Natalie

• Rose

Famous People Named Elizabeth

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There are many famous Elizabeths who achieved very successful careers in different fields, from science to art and entertainment.

It would take hours to list all the celebrities who carry this beautiful name, so I decided to name the most influential Elizabeths of the 21st century.

I’m sure at least one of these successful women has influenced the name choice for your little girl!

• Queen Elizabeth II – One of the most powerful women of modern times. She is the queen of the UK and Commonwealth realms, reigning for an incredible 69 years.

Her father was King George VI. The Queen has reigned during some of the most difficult times for the United Kingdom in modern history, but she never backed away from any problems or difficulties.

• Elizabeth Taylor – Dame Taylor is a legendary British actress who built her career in the US. She starred in numerous Hollywood movies, but her performance in “Cleopatra” is particularly memorable.

• Elizabeth Hurley – Another famous person from the UK, Hurley is an actress who became famous thanks to her roles in movies like “Bedazzled”.

She is also a model and has been featured as the face of one of the biggest cosmetics companies, Estee Lauder.

• Lana Del Rey – Did you know that Lana’s real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant? Me neither!

She is a famous American singer and songwriter with a remarkable singing talent and cinematic videos.

• Elizabeth Olsen – An American actress and sister to the famous twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

She has starred in plenty of Hollywood movies, but the role that brought her international fame is that of the Scarlet Witch in Marvel movies.

I would also like to mention some famous women who carry an Elizabeth nickname instead of a full name:

• Betty White

• Ella Fitzgerald

• Bette Davis

• Beth Hart

• Elle Macpherson

• Bette Midler

• Lisa Kudrow

Sibling Names For Elizabeth

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Elizabeth goes really well with most names, especially those with an aristocratic background.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be very difficult to find the perfect name for Elizabeth’s sibling.

However, don’t be surprised if the siblings get jealous of each other because of their names. It doesn’t mean your children dislike the way you named them, it’s probably just typical jealousy between siblings.

If you have no idea which name to give to your second child, you can check out this list of cute names:

Girl’s names

There are so many beautiful girl names that are a great match for the name Elizabeth.

One of my favorites would definitely be Eleanor. It’s sophisticated, starts with E, and has a nice flow.

Of course, all these names are beautiful in their own way, so feel free to choose your favorite one:

• Eleanor

• Beatrice


• Isabel

• Lydia



• Catherine

• Josephine

• Emily

• Isabella

Boy’s names

Most of the “aristocratic” boy names remind me of the UK and the royal family, probably because most of those names are a part of it.

There are many more masculine names that would be a great fit for this feminine name, but here are some of my personal favorites:


• Harry



• Edward


• Alexander

• Robert

• Michael

• Thomas

The Name Elizabeth In Other Languages

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As I have mentioned above, this royal name is well-known all around the world. Therefore, it’s natural that there are different variations depending on the language and culture of a certain country.

However, those names and nicknames are not strictly connected to their home countries. The number of foreign names becoming popular in the US is constantly on the rise.

One of the possible reasons could be the parents’ wish to find a more unique name for their little one.

So, if you want to add a bit of spice to this classic English name, here are some of the foreign name variants that are being used all around the world:

• Elisabeth – French

• Ealasaid – Scottish Gaelic

• Elisabetta, Isabella – Italian

• Elizabeta – Croatian

• Elspeth – Scottish

• Elisabeth, Elizabeth – English

• Isabel – Portuguese

• Elisa – Turkish

• Elikapeka – Hawaiian

• Elizabete – Latvian

• Jelisaveta – Serbian, Macedonian

• Elsbeth – German, Dutch

Final Thoughts

Sweet blonde little girl on the meadow

I hope you were lucky enough to find at least three or four nicknames of Elizabeth that are suitable for your little girl.

It can be quite a challenge to find a suitable nickname for a boy or a girl, in general. However, with longer names like this one, there should be no problems.

It’s interesting how this name stood the test of time as one of the most popular girl names, especially in the modern age, when everyone prefers shorter names.

Elizabeth has remained one of the true classics, an evergreen that will never become outdated.

The great thing about this name is that your little one can never get bored with it. There are so many options for short forms and nicknames that she can essentially change them every few days!

Now that you found the perfect name and nickname for your little girl, you might as well order some personalized things for the nursery, like blankets, pillows, or wall decor – I know, I’m obsessed with decorations, what can I do?

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