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20 Best Places To Have A Baby Shower For Expecting Moms

20 Best Places To Have A Baby Shower For Expecting Moms

Having a baby shower is one of the funnest things about being pregnant, but where are the best places to have a baby shower?

The perfect location for a baby shower can be almost anywhere, the only important thing is your budget!

Most people tend to have their baby shower at home, while others have started having virtual baby showers.

Of course, you can always choose to get a bit fancy and have it in a restaurant, botanical garden, community center, or even just a local park.

Really, it’s just about how fancy you want it to be and whether you want the event space to be indoors or outdoors.

My first baby shower was at my in-law’s house, and I loved it because we had access to both an indoor and outdoor space so the guests could both mingle and grab some fresh air.

But, just settling for home as a baby shower location isn’t going to be ideal for everyone, otherwise, there’d be no point in writing this article!

It’s quite normal if you want to make this occasion extra special for the mom-to-be.

While etiquette dictates that you can’t throw your own baby shower, no one is going to arrest you if you do!

Still, you might want to enlist the help of a family member or friend to help with the planning.

Read on to find out what the best baby shower venues are and why.

20 Best Places To Have A Baby Shower

pregnant woman celebrating baby shower with friends at home

Finding the perfect venue isn’t too hard once you know what you’re looking for.

It all really depends on your tastes and what you’re trying to get out of the event.

Trust me when I say that you’ll know what’s right for you when you see it!

With that said, be sure to keep your budget in mind.

Some venues are more premium than others, so you might want to calculate all the costs (venue, decor, food, etc) before you book the place.

No one wants to go into debt over a baby shower, not even for your pregnant best friend!

Set a budget for yourself that you think is reasonable and then choose places that are budget-friendly.

1. At home

cake and different treats for baby shower party on table

Starting off with something simple, we have the cheapest venue, your own home.

It might not feel too extravagant, but for many moms, the real point of the shower is to gather their friends, have fun, and feel supported during this special time.

Sure, the gifts are nice and all, but if the party atmosphere is not there then even the most luxurious venue won’t make a difference.

For some, the comfort of home is more than enough for a baby shower.

Plus, as we mentioned before, you don’t really have to splurge that much on the venue, which will let you invest this money into better food or decor.

Not to mention that setting up party games is a lot easier at home than in a fancy restaurant.

The free wi-fi is nice too!

You just need to simply log on to Amazon for a few hours, or go to your local supermarket, to get all the decorations and games for the baby shower.

The only real downside here is that you’ll be the one who has to do the clean-up after, though sometimes your friends and family will help with that too, so it’s no big deal.

2. A virtual baby shower

beautiful pregnant woman using computer at home

A new trend that has popped up in recent years is a virtual shower, which is a great way for the mama-to-be to connect with all of her friends and family members, even if they can’t be together in person.

While it might not be as entertaining as holding a shower in person, it brings the family closer together and saves you from any physical event planning.

​That said, you can still make it fun for everyone in attendance by preemptively making a list for the baby registry, so your friends and family will be able to get you something you really need to take better care of your baby.

In this case, the guests send their presents ahead of time so you can still have the excitement of opening them and tearing into that wrapping paper.

You can even share it with everyone on camera too so they can be part of the fun.

That’s not all, there are plenty of family-friendly online party games you can organize to play with the rest of the attendees, be it a virtual version of a board game, some question-based game, or anything else you can imagine.

3. At the park

pregnant woman hugging her belly in the park on a sunny day

Another one of the more simple and budget-friendly places to organize a baby shower is at the local park.

Not only is it completely free, but it’s an outdoor venue where you get to be surrounded by the fresh air and enjoy the greenery.

Parks are an ideal spot for any parent attendees who are going to bring their kids along.

They’ll have so much more space to run around and play in, without the fear of them accidentally breaking something expensive.

While this does sound all well and good, there are a few downsides that many don’t often think of, with one of the main ones being the weather.

The park is really only ideal during the warmer months and when the weather is nice, and planning that far ahead can be really tricky as you might end up getting hit by a rainstorm on the date.

Overwhelming heat or wind can be a problem too, depending on the circumstances.

You don’t want it to be too cold either, because nobody is going to want to be out in that weather.

However, if you live in a warmer climate this shouldn’t be a problem.

Finally, you need to think of the post-party clean-up, as well as the mom hauling all those baby shower gifts back home, which can be quite cumbersome.

