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250 Best Nicknames For Boys With Meanings You’ll Love

250 Best Nicknames For Boys With Meanings You’ll Love

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Choosing a baby name for your little ray of sunshine is a significant moment on every parent’s journey, but sometimes nicknames for boys are even more important.

A nickname is not just a term of endearment or sweet talk, it can also be a word that describes your son’s looks or personality traits – a word that suits him the best and shows how special he really is.

It doesn’t matter what your son’s real name is – you can still come up with a fun nickname!

Here is the complete list of the best nicknames for boys of all ages, with meanings included.

Best Boy Nicknames


1. Ace

This cute nickname actually comes from card games. Ace is the highest-ranking card in most games.

2. Alpha

Your little son might be just a boy, but from day one you’re teaching him that he is an alpha – the leader of the pack.

3. Amigo

In Spanish, Amigo means friend. Basically, you’re telling your kid that you see him as more mature than he is – you two are best friends.

4. Ash

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ash Ketchum – the main character of the popular Pokemon anime.

5. Baby Boy

On the other hand, if you want for your son to remain a little baby for as long as possible, “baby boy” is without a doubt a nickname you should use.

6. Baby Cheeks

Is there anything cuter than a baby’s chubby cheeks? I’m sure your kid has a pair as well. In that case, this nickname is the choice for you.

8. Baby Elephant

Out of all the animals in the world, baby elephants are probably the most irresistible. Just make sure nobody starts calling you “mama elephant”!

9. Baby Face

Your little one’s cheeks are not the only thing you can’t take your hands off. In fact, it’s his entire face that puts a smile on yours.

10. Babykins

In North America, “babykins” is used as a term of affection. It can also be used for women or little kids.

11. Bam Bam

Bam Bam is not only a South Korean teenage star – it is also quite phonetic and I assure you it’s one of the nicknames for boys your baby will love the most.

12. Bambino

In Italian, Bambino means simply “a child”. What more appropriate nickname can your lovey-dovey have?

13. Batman

Sooner or later, all children go crazy about superheroes, and Batman is usually at the top of the list.

14. Big Boy

Your son is no longer a little baby – but he is still your boy. This nickname can’t be better for this stage.

15. Big Guy

Even though it looks pretty much the same as the previous nickname, it actually isn’t.

The line between boy and guy is not so thin after all.

confident little boy posing in the garden with blossom trees

16. Biggie

Biggie is slang for someone important and influential. Besides, if you’re into 90s rap, you’ll love this nickname.

17. Bionic

I’m sure you’re familiar with this term – it’s basically a human being improved by technology. Something like “superhuman”, to be exact.

18. Bitsy

Bitsy – like “bit”. This is another nickname for your tiny ray of sunshine.

19. Black panther

We can all agree this animal is special and unique. For ages, it has been a symbol of bravery and greatness.

20. Bookworm

Is your baby boy already showing interest in letter-like shapes and interesting baby books?

Well, chances are that he’s about to become a real bookworm.

21. Brains

As cute as your son is, I bet you’re already seeing how smart he is too.

Why wouldn’t you emphasize his intelligence from the very start?

22. Bravo

Words of approval as a creative nickname for your little one? Sounds fun!

23. Brown/Blue/Green Eyes

It all depends on the color of your baby’s eyes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re brown, blue, green, or black – I’m sure they’re magnificent.

24. Bubba

Even though you might consider it to be a pet name, Bubba is actually slang for “little brother”. So, if your baby has an older brother or sister, this one is perfect for you.

25. Bubbles

Bubbles are tiny, round, and most of all – fun and cute. Just like your son, right?

26. Bubby-Boo

“Boo” is slang for love. “Bubby” is also a term usually used to address a little boy you adore. Both combined? Well, now you have what’s probably the cutest nickname ever.

27. Buddy

Once again, we have something similar to “amigo”. This is your best friend, comrade, and mate.

28. Bunny

Similar to baby elephants, baby bunnies are also adorable creatures, and so is your little son.

29. Cadillac

Yes, Cadillac is a famous automobile brand. But what kind of a car are we exactly talking about here?

About a unique, expensive, fancy, and sophisticated car, that’s right.

So, do you understand now why this is the most appropriate nickname for your baby boy?

