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Top 116 Elegant Girl Names With Meanings You Will Love

Top 116 Elegant Girl Names With Meanings You Will Love

Coming up with names for a baby girl isn’t as easy as some parents might think, especially when it comes to elegant girl names.

Figuring a name out without all the added restrictions is hard enough, but when it’s narrowed down to just elegant girl names, you have to think about names that have class or sound like they come from nobility.

While not the easiest thing in the world to settle on, it’s definitely one of the more unique methods of naming your child and comes with an abundance of names for you to choose from.

They commonly have a European origin, be it French, Latin, Italian, Spanish, or otherwise, and they’re all equally beautiful names.

Whether or not you feel like they fit well with your child is up to you.

In order to help you make this decision, I’ve searched the internet far and wide to construct this list of elegant girl names with their respective meanings, which should (hopefully) make this decision a little bit easier.

116 Best Elegant Girl Names

Names starting with A

adorable little girl standig in sunlight outdoor

1. Anastasia

Anastasia is a name of Greek origin that translates into “resurrection”.

It’s also the name belonging to the daughter of a Russian Czar who was said to have escaped the murder of her entire family.

2. Anais

A beautiful name of French origin which translates into the rather elegant term ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful’

3. Angelica

A name with strong Latin origins, which describes an ‘angel’ or a ‘messenger of God’, and there’s rarely anything more elegant than a heavenly being.

4. Aria

An abbreviated version of the name Arianna, the name Aria draws its roots from Italian origins and translates into a solo melody that shares the same name in music culture, which makes it a perfectly elegant name for your little girl.

If you’re not too crazy about it as a first name, it’ll make for a great short middle name for your daughter.

5. Alexandra

A name of Greek origin drawing roots from the male version of the name that belonged to the legendary Alexander the Great.

It translates into ‘defender of the people’.

6. Annabelle

This name comes from old English origin (Scottish to be specific) so it’s a bit more recognizable.

It first came out as a fusion between two names, Anna and Belle, and its meaning describes someone who is beautiful and gracious. It’s one of the more elegant girl names out there.

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7. Artemis

A wonderful, unisex name that can be used by baby boys and girls alike, and comes straight from Greek mythology.

Belonging to the Goddess of the hunt, the name’s actual meaning is a bit more gruesome, butcher, but the tie-in to the goddess itself radiates grace, so don’t let the meaning put you off.

8. Antoinette

A very popular French name, with no particularly deep name meaning apart from its historical ties to queen Marie Antoinette and being the diminutive of the name Antoine.

The noble ties alone, however, make it a very elegant and popular name for girls everywhere, not just France.

9. Arabella

A name of old English origin that describes a ‘beautiful Lion’.

It’s very symbolic and one of the more unique names on this list for your baby girl.

10. Allegra

A name that has roots in the Latin language, and another with a deeper meaning tied to music. While the name itself translates to ‘joy’, it’s the exact name that’s used to describe a musical tempo which translates into a similar meaning: ‘joyous’.

11. Aurora

A name of Latin origin, but with a meaning from Roman mythology, as it belonged to the Goddess of the dawn who bears the same name.

The name itself translates to the very word she was a Goddess of ‘dawn’.

12. Aurelia

A Latin name from the word ‘aurum’ which means ‘gold’ or ‘golden’.

It’s also the female version of Aurelius, which was a name belonging to the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, giving it some ties to nobility.

13. Andromeda

A name fit for a queen as it’s Greek for ‘ruler of men’ and there’s nothing more elegant than nobility. It’s also the name of the galaxy nearest to our very own Milky Way.

Names starting with B

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1. Brigitte

A name with roots in the French language describing someone ‘lofty’ or ‘exalted’.

Truly a name for a revered person and one of the better elegant girl names in my opinion.

2. Bethany

Bethany is a name from old English that was actually the name of a town near Jerusalem, thus drawing some religious meanings too.

The modern meaning, however, is that of ‘a place with figs’.