4. The beach

Pregnant Woman holding a pair of baby crochet sneakers on belly

Another great and cheap place for a baby shower is the beach.

There’s nothing better than having some fun in the sun, swimming out in the open ocean to cool off on a hot summer’s day, or sitting down at a nice bar to have a drink or two (non-alcoholic for the expecting mommy, of course).

You can even go as far as to bring your own food if you don’t find the local cuisine to your liking, or in case you don’t want to take any risks with seafood.

You can even have a picnic. With all the fun you can have both on the beach and in the water, you won’t be short of fun activities.

If you want to make it official, however, make sure to run it by the owners in case it’s a private beach so as to not disturb the locals.

5. At a tea room

Pregnant woman celebrating baby shower party with friends

This is an elegant option, where the guests will be able to relax in a nice, quiet environment, sipping some afternoon tea and nibbling on a cupcake or two while talking about the future baby.

It might not be for everyone, but it certainly works if you don’t have the time to organize everything yourself, as the staff will do it for you.

It’s a great option for a more private event because some of them do offer reservations for private rooms.

This way, no other guests will be bothered and you can enjoy your little tea party with your friends without any interruptions.

It’ll be just like your very own clubhouse for you and your friends!

6. At a restaurant

decorated table for a baby shower in a restaurant

Restaurants are not just great for birthday parties, they also make for a lovely baby shower venue.

They’re even great if you’re planning on inviting guys to the shower because it’s a venue everyone will feel comfortable in.

Take your time to research the different restaurants and make sure they offer food everyone will enjoy at your co-ed shower.

If they have a package for private parties and special events available, then you may just end up with some special perks.

You might get a good portion of the dining area to yourself and your party guests, if not the whole restaurant (depending on the options), and you may even be allowed to set up special decorations ahead of time so your area feels distinct from the rest of the place.

7. At the church hall

building of a church hall on a sunny day

For those of you who are a bit more religious, and maybe want a more quaint location, the church hall can be an ideal option.

While the place is sure to be a near-guaranteed venue, there are certain things to keep in mind when you go with a venue like this.

Namely, you’ll have to adhere to the same rules that you’d normally respect in church, so no behavior that could be perceived as disrespectful.

There’s also the fact that you’ll have a smaller variety of baby shower games to play, just in case some of them might cause offense.

8. At a winery

decorated table for a baby shower at winery

Slightly ironic given how an expecting mother isn’t allowed to drink, a winery can still be one of the best places to have a baby shower.

You’ll get that whole rustic feel; like the aroma of fermented grapes and wood permeating the air.

Plus, most wineries are some of the world’s most picturesque places, so you’ll get some great photos too.

Your guests will have alcoholic options and there’s no need to DIY the catering as most wineries offer food (check this beforehand).

Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about clean-up.

It might be on the pricier side, though, but that varies from winery to winery.

9. At a brewery

friends toasting with beer in brewery

This one falls under the same category as the winery, with the wonderful photo-op locations, the lovely aroma in the air, the food, drink, and the cleaning up sorted out by the employees at the venue, what more could you ask for?

Breweries tend to be less expensive and have heartier meals too, plus, they probably have non-alcoholic options for you should you fancy something other than water.

I’d say these two options would be perfect if you want a mix of something like a restaurant and a park venue while getting the best of both worlds.

Especially because most wineries and breweries tend to be situated in very picturesque landscapes.

10. At a club house

beautiful pregnant woman with balloons in vintage dress

While not exactly the same as the childhood clubhouses that you’d build with your friends when you were young, these are some of the fanciest places to have a baby shower.

They’ll offer top-tier catering and service, and are likely to have their own private dining rooms for you to enjoy this special event with your friends and family members uninterrupted.

The fact that it’s exclusive can both be a detriment and a perk, as there’s less likely to be any excess noise from other guests.

However, this also means that you’ll need to be a member of the club, or know someone who is a member, to gain access to the venue.

The service is also likely to be a bit more on the expensive side, so be prepared to spend a few more bucks for the added luxury.

11. A bed and breakfast

pregnant woman with friends celebrating baby shower

A direct upgrade from your very own home, a bed and breakfast still provides that homely feel while eliminating the hassle of you having to clean everything up afterward.

You won’t have to do your own catering either, which is always a positive.

