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Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2: Which One Is The Better Stroller?

Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2: Which One Is The Better Stroller?

When picking strollers out, parents often find themselves debating the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2. Both are rather amazing options, but which one is better?

When comparing the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2, there are many factors that need to be considered, the travel system, how much space they occupy in the trunk, the quality of the tires, the canopy, etc.

Despite being just a stroller, both of these have many aspects that require analysis and the results might surprise you.

After all, it’s a very complex piece of high quality baby gear and is arguably one of the most expensive ones for that very reason.

With such an investment, it’s important to really consider everything until you find the perfect fit for both you and your child.

For me, that’d be a stroller (regardless of whether it’s a single stroller, a double stroller, a convertible stroller, or even a baby jogger beach stroller) that has a good amount of maneuverability and quality shock absorption for my child’s comfort and a padded handlebar.

I’d also want it to fold up into a nice compact little package that’s lightweight and that I can stick in the trunk of my car. Even better if the car seat adapter comes with the purchase and it fits multiple car seat brands.

Ideally, there’d be a canopy that helps protect my child and a good enough storage basket to store all of the necessary baby gear.

And, finally, I’d like it to be as affordable as reasonably possible.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, once you look at these two options, you might think differently. They both cover a lot of these bases quite well, but one overtakes the other every so slightly. Time to see which one that is!

Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller Review

1. The Nuna Mixx stroller

nuna mixx stroller

Image via © Nuna Baby

First up in this little Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2 competition is the Nuna Mixx single stroller.

It’s a solid product with an amazing track record thanks to the many useful bits and bobs that will make your life, and your child’s daily strolls, a whole lot easier to handle.

It might seem a bit on the pricier side, but believe me when I say that the quality and the things you get are well worth the asking price. Plus, it’s on the relatively cheap side compared to other strollers of its kind.

The sad part is that it’s not currently available on Amazon, meaning that the easy delivery options aren’t as available as they might be for some other similar products, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops up on Amazon’s website in the near future.

The seat

The most important thing for a child when it comes to a stroller is comfort which is why a cozy toddler seat is something you should always aim for.

Thankfully, Nuna Mixx has you covered.

The seat offers a multi-position recline for both the footrest and the headrest – a rarity today as most models only focus on the headrest.

This allows you to adjust your child’s seat with greater precision, leading to a less fussy baby during your daily walks.

The option of adjusting both allows you to use it when your baby is a newborn as you can turn the seat into a flat surface which will help provide them with adequate neck and head support.

There’s a 5 point harness as well which makes sure your child stays put and doesn’t get thrown around if you’re facing some rough terrain, ensuring maximum levels of coziness and overall comfort.

However, if you find yourself with a newborn and want to provide him with even more comfort, the people over at Nuna Mixx offer the option of getting a separate, installable bassinet.

This’ll provide an extra level of comfort, more so than the default toddler seat in a flat position. The bassinet comes with a mesh Dream Drape that will help provide added sun protection, though whether or not the comfort is worth the extra asking price is up to you.

Should you choose to get it, know that the bassinet itself folds up rather neatly, taking up very little space and leaving more room for anything else that you may want to take with you in the back of your trunk.

All-season compatibility

young woman with stroller during the winter

The Nuna stroller seat’s comfort is further improved thanks to its all-season compatibility.

The usual, winter cover, is made from bamboo, utilizing the natural, moisture-wicking properties found within to keep sweat and other moisture from seeping into the fabric, therefore allowing the area inside to keep circulating air without any interruption.

The airflow helps provide a dose of freshness especially if your child starts feeling stuffy.

Alternatively, should you want to opt for the summer version of the seat, you can do so at no extra cost. All you need to do is remove the winter seat cover and reveal the summer seat option underneath.

This is the default option, but, depending on when you bought the stroller, that might not become apparent to you, especially if you purchased it in winter.

This seat features a mesh construction, a highly breathable material that’ll help keep the airflow inside cool.

The cherry on top is that both covers can be fully removed and are machine washable too so you don’t have to bother with complicated cleaning procedures.

Reversible seat

The seat in the Nuna Mixx stroller also comes with the additional benefit of being completely reversible.

