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Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2: Which Is The Better Stroller?

Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2: Which Is The Better Stroller?

It’s common for a mom to have her doubts about what kind of baby gear she wants to get for her little one, especially when it comes to strollers, and a common doubt is the winner in the battle between Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista v2.

The reason the Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2 dilemma exists in the first place is because they are both incredibly similar in design and function, but have a few distinct differences that give them an advantage over the other.

These differences don’t apply in the same fields, so it’s really tough to gauge which one is better overall by intuition alone.

I know that I myself had trouble initially when comparing different types of strollers, and it was a time-consuming process to come to a conclusion.

That’s why I decided to make a review series like this on the blog, where I showcase the products before pitting them against each other to help compare their stats and see which one triumphs.

It’s worth noting that this is still a personal opinion and what feels right for me might not feel right for you, however, you’ll find all of the relevant details here and you’re free to draw your own conclusion.

With all that said, let’s get started!

Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2: The Comparison

1. The Mockingbird stroller

The price

Baby stroller on running path in park at sunny day

While I don’t usually like starting with the price right off the bat, this is one of the first match-ups where the price difference is so egregious that I had to mention it straight away.

While the other most popular baby strollers like the Graco, the Nuna or the Uppababy Vista stroller cost anywhere from $800-$900+, the Mockingbird stroller has almost the same functionality for a fraction of the price.

As of writing this article, the price for a Mockingbird single stroller is a mere $395, ($495 if you’re going for a double stroller) which is quite a difference when it comes to your stroller budget, and when it comes to baby gear, every cent counts.

One thing that’s worth noting is that Mockingbird strollers aren’t available on Amazon or in any physical retail stores, but are only sold directly to the consumer via their website, a caveat that might put some people off and might incur some hidden costs.

That said, it’ll still wind up being cheaper than any other popular competitor on the market, so it’s worth considering.

The seat

The Mockingbird pram comes with a multi-position recline which can go to a fully flat, horizontal position.

The newer model, which allows for a second seat to be attached, has adjusted this further by allowing the initial seat to go so far as to be able to sit the baby in an upright position.

While it does come with a 5-point harness, it will require extra rethread to ensure your child is firmly secure and ready to venture outside in his new ride.

As it stands, you can only really use the Mockingbird for kids from 4 months and up when bought without any extras, but should you get the infant inserted you can rig it to support your child from birth. The beauty of a modular system!

The footrest is adjustable too, with 3 different positions depending on which one your little one prefers.

It also comes with the added benefit of allowing you to unzip the bottom part of it, which means you can easily clean crumbs and other mess out of the seat without having to struggle like you would with other seats.

Another great feature of this stroller is the seat lining, which serves as a barrier against more stubborn stains.

After all, it’s much harder to get food stains out of a large seat than a detachable fabric.

As an added bonus, the padded lining serves as a bit of extra comfort for the child.

Reversible seat

The seat on the Mockingbird is fully reversible, though it does take a bit of fiddling to do it with the double stroller due to somewhat awkward positioning.

From single to double

two cute babies sitting in a double strollers outdoor

The people over at Mockingbird offer the option of either buying a single stroller or a single that transforms into a double if your family grows.

It comes at an added cost of $100.

It’s infinitely better than having to get two separate strollers and struggling to transport both kids around when you can put all your eggs in one basket without losing too much on stroller stability instead.

The Mockingbird offers 19 different assembly configurations for your double stroller with all the possible additional purchases, like the bassinet or Infant car seat insert.

They’re also planning to design a newer model that’ll be able to sit three kids at once if you end up being fortunate enough to have triplets and want to be able to fit them all in one stroller.

Infant car seat compatibility

A positive that both of these strollers share is their compatibility with infant car seats from several different brands.

Although, in Mockingbird’s case they do have to include a car seat adapter in the purchase as they don’t manufacture any seats themselves.

That said, the travel system feature alone puts this stroller leagues above the competition.

These are all the car seats that can be used with the Mockingbird stroller:

• The Britax B-safe 35 and B-safe ultra series

• The Chico series

• The Cybex series

• The Evenflo series

• Graco Snugride

• The Maxi Cosi Mico series

• The Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite LX, and PIPA RX


As you can see, even Uppababy’s own car seat can fit in the Mockingbird stroller so you’re free to choose separate brands if you wish.

Do note that it’ll likely cost you an extra $30 to attach any of these to the Mockingbird though, as that’s the price of an average adapter.

The weight and weight limit

Woman with baby stroller walks in the park at sunset

Depending on which stroller you choose, the weight is pretty standard for both the single and the double stroller.

