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119 Best Nicknames For Olivia That Work Wonderfully

119 Best Nicknames For Olivia That Work Wonderfully

There are so many beautiful names to choose from for our kids and the name Olivia is one such name, but what about nicknames for Olivia or even middle names?

How hard are those to come by?

Well, surprisingly enough, figuring out which nicknames for Olivia work isn’t too hard once you know what you’re doing.

It’s a very popular name which means that many people have already come up with nicknames for it.

Plus, it’s a 4-syllable word, giving you plenty of material to play with.

Since your little girl will probably have a middle name as well, feel free to add it to the mix.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you there as I don’t know the exact name combo but I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

Nicknames are fun and I know that no parent can resist giving their baby girl a cute nickname or middle name to go alongside their already existing name.

But naming your child is a big responsibility as well.

You’re basically creating your baby’s identity and determining how she will be perceived in the world.

After all, names and nicknames are often used as methods of bullying at school and there’s also a chance she could feel insecure about her name even as an adult.

While the names that we come up with might sound neat to us, if they’re a bit too out there, they might be considered weird by other people.

The desire to stay unique is not unreasonable, but sometimes keeping it simple is best and I aim to prove that in this article.

Read on to find some of the best middle names and nicknames to go with your daughter’s name as well as the origin of the baby girl name, Olivia.

Olivia – Name Meaning And Origin

little girl hugging her toy on the floor

The name Olivia comes from Latin. It’s a derivation of the Latin word Oliva translating to an ‘Olive tree’.

This name, and its masculine counterpart Oliver, are two of the most popular baby names on many baby name lists worldwide.

Not only does it roll off the tongue really well, but the symbolism of peace through the whole idea of the olive branch also gives it some extra points on the popularity polls.

One of its biggest peaks was in England during the 13th century.

The reason for that can be attributed to Sir William Shakespeare and his work, Twelfth Night that had a main character by the name of Olivia.

After that, it fell to the wayside up until the late 90s after which it stayed relevant all the way up until now.

It was even #1 on some American baby name lists for a while a few years ago.

Because of its symbolic meaning, it’s best attributed to peaceful babies or a daughter that you wholeheartedly believe will have a knack for resolving any sort of conflict and keeping good friends.

That said, just because it’s already perfect as it is, doesn’t mean that you can’t make a silly little nickname out of it that’s still appropriate or even add a middle name to further increase its radiant beauty.

Most Popular Nicknames For Olivia

adorable little girl posing

Whether you’re a fan of these or not, these are some of the best ones out there:

1. Liv

2. Ollie

3. Livy

4. Libby

5. Alivia

6. Oli

7. Olyvia

8. Liv-ee

9. Viva

10. Vivi

11. Livi

Unique Nicknames For Olivia

beautiful little girl looking at camera in art school

If you’re looking for something slightly quirkier and a bit out there, then some of these might do the trick, though do be careful to not make it too odd as it’ll just end up being detrimental to your child.

They’re great for home use though.

1. Little Lil

2. Nollie

3. Livvy Lou

4. Ova

5. Oliwa

6. Alivvea

7. Olivia Twist

8. Livers

9. Oie

10. Busy Vee

11. Lolly

12. Olivea

13. Love

14. Lovie

15. O’

16. Lili

Short Nicknames For Olivia

Sweet little girl outdoors with curly hair in the wind

The best and fundamental part of a nickname is to make it short and sweet so it’s more appropriate for a little girl.

These next few perfectly encapsulate that idea:

1. Lee

2. Via

3. Leah

4. Oly

5. Lou

6. V

7. Vi

Plant Nicknames For Olivia

Maybe you’re looking to lean more into that plant element of the name than any of its other aspects.

That’s a perfectly viable strategy – here are some good examples:

1. Lily

2. Olive

3. Ottie

Silly Nickname Options For Olivia

sweet little girl with blue eyes looking up

This list is somewhat of a mixed bag. Some of these nicknames should definitely be kept between friends and family. Pick at your own risk!

1. Viva lol

2. Olivina

3. Olle

4. Oli Coco

5. Ollie Boo Bear

6. Livy-Lamb

7. Roly-Oly-Poly

8. Oliva

9. Livster

10. Ollie Boo

11. Loly

12. Miss O

13. Olivera

14. Oliviola

15. Olivia Queen

16. Extra virgin olive oil

17. Ollie Pollie

18. Olivia Ice

19. Little O

20. Sunny-Olly

cute little girl hugging teddy bear on the bed

21. Besty

22. Oliv

23. Lallapalooza

24. Lyvia

25. Gullivia

26. Lizzo

27. Olive Garden

28. Olivia Chan

29. Princess Olivia

30. Olipops

31. Mrs. Cromwell

32. Obnoxious Ozzy

33. Olivia Muffins

34. Li Li

35. Liv-Loo

36. Olivia de Bolivia

37. Livvy Divvy Doo Daa

38. Olli

39. Livee

40. Olive oil

adorable little girl sitting on grass with bunny rabbit

41. Oliviosa

42. Oliwia

43. Ollie Baby

44. Vee

45. Olive branch

46. Livv

47. Flavia

48. Ollie Vera

49. Livi Lou

50. Livvi

51. Ollie Rockstar

52. Lula

53. Lola

54. Livipop

55. Olivette

56. Princess Livy

57. Oblivia

58. Big O

59. Ollie Hun

60. Fluffy Olive tree

sweet little girl with flowers on her head sitting in meadow

61. Olli-Pop

62. Ollie Love

63. Jolivia

64. Liv Liv

65. Livity

66. Live

67. Little Lil

68. Oliviyah

69. Livia

70. Lu Lu

71. Livvy McBivvy

72. Oblivious Olivia

73. Olivia Oggy

74. Libster

75. Ova

76. O’Live

77. Liva

78. Livsie

79. Nollie

80. Olivianne

81. Oli-Via

82. Livie Doodle

Middle Names For Olivia

surprised little girl holding colorful balloons

Now that we have the nicknames down, it’s time to discuss middle names!