This means that you can adjust the stroller so that the seat faces toward you, allowing you and your child to always be able to see one another or, you can have the seat facing forwards.

Infant car seat compatibility

dad putting his baby into the infant car seat

Yet another feature that revolves around the seats is the ability to fit a car seat on top of a stroller using the ring adapter that already comes with the initial purchase. This adapter is designed to help the stroller fit the intended infant car seat like a glove.

The only downside is that you’ll have to stick with the original brand in this case as Nuna’s adapter only works for its own car seats like the Nuna Pipa Lite and other similar products from the same series.

The weight and weight limit

Another important feature to discuss is the weight and its carrying capacity.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the base stroller only weighs around 27 lbs which is on the lower end when compared to the average weight.

Despite being so light, the Nuna Mixx stroller can still withstand a lot of weight – almost double its own. It can be used by any newborn baby all the way up to a 50 lbs child.


Next up is the storage of the stroller which, all things considered, is quite decent for a compact baby pram.

The storage basket can fit an extra 25 lbs of weight in it on top of the earlier mentioned 50 lbs for the seat itself.

You can use it to carry all of the necessary baby gear around with you like baby bottles, a pacifier or two as well as your tote or diaper bag.

The wheels

stroller wheels next to a woman's running shoes

Much like a car, a good set of wheels with proper suspension and shock absorption will provide for a much, much smoother ride than a lower quality one would.

Thankfully, Nuna Mixx doesn’t skimp out here and has even gone so far as to design its own unique wheels.

Their rear wheels are filled with foam to provide a more adaptable material, allowing this stroller to cross over rough and bumpy terrain with added ease.

The front wheels, on the other hand, are completely plastic as their primary purpose is to help keep handling easy while most of the weight is focused on the back wheels.

All four wheels are bigger than standard ones to provide more surface area for the stroller to interact with the ground. They also have an all-terrain tread pattern on the wheels to provide a stronger grip on some of the toughest surfaces.

With their latest model which is currently the 2019/2020 one, Nuna has introduced all-wheel suspension. This was available for previous models and is now an option here as well, helping make daily strolls comfortable on almost any surface.

No wheel system would be complete without a good set of brakes and the ones that come with the Nuna Mixx stroller are pretty standard for today’s market.

You’re provided with a single foot pedal which helps keep your hands free and allows you to quickly park your child’s stroller, locking it down from rolling off with a simple push back on the pedal.

Releasing the lock is equally as simple, all you need to do is just push the pedal forward again. Should you forget which direction is for which function, the indicators on the pedal itself serve as a quick reminder with their red and green colors respectively.

The storage basket on some baby prams may slightly block your path to the brake pedal, but not with the Nuna Mixx.

The pedal is easily accessible, found either in front of the basket or behind it, depending on your orientation.

The canopy

Given how the risk of UV radiation is becoming more and more apparent (and more dangerous) in modern times, it’s crucial that baby prams include a canopy.

Thankfully, Nuna Mixx does and their canopy really stands out from the rest.

It comes with the current standard of UPF 50+ UV protection spread out over a sun visor and 3 adjustable panels, helping personalize your child’s comfort.

You’ll also find a peek-a-boo window on the top of the canopy that lets you check in with your child every now and then to reassure them that mommy’s still around.

For added breathability and better airflow in the seating area, the canopy also has side mesh panels that help keep the baby nice and cool during the hot summer months without compromising its integrity in the wintertime.

The one issue that might arise with a few models, however, is the fact that the stability of the canopy can sometimes feel a bit wonky.

While I’m sure it’s only a few isolated cases, I felt that I needed to be honest to help you make a proper judgment call about which stroller is better in the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2 square off.

Adjustable handlebar

adjustable handlebar on a white stroller

This model offers the option of an adjustable handlebar, something that isn’t common practice with every brand even though it’s a real lifesaver for taller parents.

The adjustability helps enable better posture while still being able to properly grip and push the baby around with minimal back pain.

The handlebar is covered in leatherette which is a form of imitation leather, used to provide some heat insulation from the metal framework during the hot summer days as well as providing better grip.

