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Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2: Which One Comes Out On Top?

Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2: Which One Comes Out On Top?

Competition is tough in the world of strollers, and today we are going to look at two titans of the strolling world facing off against one another, Nuna Mixx and Uppababy Cruz V2. It’s time to see which one is the best.

In the debate between Nuna Mixx vs Uppababy Cruz V2, the usual criteria will apply.

I’ll be looking at their infant car seat compatibility, the practicality of the bassinets you can get for them as a separate purchase, and many other features.

What every mom tends to look for in a stroller will be covered.

First, I’ll list them off individually; their dimensions, stats, and overall pros and cons.

Then we’ll see how well they measure up against one another.

While I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible, there are certain factors I favor over others, so that may end up swaying my decision.

However, I’ll lay out the facts regardless, so, if you’re unsatisfied by my judgment you’re free to analyze it for yourself and choose your own winner in each category.

For instance, I value a stroller which has an adjustable seat that can recline to a flat position in the case of newborns, and which grows with the baby.

A nice, ergonomic, and comfortable handlebar is also important for those lengthy walks so my wrists don’t hurt, as well as a firm grip in case my hands get sweaty.

The infant car seat compatibility is also important, as it means there’ll be a lot more trunk space as long as the car seat adapter isn’t too expensive or comes included in the purchase.

The breathability of the cover is also important for keeping good airflow around the child during those hot summer months, as well as a reversible canopy to keep those harmful UV rays away.

Those are only a few of the categories I’ll be analyzing today, so let’s get started!

Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2 Stroller Review

1. The Nuna Mixx stroller

nuna mix stroller in black color

Image via © Nuna Baby

First up to the plate in this Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2 debate, is the Nuna Mixx single stroller.

The Nuna stroller is a formidable contender, with many features which help justify the price tag.

Sadly, it’s not available for purchase on Amazon as of writing this article, so shipping options may be limited, but I’m certain they’ll come around to it in the future.

The stroller’s weight comes in at just around 27 lbs without any of the added extras, which is still relatively lightweight compared to many of the other options on the market.

It shouldn’t be difficult to pull out of the trunk of the car when necessary, or carry around elsewhere.

Thanks to its many features, you can start riding your child around in it from when they’re a newborn baby all the way up to a 50 lbs upper limit.

The seat

Starting with the essentials, which is the toddler seat, it features a multi-position recline on both the headrest and the footrest, allowing you to adjust your baby’s position as you see fit.

This is also the main reason the Nuna stroller can fit newborns to begin with, because if you fold the headrest all the way down and the footrest all the way up, you’re given a flat surface on which the newborn baby can rest.

This helps support the baby’s head and neck, as they’ll lack the support due to their undeveloped muscles.

There’s also the added, albeit optional, choice of purchasing an installable bassinet separately, which will add a bit more comfort than the standard toddler seat, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the added price.

If you do opt for it, you’ll be glad to know it features a compact fold, so it takes up minimal space because it can fold down completely flat and be placed anywhere in the car trunk, without having to remove all the contents just to fit it in.

For babies who prefer seated positions, the Nuna Mixx stroller comes with a 5 point harness with no rethread, providing extra comfort and safety for your child while also minimizing jostling when going over rougher terrain.

Compatible with all seasons

young woman with stroller during the winter

Another great thing about the seat for the Nuna stroller is that it’s appropriate for all seasons.

Made from Bamboo, it has a natural, moisture-wicking property that helps keep the seat dry and the air inside fresh with a stable airflow.

It’s best suited for the wintertime when your child is likely to get sweaty from the many layers of clothing they’ll be wearing, however, this cover is removable for when you want to swap to the summer seat option, which is the stroller’s default.

Constructed out of mesh, it helps keep the air circulating inside the stroller and provides a cool environment to keep your kiddo fresh and satisfied.

The beauty of it all is that you can remove both covers and they can both easily be washed in a washing machine, adding an extra level of convenience.

Forward-facing and rear-facing

Another benefit of the Nuna stroller seat is that it’s completely reversible.