The single comes in at a standard 26.5 lbs, while the Mockingbird double stroller is 35 lbs.

As far as the weight limit goes, the basket on the Mockingbird can take up to 25 lbs while the seats can take up to 45 lbs each.

If you’re looking at it in terms of baby age, the Mockingbird can be used for kids aged 4-6 months and up, with the option of being used from birth if you upgrade the seat to a bassinet or use the Mockingbird infant insert seat.


The storage basket on the Mockingbird does what most other strollers do.

It’s able to hold up to 25 lbs of weight, which is all you’ll need for your daily strolls with your child.

It’ll hold all the necessary baby gear and then some, just make sure not to overload it and distribute the weight evenly so you don’t run into any problems along the way.

You can also use it for groceries too, but make sure to pack light and not overburden the basket.

It does come with a front cover that you can put up in case you’re worried stuff might fall out easily.

The cover is fully detachable too, just in case you’d prefer to have easier access to the basket when you’re traveling light.

The wheels

baby strollers on the beach in a sunny day

The first difference between a budget stroller and a premium, full-size stroller you might notice is the wheels.

Most luxury strollers incorporate polyurethane into their wheel composition, and the Mockingbird stroller is no different.

However, they’re smaller than the standard, which means they have less surface area for contact with the ground, resulting in less overall traction.

Despite being made from the same material as other similar products, the wheels on the Mockingbird are harder than others.

While that does make them sturdier, it makes the ride feel worse for it.

Normally this shouldn’t present much of a problem as the Mockingbird’s wheels are all-terrain to provide a smoother ride on any surface.

But rougher terrain might reveal the drawback of another important factor – the suspension.

While suspension might not be the most important aspect of a stroller, it still makes the overall experience so much better due to the extra comfort and functionality it provides, so much so that it might as well be considered a key factor.

The Mockingbird’s only real suspension is in the front wheels, while the back only has suspension in the rear frame, not the wheels themselves.

It’s worth noting that the Mockingbird has two ways of securing your child, one in the form of lockable front wheels and the other in the foot brake you can find on the ‘driver’s’ end of the stroller, which is a welcome addition in case you ever need some extra security.

The canopy

The canopy on the Mockingbird stroller is pretty standard, meeting all CPSC safety requirements.

It’s made out of high-quality, water-resistant material and provides UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV radiation, which is the norm for all strollers.

You’ll also find mesh panels on the side to provide some extra airflow to the child, which is especially helpful during those hot summer days where any extra air will be a great bonus.

There’s also a sunshade that’s separate from the stroller and can be attached and detached when required.

It also features a magnetic peek-a-boo window on the top that you can cover and uncover without making the noise that Velcro, zipper, and button-up ones do.

This allows you to check in on your child without waking him or to assure him you’re still there if he’s facing away from you.

Another great feature of the canopy is that the interior was made to help kids develop their visual cognitive skills with its high contrast black and white colors and shapes.

The portability

folded modern black strollers

The Mockingbird stroller is easy to fold, it can be done with one hand which is very helpful for when you have to handle the baby on top of everything else.

It folds nicely into a shape you can wheel around like a small luggage bag for the airport.

It tucks away in the back of the trunk nicely.

When folded, it’s a bit taller than other options, but it compensates for this by being slightly shorter in length.

The extras

As with many strollers, there are lots of optional parts you can include in your initial purchase or later down the line, depending on your present needs.

The Mockingbird offers a sizable number of them.

Here are all the extras they have available:

• The infant seat insert

• Footmuff

• A parent organizer

• Padded seat liner

• Various car seat adapters

• Hand muff

• A mosquito net

• A bassinet

• A snack tray

• A cup holder

• Rain cover

That’s not all though, as there’s also the lifetime warranty which comes included with every purchase of a Mockingbird pram, something that’ll save you a lot of trouble later down the line.

The color options

Sadly, the color options for the Mockingbird are a bit lacking, with only 3 options available.

However, that’s still more than some other manufacturers who only have one.

What’s more, they are one of the few manufacturers who allow you to choose each individual color for the canopy interior, the leatherette handlebar cover, and the color of the frame, which is a big plus.

2. The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller

This is the other stroller in the Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2 face-off, and it’s a very functional and high-quality model.

Unlike its opposite number, the Uppababy stroller is available for purchase on Amazon, a more familiar environment where you won’t get lost in overly complicated website designs.

It’s praised as one of the best, if not the best, deluxe single strollers on the market, and is known for the flexibility of its various features.

It can easily be used as a double stroller with just a few extra accessories.

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The seat

Starting off with one of its better features, the seat has a 5 point, no-rethread harness with a multi-position recline to help support your baby.

