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150 Best Nicknames For Short Girls That Are Cute And Cool

150 Best Nicknames For Short Girls That Are Cute And Cool

What are some good nicknames for short girls? If you’ve been looking for an answer to this question, you probably have a short friend, family member, or even daughter that you’d like to surprise with her very own nickname.

While coming up with nicknames for short girls, or any other group based on a physical feature, isn’t too hard, it could also potentially be a really touchy subject for some people and cause offense.

However, as most people only give nicknames to the people who are closest to them, I trust that you’ll be able to gauge whether the fun-sized woman in your life will appreciate a nickname that references her height.

In any case, as long as you avoid using any potentially insulting language, you should be good to go. But, what are the best nicknames you can give to short girls without offending them?

Figuring one out might be tough, so read on to find out which of them are the most popular.

150 Best Nicknames For Short Girls

Popular nicknames for girls that are short

little girl with pigtails smiles and looks to the side

It’s always best to start with the most popular names because they are surefire hits within a group of friends and are accepted by almost everyone.

That said, you should still make sure to do a double-take just in case one of them might be taken as an insult.

1. Lil’ cutie

2. Shortcake

3. Shorty

4. Bella

5. Baby girl

6. Butter cup

7. Bun buns

8. Bubbies

9. Firefly

10. Itty bitty

11. Dragonfly

12. Cupcake

13. Foxy

14. Goldie

15. Half pint

16. Firecracker

17. Munchkin

18. Sugar plum

19. Sweet pea

20. Tootsie

21. Starshine

22. Patootie

23. Champ

24. Chipmunk

25. Cheese ball

26. Cutie pie

27. Mini me

28. Shrimpy

29. Low rider

30. Oompa Loompa

31. Ducky

32. Baby face

Cute nicknames for short girls

little girl with pigtails blowing bubbles and laughing

If you’re not the type to consider names based on popularity alone, and just want to go for a few sweet nicknames for your little girl or friend that sound absolutely adorable, this list of nicknames is for you:

1. Cuddle goblin

2. Giggles

3. Black Lotus

4. Peaches

5. Daisy

6. Snuggle Butt

7. Caramel

8. Moonshine

9. Cuddly-Wuddly

10. Copycat

11. Gummy Bear

12. Little Dove

13. Candy

14. Mini-Muffin

15. Chiky

16. Wee Lassie

17. Shrimp

18. Pee Wee

19. Pumpkin

20. Little Lamb

21. Mini

22. Kiddo

23. Little miss

24. Little lady

25. Lil’ angel

26. Teddy

27. Kitty

Funny nicknames for short girls

beautiful girl in park

If you’d rather stick to your comedic strengths and find a unique nickname that’s likely to give you and your best friends a few laughs, then check out this list of funny girl names:

1. Claws

2. Lunar

3. Lil One

4. Sista

5. Freshen

6. Pickle

7. FooFoo

8. Blossom

9. Toots

10. Doll face

11. Issy

12. Pipsqueak

13. Amiga

14. Missy

15. Nemo

16. Popcorn

Nicknames reserved for the best of friends

Two pretty girls taking selfie

When it comes to short people, some nicknames can sound downright offensive when used out of context.

The same goes for giving crazy nicknames to your baby boy or baby girl, as you don’t want your child to grow up with an embarrassing nickname.

However, some nicknames might be okay with your best friends if you know they can take a joke.

Here are a few good examples:

1. Little Red Riding Hood

2. Chibi

3. Lil’ Elf

4. Stumpy

5. Black sheep

6. Knee-high

7. Midge

8. Bite size

9. Lil’ Minnie

10. Tinker Bell

11. Pinkie

12. Punky Brewster

13. Runt

14. Short stack

15. Smurfette

16. Small Bite

17. Tiny temper

18. Lil’ Tyke

19. Hot wheels

20. Armrest

21. Pixie

22. Gremlin

23. Vertically challenged

24. Shirley Temple

25. Squeak

26. Rudy

27. Shortstop

28. Lil’ Gnome

29. Sparky

30. Reese’s Pieces

31. Lil’ Leprechaun

Cool nicknames for short girls

Cute little girl with curly hair smiling

While some nicknames might skirt the edge of offensiveness, these nicknames portray your friend’s size in a cooler way. I’d still only use these with my closest friends though.