This allows you to have the child either facing forward with a full view of the outside world or facing you as you push them along so the baby can be a bit calmer knowing their mamma is always there.

Car seat compatibility

Speaking of seats, the Nuna Mixx stroller is compatible with the Nuna Pipa infant car seat series, which will help further conserve trunk space.

The one negative is that it only fits seats from the same brand and can’t fit other ones, but that’s nothing a little bit of pre-planning can’t fix.

You don’t have to buy anything separately, though, as the product already comes with a ring adapter attached to it that’ll help fit the car seat securely.


The canopy is a crucial part of any stroller on the current market, and the one found on the Nuna Mixx is absolutely perfect.

Providing the market standard UPF 50+ UV protection, alongside 3 adjustable panels and a sun visor to protect the majority of your child’s body without ruining the view, the canopy is arguably one of its best features.

That’s not all, though, as the people over at Nuna have thought a few steps ahead by adding extra mesh panels on the canopy’s sides and back to give the baby access to some extra airflow and help keep them cool for the whole stroll.

The top also has a coverable peek-a-boo window that’ll let you check in on your child when they’re facing forward, so they know you’re still there with them and they don’t need to be scared.

Adjustable handlebar

woman holding the white handlebar on a stroller

The next feature is one that isn’t always included with every stroller on the market but is a welcome addition for taller parents, and that’s the option of an adjustable handlebar.

This helps them maintain proper posture while still being able to reach down to the bar itself to properly push with their body.

The handlebar itself is covered in leatherette, (imitation leather) which helps provide grip on the bar and keep your hands insulated from the heat. The same material can be found on the bumper bar too.

The wheels

The wheels are different from most other strollers because the back ones are filled with foam to provide a bit of extra amortization when traversing bumpy terrain, while the front wheels are completely plastic.

They’re also bigger than those that come with a standard stroller and have an all-terrain tread on the surface to help provide better grip.

The all-wheel suspension, which was a new feature with the 2019/2020 model, helps provide a smooth ride even on the roughest of surfaces to help keep your baby comfortable.

The brake system is pretty standard too and comes in the form of a single pedal for your foot to press down on when you want to lock the stroller in place or forward when you want to release it, as indicated by the red and green indicators respectively.

It sits right behind/in front of the storage basket too (depending on which way the child is facing) so it’s easily accessible!


Speaking of which, the storage basket on this stroller is quite sizable, so you can fit up to 25 lbs of weight on top of the 50 the seat itself can take.

There’s more than enough room inside for your child’s toys, baby wipes, bottles, pacifiers, diaper bags, groceries, or any other necessities you’d want on hand.

There’s also extra space for keeping your hands free to operate the stroller.


One of the most important things to note about the Nuna Mixx, and any other stroller, is how portable they are, and this one folds quite compactly into what’s known as a clamshell fold.

In this case, both wheels stay on the ground and allow the covers to stay clean without touching the trunk and getting messy, although getting a blanket or something similar would still be a good idea just as an extra measure.

Almost the entire folding process can be done using only one hand, so it’s even less hassle than other strollers.

Once folded, it can be wheeled around like a luggage bag, so you won’t even notice most of the weight.

The final thing worth talking about is the different color options available with the Nuna Mixx.

While you only have 4 options to choose from, each of them goes really well with any theme you might have planned out for your child, and it’s at least some personalization not offered by a lot of other baby brands out there.

2. The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller

Next up in our Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2 square-off, we have the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller, currently one of the most popular compact strollers on Amazon.

Weighing in at only 25.5 lbs, it’s extremely lightweight and durable, allowing you to haul it around anywhere without too much trouble.

As for the recommended age range, the Uppababy stroller is suggested for babies at least 3 months old, to kids weighing up to 50 lbs (items in the storage basket don’t factor into this)

​This Cruz stroller is a fine piece of engineering, which ensures only the highest quality standards for your child.

The wheels

This stroller is famous for its dual action rear wheel suspension, which helps balance the weight on both wheels evenly no matter what kind of ground it’s on, ensuring as smooth a ride as possible for your little one.