3. Bernice

Bernice is a Greek name that translates to someone ‘who brings victory’.

4. Bianca

A very trendy name of Italian origin that means ‘the color white’. It’s also a name used by Shakespeare in his works.

5. Beatrice

Another rather elegant name originating from France that literally translates into ‘bringer of joy’ which your daughter is very likely to be.

6. Bijou

A unisex name and a very elegant one, Bijou means ‘jewel’ and is perfect for showing just how precious your child is to you.

7. Belle

Yet another French name, and one of the more beautiful girl names out there in general, as the name’s meaning translates into ‘beauty’.

You can’t get more elegant than that!

It’s also the name of a Disney princess!

Names starting with C

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1. Christiana

A name of English origin frequently given to girls born in Christian families, as it means ‘follower of Christ.’

It’s also often given to girls born late in December.

2. Caroline

Caroline is an elegant female name of Latin origin which depicts a ‘free’ or ‘beautiful woman’ – ideal for your baby girl.

3. Clementine

This name has English origins and translates to someone who is ‘gentle’ and ‘merciful’ or ‘at peace’.

4. Coty

A somewhat unorthodox French name for girls, whose pronunciation is rather adorable and carries the meaning of a ‘small slope’ or a ‘small hillside’.

While the meaning might not be as significant, the name itself should be considered for cuteness alone.

5. Cassandra

A Greek name with a dose of female empowerment in its meaning, which is the ‘entangler of men’.

That said, the name itself is still rather elegant in nature and has a powerful aura surrounding it.

6. Camille

While the name itself might sound a bit old-fashioned because it always ends up being linked to chamomile, it’s still a name that radiates elegance, especially because its French meaning describes someone who is ‘perfect’ in every way.

7. Cándida

A name of Latin origin, depicting the purity of something ‘bright white’.

8. Caterina

A name of Slavic origin describing someone who is ‘pure’.

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9. Cecelia

A rather classy name of Latin origin with a sad meaning that describes someone ‘blind’.

10. Caledonia

The name formerly used by The Romans to describe Scotland, it still carries that same meaning (from Scotland) and is a rather lovely name to consider adorning your child with.

11. Claire

Claire is a French name whose meaning translates into someone who is ‘enlightened’ or ‘bright’.

12. Coretta

A diminutive version of the name Cora, and the first one on this list with an American origin, which translates into ‘little heart’ and is perfect for describing a daughter, the ‘little heart’ you can’t live without.

13. Carina

A name of Spanish origin that translates to ‘dear one’, a special person to you which your daughter will undoubtedly be.

14. Charlotte

A name originating from French. It describes a person who is ‘free’.

15. Cordelia

Cordelia originates from English, specifically from Shakespeare’s works.

She was the daughter of King Lear and is thought to mean ‘the daughter of the Sea’.

16. Camilla

The less popular version of Camille, but one that originates from the Italian language and carries the same meaning of ‘perfect’.

17. Calliope

A beautiful and elegant name donned by one of the 9 Greek muses, Calliope was the muse of epic poetry. Ideal for a child being raised in a family of music lovers and quite a unique name too.

18. Cassiopeia

Another simply astonishing name that comes from Greek myth, Cassiopeia was the queen of Cetus whose boasting angered Poseidon, incurring a draconic punishment to both her and her daughter Andromeda which was later remedied by the hero Perseus.

We can now see both her and her daughter as star constellations, except that Cassiopeia’s is sometimes turned upside down as her eternal punishment.

Despite this tragic myth, the name is very unique and truly elegant and beautiful, one that I’m sure would fit your baby girl well.

19. Cressida

Following up, we have the name that meant “gold” in ancient Greece and was a name often used in prose by many different authors like Boccaccio and Shakespeare.

Names starting with D

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1. Diana

A Greek name once carried by Lady Diana. Translates into someone ‘divine’.

2. Dior

Not to be confused with the popular brand, Dior is a name with French roots that translates into ‘present’ which is what your daughter is likely to be to you.

