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60 Best Nicknames For Genevieve To Bestow Upon Your Child

60 Best Nicknames For Genevieve To Bestow Upon Your Child

Genevieve is a really beautiful and popular name for a baby girl, which means that there is going to be a good selection of nicknames for Genevieve to choose from.

Nicknames for Genevieve are really fantastic, albeit in somewhat short supply. You can even borrow some from a name like Jennifer too.

Genevieve is a very popular name around the world, easily reaching the top 30 in global baby name lists, while it holds a solid spot in the top 170 for US baby girl name options.

It’s a very elegant name for fancy little girls with two different origins, Germanic and French.

Although it is quite exquisite, the full name can sometimes be a bit hard to pronounce, which is why people have come up with various nicknames for it.

If you think your daughter might not like the name Genevieve, you can help reinforce the value of the name by showing her just how many famous people share it with her.

From actresses like Genevieve Bujold, Genevieve Padalecki, Genevieve Nnaji, and Genevieve Rose Angelson, as well as the famous American TV host, Genevieve Gorder, to the Pennsylvanian politician Genevieve Blatt and the patron saint of Paris, Saint Genevieve, there are loads of lovely ladies named Genevieve to inspire your daughter.

So, read on to discover more about the origin of the name Genevieve, the notable people who bear the name, all of the best nicknames for your own bundle of joy, and even a few middle names thrown in for good measure!

Genevieve – Name Meaning And Origin

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As mentioned earlier, the name Genevieve has a dual origin. One is Germanic, made out of two different words, “Wefa” for wife or woman and “Kuni” for family or kin. It was later modernized through French, from which it got its current form.

The translation nowadays is also the same, meaning “Woman of the family”. It describes a lady who shows great affection toward her loved ones.

It’s also believed that it might have a Celtic origin as well, the name carrying a similar meaning to the Germanic one, “Woman of the race” or to mean “White wave”.

It’s a very feminine and gentle name that carries a certain softness, and I’m sure this is one of the reasons you decided to name your little girl Genevieve.

The name has retained its popularity throughout history, but it’s not an overexposed name like Jessica or Jennifer, making it perfect for parents who prefer unique names.

According to the Baby Names website, it currently holds the 28th position worldwide, which is quite an achievement considering just how many names there are.

In the US, it sits at number 169, a bit lower, but still remarkable.

There are also a number of famous women who carry this name with pride, great women who would make amazing role models for your little girl.

The first one worth mentioning is the patron saint of Paris, Saint Genevieve, the woman rumored to have saved Paris from Atilla the Hun purely through prayer, fasting, and her iron-clad resolve.

Then we have several actresses and TV show hosts, like Canada’s Genevieve Bujold, best known for playing Anne Boleyn.

Now that we’ve gotten a bit more acquainted with the origin of the name Genevieve and a good number of notable people who carry the name, it’s time to find a proper nickname for your little lady!

60 Nicknames For Genevieve

Most popular nicknames for Genevieve

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This name has three syllables, so you can get creative when it comes to pet names. However, you can never go wrong with the most popular nicknames as everyone is sure to like them.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Vieve

2. Neve

3. Vee

4. Jenny

5. Genie

6. Vivi

7. Genoveva

8. Gen-Gen

9. Viv

10. Gina

11. Vivvie

12. Jen-a-veeve

13. Genna

14. Genni

15. Gigi

16. Gemma

17. Genovefa

18. Gens

19. Ginny

20. Gen

21. Jen

22. Nevie

23. Jenna

24. Geneva

25. Evie

Lovely nicknames for Genevieve

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While these nicknames aren’t as popular as the ones above, there are still some great choices on this list.