30. Cannon

Is your baby explosive? Does he always find a way of getting what he wants?

What better nickname than Cannon could he possibly get?

little adorable baby boy wearing hat sits in a field near haystacks at sunset

31. Cap

Even though “Cap” was used as a nickname for boys named Charles back in the day, now it’s just short for Captain.

32. Captain

Come on, let’s face it – who was your house’s commander from the very first day he was born? That’s right – your son.

So, why wouldn’t he be given an appropriate nickname then?

33. Captain America

Again, we come to superheroes: probably the characters every boy in the world enjoys being identified with the most.

This time, we’re talking about Captain America – the almighty super-soldier.

34. Champ

Whatever your little one does in life, he’ll always be the champion in your eyes. So, why wouldn’t you make it clear for him?

35. Chance

In the past, this was a commonly given baby name or a middle name for boys.

Even though it has become more of a baby boy nickname in modern time, it still carries the same meaning: good luck.

36. Cheetah

Another special cat. Perfect for your little one!

37. Chief

Whether you like it or not, he is in charge now. So, make that clear to everyone.

38. Chipmunk

Chipmunks are small and irresistible little creatures.

Besides, they spend their days climbing around and doing crazy maneuvers – just like squirrels, but better.

39. Chubby Cheeks

This is another nickname related to your son’s cheeks. But hey, who can blame me? Can you resist them?

40. Chunky Monkey

Does your son love eating? Is he all chubby and plump? Then this one is for him.

41. City Boy

If your baby is originally from the city but you often visit your relatives or friends in the countryside, they’ll probably start calling him “city boy” sooner or later.

42. Cub

Every mom turns into a lioness once she gives birth to at little creature that depends on her protection.

If this is something you can relate to (and I know you can, even though you might not see it now), your baby is certainly your cub.

43. Cuddle Bunny

After a long and tiresome day, there is nothing better than cuddling with your baby boy.

In that exact moment, you realize that all the cramps, breastfeeding pain, and so on are worth it.

Therefore, the nickname cuddle bunny really does apply.

44. Cutie/Cutesy

Isn’t the meaning of this one quite clear? A cute name for a cute little person. He is the cutest little person you ever laid your eyes on – it’s simple as that.

45. Cyclops

If your toddler is into mythology, he’ll be fascinated when you address him as Cyclops – a huge giant.

cute little boy eating a watermelon

46. Donut

Whether you spell it as “doughnut” or “donut”, it doesn’t really matter.

This is a nickname we’re talking about, and this delicious pastry will be an adorable nickname for your cutie-pie!

47. Duckling

Have you ever looked at a mother duck and her ducklings swimming behind her?

Did you notice how the ducklings act as if they know exactly what she’s telling them?

While your little boy might not listen to you as much as a duckling, this is still a cute nickname.

48. Dynamo

It’s explosive, but it’s also a magician’s name – whatever suits your little one better.

49. Eagle Eye

If your baby boy doesn’t miss a thing – this nickname is for him. Besides, let’s not forget what a magnificent bird an eagle is.

50. Energizer

You’re thrilled that your son is progressing so well, but there were also times when you couldn’t help but wonder where he gets all of his energy from.

51. Entertainer

When the entire family gathers, he is the one to amuse you all and that’s exactly why this is one of the most amusing nicknames for boys.

52. Flash

He fights crime and can move faster than any human being in the world. Are we talking about a nickname or every boy’s dream?

53. Foodie

If your son enjoys all the food you’re giving him (including BLW food and vegetables all toddlers are struggling with), you’ll be more than happy to give him this nickname.

54. Fox

Fox is not just a short name for your boy – it can also be a great nickname. After all, it’s the meaning that counts – fast and sleek.

55. Ginger

This one is perfect if you’re the mom of a red headed little boy!

56. Godzilla

Yes, Godzilla is a monster, but hey, everyone is scared of it, aren’t they? So, trust me when I tell you your toddler will be enchanted by this silly nickname.

57. Guapo

In Spanish, it means “handsome”. And let’s be real – you’ve never seen a more handsome young gentleman than the one in front of you.

58. Heartbreaker

Talking about handsome young gentlemen? Well, you can only imagine the number of girls’ hearts they’ll be breaking in the future.

In fact, if your son is going to kindergarten or school – I bet every little girl is already head over heels for him.