3. Donatella

Another name that means gift, ‘beautiful gift’ in this case.

This name has an Italian origin this time around, in case those strike your fancy over the French versions.

4. Daphne

One of the more elegant baby girl names originating from Greece. It translates to ‘laurel tree’.

5. Daniella

A famous Latin name that has a very religious theme tied to it due to its meaning: ‘God is my judge’.

6. Delilah

A Hebrew name describing someone who is ‘delicate’.

Elegance is often a delicate thing that has to be balanced, so it’s a perfect combination of the two.

Names starting with E

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1. Evianna

A combination of the names Eva and Aviana, this name roughly translates into the ‘life-giving bird’, a meaning that’s quite poetic and beautiful.

2. Evangeline

One of the more elegant vintage girl names originating from France, which translates into the ‘bearer of good news’.

It’s also the moniker of a famous actress, Evangeline Lily.

3. Eloise

A strong, yet elegant French name that translates to ‘famous warrior’.

4. Elizabeth

It doesn’t get more elegant than the moniker of the current Queen of England.

Despite belonging to the current British crown, the name is originally of Hebrew origin translating into ‘God is my oath’.

5. Eleanor

A French name that tends to be a beacon of inspiration for many writers, hence the meaning: ‘shining light’.

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6. Emilia

A name that’s a cross between Emily and Amelia, Emilia is reserved for those go-getters who don’t settle for anything other than perfect, and its Latin translation means just that: ‘to excel’.

7. Emmanuella

A common name in the Italian language which means: ‘God is with us’. It’s a beautiful alternative to the name Emma if you ask me.

8. Emmeline

If you believe that your daughter will be a hard worker who still retains her elegance, there’s nothing better than this old English name, which means: ‘work’.

9. Evelyn

An old English name for a ‘beautiful bird’ which oozes elegance and is perfect for your little girl.

10. Ella

If you don’t want anything too complex, then give Ella a go.

This Spanish name simply translates into ‘young girl’ while still sounding like a rather sophisticated name.

11. Esmeralda

This is a Spanish name meaning ’emerald’ that became popular thanks to the namesake character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The name translates all of the elegance and energy of a captivating dancer.

It’s one of my absolute favorites on this list and bonus points if it’s given to a girl with emerald green eyes.

Names starting with F

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1. Florence

A Latin name often used by Italians, which translates to ‘blossoming’ or ‘flowering’

2. Fiorella

Following up on the earlier floral theme, this Italian name literally means ‘little flower’.

3. Francesca

A particularly classic and elegant Latin name, which translates into someone who is ‘free’.

4. Frederica

A name with roots in the old English language that describes a ‘ruler of peace’ which is a lovely attribute to give to your little one.

Names starting with G

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1. Gwyneth

This name is shared by the famous actress, Gwyneth Paltrow. It simply radiates elegance.

It’s a name of Welsh origin, which describes someone who is either ‘blessed’ or ‘very fortunate’.

2. Grace

Elegance and grace go hand in hand, making this name a great choice.

It originates from Latin and translates into a certain ‘charm’.

3. Genevieve

A strong French name popular throughout history, it translates into ‘woman of the family’.

4. Gwendolyn

Another elegant Welsh name, this one carrying the meaning of ‘blessed ring’, normally symbolic for weddings.

5. Giovanna

An Italian variant on the name Joanna, and one with a lot of religious meaning behind it. It translates into ‘God is gracious’.

6. Giada

A more elegant version of the name ‘Jade’, with the same meaning except with a more Italian spin on it.

7. Guinevere

A name of Welsh origin belonging to Arthur’s wife and queen of castle Camelot, with uncertain roles within its history, though always somehow written to be the downfall of the kingdom through a story of tragic love.

The tales shouldn’t tarnish such a beautiful name though. I’m sure your little girl will spin a new, more triumphant tale if you give her the honor of carrying this name.

Names starting with H

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1. Henrietta

An old English name that means ‘ruler of the home’.

