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84 Beautiful Nicknames For Nicole That Are Cute And Fun

84 Beautiful Nicknames For Nicole That Are Cute And Fun

When it comes to baby names, Nicole is always a lovely choice, especially as there are so many wonderful nicknames for Nicole.

Similarly to a lot of other classic girls’ names, Nicole has plenty of nicknames to choose from, ranging from short and sweet to creative and funny.

Many nicknames for Nicole are derived from versions of the name that are popular in other countries, like Nika or Colette.

That shouldn’t stop you from getting creative and coming up with some of your own, though!

The name Nikole, and it’s other spelling variations, have been around for centuries.

It first became popular in the Middle Ages and has since spread all over the world, becoming one of the most popular female names.

It has a powerful meaning, “victory of the people”, and is shared by many famous women.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your daughter being the target of teasing at school or that she’ll feel insecure about her name. It’s a win-win!

So, without further ado, let’s get into all of these fun nicknames for your little Nikki!

Nicole – Name Meaning And Origin

adorable little girl sitting in a meadow and smiling a lot

The name Nicole, sometimes spelled: Nikole, is a beloved name for baby girls all over the world.

Its origins can be traced back to French and Greek, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a French female name.

But what does the name Nicole mean?

The name translates to “victory of the people” as the first part of the name means “victory” and the second part means “people”. A pretty powerful baby name, don’t you think?

The male version of this name is Nicholas (best known for St. Nicholas).

As for its popularity, there’s no denying it’s a very common name.

Although it first rose to prominence in the Middle Ages, this name was at its most popular in the 1970s and then rose in popularity again in the year 2000.

Despite the fact it’s not as popular today as it was 20 years ago, Nicole is still high on the baby name charts and you can’t go wrong with this choice.

However, parents who are looking for unique names for girls will probably skip Nicole as it’s a little too common to be considered rare.

However, if you’re looking for an elegant female name that will stand the test of time, you have a winner in Nikole – or however you decide to spell it!

Short And Cute Nicknames For Nicole

adorable smiling little girl standing in the sunflower field and posing

Some of the best girls’ nicknames are short and sweet, and that’s definitely the case with these nicknames for Nicole I’m sure you’ll love!

This name has two syllables, so you’ll probably want to opt for a one-syllable nickname that’s quick to pronounce.

This list has both one and two-syllable options for you to consider.


1. Niko

2. Nini

3. Nika

4. Nikks

5. CoCo

6. Cole

7. Lolita

8. Nikki

9. Kiki

10. NaNa

11. Nicki

12. Nic

13. Ni-Mono

14. Co-lita

15. Nizzy

16. Nikita

17. Lulu

18. Lina

19. Nikki-G

20. Nix

beautiful red haired little girl posing outdoors

21. Nicci

22. Colie

23. Noel

24. Nana

25. Nico

26. Lilo

27. Coco

28. Nica

29. Naiki

30. Nikoll

31. Niki

32. Chloe

33. Nickie

34. Nikky

35. Coley

36. Nate

37. Nixter

38. Nikol

39. Nani

40. Nike

Creative Nicknames For Nicole

beautiful little girl with blond hair and blond eyes looking up

When it comes to creative nicknames for Nicole, there’s no shortage of fun options!

This name isn’t too short for nicknames, so people have been able to think of all sorts of monikers for it.

Some of the best nicknames aren’t even tied to the person’s name, though, but rather to their personality or appearance, so I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with other great nicknames as your baby girl gets older.

Until then, feel free to borrow as many nicknames as you wish from my list!

1. Nicola

2. Coli Bear

3. Nicolina

4. Coley-Cozy

5. Cocolicko

6. Nicky Mouse

7. Nico-late

8. Nicollet

9. Nikolai

10. Nee-Kola

11. Nicocole

12. Nicologne

13. Nicol

14. Zinger

sweet little girl sitting on the bed and hugging a teddy bear

15. Niki Triki

16. Nicholl

17. Nikoala

18. Colina

19. Nicoletta

20. Snickers

21. Nicolsita

22. Nikki Bella

23. Nickle Pickle

24. ColeNik

25. Tricky nikki

26. Nicolette

27. Nicolita

28. Nikoletta

29. Co-Lita

cute little girl smelling the roses in the garden

30. Nicki Minaj

31. Nicoury

32. Nicolo

33. Cocole

34. Nickye

35. Nichiis

36. Nicolex

37. Snooky

38. Nickolaza

39. Nik Naks

40. Nichole

41. Nic-nac

42. Nicanora

43. Nicolini

44. Nikolaos

The Name Nicole In Other Languages

sweet little girl wearing a crown and a princess dress and smiling

The history of this name can be traced back to the Middle Ages, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find variations in different languages and countries all over the world.

