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170 Cute And Funny Nicknames For Husband To Make Him Feel Special

170 Cute And Funny Nicknames For Husband To Make Him Feel Special

A husband is many things – your best friend, lover, number one fan, and maybe even the father of your children.

Many couples use nicknames for husband and wife to express their feelings and be playful.

They range from some really cute nicknames used as terms of endearment when it’s time to cuddle, to some really silly and funny nicknames that can get quite imaginative depending on the situation.

Some can even sound mean, but most of the time these ‘mean’ nicknames are just there to tease and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Whatever the case, nicknames are primarily used to express our love and affection toward the person we love, which is why it’s no surprise that so many different variations exist, as you’ll see in a moment.

Seeing as there’s such a large number of them, I figured it’d be best to categorize them based on whether they sound funny, romantic, cute, or silly, etc. That way you’ll have an easier time finding a new, cheeky little nickname for your hubby!

With that in mind, I’ve gone through the trouble of searching through the deepest recesses of the internet to find some of the best nicknames for your husband out there, so read on to find out what they are and choose one for yourself!

Nicknames For Husband

Most popular nicknames for husbands

The lovely couple spends time together smiling

To start us off, I’ve selected the ones here as the best of the best – the most popular nicknames used for husbands worldwide.

It’s a mixed bag of nicknames that cover multiple bases, and are likely to appeal to most couples.

The others are popular too, but the ones here just manage to reach that ‘perfect nickname’ tier:

1. Bubba – for the Big Bubba in your life that completes you

2. Jellybean – when he’s just as sweet as a packet of jellybeans

3. Heart throb – whether it’s his personality, looks, or both, something about him makes your heart ache

4. Amore mio – for the savvy Italian hubbies who know how to make a mean pizza or pasta

5. Boo bear – when he’s your cutest bear

6. Prince Charming – for your knight in shining armor who swept you off your feet

7. Papi – a Spanish version of calling your husband the best father your kids could ask for

8. Honey bun – when he’s just as sweet and warm as a freshly baked bun

9. Papa bear – for the big, strong man in your life who still has a caring side underneath

10. Romeo – for the hopeless romantic who makes sure your love life is always exciting

11. Stud muffin – for the buff guy with a great bod who happens to be your husband

12. Panda – much like papa bear, it’s for the caring men who defend their young ferociously

13. Mi amor – a Spanish spin of Amore mio for the spicy romantic in your life

14. Cupcake – for the sweet man with a beautiful exterior and a heart of gold

15. Better half – the default nickname for married couples, though your hubby can have it too

16. Munchkin – when your husband is more adorable and loving than rugged

17. Big guy – a simple and effective nickname for that tall, lovable giant of yours

18. Lovey-dovey – when you want to get really cutesy with your darling husband

19. Honey bunch – for husbands that are as sweet as honey

20. Hot stuff – for marriage partners whose looks are one of their strong suits

21. Nugget – for that precious golden nugget in your life that you would never part with

22. Casanova – for the charmer that always finds a way to sweep you off your feet

23. Mr. Good looking – when your husband knows how to dress sharp and has looks that kill

24. Pookie-Wookie – A string of random baby talk that’s commonly used as a cute nickname

25. Soulmate – for destined partners where all the pieces simply clicked into place

26. Hunk – when you have a partner who takes good care of his physical health and looks

27. Cutie pie – another cutesy nickname used more in private settings than public

28. Darling – a pretty standard nickname used as a term of endearment for your husband

29. Honey bunny – a cheesy, but rather romantic nickname for your sweet and soft hubby

30. Hot chocolate – for the husband who is both hot and delicious

31. Snuggle bear – when your marriage partner is known to be amazing for cuddles

32. Lover boy – for the man who never fails to show his love for you, no matter where you are

33. My love – another default nickname frequently used in literature or in private settings

34. Heart breaker – for the hubby that makes other girls jealous for only having eyes for you

35. Bae – a more modern nickname that’s short for ‘babe’ and works both ways

36. My world – on the same tier as my love, this slightly cheesy nickname is for the romantics

37. Teddy bear – for the soft and gentle man full of love who wouldn’t dare even hurt a fly

38. Sweet Thang – a slang nickname for the sweet thang in your life who you love waking up next to

39. Love bug – for the man whose gestures of affection make you feel tingly all over

40. Snookums – a cute nickname best used inside the house as it’s too cute for this world

41. Pooh bear – for your soft and cuddly Pooh bear who might have a thing for honey

Romantic nicknames for husband

young couple cuddling at home

Pet names are most frequently used when you want to be affectionate toward your significant other and show him your love.

This is why there’s so much variety when it comes to romantic nicknames, as pet names in general are used primarily as terms of endearment and can come in many forms, even in different languages like French, Italian, or Spanish.

