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120 Beautiful And Unique Middle Names For Oliver

120 Beautiful And Unique Middle Names For Oliver

Trying to find good middle names for Oliver can be tough, especially because it’s one of the top baby names right now.

Is it even possible to follow up on such a great first name?

This conundrum is why I’ve prepared a selection of 120 beautiful middle names for Oliver, so you have plenty of options to choose from and can come up with a shortlist of your favorites.

In case you didn’t know, Oliver is currently in the top 5 baby names for boys in the US, but it’s also common in many English and non-English speaking countries, giving it an international appeal.

Whether you prefer shorter or longer names, I’ve got you covered, so read on to find the best middle names for Oliver!

Oliver – Name Meaning And Origin

happy toddler having a bath in bathtube

When people hear the name Oliver, they often think of the olive tree, and while its Latin meaning is “olive tree planter”, from the word “olivarius”, this name has other meanings too.

From old Norse, it translates to: “kind” but the French version of the name means “peace”.

When it comes to popularity, there’s no doubt this name is at the top of many baby name lists, including the US Social Security list, where it ranks number three.

Fun fact – it’s preceded by Noah and followed by the name Elijah, so perhaps one of these could be the perfect middle name for your little Ollie?

Although this doesn’t make it the most unique name out there, it has a lot of charm that many parents respond to.

Plus, this name is a classic that’s popular all over the world, so your kid won’t get any weird looks when he introduces himself.

The feminine version of Oliver is the name Olivia, which is currently the most popular name for girls in the US, followed by Emma and Ava.

Interestingly enough, the name Ollie is given to both boys and girls, although it’s a nickname derived from Oliver.

Depending on your family name, you might be drawn to shorter or longer names for the second spot.

No need to worry, though, as I’ve prepared such a big selection for you that you’ll be spoiled for choice!

One-Syllable Middle Names For Oliver

Cute laughing baby standing in bed after nap time

Everyone loves a short middle name. It makes the full name sound better when said out loud, without turning it into a mouthful.

Most short names are either three-letter or four-letter names.

You might want to pay attention to the number of syllables as well, as one-syllable names are especially favored among parents.

If you are in this category, you’ll love these baby name ideas:

1. Axel

2. Blake

3. Chad

4. Charles

5. Chase

6. Cole

7. Curt

8. Dean

9. Finn

10. Grant

11. Hugh

12. Jack

13. Jay

14. Jude

15. Kent

cute kid dressed like a cowboy standing outdoor

16. Kyle

17. Leo

18. Mark

19. Max

20. Moss

21. Paul

22. Quinn

23. Reed

24. Reid

25. Ross

26. Sean

27. Seth

28. Shea

29. Tad

30. Tyson

31. Zack

32. Zane

Best Middle Name Ideas For Oliver

cute little boy blowing the dandelion in the field

I love Oliver as a first name, especially in combinations like Oliver James, Oliver Matthew, or Oliver Henry.

It’s three syllables long, so it fits well with both short and long names, giving you plenty of options.

Here are some of my favorite names for the middle spot:

1. Adrian

2. Ambrose

3. Andrew

4. Austin

5. Bennett

6. Brady

7. Callum

8. Carson

9. Connor

10. Corey

11. Cormac

12. Curtis

13. Damien

14. Daniel

15. Darcy

16. Declan

17. Dylan

18. Edmund

19. Edward

20. Edison

cute baby boy standing outdoor and biting his finger

21. Elliot

22. Ethan

23. Felix

24. Finlay

25. Finton

26. Francis

27. Franklin

28. Gavin

29. George

30. Hamish

31. Henry

32. Holden

33. Isaac

34. Jackson

35. James

36. Jason

37. Jasper

38. Josiah

39. Julian

40. Julius

cute baby sleeping on bed in white sheets with hands up

41. Lachlan

42. Liam

43. Logan

44. Louis

45. Lowell

46. Lucas

47. Marcel

48. Marcus

49. Mason

50. Matthew

51. Michael

52. Mitchell

53. Nathan

54. Newel

55. Noah

56. Nolan

57. Owen

58. Patrick

59. Phillip

60. Quentin

cute baby boy with curly hair smiling

61. Robert

62. Rory

63. Russell

64. Ryan

65. Samuel

66. Seamus

67. Stephen

68. Tate

69. Thomas

70. Timothy

71. Tobias

72. Trevor

73. Troy

74. Vincent

75. William

76. Wyatt

Long Middle Names For Oliver

cute little boy with pacifier in mouth standing in the crib

While shorter names like James and Max are great, not all good middle names have to be short, and this list of longer names is proof of that!

I chose rather traditional and conventional names as opposed to trendy ones here, because the name Oliver is classic as well, and you probably don’t want the names to clash.

1. Atticus

2. Benedict

3. Benjamin

4. Christopher

5. Emerson

6. Frederick

7. Gabriel

8. Jefferson

9. Nathaniel

10. Nicholas

11. Raphael

12. Sebastian

Nicknames For Oliver

cute baby boy with winter hat sleeping on the blue blanket

Compared to names like Jordan, Oliver doesn’t have that many nicknames.

Still, there are a couple of cute options out there.

You can also combine the middle and the first name into a fun nickname.

• Olley

• Levy

• Olls

• Olive

• Ollie

• Olly

Sibling Name Ideas For Oliver

Cute little boy share ice cream with his sister

A little boy named Oliver sounds absolutely adorable, but what about his little sibling?

Don’t worry, picking out a sibling name isn’t that hard because the older child’s name can serve as guidance.

Whether you go for a unisex name or a typically feminine or masculine name, I know you’ll make the right choice.

Here are some of my favorite name ideas for the younger sibling:

Baby girl names:

• Ruby

• Claire



• Eleanor

• Ella

• Amy

• Olivia

• Katie

• Isabella


• Anna


• Ellie

• Georgia

• Mary

• Alice

• Isabelle

• Lily

• Rebecca

Baby boy names:

cute baby boy smiling in the crib

• Daniel

• Isaac

• Thomas

• Aaron

• Charlie

• Alexander

• Harry

• Joshua

• Samuel


• George

• Theodore


• James

• Jacob

• Jonathan

• Jack

• Callum

• Benjamin

• Lewis

The Name Oliver In Other Languages

cute smiling boy running in the field

This is a very popular name, so you can find other versions in many different languages all over the world.

Aside from some minor spelling variations, the name largely stays the same.

• Olívio – Portuguese

• Olivier – French

• Oliviero – Italian

• Oliwer – Polish

• Oilvreis – Scottish Gaelic

• Oilibhéar – Irish

Famous People Named Olivergoalkeeper holding a football ball on the match

• Oliver Twist – The main character in Charles Dickens’ classic novel of the same name.

This hugely popular book is one of the reasons so many kids were named Oliver in the 19th century.

• Oliver Phelps – A British actor who starred in the Harry Potter movies as George, one of Ron Weasley’s brothers.

• Oliver Hudson – An American actor who starred in the TV shows Rules of Engagement and Scream Queens.

• Oliver Kahn – If you’re a hardcore soccer fan, you’ll recognize this name as one of Germany’s best goalkeepers. He retired in 2008.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the top baby names in the US, so you’ve done well choosing Oliver for your baby boy.

It’s a timeless name with a rich history and it’s international – everything you could ask for in a name!

A lot of parents get stuck on the middle name, torn between several options that all sound good.

In situations like this, I recommend polling your friends and family members to see which option is the most popular.

Alternatively, you can choose a name that is related to your family or tradition in some way.

Perhaps you have a beloved grandfather or uncle whose name can serve as an inspiration, and I’m sure they’d feel really honored.

I hope you enjoyed this list of 120 middle names for Oliver and that you’ve found at least one option you like!

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