Here are a few examples of them:

• Nicolette/Colette – Both are French versions of this name which have a really feminine ring to them.

• Nika – You’ll find women named Nika in Russia and other eastern European countries. The male version is Niko.

• Nicolina – Another adorable variation, this time from Greek. I recommend this option to the parents who feel like Nikole is a bit too generic for their little girl.

• Nicola – This is the Italian version of Nicole. The difference is small, but still significant enough to draw attention.

Middle Names For Nicole

cute little girl holding a paint brush and sitting by the table

A middle name is just as important as a first name, which is why so many parents spend hours going through middle name lists to find one that’ll work with their baby’s given name.

​Here are some popular names that can work well as a middle name for Nicole:

• Michelle

• Natalie

• Olivia

• Monique

• Sasha

• Emma

• Christine

• Cassandra

• Danielle

• Sarah

Sibling Names For Nicole

cute little girl in pajama sitting in her bed and smiling

If you’re planning on expanding your family, you might want to think about choosing a name for your new little boy or girl that pairs well with Nicole.

As far as boy names go, classic options like David and Matthew are always a great choice as they go well with this elegant girl’s name.

They are also two-syllable names, which means they’ll make a very melodic combination.

The same goes for female names.

You’ll want to opt for a name that’s not too rare or exotic (you don’t want one sibling to be jealous of the other’s name!) and isn’t longer than three syllables, like the name Amanda or Daniel.

Of course, these are just my suggestions, you’re free to come up with your own rules!

Here are some great sibling name suggestions:

For boys

• Jason

• Justin

• Anthony

• Christopher

• Matthew

• David

• Michael

• Daniel

• James

• Andrew

• Ryan

• Nathan

For girls

Cute little girl playing in blossoming dahlia field

• Michelle

• Natalie

• Jennifer

• Jessica

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• Lauren

• Ashley

• Sarah

• Amanda

• Samantha

• Melissa

• Danielle

• Emily

Famous People Named Nicole

famous actress smiling outdoor on fresh air

Nikole and its variations are some of the most popular girls’ names, so it’s no surprise that there are many famous women who share it.

Here’s a tip – before you decide on your baby’s full name, make sure that there are no famous people with the exact name combination.

That can be pretty embarrassing growing up, especially if the famous person in question is controversial.

Take a look at some of the famous women named Nicole (and other variations) below:

• Nicole Kidman – A hugely famous Australian actress, Nicole Kidman has starred in many movies and TV shows you’ve probably heard of.

She’s best known for her role in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge.

• Nicole Scherzinger – An American singer and songwriter.

• Nicole Richie – Best known as one half of the Simple Life duo with her former BFF Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie is one of the best-known reality TV stars of the early 2000s.

• Nicole Snooki Polizzi – Keeping with the reality TV theme, Snooki (of Jersey Shore fame) is another famous woman with this name.

• Nikki Reed – Nikki Reed is an American actress best known for her appearances in movies like Thirteen and The Twilight Saga.

• Nicky Hilton – The sister of Paris Hilton, who most people know by her nickname, Nicky. Her full name, however, is Nicholai Olivia.

Final Thoughts

adorable little girl raising hands outdoor in the park

Did you get your fill of nicknames for Nicole?

I hope so!

This baby name is just the right length to allow for all sorts of creative nicknames for your little girl, although you’ll probably come up with one that’s totally unique for your daughter.

While parents who like rare and unique names will probably opt for a less-popular moniker, I don’t see anything wrong with naming your baby Nicole.

In fact, there are lots of good sides to having a popular name – you won’t get teased at school, people won’t have to ask you 10 times how to spell it, and it will never go out of style.

A case in point is the fact that the name Nicole has been around for hundreds of years and still isn’t showing any signs of becoming unfashionable.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and feel free to check out my other nickname recommendations below!


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