59. Hercules

Is there anyone stronger than Hercules? I think not.

60. Hero

He doesn’t have to save the world, but your son will always be your own personal hero.

Adorable little boy dressed in a cape and mask playing superhero

61. Hollywood

He is already the star of your house and family. So, I think this is an appropriate nickname.

62. Hulk

Could it be that Hulk has more strength than Hercules?

Either way, I promise you that your toddler will be enchanted by this nickname as well.

63. Hurricane

Do you sometimes feel like a strong (but at the same time lovely) storm has passed through your house and heart ever since you gave birth?

Don’t worry, all mothers do and it certainly doesn’t mean you love your boy any less.

64. Iceman

Is your son into snow and winter? In that case, I bet his favorite superhero is Iceman – a superhero who can literally manipulate ice and cold.

65. Iron Man

This is one of the most famous Marvel characters.

Not only that: I’m sure every boy has thought about becoming him when he grows up at least once.

66. Itty Bitty

Again, a diminutive. It’s a great nickname for a little, tiny baby.

67. Jaguar

What’s with little boys and their obsession with magnificent cats? Beats me, but what I do know is your son will love this nickname.

68. Jedi

If your boy is a fan of the Star Wars franchise, he’ll enjoy being called Jedi.

After all, it means that he belongs to this ancient order of protectors and righteous heroes.

It will be even better if he already has a futuristic real name that will go hand in hand with this nickname.

67. Junior

This little man is nothing but a younger version of you. So, why not say it that way?

68. Kid/Kiddo

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, and yet, it’s always a popular nickname.

69. Lion

You can call him your little cub or he can immediately get the title of the lion – the choice is all yours.

70. Little Guy

Another universal and common nickname all boys love.

71. Little Lamb

Is there anything cuter in this world than a little lamb?

After all, I’m sure you’ve heard about the famous nursery rhyme “Mary Had A Little Lamb”.

If you sang this to your little boy when he was an infant, I’m sure he’ll love hearing it throughout his toddler years as well.

72. Mighty

You want your son to always be aware of his personality traits.

You want him to know how powerful and strong he is.

So, mighty is an appropriate nickname for all of his abilities.

73. Mini-Me

Another good nickname that declares one important thing: this little guy is a small version of you and your husband.

74. Monkey

Your toddler is spending all of his days making a mess around the house. Nevertheless, I’m sure you wouldn’t want it any other way.

75. Mountain

Again, we have a word that symbolizes strength.

Of course, I’m not only talking about physical strength here, but a mental and emotional one.

little baby boy smiling

76. Munchkin

In the “Wizard Of Oz” movies and books, little people are called munchkins.

77. Ninja

Every ninja is brave, fierce, and most importantly – “uncatchable”. Just like your little boy.

78. Nugget

When you call someone a nugget, it usually means they’re silly and funny.

79. Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Kenobi, how cool does this sound? With this nickname, your son won’t be just one of the Jedis – he will be a Jedi master.

80. Partner in Crime

You want your son to see you as more than just a parent figure?

This is especially the case if he is a toddler or entering his teenage years – you want him to be able to tell you everything without fear.

In that case, create a secret and adorable nickname for just the two of you: partner in crime.

81. Peanut

Even though this can be used as both a baby boy and a baby girl nickname, lately it’s been used more for sons.

82. Phantom

Everyone is scared of him, but at the same time he gets a lot of respect. Isn’t this a creative nickname for your toddler or a teenager?

83. Pickle

On the other hand, Pickle might be a good nickname for a slightly younger boy.

84. Prince

For now, he is the Prince of your little kingdom. Nevertheless, when he grows up he’ll certainly become a real-life Prince Charming.

85. Professor

What’s a more creative nickname for your little scientist than Professor? That’s right – this boy can teach you a lot.

86. Protector

If your son is scared of darkness or a bogeyman, try changing your roles for a little bit and call him the protector!

87. Quicksilver

Let’s go back to superheroes. Just look at this guy and you’ll see what every little boy wants to look like when he grows up.

88. Ranger

An army nickname – just what your boy needs to be fearless.

89. Rebel

Here is another good nickname for all those little rebels who pay absolutely no attention to whatever you’re telling them.

That’s right – I’m talking about your teenager.