Here are some good examples:

1. Spunky

2. Ankle biter

3. Lil “Name”

4. Bubbles

5. Peanut

6. Shorts

7. Jockey

8. Wee Bit

9. Short Stuff

10. Elfie

11. Biggie Smalls

12. Landai

13. Chickie

14. Thumbelina

15. Powerpuff

16. Shawty

17. Tootie

18. Pez

19. Little ‘Un

20. Baby Doll

21. Squeak

22. Tin-Tin

23. Hotcakes

24. Cuddle Monster

25. Small Bite

26. Anakin Shortwalker

27. Hobbit

28. House Mouse

29. Teeny

30. Danny Devito

31. Micro

32. Vegeta

33. Toddie

34. Chromie

35. Minnie

36. Booster

37. Teddy

38. Choti

39. Small Fry

40. Single Scoop

41. Slipper Sleeper

42. Little Bit

43. Nugget

44. Santa’s Little Helper

How To Find The Perfect Nickname For A Short Girl

little girl in a blue dress putting a golden crown on her head

While I’m sure this list of nicknames may have helped a little bit, I know there are some of you who still aren’t satisfied with what was on offer.

So, let me give you a few tips on figuring out a name of your own that you can bestow upon a friend or family member.

Size is often a touchy subject, so making up a nickname or a pet name can be extremely difficult.

You have to make sure the name doesn’t offend the person you’re giving it to, while still trying to make it somewhat fun.

1. Don’t mention the size directly

The best piece of advice I can give you is to avoid using any direct reference to size in the nickname itself.

While some of the nicknames above do this, it’s usually in a manner that plays with it in a somewhat innocent and silly way.

Previously established names, like Short stack, Runt, or Pixie, are good examples, but not all of them will be well received.

A nickname that’s connected to a cool character who’s short, like Tinker Bell or one of the Powerpuff girls, is the best example of this rule.

It relays the message, but it also praises the person with good qualities by comparing them to some of the most iconic characters in pop culture.

2. Choose nicknames in different languages

Sometimes people tend to respond better to nicknames that are in a foreign language, like Italian, Irish, or Spanish. What would’ve been mildly offensive in English turns into a cute name in Spanish, for example.

Names like Chiquita Bonita, Mini Bella, or any diminutive version of a name in Spanish or Italian, can sound really beautiful.

Try going for those if you can’t think of a name that won’t end up offending your friend in English.

3. Know the person’s limits

As with every relationship, it’s important to know how far a person is willing to go with certain things. In this case, it’s how lenient they are when it comes to reacting to certain nicknames.

Some people have really short fuses and are quite sensitive when it comes to nicknames that make fun of their appearance. In this case, it’s honestly best to just skip the whole idea as it’s not worth the trouble.

But, if you know someone who doesn’t mind having their size used for a nickname, then you have a lot of choices available to you.

little girl making a heart shape with her hands

4. Keep your relationship in mind

Following up on #3, it’s worth taking into consideration how close you are to this person.

If you’re the best of friends, even the most teasing of nicknames aren’t going to faze them and you’ll be free to give almost any nickname you can think of, though you should still be wary of rule #3.

If you’re not that close the options are more limited, and you’ll find the idea of going with a nickname that isn’t related to such a sensitive subject more and more appealing.

As far as your kids go, feel free to tease them a little bit, but don’t hurt their feelings, especially if you have a sensitive child.

However, if you’re the aunt or the uncle, it’s kind of your duty to give your nieces and nephews some slightly teasing nicknames!

5. Context is important

Context is equally as important with nicknames as it is with jokes and dark humor.