Make sure to read through to the end because you just might find the perfect nickname right here:

1. Vi

2. Gin

3. Geeves

4. Geanie

5. Ivy

6. Gee

7. Govy

8. Gia

9. Jennabean

10. Genevra

11. Genna Bee

12. Princess G

13. Eve

14. Little G

15. G-Girl

16. Jolly

17. Genny

18. Ghenny

19. Ginger

20. Eva

21. Geneweave

22. Gene

23. Gevie

24. Ginevra

25. G.V.

26. Genji Bear

27. Veevie

28. Jhen

29. Gem

30. Icy Vivy

31. Vives

32. Genty

33. Geneve

34. Veveve

35. Nieve

Middle Names For Genevieve

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If you’re currently pregnant and expecting a little Viv of your own, you must be considering middle names as well.

This is a longer name and slightly difficult to pronounce, so I recommend considering short middle names. Still, if you find a long name that you really like you should use it!

Here’s a selection of my favorite middle names:

1. Renee

2. Amelia

3. Hope

4. Blythe

5. Bliss

6. Daisy

7. Marie

8. Dakota

9. Claire

10. Blue

11. Bree

12. Blaire

13. Diana

14. Grace

15. Adele

16. Florence

17. Jane

18. Fern

19. Brae

20. Bay

21. Rose

22. Faye

23. Frost

24. Cass

25. Christina

26. Faith

27. Gemma

28. Zoe

29. Bryne

30. Martha

31. Jane

32. Dawn

33. Beatrice

34. Britt

35. Belle

36. Louise

37. Dale

38. Jade

39. Fiona

40. Bethany

41. Drew

42. Elle

43. Brynn

44. Jai

45. Blake

46. Dove

47. Fawn

48. Brooke

49. Dua

50. Georgia

Sibling Names For Genevieve

Little sister kissing her newborn brother

If you’ve already sorted out a proper nickname for your little Genevieve, and are now well on track to your next child, then you might want to pick a name that complements the first child, while still sounding unique enough to stand on its own.

Something melodious and ultimately pleasant to the ears would be a great choice so that when you call both their names out, it sounds like notes to a beautiful song.

While I can’t guarantee that my ear for music is great, I can guarantee that the following examples of girl and boy names fit rather well together.

Names for boys:

1. Edward

2. Hugh

3. Dexter

4. Lionel

5. Leo

6. Augustin

7. Alistair

8. Arthur

9. Hugo

10. Milo

11. Nathaniel

12. Cormac

13. Henry

14. Theodore

15. Frederick

16. Calvin

Names for girls:

1. Clara

2. Emmeline

3. Flora

4. Felicity

5. Cordelia

6. Charlotte

7. Aurelia

8. Juliet

9. Eleanor

10. Eliza

11. Annabel

12. Isadora

13. Mirabel

14. Lydia

Famous People Named Genevieve

actress Genevieve Cortese Padalecki

As mentioned at the beginning, there are more than a few famous women named Genevieve.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

• Genevieve Gorder – A well-known TV host and expert on interior decor.

• Genevieve Nnaji – A Nigerian actress and filmmaker, most notable for the first movie she directed, Lionheart, which was nominated for an Oscar.

• Genevieve Bujold – An Academy Award-nominated Canadian actress, famous for playing the role of Anne Boleyn in the drama Anne of the Thousand Days.

• Genevieve Padalecki – A famous American actress. Those of you who watched Supernatural might know her as the demon, Ruby.

• Genevieve Blatt – An American politician from Pennsylvania who had a successful political career, and is most famous for her strides in improving women’s rights in high school.

• Genevieve Rose Angelson – An American TV actress, highly regarded for her role of Caitlin Hobart in the hit TV series, House of Lies.

• Saint Genevieve – The patron saint of Paris and a notable historical figure.

In Conclusion

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There aren’t many nicknames for Genevieve to go around, but there is a goldmine of potential in the few available.

The good news is that your child’s name is long enough to provide plenty of room for creativity in picking a unique nickname, especially if you’re not a fan of the more popular ones.

If you’re still undecided, you can incorporate your little girl’s middle name in some way for a more personalized pet name.

No matter which path you choose to take, I’m sure that you’ll find a suitable nickname for your adorable little girl.

Until next time, mammas!

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