The best part is that, despite there potentially being other guests, these places usually have some exclusive, rentable areas that you can use to host your party without any outside disturbances.

12. A hotel room

happy pregnant woman holding little shoes on a belly with friends sitting next to her

For smaller groups of maybe half a dozen friends at most, you can organize yourselves by renting out a room in a hotel and having a baby shower party.

You can forgo the party games in this case, and just organize a day where you and your friends can enjoy some drinks, delicious food, or even a full day at a spa resort.

Think of it as a last send-off before those tumultuous early months of motherhood.

13. At a farm

Dessert table with cakes decorated for a baby shower at farm

For anyone who likes that rustic feel and being close to nature, while still having the option to run inside in case the weather turns bad, a farm might be one of the better places to have a baby shower.

You’ll get to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city and all the stress of everyday life.

Just leave it behind and let yourself go to the wonders of a simpler life.

If the farm has animals, it’ll also make for some wonderful photo memories of this very special event.

14. A terrace

Gifts and decorations for baby shower

If you’re looking for stunning views while still being in the city, you might want to consider a rooftop terrace.

A good number of buildings have these terraces, which are often equipped with a bar or even a restaurant so guests can eat and drink while enjoying a beautiful view of the city.

The only real problem here is the fact that these places tend to be tourist hotspots and very popular, so be sure to book well in advance.

15. At a botanical garden

Party tables and chairs seating with pink decorations for a baby shower

A botanical garden is the perfect venue for such a momentous event as childbirth, as well as a great way to get back to your roots.

Not only do the many flowers you’ll be surrounded with provide a lovely view, tantalizing smells, and many stunning photo opportunities, the budding flowers themselves serve as a beautiful symbol of your baby.

The only downside, however, is that you’ll have to get your food and drink from somewhere else because the gardens aren’t exactly meant to be a picnic area.

16. A community center

Room with festive balloons, colorful banners for a baby shower

A good middle-ground, if you have one nearby, would be a community center.

They’re usually more than welcoming to expecting mothers and will gladly let you rent the space out for the event.

A community center has everything except the food and drinks set up, so you’ll have to bring that yourself, but everything else should be accounted for as far as seating goes.

17. A picnic in the nature

pregnant woman holding a berry dessert on a picnic

A picnic is always a lovely, affordable idea you can organize out in nature.

Everyone can bring a little picnic basket of their own so there wouldn’t be a lack of food, and you can still enjoy yourself out in the open with your guests.

18. A trip to the lake

pregnant woman resting on the lake

Don’t have the time or resources to go to the beach? No problem! Perhaps there are some beautiful lakes nearby that you can go to.

You can even go all out and rent a lakehouse for a day or two, but if you’re on a tighter budget you can have a simple lake picnic.

This idea is perfect for smaller groups, as it might be hard to find a date that suits a larger group of people.

19. A ski lodge

ski lodge in snow on the mountain

An ideal option for the colder months, for those that can spare a bit more money, is to take an impromptu ski trip.

You’ll get to shack up in a cabin with warm cocoa and marshmallows at night while spending the day skiing and sledding.

The kids will love it too (if you invite any), although you must be careful out there mamma, as you might have to refrain from these activities because they might be too dangerous while you’re pregnant, which is the only downside.

20. Getting a tent

decorated table with chairs in a white tent

If you want to keep the event away from prying eyes, or you simply want to keep all the mosquitos at bay during the hot summer months, this could be a neat idea.

Rent a large tent and set it up in your backyard, if yours is big enough, and then decorate it as you see fit.

You can even theme it to be like a renaissance fair tent or a circus tent if you want to add some extra silliness to the occasion.

The rest is up to you in regards to food, drinks, and games, but I’m sure you’ll manage those with no problem.

In Conclusion

When trying to figure out the best places to have a baby shower, the most important factors to consider are price, availability, convenience, and the potential for fun!

Honestly, it mostly depends on what kind of person you are.

Regardless of whether you prefer the calm environment of a church hall, the familiar atmosphere of your own home, the serenity of a botanical garden, or the fancy air of a club house, know there are countless options available to you.

The real trick is finding the right one for you, which shouldn’t be too hard as long as you make sure you have everything in order before you start sending out the invites.

I hope that I’ve managed to help provide some new ideas to facilitate your baby shower and that you end up having a really enjoyable one.
Until next time, mamma!

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