That said, their bucket-style seat system doesn’t adjust into a fully flat position as only the headrest can be adjusted.

This means that it’s not infant-friendly right out the box.

The standard age for the Uppababy Vista v2 is 3 months and older with a 50 lbs weight limit on the seat.

As mentioned before, though, you can overcome this minor issue by getting the snug seat attachment to make the stroller seat infant-friendly.

The other option is to use the bassinet that comes included with the purchase.

It’s safe for your child to sleep in and helps provide extra comfort.

The bassinet has a vented base, which provides a good source of airflow inside the bassinet and allows the fabric to breathe.

It also features a perforated mattress and mesh windows on the canopy, which we’ll talk about a bit later.

Reversible seat

Much like its opponent in the Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2 face-off, the Uppababy stroller is completely reversible, allowing your baby to sit in either a forward-facing or a rear-facing position.

From single to double

little girl standing on a stroller in the park

The Vista V2 model can also be transformed into a double baby stroller, allowing you to use one pram to accommodate more than one child.

You also have the option of installing a piggyback board on the back in case you have an older child who would otherwise exceed the capacity of a second seat.

Your older child can ride upright in the back, turning the stroller into a sit and stand model.

Infant car seat compatibility

Much like the Mockingbird, the Uppababy manufacturers have accounted for this feature by making their stroller compatible with a good number of the most popular infant car seats on the market.

While most of them do require an adapter, the one made by Uppababy doesn’t.

This lets you save a bit of money if you thought ahead and also bought the Uppababy car seat.

Here are some of the other options that can also work:

• The Cybex Aton series

• The NunaPipa series

• The Maxi Cosi Mico series

• The Bugaboo series

• The Cloud Q series

• The Chicco KeyFit series

The weight and weight limit

The two models are most similar when it comes to weight.

They both weigh around 27 pounds, at least as far as the single stroller is concerned.

The carrying capacity of the toddler seat is more than that of the Mockingbird, 5 pounds more in fact, clocking in at a whopping 50 lbs.


If there was ever a storage king in the stroller world, the title would belong to Uppababy hands down.

They pride themselves on their large storage baskets, both volume-wise and capacity-wise, and they made sure not to slack on this with the V2 model.

The storage basket can carry up to 30 lbs of extra weight in addition to the 50 lbs the seat can hold, making it a monster for transporting your stuff while shopping.

It allows you to make trips to the store with a longer grocery list than usual, and you won’t have to use a shopping cart alongside the stroller either.

Of course, shopping with your baby isn’t the only positive thing of note, as you’re also going to be able to pack more mandatory baby gear with you on your daily outings with your little bebino.

As always, be sure to distribute the weight around the basket evenly so as to ensure minimal driving impairment.

The wheels

baby strollers wheels on the pram in the park

When it comes to comfort you always want to have decent suspension and high-quality wheels, as they allow for a good amount of maneuverability on difficult terrain.

This way you can have a smooth ride everywhere you go.

To this end, the wheels on the Uppababy model are made from polyurethane, which makes them quite durable even on rough terrain, helping provide good shock absorption into the bargain.

They’re larger than normal too, so they make more contact with the surface you’re riding on, thereby providing superior grip.

Another thing they have is the built-in all-wheel suspension, which is a real lifesaver and makes sure the stroller takes the brunt of the force from any bumps along the way, and not the baby.

This way, you’ll always ensure a smooth ride for your child and allow him to enjoy the sights rather than feel them.

Their braking system is also phenomenal as you need to apply a lot less force to lock the brakes, a simple tap of your foot should do the trick.

You’ll know if you’ve done it correctly by looking at the color of the indicator on the brake (red/green).

However, while the brake idea is great, there is one flaw with the construction of the stroller, which is that the larger storage basket can end up blocking the pedal at times, making it harder for you to reach it.

The canopy

The canopy on the Uppababy stroller is absolutely fantastic.

It has 3 adjustable panels that let you set exactly how much you want to shield your baby’s face from harmful UV rays, as well as decide how big a field of view you want him to have.

It also features the standard UPF 50+ UV protection index, ensuring that it’s market friendly.

Much like the Mockingbird, the Uppababy has magnetic peek-a-boo windows that don’t make much noise when being opened, keeping your child comfy without disturbing his sleep.

The main difference is that the Uppababy has two different windows while the Mockingbird only has one.

Another advantage that the Uppababy stroller has over its competitor is that the canopy is adjustable, which gives larger children more space as they grow into it.

An extra that comes free with the purchase of the Uppababy stroller is the rain cover, further justifying its massive price tag.