Speaking of which, the tires themselves were designed to provide a more comfortable riding experience by being made larger than the standard, which helps distribute the impact force between them.

This ultimately helps to soften the bumpy feeling for kids when going over uneven roads.

I shouldn’t forget the brakes either, as the ones featured on this stroller are made in a rather unique way.

Instead of relying on just one brake to do the work for you, the Uppababy cruz V2 has two brakes, a red one that activates them and a green one that releases the brakes, each placed on the lower end so they can be activated with your foot.

The canopy

It also features a reversible canopy you can zip up and out when you need to to save on space, or when you need to give your child a little bit of shielding from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The canopy itself provides a UPF 50+ level of protection, which is the standard with all canopies included on strollers nowadays.

That’s not all, however, as the canopy has a mesh panel above, which you can use as a way to check in on your child when you’re pushing the stroller from behind.

It also serves as an added source of airflow without compromising UV protection.

Forward-facing and rear-facing seat

cut baby boy sitting in a stroller on a sunny day

The seat was made to be bigger than the standard to add a bit more comfort to your child’s riding experience, while also being reversible.

That’s right, this stroller lets you choose whether or not you want your child to be facing you while they ride in the stroller.

This helps keep them calmer and allows you to have them facing forward and absorb new information on their daily stroll.

The stroller seat also features a full 180° multi-position recline option to allow your kids to sit in various positions in case they get too cranky.


While comfort is all well and good, the other important thing for any mamma is storage space.

The Uppababy Cruz V2 has plenty of it in its sizable storage basket found underneath, which can hold up to 30 lbs of added weight.

Here you can store all of the important items and baby gear you will need easy access to in case of emergencies or to calm your child down, such as your child’s toys, a diaper bag/tote filled with baby diapers, breast milk storage bottles/baby food, and the like.

Foldability and size

The most important criteria in this stroller comparison, at least for me, is how much space they take up in the trunk of the car, and let me tell you, this is one compact stroller.

Thanks to its unique construction, the Uppababy Cruz V2 has a very compact fold, which is a standing fold that ends up looking like a luggage bag with two wheels remaining on the ground and the handlebar on top, so you can drag it around with ease if you need to.

The stroller also comes with automatic locks that keep the fold in place.

The only real issue comes with storing it in the car, as it won’t always have the fabric elevated off the ground.

This is likely to get dirty eventually if you’re not careful about how you store it.

A blanket or some other form of cover could be a worthwhile investment to compensate for this issue.

Car seat compatibility

sweet baby girl sleeping in a car seat

The cherry on top, however, comes with the performance travel system available with this model.

It allows the use of not only the Uppababy MESA infant car seat from its own brand, but should you get the infant car seat adapter that’s sold separately, you can also fit infant car seats from other popular brands, like:

• The Chicco KeyFit & KeyFit 30

• The Maxi Cosi Mico series

• The Nuna Pipa car seat

• The Cybex Aton series

• The Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio series

• The Clek Liing

That’s not where the fun stops, though, as you can also purchase an infant bassinet separately if you want added convenience and comfort for your child.

You can even get an extra addition that converts the bassinet into a laundry hamper when your child grows older.

This way you’ll still find some use for it!


Something else you’ll find the Uppababy Cruz V2 is capable of is the addition of a standing board, also known as a glider board or a piggyback board, which turns it into a sit and stand model.

It’s a neat little installable addition that allows the older child to tag along with the younger by standing on the stroller and holding on to the sides of the handlebar, all while you push them both along.

It helps entertain the kiddos while also allowing you to keep an eye on both of them.

The handlebar

You’ll also find a few quality of life installments directly on the stroller, like the adjustable handlebars which help out all you taller mamma’s by stopping you from ruining your back when you take your child out for a leisurely stroll.

The padding on it also consists of real leather to help with comfort and maintaining grip, however the fact it is real leather might be a detriment to mammas who are against animal-based products.