Here are some of my favorite romantic nicknames:

1. My Knight

2. Cuddly Bear

3. My Drug

4. Dimples

5. Superman

6. Other Half

7. Hottie

8. Tarzan

9. Love Muffin

10. Boo

11. Captain of Love

12. Man of My Life

13. Mr. Killer Looks

14. My Only One

15. Dream Guy

16. Ken

17. Mr. Handsome

18. Alma Gemela (Spanish for “soul mate”)

19. Prince

20. Beast

21. Extra Hot

22. My Everything

23. My Valentine

24. My Hero

25. Sugar Lips

26. My Sunshine

27. Alpha

28. My True Love

29. Key to My Heart

30. All Mine

31. Lover

Cute and sweet nicknames for husband

Loving couple hug each other on the bed

Affectionate nicknames don’t have to be reserved strictly for when you’re trying to be romantic, you can use cute names for your man anytime you like.

Something playful and cheeky, like playground nicknames from when you were kids.

There’s nothing odd about that, in fact it’s a sign of a healthy relationship, as your desire to celebrate the wonderful person you said ‘I do’ to, the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, for better or worse.

With that in mind, believe me when I say that a few cutesy nicknames won’t really end up bothering him, just try to keep them in moderation and only use them in the proper social circles, as your husband may like keeping names like these private.

Here are some good examples of cute and sweet nicknames:

1. Amigo

2. My Rock

3. Beloved

4. Mr. Perfect

5. Smiley

6. Gummy Bear

7. Bunny

8. My Sweet Man

9. Babylicious

10. Mr. Right

11. Funny Hunny

12. Cowboy

13. Master of my Universe

14. My Smilemaker

15. Rockstar

16. HunBun

17. Favorite Man

18. Sugar Puff

19. Numnums

20. Marshmallow

21. Sweetheart

22. Sweetie

23. Sugar

24. Mr. (the first letter of his name)

25. Hercules

26. Pancakes

27. Sparky

28. Wild Tiger

29. Sweetie

30. Mr. Attractive

31. Studly

32. Sweet Cheeks

33. Biryani Monster

34. Treasure

35. Diamond

36. Momo

37. God’s Gift

38. My Angel

39. Winnie

40. Giggles

41. Hunky

42. Sweet-tooth

43. Pumpkin

44. My Kind

45. Champ

46. Moonpie

47. Honeypot

48. My Dear

49. Tough Guy

50. Macho Man

51. Baby Love

52. Honey Badger

53. Naughty Monster

54. Mister Cutie

55. Curly Locks

56. Cotton Candy

57. Apple

58. Bumblebee

59. Honey

Silly and funny nicknames for husbands

Smiling couple in love outdoors

Funny moments and memories are a great source of nicknames. They’re perfect in any moment where you and your significant other are joking around or simply feeling playful in a more jovial way.

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They can be really entertaining as you both get to tease each other, only up to the point where it’s still considered cute, of course.

You don’t want to accidentally end up offending one another with something only meant for laughs, it certainly won’t do the relationship any good if you do.

This is why you should be a bit careful in regard to nicknames.

With all that out of the way, here are some of the best and funniest nickname options for all the husbands out there:

1. Slick

2. Hoover

3. Caveman

4. Boss Man

5. Wolverine

6. Partysaurus

7. Bromancer

8. Book Worm

9. Friday Night

10. Foodie

11. Buddha

12. Genie

13. Couch Potato

14. Popeye

15. Owl

16. Speedy Joe

17. Clockwork

18. Master Chef

19. Husbando

20. Baloo

21. Daredevil

22. Monkey Man

23. Gizmo

24. Bingo

25. Snoring Lion

26. Einstein

27. Chubs

28. Movie Buff

29. Tinman

30. Goofy

31. Iceman

32. Special Agent

33. Bandit

34. King of Lazy Land

35. Mr. Bean

36. Sir Crankster

37. Mr. Turtle

38. Spock

39. Encyclopedia

How To Find The Perfect Nickname For Your Husband

Couple in love holding hands

That was a long list of nicknames! But it’s only right considering just how creative we can get when it comes to giving pet names to our significant others.

However, even with as many options as there are here, I know that a lot of you simply don’t feel that same energy coming from them as you would have if you came up with them yourselves.

There needs to be some sort of event, some sort of feeling that comes with the nickname, which triggers it and makes it feel genuine and fitting.

It doesn’t matter how perfect or elegant a nickname is, if the spark isn’t there then it’s as good as the worst option.

That said, you needn’t worry because I’m here to help with a few simple guidelines for how to come up with a nickname that both you and your husband are going to like.

Most of them you likely already know, but it’s worth brushing up on the basics every now and again.

With that in mind, here are my 6 rules for finding some fantastic, cute, and cool nicknames for your husband.