Adjustable handlebar

uppababy stroller on the beach in a sunny day

Uppababy also has an extendable handlebar, which helps taller parents push the stroller around easily without having to hunch over to reach them, which can end up causing unnecessary back problems.

It also helps prevent their legs from accidentally kicking the back of the stroller and upsetting the child by helping maintain the proper distance when stepping forward.

This is especially helpful if there’s a large height difference between the parents because neither of them will struggle when they want to take their child out to the park.

The handlebar also comes with extra padding in the form of genuine leather, helping provide a better grip and a bit of extra heat insulation if the frame stays out in the sun too long.

Some animal lovers have complained about the fact it’s made of real leather. I am one of those people, however, I wouldn’t avoid this stroller just because of that.

The portability

What every great stroller model has nowadays is the option of an easy compact fold, and Uppababy has that in the bag, figuratively and literally.

Their fold, while still requiring two hands, takes mere seconds and secures itself with automatic locks on the side, ensuring it stays in the folded position.

It takes up barely any space in the trunk and fits in easily. However, I suggest wrapping it up in something or placing it on a towel or rag so the fabric of the seat cover doesn’t get dirty.

The extras

Much like the Mockingbird, the Uppababy also has extras you can purchase alongside the base stroller to provide a more comfortable experience for your child.

These extras are:

• An attachable Changing Backpack

• A snack tray

• The CozyGanoosh footmuff

• A basket cover

• A cup holder

• Car seat adapters

• A bassinet mattress cover

• The infant SnugSeat

• A bassinet stand

• A seat liner

• A piggyback ride-along board

• Carry-all bag

• A travel bag

The color options

The final factor is always the color options.

Thankfully, Uppababy strollers have 9 different color options to choose from which will complement any look you’re trying to go for with your baby’s theme.

This is a lot better than some of the other strollers out there, which have far fewer colors to choose from or simply don’t bother including any options at all.

Note that the price of the stroller may vary depending on the color.

So How Do They Measure Up?

baby strollers in the sand on the beach

To be honest, the Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2 throwdown was a lot closer than I initially thought it would be.


The main difference is the price tag, which is a key factor for many folks out there.

In the Mockingbird stroller review, we saw that the cost of their pram was well over half of the Uppababy, which can reach almost $1000 in price alone without accounting for any of the extra purchases.

This means that you should definitely choose the Mockingbird if you’re a mom on a budget as it’ll still be good value for your money, especially considering the lifetime warranty.

However, for those of you who value features over everything else, I urge you to read on.

While the Mockingbird is great, it definitely cut some corners to get to its price point.

The most obvious example can be seen in the wheels and suspension.

Wheels and suspension

The wheels are made from the same material as on the Uppababy, but they’re smaller and harder.

That, combined with the fact that only the front wheels and the rear frame have any suspension, make the Mockingbird a poor choice for any rough terrain.

Mind you, neither of them are baby joggers, so you won’t exactly be taking them out to any sandy beaches, leave that to the beach jogging strollers.

The canopy and the handlebar

woman pushing baby strollers with white canopy

The next point of contention is the canopy itself.

The fact that the canopy doesn’t grow with the baby might end up making the space a bit too cramped, or prevent the child from seeing as much of the outside as he’d like.

There’s also the problem with the handlebar.

While the Mockingbird’s is adjustable, it can only be adjusted by being tilted up and down rather than telescoped out, so it doesn’t quite have the range of the Uppababy nor is it as helpful.

You could also consider the fact that the Uppababy’s bumper bar and handlebar are made from real leather to be a downside, as opposed to the leatherette on the Mockingbird, but I’ll leave that up to you.

The storage

This one is a double-edged sword, as the storage is definitely bigger for the Uppababy, but all of their models, including the Uppababy Cruz and the Vista, share the issue of the storage basket getting in the way of the brakes.

This also takes a few points away from them and can pose a safety hazard.

The weight limit

While both of these have similar weight capacities as far as kids are concerned, the Uppababy RumbleSeat only has a 35 lbs capacity compared to the Mockingbird’s 45.

Who Wins?

adorable baby boy with hat and winter clothes sitting in a stroller

If price is no object, I’d tell you to choose Uppababy in the Mockingbird VS Uppababy Vista V2 debate as their model has more definitive advantages over the other, and where it falls short it doesn’t fall back far enough to lose the podium.

However, if you’re someone who needs to budget, go with the Mockingbird as it’s still a solid stroller for the price.

Feel free to check out strollers like the Nuna Mixx or the Uppababy Cruz since one of them might just be what you’re looking for as well.

Until next time, mammas.

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