The same is the case for the bumper bar too.

Finally, for all you mammas who like to personalize everything based around their child, the UPPababy stroller has 9 different color options for you to choose from, making it a much more satisfying experience for you and your little one.

Comparing The Two

Now we have all of this information, next up in my stroller review is seeing how these two models measure up.

1. The fold: Nuna wins

cute baby boy sitting in a stroller in the park

When comparing the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2, the first thing that came to my mind was the fold itself.

While they both fold up quite neatly and take up minimal space, the Uppababy takes up slightly less.

However, there’s a problem where the seat cover ends up facing downward, which might cause it to get stained in the trunk and be a nightmare to clean up.

The Nuna option doesn’t have this problem, and while this can be remedied through the use of a rag, cover, or blanket, ultimately it comes down to convenience.

2. The dimensions: Uppababy wins

Next up is the weight category, and the Uppababy comes in a few pounds lighter than the Nuna at 25.5 lbs compared to the 27-ish lbs of the latter.

The difference might be minimal, but it’s still a few extra pounds you don’t have to worry about.

There’s also the fact that the Nuna variant is a bit larger dimension-wise, so it’s a bit more difficult to lug around, although in their compact forms they’re both still relatively easy to handle regardless.

3. The wheels: Nuna wins

The most important parts of any stroller are the wheels and suspension.

The wheels on the Nuna stroller are plastic at the front and foam-filled at the back, providing a mix that helps absorb shock on the back end, where all the weight centers, a lot better than with standard strollers.

On the other hand, the ones on the UPPAbaby are made from 100% polyurethane.

Both options have larger wheels than normal, but the Nuna also has treads designed for all-terrain, helping provide better grip to the surface itself.

Both strollers also feature all-wheel suspension, increasing shock absorption and ensuring a smooth ride for your kiddo almost anywhere you take him.

While very similar, the Nuna manages to inch a win out due to the different material and tread pattern on the tires, however, neither stroller is adequate to ride on a beach quite yet, you’d need a baby jogger for that!

4. The brakes: Nuna wins

You can’t have wheels without brakes, so it’s lucky for us that both options in the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2 showdown have really good ones

Whereas the Nuna stroller has one pedal you push back and forward according to the indicators, this function works separately with the Uppababy, where each of them operates a different part of the lock and release mechanism.

They’re both easily accessible and don’t require too much pressure to put into place.

The only reason Nuna wins is because the storage basket placement in the Uppababy makes it a bit harder to reach the pedal for people with larger feet, otherwise, they’re pretty even.

Most of these come down to personal preference.

5. The storage capacity: Uppababy wins

folded modern stroller in a black color

If there’s one thing that Uppababy is best at, it’s storage capacity.

They pride themselves on having large baskets that serve the purpose of storing items because they never want moms to be left without that one crucial thing they need on their daily stroll.

The one attached to the Cruz V2 can haul an impressive 30 lbs of added weight.

The Nuna basket is quite roomy too, but can’t handle quite as large a load, so Uppababy takes this one.

6. Handlebar adjustability: Nuna wins

Seeing as the results would be pretty close otherwise, I’m prepared to judge every last facet of these two strollers in the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2 square-off, even the comfort of the handlebar!

​Once again, minimal differences and personal preference take the lead.

While the Uppababy version uses real leather to cover the handlebar, making it a lot more comfortable on your hands, it’s the fact that it’s real leather that puts me off. I’m not a big fan of products that use real leather!

On the other side, the Nuna uses imitation leather, also known as leatherette, which is slightly worse in quality, but not so much that it’s clearly noticeable.

As far as the adjustment options themselves go, the Nuna has a wider range of variance and can go anywhere from 38in to 42in, while the Uppababy has a range of 40.5in to 43in.

For taller people, the Cruz V2 would clearly be the better option, but once again, it’s more based on personal preference, and if you’re like me, you can understand why I chose the Nuna regardless.

7. The canopy: Uppababy wins

One of the most important parts of a stroller when it comes to your child’s protection is the canopy. In my opinion, the Uppababy wins for one reason and that’s quality.