For this, you can opt for any popular English name like Nicole but you can also seek inspiration in foreign names.

Here are some of the most popular options:

1. Anne

2. Beth

3. Bryn

4. Cassidy

5. Cate

6. Catherine

7. Christine

8. Claire

9. Delaney

10. Eden

11. Elizabeth

12. Emily

13. Erin

14. Eve

15. Faith

16. Faye

17. Frances

18. Grace

19. Haley

20. Harper

21. Helen

22. Irene

23. Isabelle

24. Jacqueline

25. Jade

little girl reading a book and hugging teddy bear at home

26. Jane

27. Jasmine

28. Jean

29. Jen

30. Joyce

31. June

32. Kate

33. Sophia

34. Kayla

35. Kirsten

36. Kristie

37. Laine

38. Laura

39. Lee

40. Louise

41. Mackenzie

42. Mae

43. Marie

44. Nicole

45. Noelle

46. Paige

47. Reese

48. Rose

49. Sue

50. Amelia

How To Come Up With Middle Names And Nicknames On Your Own

cute little girl lying in the garden and looking at a wild flower

I know that even with this sizable list of names many of you might not find what you’re looking for, that’s why I want to mention some guidelines you should consider when coming up with one on your own.

Try following one of these 4 ideas so you can come up with a name that fits Olivia on your own.

1. Family names win every time

As far as middle names are concerned, you can’t go wrong with digging up the old family tree and looking up notable members of your family.

There’s nothing better than wearing the history of your ‘clan’ and displaying it proudly, keeping up with tradition, especially if the name is unisex and can be donned by your child regardless of gender.

The best part is that you can even tell your child all about the history of his or her middle or nickname and I’m sure they’ll love the honor that comes with a name that has heritage!

Who knows, they might even see it as a kind of guide and inspiration for who they’ll aspire to be, to make their ancestors proud.

And this isn’t just exclusive to Olivia – this can be done with all girl and boy names.

2. Use multiple names

beautiful little girl smiling and looking at camera

If you’re not satisfied with just one name to serve as a nickname or middle name, you can always add multiple.

This is common in Hispanic cultures where very often several family names are honored.

Plus, your child is bound to earn their fair share of extra nicknames with his friends at school.

And, as with any other name, make sure to not go overboard because remembering many different names and nicknames is going to become more trouble than it’s worth.

3. Go back to old favorites

Before you found out you were pregnant, I bet you already had a list of the best baby names that you could find.

Once you had finally decided on Olivia, you may have felt a bit sad that you didn’t get to use the other ones.

Well, you don’t have to be, because you can use the runner-ups as middle names, not necessarily nicknames though unless they’re either pronounced in a similar manner or rhyme in a cute way.

4. Memorable locations

happy baby girl playing with toys on the floor

Finally, if you’re strapped for ideas, you can always turn to the globe.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of place names all over the world that may just strike a note of inspiration.

Bonus points if you can find one that holds a special place in your heart, further emphasizing that idea of honor and protecting the memory of significant events.

Once again, you can be a little bit silly here too, e.g. Olivia Bolivia, though I recommend that one stays for family-use only.

Famous People Named Olivia

beautiful famous actress posing to the camera

There are a couple of celebrities who carry this name with pride too, people who your child may end up resonating with and maybe following in their footsteps, who knows.

They are:

• Olivia Newton-John – An Australian singer with 4 Grammy awards under her belt. Maybe your little girl turns out to have a similar vocal talent too.

• Olivia Benson – A fictional character from the TV series “Law & Order” played by Mariska Hargitay. The character is a woman of many talents, namely keen insight, great intuition, and a no-nonsense attitude, always getting the job done right.

• Olivia Wilde – A famous American actress whose most famous role was in the TV series “House” where she played Remy Hadley.

• Olivia Munn – An American actress that has been on the rise in the last decade, playing in a number of successful movies like Iron Man 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse.

• Olivia (the Pig) – The main character of the titular book series written by Ian Falconer.

In Conclusion

smiling baby girl wearing a dress and hat

Figuring names out just takes a lot of practice and nicknames for Olivia are no different.

Ultimately, as parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our little one doesn’t end up with a name or nickname that is so unusual, silly or complex that it ends up embarrassing them and causing grief.

It might not seem like a big deal, but nicknames are often a major source of bullying in school so making them sound normal is very important.

Even though a name can be changed through social security administration, it can be a lengthy process and who wants to go through that?

Most importantly, it has to be a name that suits your baby girl, as with all boy and girl nicknames as well as middle names.

After all, you ended up giving your child a name as angelic as Olivia, so there’s no way you won’t find a fitting nickname of equal beauty!

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