The same material covers the stroller’s bumper bar too, and it’s an animal-friendly alternative which gives it bonus points.

The portability

While all the bells and whistles are good and well, another crucial factor that needs to be considered when you have to go anywhere by car is just how much space the baby buggy takes up.

The Nuna stroller features a clamshell fold which helps keep both wheels on the ground when folded and the seating cover spotless when stored in the trunk.

While there still might be a risk of some smudging, a simple blanket covering can help prevent that.

The other fantastic thing here is that you can fold the entire thing with just one hand.

The weight mentioned earlier also becomes less of an issue as the pram carries most of it itself, even in compact form, as you can haul it around like luggage instead!

The color options

Last, but not least are the different personalization options that come with the Nuna stroller, at least as far as color is concerned.

The 4 options provided are quite neutral and will fit every parent’s personal preference.

2. The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller

This is the other contender in this Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2 face off and, in a few areas, it’s giving the former a run for its money which we’ll get to later.

The first thing that you’ll notice right away is that the Uppababy model is available on Amazon.

Much like the Nuna model, it’s chock full of all sorts of features that’ll help make your life a whole lot easier to manage.

This is definitely a more deluxe version of a single stroller, and it has the option of upgrading into a double stroller through the use of an extra accessory or two.

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The seat

The model offers a multi-position recline stroller seat with a 5 point, no-rethread harness for added child comfort and extra head and neck support.

However, the Uppababy Vista V2 only offers movement of the headrest, meaning that a flat position isn’t possible. You can blame the bucket-style seat system for that!

In this mode, you’ll be able to use it for kids that are at least 3 months of age up to about 50 lbs.

That said, if you really want to consider the option of making it newborn-friendly, you can do so by installing a Snug Seat.

Alternatively, you can also use the infant bassinet that actually comes with the base purchase to make the seat safe for sleep as well as providing the extra comfort a newborn would need.

And, it’s not your everyday bassinet either, this one has a ton of features to provide extra comfort for the baby.

The most notable thing is the vented base which helps the fabric breathe and provide good airflow inside the bassinet.

This is further aided through the perforated mattress as well as the mesh windows you can find in the canopy of the bassinet.

Reversible seat

Much like its competitor in the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2 debate, the Uppababy stroller is fully reversible, allowing a forward-facing and rear-facing position.

From single to double

mother pushing twins in a double stroller

The Uppababy model can transform from a single to a double baby stroller should you ever decide to expand your family.

With the simple addition of an extra seat, you can now start riding both your kiddos around.

While the Nuna product doesn’t currently have this option, they do have a similar product in the form of the Nuna Demi Grow.

Alternatively, you could install a piggyback board on the Uppababy to turn it into a sit and stand model.

This lets an older child ride along with their sibling by standing at the back and holding on tight.

Infant car seat compatibility

The next notable feature that most of the newer Uppababy models have is their sheer versatility when it comes to the amount of different car seat brands that fit with their adapter.

Its own standard Uppababy Mesa infant car seat fits without the need for any adapters while the other options do require the use of one.

Some of these other options are:

• The Cybex Aton series

• The Cloud Q series

• The Maxi Cosi Mico series

• The Nuna Pipa series

• The Chicco KeyFit series

• The Bugaboo series

The weight and weight limit

As far as weight is concerned, the Uppababy is similar to the Nuna, albeit a bit less as it’s only 27 lbs.

The carrying capacity of the toddler seat, however, is exactly the same and comes in at a solid 50 lbs maximum.


Uppababy prams are well known for their above-average storage capacity and this one is no exception.

Clocking in at an astonishing 30 lbs of extra carrying capacity on top of the 50 lbs of the seat, this model can take on a lot of weight.

Not to mention that the storage basket is considerably bigger than that of any other brand on the market, nearly double in volume.

You can use it to pack your groceries, put your diaper bag, and any other baby gear like diapers, an extra set of clothes, etc.

Just make sure to distribute the weight evenly to balance the stroller out and not make pushing it harder.