For instance, calling someone a firecracker might make them believe they have a short fuse and explode at the slightest push, but if you make it known that you chose this nickname because they have a fiery personality and are always the life of the party, it’ll be seen differently.

Also, don’t use such nicknames in situations where you might embarrass your friend or family member in front of other people.

6. Choose a different topic

Finally, just because you have a short friend it doesn’t mean you have to use that physical feature as the basis of a nickname.

If you can’t think of a good name for your child or friend using their height, don’t linger on it too much. Drop the idea and find another one.

You can always draw inspiration from some of your friends’ best skills, their fields of expertise, or some other positive physical or emotional trait.

There’s a lot of choices out there and you don’t have to get stuck on just one!

Names That Mean ‘Short’

little girl with pigtails smiling in front of a pink background

If you’re looking for something for your child beyond just a nickname, choose an actual full name that references someone or something short or little.

Here are a few good examples of beautiful names that mean ‘short’:

1. Kiara

A lovely name of Irish origin which translates to “little dark one”, usually referring to the child’s hair in this situation.

However, that’s not the only meaning attached to it, just in case your child outgrows her size.

Depending on the language variation of Kiara, it can also mean “first ray of Sunshine” in Korean or, if looking at it in Italian with Clara, it can mean someone “bright” or “clear”.

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2. Brooke

A name of Old English origin which references a “small stream”, or a “brook”, simply put. It not only subtly hints at something little, but it’s also a wonderful name inspired by nature.

3. Teagan (Teaghan)

Another name of Irish origin, this time describing someone “fair” or a “little poet”.

It’s a rather unique unisex name that’s quite uncommon in the US but would fit an artistic soul really well. Use it if you believe your son or daughter has a promising future in the arts.

4. Lane

Coming from the English language, the name Lane has a very literal translation, “a small path” or a “roadway”.

While the meaning might be simple, it can also hold a lot of significance for you outside of the connection to referencing short.

It could reflect on your own life’s journey to get where you are today, your struggles and hard work, or you could pick it because it’s a rather nice name that rolls off the tongue easily.

little girl with curly brown hair smiling in front of a yellow background

5. Cosette

A French feminine name that you might recognize from the novel, Les Miserables, where it belonged to a girl named Euphrasie.

While it was used as a nickname in the book, it also makes for a really beautiful name that translates to “little thing”.

6. Roisin

Not to be confused with raisin (though that works too), this Irish and Gaelic name is quite popular in its country of origin, sitting comfortably in the top 50 of the baby name lists. It’s pronounced “Rosheen”.

It translates to “little rose” and is perfect for a young child who is as beautiful and delicate as one.

7. Melina

A beautiful little name coming from Greece, meaning “little honey”. It’s yet another in a long line of beautiful names that don’t just refer to something short or little but also manage to capture the love you feel for your child.

8. Ondine (Undine)

A Latin name that translates to “little wave”. Its most notable depiction is in the Edith Wharton novel “The Custom of the Country” where it belongs to the main character, Undine Spragg.

In Conclusion

blond girl walking on street with backpack

While nicknames for short girls have the potential to be really awesome, and can even potentially dispel any negative thoughts your friend might have about her height, it’s also risky ground to tread on for the very same reason.

Normally, height is a very touchy subject as it’s an aspect a person has very little control over, so most people don’t take it too well when they are mocked for it.

So, if you’re going with this specific theme to find a good nickname for your friend or child, stick to the rules mentioned above to find one she’s guaranteed to like.

If you’re successful, she’ll ultimately end up feeling a lot better about her short stature and start to own it.

If you can’t think of anything or are afraid that you might end up hurting the person’s feelings by accident, it’s best to change topics to something that has less potential to cause offense.

You don’t have to stick to something you think will ultimately end up being detrimental to your and your friend’s relationship, it’s not worth the risk.

I hope I’ve managed to help you out with your “little” dilemma!

Until next time.

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