90. Robin

Robin Hood is a famous character who steals from the rich people and gives to the poor. He has it all, being a righteous outlaw.

What more could a boy possibly want?

sweet baby boy wearing hoodie posing in front of blue wooden wall

91. Rufus

Here is another good nickname for all of those redheads out there. Besides, let’s not forget it was also King William’s nickname.

92. Savage

This great nickname is badass, cool, and fierce. What more could you ask for?

93. Sidekick

Your son is not just your best friend.

He is also your right hand man and the assistant you could never make it without, which is why this is one of the nicknames for boys you should definitely take into consideration.

94. Simba

Remember the Disney movie “The Lion King”? Well, Simba is the protagonist – the little cub who grows up to be a mighty lion.

This nickname will go perfectly with your boy’s Disney-inspired name.

95. Slim

Not all baby boys are chubby. In that case, Slim is the perfect nickname.

96. Smiley

If your little ray of sunshine’s smile brightens your day, and if he’s in a good mood most of the time – this one’s for him.

97. Soldier

Many boys dream about becoming famous soldiers one day. With this cute name, he certainly can!

98. Sparky

When you call someone Sparky, it means that he is fast and full of energy.

99. Spiderman

The hero of all generations: the powerful Spiderman. Come on, I’m sure your kiddo wants to save the city, as well.

100. Sunny/Sunshine

This little guy is your sun – there is no doubt about that. Well, all moms feel the same about their babies and that’s exactly why this nickname always seems to be trending among parents.

101. Superman
Superman is maybe one of the most popular superheroes of all time – he just never goes out of style.

102. Tarzan

Let me tell you, your boy would love to become the king of the jungle. Come on, what kid doesn’t dream of jumping around the woods all day long?

103. Thor

The warrior Thor – another Marvel character, and I bet, your son’s role model.

104. Tiger

A tiger is large, brave, confident, and fearless.

It might not be the most adorable nickname for your baby son, but if it suits his personality it is the most appropriate one.

105. Titan

The same goes for Titan – only a special boy can get this nickname.

cute little boy blowing the dandelion in the field

106. Torch

It burns and lights up even the scariest darkness – just the way your son did when he walked into your life.

107. Tower

A tower always stands tall and proud – just the way your son should go through life.

Trust me, this baby boy nickname will give him a lot of confidence.

108. Turbo

Nothing about this little guy is ordinary. In fact, he is lightning fast – just like his nickname says.

109. Twilight

Many will claim there is nothing more beautiful in nature than twilight.

And I know one thing for sure – there is nothing more beautiful in your life than your little baby.

110. Volcano

Has your kiddo had a temper of his own from day one? Can you never guess what to expect from him next?

In that case, Volcano is just the right nickname for him.

111. Winnie

Winnie the Pooh is probably one of the most famous cartoons of all time. He’s a chubby, little bear every boy adores.

112. Wise Guy

If your son has a habit of making sarcastic comments to everything you say – this one is for him.

But as ironic as this nickname might be – the truth is that he really is wise and smart and that is something you should be proud of.

Nicknames For Boys – Diminutive

beautiful little boy smiling

Some baby names are too long to repeat every day, unless of course your boy’s name is short.

Does your boy have a rare name other people have trouble pronouncing?

Then you’ll definitely want a cool nickname related to your son’s real name.

Either way, you’re in need of a cute nickname.

Here is the ultimate list of nicknames for different boys’ middle names or first names.