The wheels

black wheels on a baby stroller

As far as comfort goes, wheel quality and suspension are key components in providing a smooth ride. Luckily, the people over at Uppababy understand this concept and have made sure to provide you with an adequate solution.

All four wheels are made from the same material, polyurethane, making the wheels durable without skimping on shock absorption and handling when swapping over to rougher terrain.

The wheels are also larger than that of a standard baby pram, providing more surface area to help grip the road better.

The all-wheel suspension makes sure that your entire daily stroll is completely smooth as well, ensuring that your little bundle of joy doesn’t have to feel every crease and crack that you run over on the pavement or any other surface.

As far as the brakes are concerned though, the ones on the Uppababy stroller are a lot easier to activate as you don’t need to press down. You can just tap the pedal instead.

The indicator will tell you whether or not it’s working based on if it’s red or green.

That said, this is where one of the design flaws shows itself. Their storage basket interferes with the brakes due to its sheer size, or rather, your ability to reach it is hampered without accidentally kicking the basket itself.

The canopy

mother pushing a white baby stroller with canopy

The sunshade that comes with the Uppababy does the job of protecting your baby from the sun quite well.

It’s rather similar to that of the Nuna model with the 3 adjustable panels, however, it lacks the sun visor that the Nuna has, both offering the standard UPF 50+ UV protection.

Some of the differences are added features like two different peek-a-boo windows, each with a magnetic seal instead of a velcro one to eliminate any noise in case your child is fast asleep and you don’t want to wake them.

The other benefit is that the sunshade on the Uppababy can be adjusted to be even larger so it provides more space for your growing child.

While not necessarily a sunshade, the Uppababy stroller also comes with a rain cover included in the purchase.

Adjustable handlebar

Uppababy too has the option of extending the handlebar outward to help taller parents push the stroller around more easily.

This way, taller parents won’t have to break their backs bending over just so their legs don’t end up accidentally kicking the back of the pram and they’ll actually be able to reach the bar comfortably.

Plus, it’s great if there’s a big height disparity between the parents as it’ll be comfortable for both of them.

The handlebar is covered in real leather to provide some heat insulation and better grip, though many avid animal lovers will likely find this a rather glaring problem.

The portability

pregnant woman testing out a baby stroller's portability in a baby store

A mark of any good stroller is how portable it is and Uppababy’s model manages to cover that aspect perfectly.

It features a neat, compact fold that can be done in seconds and it has automatic locks so it doesn’t fall out during transit.

When folded in, it takes up a minimal amount of space, though the fabric from the seat cover sometimes sticks out which leaves it prone to getting dirty in the trunk so investing in an extra cover would be really beneficial.

The color options

The final factor always concerns the personalization options that each stroller has available.

Thankfully, the Uppababy offers 9 different color options to choose from that fit well with almost anything.

It’s a lot better than some of the other ones on the market that have far fewer or that simply don’t bother including any options at all.

Do note, though, that the price of the stroller might change depending on your chosen color.

Comparing The Two

1. The stroller seat: Nuna wins

When it comes to the base seat, Nuna comes out on top because of the fact that both the headrest and the footrest are adjustable, allowing Nuna to be compatible with infants as well as older children whereas the Uppababy doesn’t offer that option.

2. The seating setup: Uppababy wins

When it comes to how many different seating options are available, however, that’s where the benefits of the Uppababy show in the Uppababy Vista vs Nuna Mixx showdown.

Not only does it have the option to include a piggyback board, but the Uppababy model can also go from a single to a double stroller if you get the needed extension.

There’s also the added option of getting a Snug Seat which helps counter the earlier problem of the Uppababy not being infant-ready, though it is an extra expense.

Both sides offer a bassinet too, but where that’s an optional feature for the Nuna, it’s included in the purchase price of the Uppababy.

3. Car seat compatibility: Uppababy wins

mother putting her baby boy into a red car seat

There’s no real contest here seeing how Nuna can only accommodate its own car seats while the Uppababy model can do that and more, allowing parents who bought the seat first the freedom to keep using their car seat even if it’s not the same brand as the stroller.

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That said, the Nuna does come with the adapter included in the price while the Uppababy’s is a separate purchase.