2. Hermione

You might recognize this one from the Harry Potter series, however, Hermione has been around since long before that and is one of the more graceful girl names out there.

It originates from Greece and its meaning is ‘interpreter’.

While the meaning might not be all that significant, it still rolls off the tongue quite nicely, doesn’t it?

Names starting with I

1. Isabella

Yet another religious Italian name with a good note of elegance tied to it, meaning ‘God is my oath’.

2. Imogen

There’s nothing more elegant than ‘innocence’ itself, the meaning carried by this beautiful English name.

Names starting with J

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1. Juliet

Popularized by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” this elegant English name carries the very essence of the meaning of ‘youth’.

2. Jolie

A staple of French names everywhere, Jolie translates into ‘pretty’ and is well-known as being the last name of the actress Angelina Jolie.

3. Josephine

The Italians and the French are known for their names steeped in religious meanings.

Such is the case with the name Josephine, which originated from France and means ‘God will increase’.

4. Jemima

A very elegant Hebrew name that describes the grace and beauty of a ‘dove’.

5. Jacqueline

A name belonging to the famous Lady Jacqueline Bouvier, it carries strong origins from the country of France and means: ‘supplanter’.

Names starting with K

1. Katherine

A Greek version of Caterina, with the exact same meaning of ‘pure’. Provides a bit of variety to your naming options.

Names starting with L

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1. Lilliana

A name from old English, it has no particular meaning outside of being the compounded name of both Lilly and Ana, but it’s still a rather elegant-sounding, unique name.

2. Luciana

A very uncommon, but beautiful Italian baby name that translates into ‘light’.

3. Louisa

An English name that describes a ‘famous warrior’

4. Lauren

An American name originally, surprisingly enough, which translates into the ‘laurel’ plant.

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5. Lucinda

‘Light’ seems to be a very popular go-to for unique girl names, just as much as depictions of religion.

The same is the case with this Spanish name meaning light, Lucinda.

6. Lydia

While not a name with as strong a meaning as many others on this list, Lydia is still a beautiful and elegant baby name originating from Greece that describes someone ‘from Lydia’.

Names starting with M

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1. Madeline

An English name perfect for an adorable young girl. The meaning itself translates into a ‘woman from Magdala’.

2. Meredith

A unisex name of Welsh origin that translates into a ‘lord’ or ‘lady’ in this case.

A very elegant, noble name.

3. Marvel

Another unisex name, this time with old English origins that translates into a ‘miracle’, a perfect attribute to tie to your child, who can be described as your own little miracle.

4. Maria

Maria is a Latin name that has religious ties to itself, although its actual meaning is a lot less symbolic as it describes someone who is either ‘bitter’ or ‘of the sea’.

5. Mireille

An elegant and rarely used French name that is perfect for all of you who want to find a unique name for your daughter.

Its meaning is also very strong, describing someone ‘admirable’.

6. Margot

A French name that translates into ‘pearl’ and whose moniker belongs to Margot Robbie, a famous actress.

Names starting with N

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1. Natalia

Tying into the idea of nativity, the Italian name, Natalia translates into the idea of someone ‘born on Christmas’ and is perfect to give to a child who matches that description.

Names starting with O

1. Octavia

A name that simply means ‘eighth’ doesn’t have as strong a meaning as some of the others, but this Latin name emanates power in its delivery.

2. Olivia

A rather elegant name with a convoluted meaning, as it translates into ‘ancestor’s descendant’ according to the old English meanings.

3. Ophelia

A name of Greek origin that translates into the job of a ‘helper’, which isn’t shameful in any way, shape, or form, and is a rather elegant attribute in any person.

4. Odette

Elegance is often tied to the idea of ‘wealth’, be it material or spiritual, and this French name translates into just that.

5. Ottilie

A feminine form of the German name Otto, Ottilie was prevalent among the British upper class until the late 19th century when it got phased out.

Given its rarity, it’d be quite the unique name that you could give to your own daughter. It even has a slight French ring to it for a little bit of extra luxury.