1. Ace (Horatio)

2. Al (Albert)

3. Alex or Lex (Alexander)

4. Ali (Alistar)

5. Andy (Andrew)

6. Ant, Tony (Anthony)

7. Arch (Archibald)

8. Archie (Archibald)

9. Arfie (Arthur)

10. Arn (Arnold)

11. Augie, Gus (Augustus)

12. Barney, Bernie, Nard (Bernard)

13. Bart (Bartholomew)

14. Baz (Basil)

15. Benny (Benjamin)

16. Billy (William)

17. Bob (Robert)

18. Brad (Bradley)

19. Brent (Brenton)

20. Cal (Caleb)

21. Cam (Cameron)

22. Charley, Charlie, Chuck (Charles)

23. Charlie, Chuck (Charles)

24. Chet (Chester)

25. Chrisso, Kit (Cristopher)

26. Cis (Cecil)

27. Clem (Clement)

28. Clem (Clemence)

29. Clint (Clintwood)

30. Cole (Collin)

adorable baby boy smiling while sitting in a card box

31. Curt (Curtis)

32. Cy (Cyrus)

33. Cyd (Sydney)

34. Dan, Danny (Daniel)

35. Dave (David)

36. Del, Dez (Derek)

37. Den (Denis)

38. Dick (Richard)

39. Dom (Dominick)

40. Donnie (Donald)

41. Dougie (Douglas)

42. Dud (Dudley)

43. Edie (Eden)

44. El (Eldred, Elton)

45. Em (Emil)

46. Fran (Frances)

47. Frank (Francis)

48. Fred (Alfred)

49. Gab, Gabe (Gabriel)

50. Greg (Gregory)

51. Harry (Henry)

52. Hom (Homer)

53. Howie (Howard)

54. Humph (Humphrey)

55. Iggy (Ignatius)

56. Ike (Francisco)

57. Irv (Irvine)

58. Izzie (Isac)

59. Jack (John)

60. Jake (Jacob)

cute baby boy smiling in the crib

61. Jed (Jedediah)

62. Jeffy, Jeff (Jeffrey)

63. Jerry (Jeremiah)

64. Jezza (Jeremy)

65. Jim, Jimmy (James)

66. Joe, Jonty (Jonathan)

67. Jojo (Joseph)

68. Jordy (Jordan)

69. Josh (Joshua)

70. Julie (Jules)

71. Ken (Kenneth)

72. Kev (Kevin)

73. Larry, Law (Lawrence)

74. Lee (Leigh)

75. Len (Leonard)

76. Lin (Lindsday)

77. Louey, Louie (Louis)

78. Lu (Luke)

79. Luth (Luther)

80. Manny (Manchester)

81. Marky (Marcus)

82. Marty (Martin)

83. Mat, Matt, Matty (Matthew)

84. Max (Maddox)

85. Mick, Mickey, Micky (Michael)

86. Mike, Mitch (Michael)

87. Moe (Morris, Maurice)

88. Nat, Nate (Nathan)

89. Ned (Edward)

90. Nick, Collin (Nicholas)

cute baby boy playing on the floor with toys

91. Norm (Norman)

92. Nort (Norton)

93. Oli, Ollie, Olly (Oliver)

94. Orv (Orville)

95. Ozzie, Ozzy (Oswald)

96. Paddy, Pat (Patrick)

97. Paulie (Paul)

98. Pete (Peter)

99. Phil (Philip)

100. Quinn (Quentin)

101. Rafe (Raphael)

102. Reg, Reggie (Reginald)

103. Richie (Richard)

104. Robbie, Bob, Bobby (Robert)

105. Ron (Ronald)

106. Sam, Sammie, Sammy (Samuel, Samson)

107. Shaq (Shaquille)

108. Shelly (Sheldon)

109. Si (Simon)

110. Solly (Solomon)

111. Spence (Spencer)

112. Stacy (Eustace)

113. Stan (Stanley)

114. Steve (Stephen)

115. Stu (Stewart)

116. Taddy (Adam)

117. Terry (Terence)

118. Theo (Theodor)

119. Timmy (Timothy)

120. Tommy (Thomas)

baby boy wearing hat holding dandelion in meadow

121. Trav (Travis)

122. Trev (Trevor)

123. Tuck (Tucker)

124. Ty (Tyler, Tyson)

125. Val (Valentine)

126. Vic, Vick, Vik (Victor)

127. Vinny (Calvin)

128. Waldo (Oswald)

129. Wally (Wallace)

130. Wido (Guy)

131. Willy (William)

132. Win (Baldwin, Winston)

133. Wood (Woodrow)

134. Woody (Woodrow)

135. Xav, Xavi, Zave (Xavier)

136. Zac, Zach (Zachary)

137. Zave (Xavier)

138. Zeke (Zachariah)

Final Words

After going through this list of popular nicknames for boys, please don’t forget to pay attention to your son’s age.

If he is a toddler or a teenager, he might not like being called a cutesy nickname in front of his friends and he’ll prefer something like “champ”.

In that case, you can save your words of affection for when the two of you are alone.

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