4. The dimensions: Nuna wins

While equal in weight as they both come in at about 27 lbs with Nuna’s total gear making it 28 lbs, the Uppababy is about 2 inches wider which might make it a bit more cumbersome. However, this category was won by a really small margin.

5. Storage capacity: Uppababy wins

This should come as no surprise given how Uppababy is king when it comes to storage and its 30 lbs storage capacity with almost double the volume wins over any other competitor, hands down.

That said, the 25 lbs on the Nuna is pretty solid too, and shouldn’t be disregarded.

6. The wheels: Nuna wins

Another rather close race given all the similarities with the wheels and suspension on both ends.

Both Nuna and Uppababy have all-wheel suspension providing shock absorption on all ends and allowing the stroller to adapt to rougher terrain a lot easier.

They both have larger wheels than usual as well to provide more contact surface with the terrain beneath and ensure a better grip.

The main difference is the foam rear wheels and the plasticky front wheels of the Nuna compared to the fully polyurethane ones on the Uppababy, but also the all-terrain tread featured on Nuna’s which gives it the upper hand.

7. The brakes: Nuna wins

While Uppababy might be king with storage, that crown comes at the price of being somewhat cumbersome for the braking system as the basket size ends up blocking access to the pedal at times.

Nuna doesn’t have this problem and thus easily takes this win despite both of them being rather easy to use.

8. The canopy: Uppababy wins

mother adjusts the canopy on the baby stroller

Both contenders in the Nuna Mixx Vs Uppababy Vista V2 debate have fantastic entries as far as the canopy is concerned.

Both sunshades are rather large and have the standard UPF 50+ UV protection.

Nuna’s has extra mesh side panels for added airflow as well as a peek-a-boo window while the Uppababy has two windows instead, but they’re covered using magnets meaning they make no sound when uncovered.

What ends up determining the winner here is the fact that there are some reported stability issues with the Nuna and I like my stuff lasting longer instead of breaking apart.

There’s also the added benefit of the Uppababy model coming with a rain cover included in the purchase too.

9. The handlebar adjustability: Nuna wins

This one was a close call too with Nuna winning simply because it uses imitation leather.

The rest of the features in this category are pretty much the same in every regard with Nuna having a bit more wiggle room while the Uppababy has a higher ceiling.

10. The fold: Nuna wins

Both of these baby prams fold down quickly and easily and occupy minimal space. However, as stated before, the Uppababy one is about 2 inches wider and the position it ends up in risks staining the seating cover.

Nuna suffers no such problems and thus wins over Uppababy in this category.

11. The fashion: Uppababy wins

This one should also come as no surprise given the sheer number of different quality options available in the Uppababy in comparison to Nuna with a 9:4 difference.

12. The price: Nuna wins

Luxury comes at a price, as Uppababy comes in at about 300$ more to purchase upfront than Nuna does.

It does come with a bassinet included with the purchase already as well as a few other bits and bobs like a rain cover and a bug cover as well as a toddler seat. But, if you don’t require any of that, Nuna is way more affordable.

The Verdict: Uppababy Wins

black uppababy stroller on the beach

If we’re looking at it from the comparisons above, Uppababy ends up being the clear winner due to its sheer versatility in this showdown.

Everything that Nuna won was relatively minor apart from the brakes, but it lost any of that lead with the reported stability issues.

However, this is just my personal opinion and, although I really did try and be as objective as possible, you may very well still disagree with me.

If you do, I have presented all of the information that I could find and I hope it helps you come to your own conclusions to choose the stroller that will be the best fit for you and your family.

In Conclusion

In the end, deciding on a clear winner in the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Vista V2 race was tough due to the sheer difference in price. It was like comparing two different weight classes in boxing or something like that.

It would’ve been fairer to match up the Nuna Mixx with the Uppababy Cruz V2 and the Vista to the Nuna Demi Grow instead.

Ultimately, I believe that I’ve made the right decision, at least in my personal opinion, but you’re free to disagree!

I’m just here to help provide some guidance and help filter out the riffraff amongst all the information on the many different products on the market and provide you with the best options out there. Until next time, mammas.

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