1. Always think of your husband first

When it comes to nicknames, it’s always wise to try placing yourself in the person’s shoes. How would you feel if you were given that nickname? Would you like it or hate it?

Do you think it’s something that’s easy to pronounce and relatable?

If the answer to all of those is positive then you’ve likely got a new classic on your hands, at least one that both you and your hubby are going to enjoy.

However, if you think that it might slight him in any way, shape, or form, it might be a bit too much. In this case it’s better to scrap the nickname altogether and start fresh as there’s no point in sticking with something that doesn’t work.

Try not to go for names that are too degrading either. This is especially true for funny nicknames as they tend to be the ones most often treading the line between silly and mean.

If you really must, then leave it for household use only, and never in front of friends that might make fun of him for it.

2. Shorten his first name

Beautiful couple in love on a date outdoor

Some of the best nicknames are derived from the person’s first name. I don’t know your husband or his name, so I’ll leave this part up to you!

If you need inspiration, you can look up specific nicknames for his name. Chances are you’ll find an option or two you like, especially if his name is long.

You can also find words that rhyme with his name and create a fun combo.

3. Find something that defines him

When considering a nickname for your man, it always pays to take what you know about your loving partner and refer to his biggest strengths to forge a nickname he’d love.

Alternatively, you can think of a specific gesture that he has made during your many years together.

Maybe it was his charm and sweet words that ended up closing the deal, in which case he can be considered a modern Casanova.

​Maybe it was all of the various ways he continues surprising you through romantic gestures that nurture the spark that lit up between you, and hasn’t stopped burning ever since.

Or maybe it was the fact he’s always there for you and your kids to serve as a rock, something sturdy you can rely on that you know won’t crumble easily.

Believe me when I say these are only a few of the options you could draw inspiration from in regard to your husband’s defining traits.

I’m sure he’s a versatile man with many skills and charming quirks that made you marry him in the first place. Just try thinking of them and you should find a new source of potential nicknames to choose from that might relate to a specific trait of his.

If even this has you struggling, you can always revisit the locations you have visited for your dates, be it restaurants, parks, or even other cities, countries, or continents.

You might also want to consider your husband’s favorite movies, TV shows, or fictional characters. Think along the lines of James Bond and other cool references he might like.

Honestly, there’s no actual limit, so sit down and be patient, something will come to your mind eventually.

4. English isn’t the only language

Couple sitting On The Sofa at home

As evidenced by some of the examples above like ‘Mi amor’ and ‘Amore mio’, going for nicknames in other languages can be a good avenue to find something that you both might like.

Just try putting a list of nicknames through a translator.

Who knows, you may end up liking the version in the other language more, to the point where it may push it from great nickname to perfect nickname status.

It also helps keep the nickname relatively unique, allowing you to stand out among the crowd.

5. What’s funny to you may not be funny to him

While a temporary topical nickname can be fun when it comes to a silly gaffe that may have happened during a party once, if it seems like it troubles your hubby, you should discard it.

Believe me when I say that your husband’s comfort is worth a lot more than the few laughs the nickname itself might get.

You don’t really want to bring any negativity into the household after all. Some names can be fun, but if overdone tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth, so nipping them in the bud early will help everyone out.

In that regard, you should always make sure the nickname you’re giving him is more silly than anything, that way it can be received positively rather than be considered an underhanded jab.

6. Nicknames aren’t a necessity

Romantic couple on a winter holiday

If you’re still having a hard time figuring out a nickname for your husband, it’s best not to try and force it.

While the process of thinking one up can be really entertaining, if you’re finding a lack of inspiration you likely won’t find anything that’s going to be acceptable, so leave the brain strain for another day and continue with business as usual in the meantime.

Besides, most nicknames tend to be left in the dirt and forgotten, so there’s no point in adding a weak one that neither you nor your husband like, but want to push just for the sake of it.

If you force it too much from either side, one, if not both of you, is going to feel bad about it later when it becomes a source of arguments, instead of the silly little thing that you and your significant other share it’s supposed to be.

When all else fails, the best thing you can do is get your husband’s initials from his first and middle names and use them as a placeholder nickname until you can think of something better.

In Conclusion

Young couple in love outdoor

Nicknames for a husband, while a bit more limiting than when trying to think of ones for a baby boy or girl, can be just as fun, if not more because you have a whole new avenue to go down; the romantic one.

However, do be mindful that even these names have their limits. While they may be different from those that apply to your kids, limits still do exist and there are certain thresholds that shouldn’t be crossed in order for your darling husband to not feel offended.

Be mindful of his limits, respect them and work around them. Pair that up with a little bit of ingenuity and you’ll have a new nickname for him in no time at all.

However, if you still can’t figure one out, it’s no sin to leave that slot empty. You’ll find one eventually when inspiration strikes.

Nothing beautiful is ever worth forcing after all.

Until next time!

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