Names starting with P

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1. Penelope

A common name for weavers and seamstresses in stories, this Greek name translates to someone who has ‘a web’ or ‘veil over her face’ which is a symbol of great elegance.

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2. Persephone

The name of a Greek Goddess, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter who, unlike many other Greek “romances”, had a very comfortable and enjoyable time being the queen of the underworld alongside Hades.

While the title might sound grim, she was initially the goddess of grain and harvests, the title simply came with the position, but she was still a very elegant lady and I doubt she’d mind if your little girl shared her name.

3. Primrose

A breathtaking English name usually reserved for the upper class of Britain in times past or for characters in literature, Primrose is starting to see a bit of a global comeback.

I suggest you strike while the iron is hot and give it to your own child if you’re looking for a particularly unique and rare name for her.

Names starting with R

1. Rosalind

A rather classy English name that carries the very beautiful and descriptive meaning of: ‘pretty rose’.

2. Romilly

Yet another French name with a religious connotation that’s rather uncommon and somewhat unique.

It translates into ‘God’s beloved one’.

3. Rebecca

A very graceful name of Hebrew origin, much akin to the Greek Cassandra in its meaning, as it translates into ‘to bind’.

Names starting with S

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1. Silvia

One of the more elegant names tied to the idea of nature, as its Latin meaning is: ‘of the forest’.

2. Serena

A Latin name carried by the famous tennis player Serena Williams, it translates into the idea of ‘peace’ and ‘serenity’.

3. Seraphina

Yet another religious Italian name, this one linked to the idea of ‘Seraphim’.

4. Sophia

The name Sophia hails from ancient Greece, it displays the idea of ‘wisdom’ in its translation and is a very elegant name to boot.

5. Scarlett

A name carried by the famous actress Scarlett Johansson, and one that screams allure and elegance with all its uses in famous works of writing, especially as it describes a very mysterious and beautiful shade of ‘red’.

6. Sarah

Sarah is a name almost as old as civilization itself, it has Hebrew origins and translates into the very regal meaning of ‘princess’ and is a Biblical name for girls.

Names starting with T

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1. Tabitha

A name popular in the later half of the 20th century that has since fallen off, this old Hebrew name means ‘gazelle’.

2. Tatiana

A name of unknown meaning shrouded in mystery but often attributed to Russian royalty. What could be more intriguing and elegant than that?

Originally of Roman descent, derived from the surname Tatius, it was spread further east thanks to the Orthodox Christian church.

Names starting with V

1. Valentina

A very powerful Latin name that shows someone who is ‘healthy’ and ‘strong’.

2. Virginia

A name of ancient Latin origin describing a ‘pure’ or ‘chaste woman’, and purity is definitely something that’s extremely elegant.

3. Violetta

A very beautiful and captivating Italian name that translates into a ‘violet flower’, a color of elegance and royalty, right next to red.

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4. Victoria

This is a beautiful Latin name to give to your little girl, one that describes the idea of ‘victory’ or a ‘winner’.

5. Vivienne

A name of French origin that is not religious in nature, but does have an equally strong meaning. It means someone who is ‘lively’ or ‘alive’.

6. Viola

Another Italian name, a simpler version of Violetta as it only refers to the color ‘violet’.

It’s also the name of a string instrument if you like your baby girl names to have musical ties.

7. Verity

A name derived from the Latin language that carries a strong meaning of ‘truth’.

In Conclusion

adorable baby girl playing with jewelry

As with any other list, there are plenty to choose from, especially when it comes to elegant girl names.

Sure, they’re all very pretty names, but one child can’t have them all.

If you’re finding it hard to decide try to think of what you imagine your little girl being like.

What would her dreams and aspirations be?

While these often do turn out wildly different from reality, having your own idea of such a future, and then pairing it with names until you find meanings that relate to this dream, is a great way to go.

It might sound odd, but it does help shorten a list of potential baby girl names quite substantially and makes it easier for you to make a decision.

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