While they both provide UPF 50+ to help shield your little one from the harmful effects of UV radiation, and a good amount of shade without obscuring the view, the Nuna has had a number of reported defects with the canopy.

From what I’ve read, the stability of the last, extendable panel is often questionable and falls apart rather easily, which brings it down a few points despite the extra mesh sides giving the baby extra airflow, which would otherwise have it at an advantage over the Uppababy option.

They both have another key feature, though, which is the peek-a-boo window on the back that helps you check up on your child if they’re facing forward.

Once again, if the stability issue doesn’t pose too much of a problem for you, I’d say go for the Nuna, but personally, I like my baby gear to be as durable as possible.

8. The seating setup: Uppababy wins

While a minor thing, it’s worth noting that the Uppababy version has the option of installing the piggyback board, which lets an older child get on the back of the stroller, allowing you to take both your kids out on a ride.

The Nuna lacks this option and therefore loses out in this category, but this doesn’t mean too much in the overall verdict.

9. Infant car seat flexibility: Uppababy wins

father fasting a security belt for baby in a car seat

This category, however, is a rather big one and the Cruz v2 takes it by a landslide.

The Nuna option can only fit seats from its own brand, while the Uppababy stroller can manage a wider variety.

This means that if you bought a seat prior to the stroller, you won’t have to scramble to get it replaced with one that’s compatible, unlike with the Nuna.

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10. The toddler seat: Nuna wins

Another important factor is the seat.

While both seats provide an ample amount of comfort, it’s the seat’s flexibility that matters the most in this case, and Nuna manages to win out in this department.

With the Uppababy, the seat has a bucket-like design meaning the entire seat tilts back and forth.

However, both the backrest and the footrest of the Nuna can be adjusted separately, allowing you to create a fully flat surface ideal for newborns.

The optional bassinet purchases are the same, the Nuna version provides a fully flat position, and is, therefore, more suitable for children who haven’t developed full neck and head support of their own yet.

11. The fashion: Uppababy wins

Another thing of varying importance is the level of available personalization with the two strollers.

The Nuna has only 4 compared to the Uppababy’s 9 different color options, allowing you to pick the exact design you like.

12. The price: a tie

Both the Nuna and the Uppababy have the same starting price, the only difference is with what color option you end up going for.

However, the difference is only around 5$-10$ which isn’t a lot.

The Verdict: Uppababy Wins

uppababy stroller on the beach in a sunny day

Even with all of the comparisons laid out, judging the winner in the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2 competition was relatively tough.

However, even with all of my personal peeves, Uppababy managed to just about win.

The fact that it’s a slightly more versatile product with more durability helps push it up over the competition and crown it the winner.

However, as with many other products, if you feel like you disagree with the judgment, you have all of the information I’ve managed to dig up laid out, which can help you make a decision of your own. It may even end up leaning toward Nuna’s side.

Ultimately, I’d say if you’re looking for more adaptability, storage space, personalization, and durability, Uppababy is for you, but if you’re looking for better overall child comfort and easily washable covers, then you might want the Nuna stroller.

In Conclusion

When comparing the Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2, it’s worth noting just how close these two were in a great number of categories, just like Nuna Mixx and Uppababy Vista.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that, despite some winning over the other in various categories, and losing in others, they’re both premium options and shouldn’t be underestimated because of this.

Ultimately, the choice for the winner came down to personal preference due to a few key factors I believed would benefit the average parent, with the more important things weighing in on the Uppababy’s side rather than Nuna’s.

However, don’t hold my verdict as law, and feel free to make your own decision on which of these two compact strollers would be the best purchase for you.

Analyze the specs above and compare them to your own personal parenting style, because what I consider important factors might not be as important to you.

You might also want to look into the Mockingbird stroller and compare it to the Uppababy Vista as well.

I’m certain that whatever your decision ends up being, it’ll ultimately be the right one for you and your child, mamma.

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Nuna Mixx VS Uppababy Cruz V2

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